‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Calls Kody & Robyn Brown “Disgusting” For Dragging Meri Brown Along For So Many Years: “Let That Girl Go!”

“Kody and Robyn, you two truly have the hairline and eyebrows you deserve.”

On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, viewers got to hear Christine Brown say what a lot of fans have been thinking for many seasons. 

As Kody and Meri Brown (Wife #1) finally came to the decision to end what remained of their marriage after more than 30 years together, Meri mentioned past comments Kody made about their union that she found “vulgar and rude.”

…not unlike the person who said them.

Though Meri and Kody had not lived as a married couple for many years leading up to the decision to end their spiritual marriage, Meri expressed how hurtful it was to hear Kody confess last season on ‘Sister Wives’ that he didn’t consider himself married to her and wouldn’t have a problem if she were to move on and find someone else. 

On Sunday’s episode, Kody’s ex-wife Christine shared her thoughts on Kody and Meri’s mess of a marriage, as well as the role she believes Kody’s fourth (and only remaining) wife, Robyn Brown, played in leading Meri on for so many years. 

“I think it’s disgusting how Kody’s been dragging Meri along for years,” Christine said. “And I think it’s equally as disgusting that Robyn’s like, ’Stay with the family, stay with the family.’ Let that girl go!” 

“You might also consider letting some of your belonging go…we ALL saw the living situation going on in Casa de Clutter.”

As ‘Sister Wives’ viewers may recall, Robyn has flat-out asked Meri on-camera (more than once) to remain “married” to Kody, despite knowing the state of Meri and Kody’s relationship. 

Meri and Kody came to the conclusion to finally cut ties with each other during a meeting on the family’s Coyote Pass property, joined by none other than Robyn, who insisted to viewers that she has “always advocated for Kody’s relationships with his wives.” 

“You sure about that, Sobyn?”

While Robyn still pushed for Kody and Meri’s relationship to be mended, Meri seemed to finally understand that it just wasn’t going to happen and that the marriage, performative or not, needed to end.  

“He’s all yours, girl– bad hair, stupid visors, anger issues and all.”

“I’m not gonna apologize for what I know in my heart is what I need to do,” Meri said in response to Robyn’s less-than-enthusiastic reaction to her finally parting ways with Kody. “If it’s gonna hurt Robyn’s feelings, if Kody’s gonna be jumping for joy, whatever the emotion that somebody else has about it is irrelevant.” 

“Whatever, Meri. Can we wrap this up? I’d like to take my ATV out for a couple of victory laps around the mud hole now.”

As the episode concluded and Kody and Meri went their separate ways, Robyn looked out at the Coyote Pass property and found a way to make this entire situation all about herself, per usual. 

“I wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives here on this property with our kids and our grandkids and Kody running around like he always does and just look at that mountain together and have a family,” Robyn said while crying (sans tears). “I don’t understand.” 

and scene.

The ’Sister Wives’ Season 18 Tell-All airs next Sunday on TLC. 

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7 Responses

  1. Look…. Idk if this show is real or scripted, but I was married to a man just like Koty Brown for 5yrs and that was SO enough for me, I have NO idea how Meri could stay married to Koty for 30 yrs!! At that time I was an Trauma and Open Heart nurse so I was pulling in and paying for my bills, the house bills and my kids bills and it still wasn’t enough! I still got told I was the main issue of problems, he stressed about coming home to me and the kids etc. After 4yrs I told him to go get F*#&’d, packed his shit, changed the locks and filed for divorce the next morning on the way home from shift at the hospital. I SO wish Meri would’ve done the same thing as sooooooon as Koty asked for a divorce from her after 24yrs of marriage! Sometimes you have to take care of yourself first for you, your sanity and your children.
    Whether it’s a single marriage or a plural one, if someone in the family can FEEL the stress or issues between ya’ll as a couple and THEY say NOTHING, they are as much to blame!! Both Christine and Jannelle knew of Meri & Koty’s issues, but they dragged Meri through this marriage just as much as Robyn and Koty did…. and why?? I think because Meri put SO much money into the family fund pot and they were ALL reaping the rewards ?. I just think it’s kinda two faced that now that Christine has been out, she’s all talking out the other side of her face and she’s just as much to blame as anyone else in that fiasco of a so called “Marriage”
    Maybe Christine (and Janelle for that matter) before they start with the “No, I don’t want to have anything to with Meri” should take a good long look in the mirror and APOLOGIZE to Meri for not standing by her, when ANYONE who has watched this show all these years could see that the ONLY way Meri could survive in this family was to do things on her own because sure as shit she wasn’t getting any support from ANYONE in that family, ESPECIALLY Koty. I thought the whole point of the family was to help, support and guide each other! Grow up Christine!, and take responsibility for the part you played in this whole mess!! ???

  2. Meri and Janelle must get attorneys and each sue for 1/4 of that land. The faux marriages are over and now it’s a business deal. Get the money you deserve and get out of there!

    I hate how Meri and Janelle still accept Grody’s word as law. He is just a 1/4 partner and you are all equal. He doesn’t get to decide that he and Sobbin’ get twice what Meri and Janelle get. Makes my blood boil watching this abuse!!!

  3. If there was ever any doubt about what kind of person Robyn really is, the last scenes of the season with her, Kody, and Meri prove she is a selfish manipulator.

    Meri and Kody had already talked privately about their relationship and Kody laid it out that he didn’t want to be with her anymore but he would pretend in public. Robyn either didn’t know this(yeah right lol), or was also just pretending in public…. But she still was telling Meri that she was wrong about Kody not wanting to be with her and was trying to speak for both Kody and Meri. Like girl, you don’t get to tell other people how their relationship is or how to feel. Also, Robyn needs to stop centering herself in everyones else’s relationships.

    I have wondered why Robyn’s kids don’t independently hang out with the other kids even though some of them go to school together and after watching that exchange I understand perfectly. I would bet money on it that she tells her kids that they can’t or shouldn’t have relationships with the other kids because of their mom’s disrespect.

  4. I don’t think Sobyn shed a single tear the whole episode. I was watching her intently, and before she started to rev it up, she “wiped” her eyes and her nose very perfunctory. Like the comment above, I do always wonder what she thinks of herself when the episodes air. I would be absolutely mortified and would crawl under a rock forever if i behaved half as badly as she does!
    Kody couldn’t be bothered. He has been setting this exact scene up for almost a decade now.
    What a shitshow. I wonder how it will continue on. I wish they would focus on Christine and Janelle, and “sayonara bitches” to Kody, Sobyn, and I am sorry if you disagree, but also Meri. Whatever her agenda has been, I can hardly stomach her any longer.

  5. Why in God’s name does Meri KEEP trying to hang onto the lying so called spiritual creature named KODY brown does she enjoy playing these head games with him also IT makes me NEARLY sick when her and ROBYN have their little discussions and ROBYN is holding her hand and doing her fake sobbing OPEN YOUR EYES MERI HES THRU WITH YOU WELCOME TO THE REALITIES OF PLURAL MARRIAGE I really have to think that Meri is totally brainwashed into the whole MORMON cult idea and would go back with KODY IN a heartbeat I certainly can’t see any other reason shes hanging onto this dream marriage of sister wives actually working out as I stated in a previous comment polygamy is no more legal in Utah or Arizona than it is in any other state for good reason IN the end KODY and ROBYN will have to answer for their past BAD deeds and I don’t believe they’re going to have the right answers

  6. “I wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives here on this property with our kids and our grandkids and Kody running around like he always does and just look at that mountain together and have a family,” Robyn said while crying (sans tears). “I don’t understand.”

    I pray this scene isn’t re-shown endlessly. It’s too gross.

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