EXCLUSIVE! Nathan Griffith Speaks Out About Death of Jenelle Evans’ Dog, Custody Issues, MTV & More

Nathan Griffith is speaking out following the death of Jenelle Evans‘ dog at the hands of her husband, David Eason, letting concerned Teen Mom 2 fans that he is trying to get Kaiser– the son he shares with Jenelle– away from David.

“I am very concerned for Kaiser and Jenelle,” Nathan told The Ashley in an exclusive interview. “The day the story broke [on Tuesday], I was frantic. I tried to reach out to Jenelle but she wouldn’t respond, I called everyone I could think of– the MTV producers, CPS and the police to do a welfare check on my son.”

Nathan confirms to The Ashley that he was not the initial caller who called 911 to report that David had shot Jenelle’s dog, Nugget, though.

“I called the police for a welfare check after I heard about what happened [via the Radar Online article],” Nathan said.

Nathan states that he was so concerned after hearing reports about the dog being shot in or around Jenelle’s home on The Land, he even called David.

“I tried to get a hold of David, I said ‘I’m not trying to argue but we need to talk. What is going on? Is there another story I’m not hearing what is going on?'” Nathan said, adding that he wanted David to have a chance to tell his side of the story, in case the media had it wrong. 


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My two favorite boys ?? I cant get enough of their smiles. ❌⭕️

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“I’ve been in a relationship with Jenelle, and I know there always two sides to these stories, so I wanted to make sure this was legit. But David will not talk to me. He doesn’t understand that I don’t care about what they do in their relationship, unless it affects my son. And this [incident] affects my son.” 

Jenelle has confirmed that Kaiser (as well as her daughter Ensley and David’s daughter Maryssa) were home at the time David killed her dog. 

As of Thursday afternoon, Kaiser is with Nathan for the weekend, and Nathan says that he is continuing to fight for full custody of the boy. 


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Watch out world! ✨? #2019

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“It’s been a year since I filed for custody, it’s a process. I can’t just run over there and grab my son. If I could, believe me I would. I have been trying everything I can [to get custody of Kaiser.] I try to communicate with Jenelle, but she refuses to communicate with me. I’m not a bad guy,” Nathan said.

“If Jenelle reached out and needed help, I would be there and I have told her that many times. She is the mother of my child. It doesn’t mean anything romantic, it means she’s my son’s mother I will go to war for her. I just want to be sure that she and Kaiser are OK.” 

Jenelle and Nathan are due to meet in custody court on May 30. As The Ashley previously told you, the hearing has been rescheduled several times now by several of the lawyers and the judge and can no longer be rescheduled.

Nathan is expecting certain stipulations to be met when he goes to court for him to be happy.

Nathan states that he has been in contact with the ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers in regard to the incident, and states that those associated with MTV have told Jenelle they are ready and willing to help her, if she needs it.

“This whole situation is toxic,” Nathan said.

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  1. This is what happens when jenelle keeps winding up in abusive relationships. She had a good one with Nathan and she didn’t know how to handle it. Now she’s with a guy that thinks its ok to “kill” a helpless dog! My pup has snapped/bit my kids but its not the animals fault; you have to work hard and train animals to not bite and protect both children and the pets plain and simple. Jenelle is probably afraid to leave this guy abusive relationships of any kind is all she knows. And women can’t seem to get out until its to late! If he can kill a helpless animal who made a biting mistake he is capable of much more. She needs to break free of this toxic cycle before her and her children end up in a worse situation plain and simple! She needs help. Not just offers of it something drastic will have to happen for her to see this is not a safe way to “love” or live!

  2. Wowza! If Nathan really said these things about Jenelle’s safety, not just his son’s, i’d say he’s matured tremendously since he was with Jenelle, and even shortly thereafter when he was still a fairly douchey person. However, what is the status with his other, older child? Does he have regular contact/parenting time/custodial periods with that child? This isn’t just a ploy for more mtv time/more money, right?

  3. I think the whole group of them Jenelle and David and even Nathan have some serious issues. Putting any of them on television and glorifying their behavior and lifestyle is ridiculous they should all be fired and none of them should have those children even Barbara has seemed to have Snapped!

  4. If law enforcement in Columbus county NC truly believe that David is such a severe threat, then why don’t they do something about it? I don’t get it.

  5. Wow! And to think Farrah got fired for wayyy less than this. Mtv must teally love this girl. Smdh. David is benifitting off this show as long as they keep Jenelle on. Hes a racist, homophobe and dog killer. I urge yall to do whats right and boycott this show. Please

  6. So basically our legal system protects the abusers more than the victims. Those kids should have been removed from that house the minute this happened. I guess one will have to be seriously injured or killed before these back-road, idiots at CPS and Sherriff do anything.

    1. Those kids should have been removed from that horror house well before now. I don’t understand WHAT could possibly be wrong with Maryssa’s mom that the court placed her with these 2 vile people instead of her. Kaiser should be with Nathan, no question. At least the court removed Kaden before this happened.

  7. He’s the cutest little boy. I hope he finds his way into whatever living situation would be best for him.

  8. Seems to me all the teen moms are scared to speak out. They are scared they have to get a real job. Kail is building a new house. ?

  9. I’m praying to God he refuses to return him again! Things are escalating at jenelles and getting incredibly dangerous.

    1. I don’t understand that either. Why doesn’t he keep kaiser? Why doesn’t he get an emergency hearing? Reports said that Kaiser was there when David shot nugget.

      1. I bet all those kids saw that dog being beaten, they had to. This evil pos planned the whole thing.
        I agree; if I were Nathan, I’d be hauling ass to Florida, with Kaiser buckled in.

        1. He’s such an evil person that I would bet he did it in front of all those kids so they knew how much they should fear him.

  10. Kaiser’s butt looked worse than Ensley’s cheek, you know,from Davi beating him.That piece of shit David and that other piece of shit Jenelle deserve NOTHING. I hope she gets fired and loses it all. What kind of mother allows such behavior in a house full of kids?? She is as bad as he is. And Barbara should do something about it,take the kids away,take the animals away, and MTV stop giving then money. This is going to end in some crazy murder suicide tragedy. Don’t give a damn about Jenelle but those kids are innocent

    1. This psycho is desperately seeking to regain power and control; he will stop at nothing to get what he sees as his due. Jenelle and Barbara, Jace, they are all in danger, as are these poor kids in his immediate vicinity.

  11. Athanay, e illway ape-lay our-yay ail-bay

    I’m drunk, $5 to anyone that can igure-fay that ish out ??

  12. I hope people remember Nathan served in the military and has a brain injury.. that may be part of why he hasnt been able to have unsupervised visits.. Brain injuries affect people differently. I just want Kaiser Ensly and maryassa safe from David if that means the FBI show up again and drag him away I’m fine with it. Knowing Jenelle she already has a backup guy waiting.. like who called the cops?? We want the 911 call!!

  13. This is just more proof how the system is setup to favor the mom. Nathan has had his troubles but it appears that he’s matured while Jenelle situation just keeps getting worse. Anyone with a sane mind can tell that Nathan would be the better parent and yet it’s been a year and he still doesn’t have custody. Ffs CPS has been at her house how many times? The cops have been at her house how many times? If anything happens to Kaiser those people (cops, cps) will have blood on their hands. Multiple opportunities to take those kids from Jenelle and they never did.

      1. I had to change my email address as my ex got in to my account and the bastard changed the password and recovery address

  14. I just hope the courts and law enforcement take this seriously. It’s
    not a joke, anymore. These children
    need to be taken out of this home.
    Away from these parents.
    A dog killed. What next???
    Please for these children, get them
    out now..

  15. Good take your child and run. Who cares about Janelle she is at fault also. She did nothing to help that poor animal and allowed those children to see that. MTV be done with trash and play music like it was back in the day. That man should never be near anyone he is a serial killer in the making. That animal deserves none of this he punk ass kid put her face in that dogs. He is a piece of human garbage.

  16. I didn’t know Nathan could be this articulate. Hopefully this means he has matured and grown up some. He needs to get custody of poor Kaiser.

    1. I have thought for awhile that maybe Nathan has either stopped or significantly cut down on his drinking. That in and of itself would lead to clearer mindset. Also, his girlfriend Ashley seems to be pretty decent. Not being an emotionally unstable person (Jenelle) could be part of it too 🙂

      1. So hopeful that Nathan will get his sweet boy back, and he’ll never have to see Jenelle again.

        Side note: doesn’t Nathan have an older daughter too? Is she in the picture? Or am I thinking of someone else?

          1. Thanks DM! Does he see her often? That’s what I meant by “in the picture!” Curious about his custody arrangement and relationship with her mother! If that’s a good situation, we can hope that will help him get full custody of Kaiser too’

  17. I read in a one of the articles that the sheriffs department said “ David is the most dangerous man in the three surrounding counties” Nathan needs to take that statement and run with it! Bring this to the courts attention, this is YOUR law enforcement making the statement, your child should not have to reside with the most dangerous man around just because his mother is a fu**ing asshole.
    I’m really curious to know what these children do other than being confined to the land. I’ve read that they’re home schooled , do they leave that house to participate in activities with peers of their age? We know Kaiser goes with Nathan for visitation, I have a feeling that Marysa may be a little prisoner in David’s confederate house of horrors.

  18. Nathan seems to have matured. Maybe he went to counseling. I hope he gets Kaiser. Poor Ensley, though. And what’s the deal with Maryssa’s mother? I mean, how can anyone be worse than Lurch?

    1. Not downplaying any abuse on his part and this might sound terrible to say but I feel like Nathan was troubled and not evil. He has always been redeemable as a person if that makes sense. Jenelle and David are abusive and evil.

      1. Agree, I also felt Nathan was troubled and made poor choices. But I never saw him as evil.

  19. Jenelle. If you’re going to go. Go now. Once MTV officially fires you, your paid advertisers are all gone, you’ll be left alone. Lock inside David’s little shop of horrors. Use your resources and go.

    I hope Nathan gets Kaiser. I feel awful for Maryssa. That sweet child has nowhere to go. ?

    1. She’s not going anywhere. He was almost arrested for back child support to the tune of $5000+. The judge told him if he didn’t pay it in the next 30 minutes, he’d be going to jail. (The judge had told him SEVERAL times that it had to be paid in full but didn’t actually follow through.) She paid the child support for him. If she was biding her time somehow to be able to “escape”, having him taken in to jail directly from the courthouse would seem like a great way to accomplish that.

  20. I found it very telling that David has tons of expensive weapons and ammo yet doesn’t pay his child support. That says everything you need to know. I hope Nathan gets custody of his son because that psycho seems to like Kaiser about as much as he liked Nuggett. Poor puppy

  21. Jennell u are so sadly mistaken if you think you are being a good mom, actually the opposite, having your children around guns, and a lunatic that would rather kill a dog around YOUR CHILDREN, instead of taking that dog to a rescue shelter is insane, and I believe you have so many head problems that you are incapable of knowing what is appropriate for those kids and what is not ! Who could love a man with such sickening way of thinking? I pray your boy kaiser gets to stay with his daddy permanently, at least until you get a physiatrist in your life to help you get to the root of your issues, no kid is safe with you or your savage husband

  22. According to Radar Online, MTV has reportedly had enough of Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s antics. … Sources tell the outlet that MTV is fed up with Jenelle and David’s drama, and that Eason sparking outrage over the death of Evans’ dog was the last straw for production. “MTV is planning to fire Jenelle.

  23. Jenelle is a hot mess. Seriously what’s it going to take for MTV to wake up and handle this MONSTER they created?

    So far she’s been pregnant four times by four different men by age 26. Had an abortion. Faked a miscarriage. Has been arrested multiple times. She’s been addicted to drugs. Gave birth to a child who had drugs in her system. Endangers her kids and animals. Has CPS and Sheriff’s show up on the regular. She’s been married twice and this husband is straight up scary and violent.

    HOW is she a better parent than Nathan? Nathan has maturied and grown as an individual. Jenelle isn’t even stagnant, she’s getting worse.

  24. I never liked Nathan that much, but the fact he’d go over and beyond for the safety of Kaiser AND Jenelle…
    I see a lot of growth on him. I can only imagine how hard it had to be for him to reach out to David. Despite things that have been said, he put everything aside just the sake of his child. I respect that tremendously. If he has everything in order, I hope he’s granted custody.

  25. MTV is ready and willing to help her if she needs it! What this says to me goes something like this: If you want to keep your job, you are a running scared woman that is divorcing her husband OR kiss your job goodbye.
    Cut and dry, either divorce him or your time is up here.

    Please, everyone- don’t let this blow over, that’s what they’re hoping for. To my knowledge, MTV hasn’t even posted a comment on this felony.

  26. TMZ is reporting that the sheriff is saying that Lurch is the most dangerous person in the surrounding three counties. It makes one wonder, if a public official is willing to say something like this to the media, what excuse are they going to have once there is a massacre on Glory Hole Rd.? It would be like a police officer standing on a porch listening to someone being tortured inside, but doing nothing because they weren’t invited in. This is beyond outrageous and ridiculous at this point. I’ve heard that media outlets have obituaries prepared before celebs die so they are ready to print once the inevitable happens, I 100% guarantee they’ve got one ready for Jenelle.

  27. That really didn’t say much. I wonder who dropped Kai off. Also he better not give that baby back….I don’t care if I went to jail he would not go back.

  28. There is really nothing else I can add to any of the comments here!! I agree with all the comments!! I will say that Kaiser looks EXACTLY like Nathan!!

    1. I don’t know how genuine Nathan is…after watching the “Being Nathan” episode it seemed as though he was just as neglectful as Janelle. With that being said, I don’t think he would ever harm Kaiser…so in this case…he is better off with Nathan than Janelle. That situation over on the land is way to volatile, and is a toxic place for anyone especially children.

      1. I bet if he were responsible for caring for him on a regular basis, he would learn quickly how to parent effectively. He also has a girlfriend and parents so there is a support system to pick up some of the slack and lead by example.

  29. I love what Nathan said “it’s nothing romantic. But she’s my son’s mother. I’d go to war for her.” I like to hear exes speak kindly about one another. Especially in times like this. Apparently, MTV has finally fired Jenelle. But we will see how true that is with time.

    1. Wait what?
      Where did you that MTV fired Jenelle?
      What site?

      I find it very hard to believe. I heard MANY advertisers have pulled their ads from the show but i didnt hear about firing Jenelle

      1. Jenelle hasn’t been fired. There are a couple of clickbait articles saying it but it’s not true.

      2. Radar reported about 12 hours ago “Jenelle’s last days are numbered” – basically she’s been *fired* since the reunion in April, MTV just hasn’t made it official. Site goes on to say the other girls are filming and Jenelle isnt… but that contridicts what the Ashley has reported. Unless the call from MTV’s head honcho last Friday was letting Jenelle know they were going to be done soon, I could see that info sending David into a craze – clearly he doesn’t make his own money. It would also explain why she was busy selling stories if she knows MTV is just waiting to announce it. But I still don’t understand what is taking them so long

  30. Jenelle is never going to put any of her kids first. It’s just not going to happen. I do believe Jenelle is better than David, but really, what difference does that make when she stands by and protects him over her children and her pets when the abuse goes on. Her kids see and will continue to see her for what she is — someone they can’t trust. They’re young now, but that emotional hell she allows them to endure WILL be revisited upon her… and it won’t be over something as pathetic as an unfinished Yahtzee game.

    Best of luck in court, Nathan. I hope custody of Kaiser is given to you.

    1. Poor Kaiser has known from infancy he couldn’t rely on her for anything, not even his basic needs. She’s a hollow person, no real feelings at all, except as they relate to herself.

  31. David is a psychopath. Jenelle is a sociopath. Both have a nice dose of narcissism and a host of other issues. This can only end in a blaze of gunfire. I predict they are currently each planning the demise of the other. Hopefully the kids will be in the custody of other family members or the state when that occurs.

    Sources: the internet, common sense and true crime documemtaries.

  32. Who could’ve ever known Nathan would be the level headed one out of this whole trashy group. Babs included

  33. Them kids need to be away from David.. I can only hope Nathan gets full custody asap.. and babra can get a order to keep Jace away from David..

  34. Why can’t jenelle see that he is only worried for her and her kids? Nathan I hope to god you get custody of kaiser and I hope Jenelle leaves.

    1. Because jenelle can’t see how anything is about anyone but her. She doesn’t think Barbara has jace to keep him safe but to hurt her. Nathan only cares about her. People only care about her in her head

  35. Please please god let Nathan get his boy.
    And restricted supervised visits with jenelle.

  36. I really feel for Nathan. Anyone that ever thought it was a good idea to procreate with Jenelle, I have serious questions about, but it seems like he genuinely loves and cares about Kaiser. The problem is Jenelle’s mind is so messed up on a number of different levels, plus she’s isolated out there on Glory Hole road so she has a warped sense of reality, she’d much rather prove how in love she is with the Swamp Monster and stick it to Nathan (who she still believes wants her back) than keep her child safe.

  37. The system is messed up. The kid is obviously in danger being with his mom and her nutso husband. I hope Nathan and his mom are successful in saving that poor little guy. ????

  38. Nathan seems to have done a lot of growing up and I know he’s not perfect but he I think he truly wants Kaiser (not just acting because it makes him look good like some dads) I’ve always been worried about Kaiser and now after this whole dog situation it’s obvious David’s temper and anger is getting so much worse. Jenelle isn’t gonna leave so therefore the only way this little boy will ever be safe is if Nathan or Doris can get full custody. I hope and pray they get Kaiser out of that house of horrors!

  39. Team up with David’s BM Olivia’s lawyer, and go get custody of Kaiser. It seems like Olivia is the only one who has successfully gotten a child away from those psycho’s on the land. I feel for Nathan…at this time Kaiser is in a dire situation…Radar online is saying MTV is planning to finally fire Jenelle, and as much backlash as David and Jenelle are getting, I feel as if something really bad could possibly happen. David is unhinged, and no one is safe.

    1. That’s a really good idea! She is the only one that’s been successful at beating them. I feel like with the info she’s got on David combined with Nathan’s could actually get the job done. I worry so much about that little boy. I’ve wanted Jenelle fired forever but now the thought of no producers or cameras around to maybe keep them on their toes us the added pressure of losing the only income they’ve got would put Kaiser in an even worse situation.

  40. For Kaiser’s sake please just lay low and no interviews. Good luck. Please get Kaiser.

  41. this whole thing reeks of Jenelle being worried she was about to lose her MTV money/gig. I think she helped set this up.. no way mtv will cut her loose after this, they’d be afraid david would harm her or the kids. I do agree David is a sociopath, but Jenelle has always been a manipulator as well, she has no limits in that arena. A true, worried victim of DV would never speak out about their plans to leave or events done in private, especially as public as she has lately. I only feel sorry for the children in this, hopefully this cycle does not continue.

    1. I mean Nathan said it “I’ve been in a relationship with Jenelle, and I know there always two sides to these stories”…I really don’t know what Jenelle’s MO is, but like someone said on the other article…David going to jail would have been the perfect time for Jenelle to file for divorce, get a restraining order and escape…instead she helped him stay out of jail.

      1. Yep. But yet she is always, always, the poor helpless victim.
        What is the common denominator?
        She has never had a healthy relationship.

    2. They may have to cut her they are loosing money. Advertiser’s are leaving. MTV is not a social service, if she really wants help she would get help. MTV has FOMO. They want to film a train wreck.

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