Malorie Beaver, Sister of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Rachel, Defends Herself After Critics Slam Her Horrible Parenting Online

“I just love this kid! Especially when I don’t have to take care of her!”

The girls of the Teen Mom franchise are no strangers to having their parenting skills judged by viewers. However, this week’s episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant had many people speaking out about the parenting skills (or lack thereof) of cast member Rachel Beaver‘s sister, Malorie, instead. Now, Malorie is defending herself and explaining her actions to angry ‘Teen Mom’ fans.

During the episode, viewers watched as Malorie dropped off her infant daughter Emerson at her mom Stephanie’s home so that she could partake in a night of child-free fun. While Malorie assured both her mom and sister that she would be back to pick up Emerson the next day by 8 a.m., she ignored her family’s phone calls and texts and didn’t resurface until that night to fetch her kid.

“Umm… did ya forget something… or rather someone?”

As if Malorie’s nearly 24-hour-outing (with no communication to those watching her daughter) wasn’t bad enough, after arriving to her mom’s house, she told her family that she planned to go out again that night and proceeded to admit that she knew her mom was trying to get in touch with her that day, but had chosen to ignore her calls in order to get some sleep. 

“Listen, you don’t know how exhausting it is to parent this kid 3 to 4 days a week!”

Rachel (who was at the time pregnant with her daughter) criticized her sister for not taking care of her own kid, leading to a verbal argument between the two, during which the sisters accused each other of being sluts (#SisterlyLove) and Malorie warned Rachel that she’d be pulling the same shenanigans once she pops out her own baby. 

Malorie’s actions led a lot of viewers to call her out online, with some even accusing her of being on drugs. 

A small collection of the hate-tweets directed at Malorie after this week’s episode…

In response to her critics, Malorie took to social media on Wednesday, insisting that she’s always loved her daughter but “extreme postpartum depression” caused her to runaway “from everything and everyone.” 

“I didn’t want to get help and I didn’t want to fix the problem at the time,” she wrote. 

” … I am not proud of what I did and I am not proud of how I did things,” she continued. “I knew that my daughter at the time would be better off with my mother than me. That’s why I did what I did. And it hurt me to know that I couldn’t take care of her like I should.”

Malorie went on to explain that she “partied and so forth” as a way to escape, but that she isn’t ashamed or embarrassed about having to enlist the help of her mom during that time. She did, however, admit that she’s “ashamed of what [she] was doing instead.” 

” … If anything I hope that girls who are young moms and are struggling with the same thing see this and know that it’s OK to feel like that but to get help instead of running away from it,” she wrote. ”

Malorie told her followers that she raised her daughter from birth to six months by herself, after which she said she “cracked.” Despite what viewers gathered from the show, Malorie assured that Emerson was “safe and happy at all times,” always with family and that the situation has now improved. 

” … So instead of telling me I should get rid of her, I should [kill myself] for being such a bad mom, I’m a worthless POS, try understanding that I had my reasons. And it wasn’t handled in the best way but I have changed,” she explained. “I have my daughter every day there’s never a moment I’m not with her. And I’m her favorite person and I am now better suited to take care of her.

“I love my daughter and she loves me. She is safe and happy. That’s all that should matter,” she concluded. 

UPDATE: On Friday, Malorie once again took to Instagram to confess that she was struggling with a drinking problem during the filming of ‘Young and Pregnant.’

“Just so everyone knows, last year I had a bad drinking problem,” she wrote. “My depression from before pregnancy and the [post-partum depression] led to drinking and partying. One party and one drink led to a lot of parties and not being able to stop drinking.”

She insisted that drugs were not a factor in her behavior.

“Leaving Emerson with [my mom] had nothing to do with drugs,” Malorie wrote. “It had everything to do with I wasn’t mentally or financially stable at the time and couldn’t care for like I should. With that said I am now perfectly able to take care of my child it just took me time. She is happy and safe.”

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  1. I had PPD after my first baby, and it took all I had to just take care of her. There wasn’t any leftover energy for partying. My mother-in-law took her for an hour one day so I could get some rest, and even though I knew she was safe, I was so anxious having her two miles away from me that I couldn’t rest a bit and just scrubbed the kitchen until they got back.

    This girl just wanted to party and not have the responsibility of a baby, and now she’s trying to justify it because there’s been backlash. Hopefully she really has change, but I have little faith in anything these girls say.

  2. Sounds like the same “Post Partum” Jordan Cashmeyer still has. Post Partum Drug Post Partum Partying Syndrome.
    She even claimed she started to use drugs because of her Post Partum, that was a big lie, she used before too.
    Didn’t feel like taking care of her child, too busy prioritising drugs and working in the sex industry to buy her drugs.
    Last thing I read, she was homeless again.

    1. Cashmeyer is a name I haven’t heard in a while. Is she still alive? The Ashley needs to do a Where Are They Now from all the 16&P seasons to catch up on those that weren’t trashy enough for TM

  3. There is no excuse,no explanation,no “bad” editing here. She is a terrible so called mother.
    The little girl she calls her daughter was an obvious “oops” for Mallory.
    People like her or Jenelle should never have kids,poor babies. Hopefully Mallory isn’t right about Rachel’s future,we shall see.
    Seems like their mom is doing better now,but her kids totally lost respect for her back in the day. So sad.

  4. People need to understand the depression (PPD or otherwise) presents in different ways for different people. Partying and neglecting responsibilities (aka self destructive behavior) is an extremely common symptom of depression. Just because your experience with PPD was different does not mean her experience is not a common one.

    I’m very glad she found help and seems to be doing better.

    1. People don’t have the energy to party when they have ‘an extreme case’ of a depression and a Post Partum Psychosis does not start after 6 months.

  5. This is such an insult to women who suffer with ppd. I’ve never gone through it and Cannot imagine the dark place it must be. But I would imagine being in a dark place does not Kind itself to partying with friends.

    This family may be THE WORST mtv has brought to the screen. The house is FILTHY, everyone either lounging on the couch or making food in a disgusting kitchen. Does mtv want us to laugh at these people? Feel sorry for them? Perpetuate (in this case well deserved) white trash stereotype? What’s with choosing these losers mtv?

    1. I have been trough it, twice and twice is so bad that I had to be admitted to a mental hospital.
      The first one was the worst and it was really, really dark. I became a sort of zombie.

      And yes, this is an insult.
      I fear some doctors in the US throw the term post partum around.
      When you are able to party two nights in a row, you don’t exactly have a vital depression like I and the other moms on the same unit had.
      Have you even seen someone in a deep depression party?
      A Post Partum Psychosis doesn’t start after 6 months either.
      We talked a lot as a group so we were educated about our conditions.

      Adjustment issues, anxiety or something else sounds more plausible. Some people party etc after major life changes. Some new mothers struggle. That can be a serious mental health issue but it does not fit the criteria of a PPD or PPP. I’m not saying the moms are not going trough a very hard time but the label is wrong and the symptoms are very different.

  6. I had horrible PPD after my daughter was born. It is not something that you should just throw around, “oh I feel so depressed and tired taking care of this baby”. No, its way more than that and only those who’ve truly gone through it will understand the severity. Never during my time with PPD did I leave my daughter with anyone or have the desire to go party. I didn’t have the option to hand my daughter off to anyone else. If I, or anyone, is lucky enough to have help with their baby, do something productive with your time and take steps in healing your ppd. Go for a walk, go see a counselor, go grocery shopping, but don’t go party. I don’t get it. It’s sad that people throw that term around (PPD) to excuse their crappy behavior, when women really, really do struggle with it.

    1. I understand you. I’ve been there too.
      Also have issues with using the PPD label so easy.

      But I do understand some new mothers struggle with other things. Things that are hard too. It’s not a PPD however.

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I don’t have kids but if I’m going out and will be out late and consuming alcohol I make sure I don’t have plans until at least noon the next day. Nothing wrong with a Mom going out and having some fun, but just be honest with your family that you will need the morning to sleep.

  8. Postpartum depression is the excuse of choice for this girls when they want to do anything else but taking care of their kids. It’s not something to be taken lightly and it’s very disrespectful to use it like that

  9. Depression. In my eyes it was high. You were high not depressed. Why have kids if you want to stay high? Y’all act like getting pregnant is such a surprise. It’s not. Have sex unprotected and you more than likely will get pregnant. Damn…..

  10. I don’t believe it was post partum. Sounds like a convenient excuse after the episode aired and she got the wrath of the viewers.

  11. At this point, MTv is just using these people to get viewer ratings. It doesn’t matter their hard ships or that these poor kids are being paraded like a bunch of props. These girls are carelessly getting pregnant so they can become “reality TV stars”. It was amusing at first, now it’s just sad and I feel like the more people keep watching, the more this pattern will continue. I’m sick of Jenelles, Kails, Farrahs, and now the new generation of little trash hags.

    1. That family is almost unbelievable. It’s inconceivable that there are people out there, THAT trashy. But yet, there they are. The argument who’s the biggest slut was epic. Especially when Malorie won this month since Ratchet was pregnant

  12. Someone in the TM franchise exhibited irresponsible parental behavior {clutches pearls}, color me shocked. The point of this whole thing is to decrease teen pregnancy, right? This idiot has a young baby, her sister was pregnant at the time and they’re getting paid to be on tv, right? Well done Mtv.

  13. I can’t stand Malorie. But I love Rachel and their mom. Here Stephanie is taking time off of work to focus on Rachel and her unborn child and all she winds up doing is babysitting Emerson so little miss Mal Pal can go out, party and hook up with dudes so she can have yet another kids that she doesn’t care for. And Rachel needs to be focused on hers and her baby’s health, she doesn’t need the stress of this.

  14. Postpartum can be one hell of a bitch to handle. I had it with both of my children. I didn’t have anyone to just hand my kids over to though, I had to buck up and handle myself, seek therapy and get my head on right.

    No one said becoming a mother was easy.

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