Preview For Upcoming Season of ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ Shows Family Facing “Toughest Battle Yet” Amid Anna Cardwell’s Cancer Battle

Mama June Shannon and Co. will return in February with a new season of Mama June: Family Crisis–- a season that will follow the family as they face their “toughest battle yet.” 

June took to social media a few days ago to announce the preview for the upcoming season, telling viewers she and her family “never stopped filming” and will soon be able to share what they’ve been going through over the last 10 months. 

As The Ashley recently told you, June’s oldest daughter, Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell, passed away earlier this month after a nearly year-long battle with Stage 4 cancer. She was only 29 years old.

Anna reportedly wanted her fight against adrenal carcinoma documented for her family’s reality show, so she allowed a WEtv crew to film her final days. 

“This will definitely be the most-hardest season that we have ever had to watch as we are going to share a lot of Anna’s cancer battle with y’all … ,” June told social media followers last week. 

In the preview for the upcoming season, Anna’s sister Lauren “Pumpkin” Shannon gives viewers an update on Anna’s health, revealing her sister’s “cancer is very aggressive.” 

We then see Anna herself express to her sister Jessica Shannon that she doesn’t want “any more stress” in her life.

While Anna’s cancer battle will undoubtedly be the main focus in the upcoming season, viewers will also watch as Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson graduates from high school, only to be faced with a decision that may put her college scholarship in jeopardy. 

“I’m not gonna let you f**k up Alana’s life,” Lauryn tells Alana’s boyfriend, Dralin Carswell. 

A man f**k up the life of a Shannon family woman? NEVER!

“If I don’t decide, my scholarship is basically up,” Alana says to Dralin later in the clip.

The new season of ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ is set to premiere in February on WEtv and ALLBLK. Watch the first look below. 

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(Photos: WEtv; Instagram) 



  1. Anna did not really want to be filmed, she stated so numerous times.

    She also knew it was going to happen no matter what. She knew her children would need more once she was gone. She knew she would be leaving them, it was a matter of when, not if. She did what she could and what she thought she needed to, FOR THEM, even if it went against what she really wanted. Good parents make those kinds of choices when they have to.

    She did not really reconcile with June, or even her sisters, in the way(s) people think she did. She did what she thought was necessary, rather than what she wanted to do, because it was no longer about what she wanted. It was all about what her girls would need in the future and what she could do to better help them.

    I know people want to believe they all “made up” for Anna’s sake, or the sake of her daughters even, but that’s really just not the case. Anna could only fight so many battles at once, that’s both the long and the short of it, quite tragic if you think about it. She couldn’t fight cancer and her family at the same time. If you’ve never been there, it might be hard to understand why someone would make that kind of choice.

    June can rot in hell, so can Anna’s sisters for exploiting her, her battles and her children, for their paychecks. Screw every last one of them. I hope Anna’s daughters will have someone in their lives willing to go to bat for THEM and only them. They’re way too young to lose their mama, and all that will bring. Now they’re stuck with this bunch of money hungry, dimwitted lunatics who will absolutely never do anything in the girls’ best interests, ever.

  2. While I fully believe June wanted Anna to film so they’d get another season, I had suspected that Anna agreed to it so her children would be left with something. (Sadly, I trust neither June nor Sharp to set it up in a trust for the girls; June will spend it on whatever her current addiction is).

    But there is just something hella not right with June’s social media pimping of the season. I get that everyone grieves differently, but no loving parent is just shooting the shit on SM, all, wheee, come watch my kid die, like it’s just more wacky hijinks in their scripted lives, much less this soon after losing a child, even knowing it was coming.

    And, maybe that’s how June deals with loss, but she doesn’t even have the brain cells to rub together to recognize she needs to let that poor child grieve differently: appropriately (and privately). My mom lost her mother at 16–also from cancer so not unexpected–and her father wouldn’t let her cry or talk about it. She’s almost 75 now and still deeply affected by it. Yes, losing her mother at that age would have changed her, regardless, but the fact that she was never allowed to grieve, I think, is what prevented her from ever healing to whatever extent one can from such a loss.

    Anna was the one who said for so many years, “Fuck the tv money: avoiding my toxic mother is worth more.” And now her child is stuck living with June? Hell no.

    There’s a difference between deciding you’ll suck up a relationship with a parent who harmed you because you know you’ll need the help–there’s a transactional aspect (not a negative) to “reconciling” with June, and Anna deserved every bit of help and support she gained from it–and handing your child over to them.

    Does anyone know how much money a show like this makes per viewer? I really don’t have the money for it, but I’d take whatever advertising dollars they’d make off my viewership and donate them to help the sister’s father fight for custody, because I’m afraid money and not best interest of the child is going to be the main factor here.

    If June can avoid putting her payments in a vein, up her nose, in a slot machine, or on hot cheetos, she’s going to be able to win this simply by out-lawyering him. He needs to be able to afford to show June is unfit and it’s in the best interest of the child to live with her sister and the man who has been an active father-figure.

    Did she ever give up her rights to Anna as she did to Alana or did she just hand her to her mom? Because she loses the only argument she has for custody (she’s the grandmother) if she did sign away her parental rights with Anna, but I can’t remember if she actually did or just acted like she did.

    I just know this girl deserves better than living with June and her current and future men.

  3. This is not meant for TV. Anna may have wanted to use her platform to spread awareness but I believe June used it to get another season. Even if it was used to spread awareness, what type of person would listen to anything this family has to say? The network should be ashamed.

  4. This reminds me how Mackenzie exploited her dying mom to get back on teen mom. This is digusting…especially how that called the crew to come the night she died. How gross

  5. I’m really thinking/hoping Anna only did this for her daughters, she probably saw an opportunity to leave them with a nice pay check and video documentation of their last few months together. I really hope they left out some stuff so the girls have memories to hold on to that weren’t shared with the whole world. And I think it’s likely that the only reason Anna reconciled with June is because she was terminally ill and wanted her mom just like anyone else would in that situation. I also do believe the rest of the family with absolutely use this for their own personal gain for as long as they can.

  6. @team ~ have been thinking the same. like, this gross group o’grifters will cross any and all boundaries in their disgusting quest for attention ~ then say ‘anna wanted it’ since she’s not here to dispute it.
    this whole trashbag 🗑️ family sucks. 🤢🤬👹

  7. I don’t believe for a second that Anna wanted to be filmed, this is just another opportunity for the beast to make money off of this. So sad and so gross 🤮

    1. I agree! Even the way she talks “y’all can’t wait for you to see our crazy ass life” and “we are giving you more episodes to share with our fans”. Not “This is going to be the most difficult season yet because my daughter is dying”. Or God forbid out of respect for Anna let’s put the fucking cameras down and just focus on Anna and her two daughters!

      June and this entire trashbag family are opportunistic and they don’t care who they hurt to get what they want. None have an actual job. They all go on tik tok and beg for money from their “fans” and they get it. They now routinely humiliate Anna’s daughter Katelyn on social media. I used to think that Pumpkin and Josh were good people that had their heads on straight but now I realize that they just get the best edit. They have to try and make someone on this show semi-likeable or no one will watch.

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