‘Teen Mom 2′ Stars Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Launch Eyewear Line; Sell Out Over 20% of Products in One Day; Meanwhile Jenelle Evans’ Eyebrow Kit Sales Sag

“Buy our glasses!”

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are having a lot more luck with their latest business venture than their former Teen Mom 2 co-stars Jenelle Evans and David Eason are having with theirs.

Chelsea and Cole just launched a new eyewear line with Diff Eyewear, hawking a variety of different styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women, all stamped with Chelsea or Cole’s signature. Although the collection just launched on Friday morning, by Friday night, three of the style options had already sold out, including the most-expensive eight-pack option, which retailed for $400!

The glasses are not cheap: the least-expensive items in the collection are $85. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from snapping them up!


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Who has heard of Blue light blocking glasses?! Get ready to learn more TOMORROW MORNING when we launch our exclusive collection with DIFF at 9am PST / 11am CT!! You all have one more opportunity to sign up to win our entire collection which includes these amazing Blue Light blocking glasses that protect your eyes from digital screens and help to give you a better night of sleep.  Plus sign up for our SMS for exclusive early access to shop the collection before it sells out! To Enter: 1. Text “MOM” to 55721 2. Tag three friends and ask them if they have heard of blue light blocking glasses before. 3. Follow @diffeyewear 4. Sign up for SMS notifications for our launch!  Click the link in my bio if you can’t do step one from your laptop! 5. For an “extra entry” share this post to your story using the arrow next to the comment button!  Also, save this post to your collection using the ribbon button under our photo to the bottom right!! By joining via text, you agree to receive recurring automated marketing messages from DIFF at the cell number used to send the Join text. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. Msg & data rates may apply. View Terms (http://attn.tv/diffeyewear/terms.html) & Privacy (https://www.diffeyewear.com/pages/privacy-policy). Winner will be randomly selected before 9/26/19 at 11:59 PM PST.

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“It’s finally here! After over four years of partnership we are so excited to launch our exclusive collection with @diffeyewear,” Chelsea wrote in the caption of a family photo posted on Instagram on Friday.

In an Instagram Live video, Chelsea explained that she and Cole had personally chosen the items in their collection. It is not known how many of each product was initially available for purchase; however, Chelsea did tell her fans that there are “limited quantities available, so shop now or you’ll miss this drop!”

“Do tha glasses come in lots of colors? I haven’t had a new pair of eyeglasses since tha baby was in kinda-gaaaten!”

Jenelle also launched a brand-new business venture this month; however the booted ‘Teen Mom 2’ star’s new “Universal Eyebrow Kit” has not exactly seen “Chelsea-and-Cole”-levels of sales. The $40 eyebrow kit, which Jenelle launched on September 9, has had underwhelming sales, according to Radar Online.

“A source involved in Jenelle’s makeup business told Radar that she has only sold 150 kits since the launch earlier this month,” the site reported on September 19. “On the website, customers are able to purchase up to 2,822 eyebrow kits, which could indicate the amount of products still available.”

“Dude. Buy your eyebrow kit now, before David starts using them to jack up the house to escape the swamp water!”

Since then, eagle-eyed haters of Jenelle have kept watch on the number of eyebrow kits that are currently still available for purchase— and the number has not changed much. The Ashley checked online herself, and the highest number of kits currently available for purchase at press time is now 2818, indicating that only 182 kits have been sold since the launch over three weeks ago.

As for David’s latest “business venture”— hawking homemade knives, keychains and other trinkets on his Etsy page— things seem to be going equally as bad. Since launching his online shop last month, David has only had 14 sales, according to the Etsy-provided tracker on the site.

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38 Responses

  1. I love Chelsea and Cole (yum!). I wish they had their own show. They’re too good to be on TM with all those other trashbags.

  2. Didn’t Chelsea start a ”self designed” jewelry line a few years ago? I remember it got bad responses since a lot of customers didn’t even receive their jewelry and didn’t get a refund or response from Chelsea for that. The website etc. just disappeared. Also the exact same jewelry was a fraction of the cost on sites like aliexpress.
    It’s so easy to buy low quality products and put your own ”brand” on it.
    I hope she learned from this and is supplying with something that is actually worth the price she asks (and also delivers them). But you can buy blue light filter glasses that look similar to her styles starting from 2 dollars on aliexpress with free shipping so I’m not too sure.

    It’s easy to stop being critical when someone is likeable like Chelsea and Cole are (I wish them the best) but that is one huge price tag.

    Over the moon about the fact that nobody is buying Jenelle’s stuff!

    1. You are correct. However, that was of no fault of her own. The person who was in charge of the website was the one who was responsible for receiving and filling the orders. Chelsea’s only responsibility was to make and supply the merchandise (which she did).

    2. I think the venture will do better than her jewelry because it’s a collab with an established brand instead of attempting to build a brand from ‘scratch’.

      The Ashley—How about an update on how TTM is doing? I know C&T and Amber’s clothing businesses tanked. Popularity definitely is a factor in the success of these businesses but, it also comes down to price compared to other companies and if it’s a product that people are willing to buy.

  3. Chelsea will be successful bc of her credibility. The product will be of quality and so will the customer service. Her name and reputation mean something to her.

  4. Good for them! This is a unique and useful venture, unlike the rip off queen Jenelle’s kopykat kits. You know they must be furious right now over on The Land. Especially with the controversy surrounding the poor quality of the kits and the company cutting ties with them, although mrs tweet and delete claims she cut ties with them. ?

    Hey Ashley, of the 182 kits sold, do you know how many have complained? I would love if you could do some digging, lol! I was reading on another site that several purchasers have complained due to poor quality and black “hair-like” fibers that the company alleges are from the velvet like case, lmao!!!

    1. I meant to add, she is also allegedly doing a meet and greet to give away the remaining kits while they “reformulate” new products! I am dying over this, please give us an update on anything you know or can find out!

  5. Also Watson needs glasses now (and he looks ADORABLE in them) so I bet that’s what made them want to launch this line even faster. As a glasses wearer, I think they have a cute collection (a bit too much for my budget tho)!

    1. Even as someone who does not need traditional glasses, I am considering trying out a pair of these blue light blocking ones. I am always on either a computer or phone, mostly due to work requirements, and would love to protect my eyes from further damage. And anything that can potentially help you sleep better, I am all for it!

  6. Not only are Chelsea and Cole likeable but they put in YEARS of work on the project and Dumbbell hastily threw hers together because she panicked and wanted money without actually having to WORK. Dumbbell has also caught heat because her powder’s name was full on jacked from either Loreal or Maybelline… can’t remember which. I’m waiting for her to get a cease and desist letter.

    Dumbbell, we know you read our comments so… how’s unemployment and being a social pariah (just look up the word cause you probably don’t know it) treating you? Do you need directions to the welfare office yet?

  7. The difference is that people actually like Chelsea and Cole and the products seem to be high quality and stylish. Whereas people hate Jenelle and David, the product is Dollar Tree like, and Jenelle know jack shit about makeup.

  8. The fact Jenelle thinks anyone is going to buy anything with her name on it just shows how far out in Lala land she lives…with David. No respectable person is ever going to spend their hard earned money on anything associated with those 2.

  9. I’m definitely happy for Chelsea and Cole, I have zero interest in their storyline, but they seem like good people so good on them. As for Jenelle, well…..I suppose they could always live off the money from Lurch’s barnacle scrubbing business and sell eggs off the side of the road if they haven’t killed all those chickens yet.

  10. People buy Chelsea and Cole’s products because their are awesome and people love them. On the other hand, Jenelle is despicable, nobody likes her or wants to give her money. Get a real job, Jenelle!

  11. Why the f would J do a eye brow kit? Yes J has terrible eyebrows. Yes this was a good idea IF she fixed her eye brows but no. The stupid B still goes around with no or jacked up eye brows.

    I see nothing wrong with Chelsea other than that annoying baby voice. She’s too goody goody for me. She’s only out on social media when she’s selling something.

  12. Hey, Jane! I know! I’m having a giggle fit just thinking about it. Can you imagine the conversation going on on, “The Land”? I bet the Gruesome Twosome is PISSED!?? Congratulations to Chelsea and Cole!

  13. MY favorite part about this is janelle reads this site so shes gunna flip!!! ????
    I cant wait for “not Janelle ” to comment and try to support her(self) like bitch no one likes or supports you

  14. Chelsea and Cole are easily my favorite couple of TM Franchise. I absolutely applaud the way he has stepped up to be a father figure he has been for Aubree.

    Did everybody hear that A-d-a-m is coming back to film after a two year hiatus? I guess the $ he made the first 8 years has gone to pay for his meth and whatever other drug he is doing!!

    1. I heard that too. Cole has been trying to get Chelsea to quit the show. I hope he succeeds, because they don’t need it. Love them.

      1. Most people know that I have been on here with different aliases. I’m not the only one neither (there was dude/kim/joe and ava/abra/goddessgelprincess). @DUDE should not be confused with @DUUUUDE (I HATED the confusion that it caused). At least my aliases were original.

        So, if you’re trying to intimidate me or those who reply to me…STOP. People have their own minds and we/they don’t need you dictating them for us.

        Thank you

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