Jenelle Evans Says Mom Barbara is Jealous of Her; Gives Update on “Progress” She & David Eason Have Made to Get Kids Back

“We’re not even friends anymore, dude!”

Jenelle Evans was caught on-camera on Tuesday confronting her mom, Barbara Evans, outside the North Carolina courthouse where Jenelle and her husband David Eason had to meet with a judge about trying to get custody of their kids back. In the video, Jenelle is seen cuddling her daughter Ensley, while Barb tells the paparazzi cameraman that Jenelle’s only being motherly “for the cameras.”

After the parking lot altercation, Jenelle talked to Us Weekly (as you do) about her once-again strained relationship with Barb.  

Jenelle revealed the reason she thinks Barbara is criticizing her parenting.

“I believe my mom is saying anything at this point to make herself feel better,” Jenelle said, adding. “It might all boil down to jealousy.” 

“Oh, yes, Juh-nelle. I’m soooo jealous of you and ya husband and ya sinkin’, kid-less house in tha swamp!”

Jenelle added that she does not think her relationship with Barbara can be repaired now.

“I do feel like my relationship with my mom is destroyed at this point,” Jenelle told the magazine on Tuesday. “This isn’t a way a mother should be treating her daughter. She fights so hard for my sister and my brother when they are the ones with major issues, not me.”

Jenelle also told the magazine that she believes that she and David are well on their way to getting custody back of their assorted children. (As The Ashley told you earlier today, Jenelle and David are due back in court on June 25.)

“There’s a lot of progress made on our behalf and [we] have to wait until our next court date as of now,” Jenelle told Us.

She also denied The Ashley’s story that stated that she and David are no longer fighting to regain custody of David’s oldest daughter, Maryssa.

“All children are involved in this case, not just one or the other,” Jenelle said. “In the end, either the three children will come home that live with us primarily [or not].”

(Maryssa, Ensley and Kaiser were the three who lived with Jenelle and David primarily. Jenelle’s son Jace lived with Barbara but Jenelle had unsupervised visitation until last month.) 

“No child was ‘dropped’ from the case at all,” Jenelle said. “Those reports are false and we are going to fight for all children to come home eventually.” 

(The Ashley stands by her story from last week.) 

“This one goes out to the kids!”

“We want nothing more than for the kids to come home,” Jenelle told Us Weekly. “They are sad and not understanding anything that’s happening.” 

Maryssa’s stepfather, Shane Rich, told The Ashley on Monday that Maryssa wants to live with her mother, Whitney Johnson Rich, and him at their home. Maryssa is currently being cared for by Whitney’s mother. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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  1. You know how you can tell Jenelle is lying? Her mouth is open. I don’t trust anything this woman says at this point and for her to criticize her mother saying she fights for her siblings instead of for her and no mother should do her daughter that way… well, pot meet kettle. At least Barb isn’t choosing an abusive asshole over her children

  2. I feel that Jenelle has 0 self awareness. She states her mother is basically a monster but goes on to post how a child will forever love their mom. Ummm, wouldn’t or couldn’t you see the irony in your statement. This love only pertains to you! Btw, your mother did not take your children. Stop the juvenile lashing out at your mother. It’s your husband’s fault and more importantly YOURS! Complicit and participant in your family’s demise. OWN IT

    1. I was actually going to post exactly the same thing!!!! Jenelle is being MASSIVELY HYPOCRITICAL! In one post it’s all about a “mothers love ” for their child and no-one can destroy it !!!!
      The next post is all about ” not being able to forgive her mother and this is “beyond repair ” MAKE YOUR MIND UP JENNELLE ” EVERYTIME you open your mouth; shit comes out !!!!!

  3. Why did they get a new judge??! Was that on David or Jenelle’s request? They better not end up getting away with their crap AGAIN.

    1. Just come across this

      Can I request a new judge for our custody case?
      2 Jan 2017

      Due to the fact that custody cases are often heated battles, many feel that the judge is impartial to one side or the other. There must be some sort of proof that the judge is bias towards one side or the other. Obviously, if the judge is showing favoritism, the party to whom they show partiality to will not complain. It is often hard to put into words or documents this behavior. A subtle glare or smirk cannot often be documented, and to bring up such a matter is seen by the court as childish.
      A Judge Does Not Always Follow The Rules
      We would like to think that all judges are fair and impartial. In all reality, there are some that are not. The judge could know someone or even have a distance friend or relative of one party. We expect the judge to be honorable enough to refuse such a case, but sometimes things are out of our control. We do not always know the behind the scenes things. If you feel that you are in a bad situation and the judge is against you for no good reason, there are some steps that you can take. Keep in mind, these steps are drastic and they could make or break the case. Here are the things that need to be done to get a new judge on your case.
      Step 1: Bring Up The Situation To Your Attorney
      The first step is to discuss the matter in detail. If the judge is acting inappropriately, the lawyer should also have noticed things. Anything and everything should be documented regarding behavior and rulings that were unfair or impartial.
      Step 2: Gathering The Facts
      You must have proof of a wrongdoing to get a judge recused. It could be a connection between the judge and the other party or outlandish rulings and judgements made against you. You must be able to have documentation or proof to support your motion.
      Step 3: File A Motion To Request A New Judge
      Next, you must file a motion to request a new judge. The motion must detail all the reasons why the current judge should no longer preside over the case. The judge can read the motion and voluntarily remove himself from the case. Keep in mind that they do not have to recuse themselves. If the judge does not remove himself from the case, a request must be made to the court to do so. A copy of the paperwork must be served to all parties in the case. The court can remove the judge if they feel there is proof. However, keep in mind that the court does not have to oblige your request, and it can make things uncomfortable.
      Step 4: Dealing With The Outcome
      If you had no luck getting the judge off the case, and you feel that the judge has an unprovable grudge against you, it may be better to dismiss the case and refile. While that will not work in some areas of law, it can work for a custody order. Getting a new judge is worth the hassle if it means winning your case. You must make sure no counterclaims have been filed before you try to dismiss the case. A counterclaim must be handled, and you will not be allowed to dismiss your claim until it is settled.
      Dealing with the court system can be tricky. We all know that there are good lawyers and judges and then there are those that ruin it for everyone else. In most cases, judges are fair and try to stay within the limits of the law. Any petition made to the court will be investigated and ruled upon. Remember, if you are having issues with a judge, they could be showing impartiality in other cases too. When the court is having problems with a judge, they often already know the issues before you file your motions.

      In my opinion

      They prob hate that the original judge called them out on their bad parenting and failing to protect their kids.
      So they want one that’s likely to give them the kids back.

  4. Ok Jenelle, yeah your Mom doesn’t do anything for you. She has only taken you back in no questions asked every time you break up with one of your soul mates, after being cut out of your life a bazillion times. And guess who’s going to be the one person there for you when David beats the crap out of you next time? YOUR MOTHER.
    Oh yeah and you know what else she’s doing for you? RAISING YOUR SON.

    JFC this girl is unreal.

    1. Jennelle’s self righteousness makes me fkn FURIOUS! She HONESTLY believes that every-one is against her, every-one picks on her , No-one stands up for her , BOO FKN HOO Jenelle, get over yourself!

  5. Jenelle should be thanking her Mom for several things. Since the day Jace came home from the hospital Barb took care of him. Janelle went out partying on her third day home from the hospital. She changed his diaper and went out. She seriously didn’t think she had to stay home with a newborn. And while she continued to have two more children, she didn’t get any smarter. While working to get her children back should involve parenting classes and therapy, instead she’s breaking rules set out by the court and skipping scheduled visitation with those children she says she loves so much. Tracking down Barb in the courthouse parking lot to grab Ensley for a photo opportunity and to yell at Barb, doesn’t seem like the best way to showcase your stable personality and parenting skills. Barb is a lifesaver, she may not be a perfect parent, but who is. God bless Barb and please don’t send those kids back to Janelle or David or The Land.

    1. I’ve always felt like Jenelle, if she had lived alone or with a soulmate when Jace was a baby, she would have left him alone while she went. “He’s asleep, dude! Safe in his crib! What’s gonna happen?”

  6. She’s saying Barbs broke her trust and their relationship is done!? SHE IS TAKING CARE OF TWO OF HER THREE CHILDREN! But meanwhile David (who is to thank for getting into this mess) and her are a team and working on their relationship… I have no words. I would be THANKING my mother nonstop if she offered to take in my children not yelling and fighting with her in the middle of a parking lot. I don’t understand how Barbra hasn’t put her hands on jenelle yet cause I would of a long time ago. Karma works in wonderful ways and this is their karma for about the last 3+ years of shit they have gotten away with and they deserve every bit of it.

  7. In the interview with Maryssa step dad he said Maryssa Is with him n whittney but u said whitney’s mom has Maryssa which one is it and why does Jenelle have a new judge ?

    1. The step-dad didn’t say that Maryssa is with him and Whitney. Maryssa is with her maternal grandmother, but Whitney is attending the court hearings and wants to get custody. Maryssa just visits with them for now and has stayed there (meaning overnight visits probably).

  8. Why is her mother the enemy? Demon David is to blame for CPS taking your children. What father who has his children’s best interest at heart wouldn’t leave the house? What mother wouldn’t throw his ass out. The united front, the bizarre behavior at the courthouse is proof you are both unstable. Your baby is in the best circumstance that you are responsible for YOUR Mothers care. Unfortunately, the baby will be placed in foster care with strangers

  9. Manipulating your (toddler) daughter to snuggle and embrace you because she doesn’t understand what’s good and bad for her so you can try to look like mom of the year is disgusting. That’s why you don’t see 2 and 3 year olds being judges or jurors. They don’t know any better. And you’re snatching her up and saying “She’s no afraid of me! I’m hugging her! She wants to see me!” Even if she wants to see you, you can’t see her because a court of law, you know, the people who decide these things for a living, deemed you unfit. I want to say they need to see some real punishment for their actions, but sadly that won’t do any good. They’ve gotten away with too much for too long, and they won’t unlearn that behavior for anything. They could go to jail for 5 years for violation and STILL be the victim…

  10. Mark my words this is gonna backfire 1 day. You are attacking two people that are currently responsible for your kids. One won custody and one is getting ready to win custody. Another possibly could get custody and all that’s left is Ensley. And she may be crying for mommy now. But you wait till her teen years when she googles her name and all this comes up. The kicker is she acts like they were taken from her but initially they weren’t. They were taken from David. Her daughter crying for her is because she chose her husband over that poor baby who doesn’t get right now that her mom rather be with her dad than her. Ensley was put with barb by a judge so why is she so mad at her mother? You know she’s delusional when she claims her mother who is raising her two kids right now is ruining her life that she can’t forgive her but David who lost her her kids, job, family, friends, money and her dog is worth more fighting for. Are you serious? Marriage counseling won’t solve a thing.

    1. Omg yess.she is acting like her mom came in there and lied tO CPS to get Ensley. She is sooooo delusional that it’s hard to even watch lol I hope this behavior they portrayed, backfires hard in the next court hearing. If I was the judge I would issue restraining orders and call an emergency hearing. They’re childish and incredibly inept.

    2. In Jenelle’s world everything is Babs’ fault. Babs took her son, now she’s taking her daughter. Probably some conspiracy that’s been in the works for years. What’s probably behind this, is that Jenelle needs someone to lash out at and Babs is the only person left she can fight with. She can’t lash out at David because he’s twice her size and can (and will) hurt her very badly, while she knows Babs loves her and wouldn’t hurt her and she’s exploiting that in a gross way.

  11. Okay, I know this is an extremely serious situation, but I literally laughed out loud at the idea of Barbara being jealous of Jenelle. Girl, please. Your mom is WAY too busy for that! BTW, alot of people like her. We will never be able to like you. Barbara is the real mom here.

  12. I think Bab’s is jelly. Here’s are the issues Bab’s has with her.

    1. Jenelle ability to score endless high quality dudes.
    2. Her sweet tats.
    3. Her XL lady parts
    4. Her exposure in the tabloids
    5. Her bravery through her medical conditions
    6. Her endless endorsements deals of high quality products.
    7. The shamelessness way she leads her life.

    Heck, I’m jelly!

    1. That’s right! I forgot one of her prize boyfriends posted pix of her atrocious beef curtains on the internet! LOL. I wonder how David likes that?

  13. So, how does a mother treat her child Jenelle ? I’ve never met a more delusional person in my life.

  14. How delusional do you have to be to think that your own mother is jealous of you? The mother that is raising 2 of your kids that you aren’t fit to care for. The mother who has worked an actual job that carries responsibility and respect. Jenelle is a loser. There is zero reason to envy her.

  15. Why are you blaming your mom for you losing your kids because of your abusive husband?! You should be thanking her! And the video that your brother posted he was probably showing Ensley crying screaming for mom which she probably thinks Barbara is her mom like your other child does she was in the shower. Who is the one that is jealous Jenelle all fingers point to you!!!!!

  16. Does she REALLY think there is anyone with a brain cell that is on her and David’s side?? That all these antics for the camera (yes, we know!) are gaining her anything in the court of public opinion? The only thing that would, would for her to leave David, admit she was an abused wife, and needs a lot of help to become the mother and daughter that someone would be proud of, or even TOLERANT of!

    And the saying goes “there is no such thing as bad publicity”?? Um, nope. This proves there really IS!

  17. This is the stupidest girl i’ve ever seen..She needs to show her Mother some respect knowing she’s having to raise her 2 kids cause her sorry a$$ ain’t going raise them..She needs to learn to get a job too..Sorry pos..

  18. “My mom fights so hard for my brother and sister and they’re the ones who have issues, not me.” Well Juh-nelle that’s parenting! You fight for your kids and advocate for them in their time of need! Barb is doing the same for your own children bc you’re incapable. She’s also tried to do the same for you but David has become a brick wall that she keeps hitting and it’s a lost cause at this point.

    1. It’s glaringingly obvious Chinelle has very serious issues! unfortunately, The Chin’s issues are now everyone else’s issues. And that’s why the court sessions.

  19. Jenelle is acting like this is a custody battle between her and Barb, so if she makes Barb look bad, she will win custody back. But, earth to Jenelle, CPS took your kids! If you make you convince them that Ensley isn’t safe with Barb, that does NOT mean that Ensley will be returned to you. They will put your baby in foster care i.e. with complete strangers. Barb didn’t cause this and she is not your enemy. David caused this and you are acting like he’s just amazing.

    And Barb is right, you are putting on a show for the cameras. Even then, you could barely tolerate your baby. You are sooooo happy to “have this moment” with her, but the moment she cries, you snap “What?!” You literally could not handle your toddler for the two minutes it takes to walk to the car. And then taking 3 minutes to buckle her into a car seat while arguing with Barb was definitely for the cameras (glad Barb kept calling you out). You obviously don’t even like your kids. You hadn’t spent time with your kids in a week and even then you canceled visitation and snapped at your baby after two minutes. Just admit you don’t like being a mom and stop acting like you’re so concerned.

    Also, strange Jenelle reposted an old picture of Kaiser in a diaper the exact same day she tried to make it seem like Colin posted a “naked” picture of Ensley (who was also wearing a diaper). It’s like she truly doesn’t even see how delusional and hypocritical she is.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed her snapping at Ensley! And then she quickly realizes she’s being filmed and goes back to her “mom” voice..

      1. Lol her “mom” voice is soooooo fake. She doesn’t have a single maternal bone in her body and she’s a terrible actress. Her contempt for her kids is so obvious. They’re just possessions to her, objects that Barb and Nathan have stolen from her.

      2. I liked her practically dragging that baby by the hand, and then the little Ensley is trying to tell her about her shoe falling off? She is such a horrible person! When I was watching her walk like she was so it…I just can’t. The lead story on TMZ was monster dog murderer yelling at Nathan and then flipping the finger at him. I guess the ex-teen unemployed childless abuser mom was driving her $75,000 SUV, that none of those children will ever ride in.

        1. The TMZ cameraman had more of an affectation towards poor Ensley, if you noticed, by calling out about her shoe. You can tell in his voice. Not Jenelle you clearly appears as though she can’t be bothered. Instead of comforting your child and making sure she is feeling secure and soothed, she is annoyed by her. It breaks my heart.

  20. I don’t understand why Jenelle is so angry at Barb.
    Her mother was not responsible for Ensley being taken from Jenelle’s care. That was a result of the dog murder and subsequent cps investigation.
    I would think she would be grateful to Barb for stepping in to care for Ensley instead of the child ending up in foster care while the legal cases continue.

  21. I don’t understand why Jenelle is so angry at Barb.
    Her mother was not responsible for Ensley being taken from Jenelle’s care. That was a result of the dog murder and subsequent cps investigation.
    I would think she would be grateful to Barb for stepping in to care for Ensley instead of the child ending up in foster care while the legal cases continue.

  22. I am curious how much she got paid for that “interview.” She certainly needs the money for her lawyers.

  23. I’m not sure about David, but I know Jenelle has a picture of David holding Ensley and she is naked, you can see her butt cheeks clear as day. Her and David are the only danger to those kids Jenelle. Any Mother would do exactly what the judge and lawyers tell them to do, not cause a scene in the parking lot and then go to tabloids about it.

  24. Pulling these type of stunts is what is going to keep Jenelle relevant and make her money with the media. Everyone knows she doesn’t actually care about her kids, it’s all an image.

  25. Except Whitneys husband already went on record saying Maryssa never lived with Whitneys mom.

    1. He said Whitney didn’t love with her mother. Whitney lives with her husband in a house. Maryssa, lives with Whitney’s mother. It had kept being reported that Maryssa was living with her grandma and that Whitney also lives there. That’s what was being corrected: the fact that Whitney does not love with her mother.

  26. Well ya know Jenelle, Maryssa doesn’t want to live with you and her murdering sperm donor, on the land and kaiser is petrified of your Husbun.
    And Jace thinks your a piece of shit.

    Good luck ( not) fighting for the kids jenelle, coz it will be a cold day in hell before ya get Jace back

  27. I cannot understand why Jenelle keeps rescheduling or not showing up for visits with the children ! You would think she would know that it doesn’t look good to the judge !! But, I should realize it’s those two morons !!

  28. This whole situation is going to Hell in a handbasket real fast. I have a really bad feeling that Barb is going to suffer some pretty nasty shit that she’s not prepared for and certainly doesn’t deserve.
    Jenelle is about to open a very ugly can of worms, she going to start with Ensley’s “ diaper only” photo and add on.
    It’s hard to read the stabs that some have taken at Barb, she’s a mother that loves her daughter unconditionally. The time has now come that Barb is going to have to be stronger than she ever has , for time being she needs to cut all ties with Jenelle other than the supervised visits; a good start would be to let CPS handle the transport to and from the visits.
    There’s so many parties involved with too much indirect communication going on.

    1. She needs to get a restraining order on jenelle and lurch, and cease and decease letters sent out.

      David is a ticking time bomb ( a dangerous one at that)

      1. I don’t think that would stop him. Don’t think anything will if this doesn’t go their way. He’s a ticking time bomb.

    2. You would think this bitch would be great full her mother is taking care of yet another one of her kids? I really hope she looses them, they would be better off.

    3. I’m hoping barbs drunken antics don’t come back to bite her in the ass. Though I’m also hoping that a reasonable person would believe 66 yr old tipsy barb, didn’t understand the difference between FaceTime and live and thought she was just joking with Britney

  29. How come the cops don’t arrest David the piece of shit outside of court for killing nugget. That way they don’t have to go to the land. If that would of been anyone else they would be in jail already. Arrest him on next court date the 25th. Let’s start a petition. Have David arrested at courthouse. I hate to say this but I feel he will get away with it

  30. Jenelle is pathetic!!! I bet she purposely confronted her mother in order to get and interview out of it ????? how convenient that she immediately had an interview set up. She is running out of cash quick!! Lawyers ain’t cheap, she is paying for multiple custody battles, David’s illegal towing case, and she pays David’s child support. PATHETIC!! I say a year before she files for bankruptcy. I bet she didn’t even set up trust funds for the kids, like some of the other Teen Moms.

    1. Infuriating!!! That was NOT “a hug”. She picked her up and walked and talked with her, forcing her to say “goodbye” which Ensley doesn’t understand. That is harmful to her. THAT is why the visits are planned and supervised. So the social workers can help the kids not feel abandoned and tell them “you will see mommy again right here.” I hope that stunt bites her in the tail.
      Jealous of what? They were best buddies again. She didn’t ask for this. David is who she should be mad at. I’m disappointed they got a new judge like they wanted. This is a loooong time without the kids. CPS isn’t playing. I hope everyone, including MTV will turn over everything they have on them!

  31. Jealous of WHAT, Jenelle? The beat up trailer you live in? The controlling narcissist you’re married to? The inability to keep your kids? The fact that you’re uneducated, unemployed and going broke? Yeah because that’s what everybody wants from life.

    1. She put herself in the position she is in.

      She’s no victim ( the kids are though)

      She is a nasty drugged up child and animal abusing, law breaking waste of air.

    2. Perhaps my comment needs clarification… I meant she PLAYS the victim, not that she is the victim. She blames everyone else for her problems and never takes responsibility for them herself. Her mother is raising her own children and rather than being grateful, she’s chewing her out like it’s Babs fault her kids were taken away! No honey, your mother has been by you and Jace every step of the way, so how dare you suggest she hasn’t been by your side and cares more for your siblings?? You claim she’s jealous??? Girl, you’re just projecting how YOU FEEL!!!!!

    3. You are being funny right?

      When I think of Jenelle, I think of narcissist, druggie, and uneducated trash

      1. Perhaps you didn’t read my above clarification of the way in which I used the term “victim.” I stated that Jenelle PLAYS the victim role, but definitely IS NOT a victim of her circumstances. I completely agree with your assessment!! Sorry for that confusion! ??‍♀️

  32. Jealous of what exactly? You’ve lost the mtv money, which means the cars, vacays, etc are all gone. You’re steadily destroying even the goodwill of any fan support you used to enjoy. You have no job, no education, no successful relationships. The one relationship you do have is destructive AF. You have no self-respect, no future, no love in your life. You live in fear of a monster who is never more than a few feet away from you at all times. Sorry but I’m having a hard time figuring out just what your sad, pathetic reality has to offer that anyone would be jealous of.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. No one wants her sad, miserable, and utterly pathetic life. I honestly can’t wait for her and David to kill each other

  33. Oh here we go again. First it’s Barb’s fault that Jenelle is having to go thru losing her kids and now it’s Barb’s is jealous of her daughter. I bet Barb is ticked pink about not having to deal with Jenelle.

  34. I wonder if anybody’s called CPS to tell them that she violated the order. and called the courthouse to tell them about the antics that went on out there

  35. There she goes paying the victim again….
    What does Barb have to be jealous of??

    She has your oldest and youngest kid. She’s not stuck with Lurch who made you lose out on opportunities to secure your bag for those babies. She’s not in constant scrutiny…..the list goes on and on.

    She really needs to get off that high horse….Jesus Christ ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  36. What is it you think she’s jealous of, your terrible, heroin fueled, garage tattoos?.

    She’s not jealous of your abusive husband, your endless baby daddy drama, your failure to pay anything into Social Security through a legitimate job, your sinking swamp mobile home, your drug addiction, or your trail of failed engagements.

  37. Anyone else think Olivia is at home, eating popcorn, just watching this epic crap storm unfold and thanking her stars that Kaden is safe & sound?

    1. Oh here we go again. First it’s Barb’s fault that Jenelle is having to go thru losing her kids and now it’s Barb’s is jealous of her daughter. I bet Barb is ticked pink about not having to deal with Jenelle.

  38. “Stop arguing with me dude!!” As she continues to egg on and and talk shit to Babs. She’s such fucking trash.

  39. Delioushional… she is really insane. Not one person is jealous of her or her life. She gets her ass beat all the time and let’s that pos beat her kids and kill her dog. And she lives in a house that is sinking into the swamp with her dead dog buried somewhere. And she has no custody of any of her children. That’s the good life!!!! Said no one ever.

  40. What happened to the Gag order?
    Geez, After opening her Fat mouth, the harassment,and abuse she pulled today. She needs her butt thrown in jail.
    She should not get visitations or custody of those kids UNTIL she goes to a mental health facility for an extended stay (maybe for 18years)
    Seriously, She is the definition of a piece of sh**.

  41. First, Is there some new Judge on the case? Because he’s “kind of like super pissed you were absent.”

  42. Nathan wants you and Barbara is jealous of you. Oh, get over yourself, Jenelle. You are mentally ill as is your freeloading neanderthal spouse. The state has deemed you two a danger to your children. Your life is an ongoing joke and nobody wants to be you, or be like you. There is nothing envious about your life. NOTHING!

  43. Saying serious prayers not a single child gets returned to these two lunatics. They are so unstable and have no concept of social norms. I wouldnt believe a word out of this lying sleeze balls mouth.

  44. Oh Jenelle, will you always be this stupid? I know you read the comments so let’s see if I can enlighten you.

    YOU put your mother in this situation. You left her no choice but to care for your first born because you wanted to smoke weed and party rather than be a mother. You then spent the next 6 years making one dumb decision after the next. Heroin, quickly marriages, and abortions. Your mother was still there for you after you continuously bashed and abused her publicly.

    YOUR husband shot and killed your dog. He terrorized your children. And you stood by and did nothing. This prompted CPS to remove your children. The judge ordered your daughter be placed with your mother. Do you really think she wanted another one of your kids? Honestly, pull your head out of your ass. Without your mother, Ensley would be in foster care. Try being grateful she isn’t.

    YOUR mother was trying to protect you from violating a court order this morning by having non supervised contact with Ensely. She was PROTECTING YOU. Something you know nothing about.

    Your inability to see past yourself and stop always thinking you’re the victim will be your downfall. You are not the victim. Those children are.

    Grow up. You’re almost 30.

    1. I’ll say this – I’ll never fault her for her abortions. That’s the only smart thing she’s ever done in her life.

  45. The Junkie has more ‘issues’ than Time magazine! No one is jealous of her shitty life. She is unfit to parent. PERIOD!

  46. “She’s jealous”


    Of your criminal records? 3 kids by 3 dads? Having a husband that loves murdering innocent creatures and is abusive? Your lack of jobs/motivation to be productive members of society? Having your kids taken away?

    Yes, I’m sure barb stays up at night thinking about how much she wants to be you, Jenelle.

  47. JENELLE is a major DISASTER walking. I hope she never gets her children back.I hope that the judge sees she’s broken the arrangement the court has put on her regarding the case. She’s not supposed to have ANY CONTACT with children outside of supervised appointed visits via the judge. Barbara knows better. She should be liable 4 this as well. JENELLE is a SELFISH BITCH.

  48. Jealous of an unemployed junkie. That’s a new one. Only a junkie can have such a vivid and creative imagination. I cant imagine Jenelle’s sibling being in worst shape than her unless they are addicted to both heroin AND meth,and not just heroin like her. Where is the poster with that cool name “Doris, Kaisers only hope” how accurate that name was looking back in retrospect

  49. She…she can’t be serious, right? No person could genuinely be this blissfully unaware of their own batshit crazy antics and glaring failures, not only as a mother, but as a human being…right? These morons are going to give me an aneurysm from the blinding rage I get from reading their incessant jackass antics. Wastes of oxygen, the both of them. I hope the swamp swallows them whole before they can ever lay eyes on those poor kids again.

  50. Iam sure Barbara at 66 years old loves taken care of a 2 and 9 year old. Barbara is raising the children Jenelle because you won’t/can’t. Barbara has always helped you. Jenelle stay at the swamp and never come out.

  51. I thought they couldn’t talk about the case? Once again putting your selfish needs for attention and your “image” ahead of your kids. Isn’t Maryssa old enough to say where she wants to live?

    1. At this point, I think her and David’s antics are intentional. They don’t want those kids…They like the media attention…anyone serious about getting their kids back would be on their best behavior at all times…not talk to the press, leave guns out on the dashboard at the courthouse, make multiple scenes at the courthouse, violate rules, threaten to call DSS on the children’s grandmother which could possibly land their kids in foster care, or try to reschedule visitation. I just hope they keep it up with these antics, because they’re just digging themselves deeper and deeper

      1. I agree with you for a normal person. Addicts are ragers and have out of control emotions. I’m also convinced those two self medicate due to undiagnosed mental illness also. Lot of issues with the folks from the Land.

  52. Look I feel for Barb but like they say If you don’t raise ur children you’ll raise your grandchildren

    1. At what point exactly are Barbs kids ADULTS themselves? Jenelle always seemed like a little hellion, but Babs stepped up when it was clear Jenelle wasn’t going to take care of Jace. Then Jenelle legally became an adult and could do whatever she wanted – get married, plastic surgeries, get knocked up again, do all the drugs – what exactly can Babs do?! Jenelle was no longer a teen when Ensley was born, Jenelle made more than Barb would probably ever make in a decade J pulled in a year, had her own home and married a psycho… again, exactly what was Barb gonna do? Jenelle is an adult, she’s just stunted by MTV money and drugs. Can we stop blaming someone else for Jenelle’s delusions and immaturity? If anything, blame MTV for not cutting ties sooner and forcing this spoiled pill head to grow up and take care of her responsibilities

  53. No Janelle the kids are not sad. They can actually be kids now and not have to worry about the toxic environment “the land” is.

  54. What the heck? If anything Jenelle is jealous and resents her mother, because everyone knows that Barb is a much better mother than she will ever be…Barb never lost custody of any of her kids…Jenelle has lost custody of every single child that has ever been under her care. Jenelle is one of the most jealous people on the planet…she ALWAYS wants what she can’t have, and once someone she knows gets what she wants, she targets them..

    She wants Chelseas life and can never have that…and she wants her kids, but (God willing permanently) she doesn’t have that either, so she’s picking on Barb. Why act like Barb is the reason why she lost her kids? The courts took Ensley, not Barb…Jenelle acts like Barb is the enemy, and is too dense to realize that Barb isn’t the enemy…Jenelle is her own worst enemy. She’s constantly ruining her own life.

    1. I think Jenelle’s major “want” in life is for people to *see* her as doing very well, in the same role as Chelsea as a wife and mother. The issue is it’s not what *she* truly wants, and she is absolutely incapable at it. It’s obvious she does not have a maternal instinct or even any real like for children, and she is in a marriage with a psychopath who she tries to push as being this down to earth family man. Her goal in life is to prove everyone wrong- from her mother to the haters on Twitter. Today for example, the video showed her hugging Ensley in the parking lot, yet while she was doing that she told her mother she wasn’t going to visitation tonight. I wish she would be honest with herself, forget about the judgement from people, and build a life she can be happy about, leaving the children in peace with a chance at a solid upbringing and life. They are bound to repeat the cycle in her loveless care.

      1. I think it is sad. That baby wants her mana. If she is going to ambush them outside courthouse she should have spent every moment loving on that baby not running her mouth at her mom. Barb has a hard time shutting her mouth also. She needs to stop defending herself and just love those kids. I hope Kaiser gets to stay with his daddy.

  55. Did the new judge lifted the gag order? Will there be consequences because of Jenelle’s behavior today? She’s manic! Crazy manic!

  56. What drugs is she possibly on to be so delusional and where can I get them? Bc she has lost her fucking mind if she thinks Babs is jealous of UBT and Chinderella.

  57. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I see Jenelle still hasn’t learned any lesson from all this. Still preaching the same old “it’s everybody else’s fault”. I hope the judge sees sense and makes this process as difficult as possible for them. Disgusting and delusional.

  58. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Isn’t there a gag order in place?

    1. Jenelle really said that her brother and sister are the ones with major issues, not her? Girl, have several seats. You’ve lost custody of ALL your children, you just got fired, you’re married to a psychopath, you’re a huge joke to the Teen Mom 2 world, and you’re broke. I’d say you have some major issues. She really does just live in her own little world. Het a grip on reality and join us here on planet earth, will you? Get away from David, get clean if you’re using, and fight like hell to get your children back!!! Do THOSE things and then you’ll show people that you don’t have “major issues” and people will start to respect you more. People will start to root for you more. Put your kids first, Jenelle, not David. He needs to be completely removed from the equation, he’s done nothing but ruin her life from the beginning. There is not a single redeeming quality he has. And IF this is a domestic abuse situation, there are so many people right now who could point her in the right direction for help and resources. All eyes are on her & as much as people can’t stand Jenelle, I know we all aren’t so heartless that we wouldn’t try to help her out of a situation like that. She’s gotta change her life NOW or she is just setting the tone for the rest of her life to continue to be chaos, disasters, and failures.

      1. Did the new judge lifted the gag order? Will there be consequences because of Jenelle’s behavior today? She’s manic! Crazy manic!

    1. Why would Barbara be jealous of these two low Life s when Barbara has to take care of Janelles mistakes. Didn’t Barbara already raise her children and should be enjoying her life now not taking care of grandchildren?

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