David Eason Speaks Out After Jenelle Evans Announces She’s Divorcing Him; Calls Her “Stupid” After It’s Reported She Wants Full Custody of Their Daughter Ensley

“You’d have to be real gosh dern dumb to leave a stud like me!”

David Eason stayed uncharacteristically quiet in the days following his wife Jenelle Evansannouncement that she’s leaving him. However, David is starting to slowly reveal his feelings on social media about Jenelle’s actions.

A few days after the former Teen Mom 2 star released a statement saying she’s started the process to divorce David and has moved herself and their kids away from him and The Land, David took to Instagram Stories to post a not-so-flattering meme that was almost certainly directed at Jenelle. (The Ashley refuses to post the meme, but if you want to see it, you can click here.) 

On Sunday, when a person commented on David’s other Instagram account that she was “so glad that Jenelle got smart!” (i.e. by leaving David), David replied that his estranged wife is “still stupid.”  

David also posted a screenshot of a TMZ story that states that Jenelle is planning on filing for full custody of their two-year-old daughter Ensley. The story, which was posted on Sunday, states that Jenelle “believes she’s the more fit parent of the two, based on David’s troubling history.”

David posted a screenshot of that story, as well as one of the TMZ story from May 2018 about the time when Jenelle pulled a gun out after a road rage incident with a stranger, while her son Jace was in the car. 

“But this is OK?” David wrote on the screenshot, obviously referring to it as an example of Jenelle’s own parenting. 


Jenelle has actually refrained from posting negatively about David on social media, a departure from her typical post-breakup behavior. The Ashley’s sources still maintain that this split is very real and is not a publicity stunt to help get Jenelle back on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Of course, given that we’re talking about Jenelle here, fans are skeptical that she’ll actually go through with the divorce, but as of right now, The Ashley’s sources are saying that she is actually done with David and is moving forward with the necessary steps to separate from him.

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  1. I commend her for leaving no one understand how hard it is to get out of an abusive relationship until you’re in it I was in one for seven years and you put up with it for awhile and then you eventually get sick and tired of it and leave but leaving is scary cause you know they are going to act out just like this David asshole is doing I feel sorry she has a kid with the pyscho cause that makes it worse my abuser and I didn’t have kids but it was still a fucking shit storm for two long ass years after I left

  2. @Eight fingers Farrah: Sweet Jesus, I am so very sorry about your Aunt! That is heartbreaking. I am so sorry for your familys loss.

  3. God , I feel ill, How disgusting, they take in the money then live like pigs! The kids always look grotty too. The poor buggers.

  4. On the one hand I want to believe Jenelle is acting mature now because it was ABOUT TIME and because she knows David could use anything she says online against her.

    But another, it’s Jenelle we are talking about. She might also be scared to say something? Who knows what kind of domestic abuse she covered for her POS husband.

    I just remembered…Lurch didn’t get circumcised. Imagine more children of him coming to the world when he finds a chick who is stupid enough to let him knock her up. Also EW!

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        I truly believe that Jenelle has changed. So instead of two weeks i give her a full month before she is gonna find a new soulmate.

    1. Wait what?, David is un-circumcised, Jelly has those extra large beef curtains. All the extra meat flying around the sex tape is going to be a puker for sure.

    1. Well it is sinking into the swamp Land. Honestly, I would leave Lurch out there too, it was really what he wanted and she just followed along per usual. From what I have read, the Land was fairly cheap, $3000 or something very low like that was all they paid for it and they bought a modular home which again is fairly cheap especially considering her income over the course of the past what 10 years with teen mom. In my honest opinion, well worth the low amount of money just to get rid of the low life. IF this is even real as many others have suggested and not just another stunt. She should really be more concerned about him coming for spousal support and child support if he receives any type of custody. Not sure about North Carolina laws in detail, but David might claim some bs about not only his “disability” but becoming accustomed to a certain lifestyle from living high off the MTV hog with Jenelle and nail her for anything he can get, especially if she is re-employed by MTV.

    2. Because it’s a swamp and sinking. It has animals feces everywhere and holes in doors and walls.
      Clayton Homes finance comp will be getting it back eventually.

      1. God , I feel ill, How disgusting, they take in the money then live like pigs! The kids always look grotty too. The poor buggers.

  5. No fan of Jenelle here, by any means. But sorry, that meme David posted about his own daughter’s mother looks FAR more like HIM than it does Jenelle, as well as epitomizes EVRYTHING that he is.

    I’m just sayin’.


  6. I don’t see Jenelle being separated from David for a whole year without issues. My guess is that no matter how real this is, he will bully and threaten her to get back with him or someone will end up dead if she don’t. Despite my feelings about Jenelle I really hope her and those kids (mostly the kids) are in a safe place and are able to remain so for a year. Even just one hookup can set the clock back or even terminate the separation.

    1. It has been mentioned previously but she can petition the court to waive the year separation if there is a history of abuse.

      1. Correct, but it’s going to be hard at this point for her to prove there was abuse tO begin with since she always swore that he was next to perfect!

        1. True. But, she could have documented, physical proof (pictures, etc), there is no statute of limitations on proof. You know, like the audio recordings Andrew released on Amber.

          1. I’m sure there is plenty of proof of hospital admissions (broken collarbone?), bruises and 911 calls. I’m sure if she wants to, she has a case.

          2. But, idk if she was admitted because of the collarbone incident or not, I know she called the cops but when they wanted to send her (via ambulance) to get checked out she refused and she drove herself. If it had been broken, she would have been in so much pain she wouldn’t been able to do that.

            With that being said, I’m sure there were other documented times of altercations.

          3. Tasha-there are statutes of limitations on many things that would REQUIRE proof. This issue will be her credibility. He certainly has a history of abuse.

          4. If that’s true, how do you explain the case against Bill Cosby?

            All his acting jobs gave him access to females and children and he showed exemplary credibility. Even his fellow castmates vouched for him.

            But he was still tried and found guilty of sexual misconduct that took place DECADES ago.

            Now, the poor man is 82 years old and will more than likely be spending the rest of his foreseeable life in prison.

          5. I’m not saying that what Cosby did was right, he admitted to his guilt.

            I’m just saying that he should have been brought to justice when it happened as opposed to waiting all this time and thinking “Oh crap, this guy did this 30 years ago, he’s 79 years old, let’s throw the book at him now.”

            What’s the point?
            Am I right?

  7. The meme was actually funny. Of course no one is going to believe Jenelle and David. For starters, they called 911 25 times last year and yet no swat team or 911 was called during this divorce. They both are as immature as 5 year olds.

    Also, they both need the MTV money so they dont have to get jobs. David has 2 failed businesses (knives and boats) and jenelle has her failed makeup business. Their house has been sinking for some time. Its ironic the timing of this “divorce” announcement….after her makeup fails and she talks to MTV in New York.

    1. Jenelle didn’t leave David after he
      1. Murdered her dog nugget
      2. Abused her son, Kaiser
      3. “Cracked her collarbone”
      4. Punched her again “emergency sinus surgery”
      5. Any of the other 911 calls
      6. Threatened her employer (mtv crew)

      I’m probably forgetting many instances where leaving David would have been more believable.

      1. That’s exactly what I said. She stood by that abusing loser and defended him through some of the most deplorable things a person could ever do, and we’re supposed to believe that she’s just now going to leave him, and conveniently when her money starts depleting…I’m not buying it one bit. And even if they do get a “divorce”, I wouldn’t put it past them to reconcile again.

      2. I’m not defending Jenelle personally, but it takes abuse victims an average of nine times to leave their spouse. My aunt was in a very abusive relationship, and stayed with her husband when he cut his own figure off and mailed it to her (when they were just dating and he thought she was talking to someone else), beat her till she miscarried, and broke her arm in four places. They had a kid together, and she still didn’t leave for the first four years of the kid’s life. She always defended him, and denied he was responsible for her injuries, so he got away with most everything (even the finger thing). In the end, it was something small and trivial that made her leave him for good (if I remember correctly, it was an argument about an unpaid parking ticket). Sadly, a year after their divorce he broke into her home and murdered her, but the point is it’s often incredibly difficult to leave extremely violent partners, and the spouse will stay with them through some disgusting things.

        I’m not saying Jenelle is innocent, I think she was probably abusive to him too, but if she really is leaving him, it’s not totally unbelievable that she’d stay with him through all of the awful things he’s done, and leave him during a quieter time. I hope for the sake of her children that the divorce actually goes ahead.

  8. So does this mean that Jennelle has walked away from the house AND the land leaving swamp man with it all, She was the one that paid for everything wasn’t she? And as much as I CAN NOT stand her, why should she uproot the kids?
    Just goes to show what a selfish piece of shit he is !.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      If true, things could get real
      Jenelle is prob in tje she/shed smoking weed.

    2. They are both selfish pieces of shit. Neither one of them care about those kids, all they care about is the MTV $. This is all blackmail to get MTV interested in them again. I don’t believe it for a second!

    3. I think the house & The Land are in his name, though it’s obvious that MTV money paid for it all.
      The kids are probably with Babs, Nathan or a nanny while she recruits a new soulmate.
      In the very unlikely event that all of this is real, of course.

  9. Sorry. Still seems to be a stunt to get her back on the mtv gravy train. We’ve all seen UBT go ballistic on social media for a helluva lot less so his muted responses seem quite staged. Sell your story Jenelle but I ain’t buyin’.

  10. It is very unusual of her to stay silent. But what if this time she actually fears for her life? Neither of her previous exes were as psycho as David. He has an arsenal of guns and I’m pretty sure he would be capable of killing her.

  11. I need to dig up my old comment from another post about Jenelle and her make-up launch date. I called this down to a “T”. -I do find it amusing how she was able to Mission Impossible it out of the house and the land without David noticing. Since they talk about all the Ring cameras they have inside and outside of their home.

  12. Usta is posting about something big happening in a couple days?!?! She’s always been correct. We shall wait and see!

  13. No fan of David… at all. But to be fair- from what I could tell she always dumped all parental responsibilities on him. She was only available for insta photo ops. She sucks. He sucks. Divorce, no divorce, teen mom, no teen mom, who cares. They both SUCK. If this was a story that they had a long happy marriage, THEN I would be truly shocked. But two astronomical dumb dumbs not working out? Who woulda thought?!! Really- who would be worse parent to that poor little girl? Giant douche or turd sandwich?

    1. All parental responsibilities have been passed off to Maryssa.

      As far as custody of Ensley, it is truly the lesser of two evils. Both perpetual shit shows, hopelessly addicted to bad decisions. When looking at all residents on The Land, Maryssa would be my first choice. Had David not deep fried that squirrel, that would have been my second choice.

  14. All for attention as to get on tv. If it’s not fake. How does this Roux person know before hand that something is going to happen? Now she says in a couple of days something will happen with them.

  15. I heard a rumor that Jenelle has been chatting with Andrew lol. Kind of makes sense as they have a little in common. I’m sure she is a freak in the sheets and he is very submissive as she enjoys. Might be a good match.

  16. whether she’s faking the divorce to be on teen mom 2 or not we have the last laugh. We always do, because she’s just that dumb. Whether they split up now or 1.5 years from now, this will be a mess jenelle will have to clean up for the rest of her life.

  17. Still not buying it. As soon as MTV wants to work with her again and she signs a contract, Jenelle and David are going to reconcile. We’re seriously supposed to believe that after her standing by that loser and defending his trash beliefs and behavior, that she’s suddenly gotten a wake up call, and is leaving the marriage. WHATEVER. I’ll believe it when the divorce is finalized.

  18. Well, if TheAshley sources are with MTV, as I suspect, of course they’re going to deny that it’s a stunt. Just saying. Not that I don’t trust TheAshley 100%, I DON’T trust MTV.

    1. I can just imagine him now “lurking” around “the land” with his booby traps 😂😂😂😂😂💣

  19. It would certainly seem both of them read and watch the commentary on their breakup, and react by putting out new information. Lots of people have been saying David has been too quiet, and that he would not be reacting to calmly, so suddenly he has more to say.

  20. David-Securitas Security in Riegelwood is hiring. You need a job stat. You don’t look like the “fittest” parent if you can’t support yourself and your children. Jenelle would most likely still need to pay you child support. Even if you split custody. If her income is substantially higher than yours- she would need to pay some support. I don’t think you can pay the bills making knives dude.

  21. I still don’t believe it. Jenelle wants custody now. David is an unfit parent. Jenelle why is David so unfit now but a few months ago he was the perfect parent? As usual Jenelle makes no sense. Jenelle only wants to keep the kids to be able to be on teen mom. If Jenelle truly loves her kids she would have let Nathan and Barbara have her children. Not so much for Nathan but for Kaiser to be raised by Nathan’s mother. Ensley will be the poster child of abuse. Ensley is already showing she is abused. The misshapen head, speech problems, and no discipline. I can only imagine what will happen when she starts dating. The system will unfortunately let her stay with the parents. Maryssa has age on her side. Maryssa In the not so far future can say she doesn’t want to see her father. Have will be made to go to see Jenelle. Barbara is only in it for herself and money. Kaiser will be made to see Jenelle. Nathan is also selfish. Ensley unfortunately has the worst parents. Jenelle and David will turn Ensley into a very immature, spoiled, and entitled child.

    1. Can Ensley even speak? She always looks a bit bewildered. I am not trying to be mean but most 2 year olds are little chatterboxes. Just sayin

    2. How does a misshapen head prove abuse? Since the ‘back to sleep’ campaign in the early 90’s, which encouraged moms to put babies to sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS deaths, there’s been a large increase in flat spots on baby’s heads. My 8 month old has a slight one on the one side, but it’s not bad enough to need treatment. Of course, Jenelle and David probably just kept her in her crib or in a car seat all the time and didn’t do any tummy time with her.

  22. This whole mess is going to get really ugly really fast. I predict lots of damning photos and video clips coming soon to Twitter…they will try to destroy each other rather than let the other one get their way. What these idiots don’t realize is that a court/judge doesn’t have to choose between two completely dysfunctional, and most likely dangerous, parents at all! If neither of them are found to be fit parents, then the children will be taken from them.

    Also,I hope someone remembers to feed all the animals. 😔

    1. It totally is… I can’t believe he used a meme made from one of her actual “I’m a whore” photo shoots with an earlier soulmate…. priceless…when trash comes full circle 😂😂😂

    2. It’s from “DirtyHumorr” Instagram and even has the watermark (@dirtyhumorr).
      I’d post the screen shot but can’t post photos on here

      It would have been a heck of a lot funnier if it was!! [but it’s unfortunately not]

  23. Is Marissa still with David?Or did she stay with her grandmother? I’ve been wondering since the news broke but no-one seems to have mentioned her at all.

  24. I hope she did wise up, BUT it’s still very unlikely he would just accept it without much of a fight. I just don’t believe they’re broken up.
    I don’t watch Teen mom OG or 2 as they have all become insufferable with perpetual vacations and whining about anxiety attacks. Enjoy the really world ladies, it’s been long overdue.

        1. I have a pretty crude sense of humor. I can laugh at most things, but that’s f’n disgusting. I don’t really even have the words. Not shocking though.

  25. I’m still not 100% buying it. Until the divorce is finalized, I think this is a hail mary to get back on TM2 and get an income. He’s done so many awful things in the past, and she’s defended him and stayed by his side…and we’re supposed to believe she just now grew a brain and left him? As soon as she gets back on TM2, she’s going to call off the divorce and “reconcile” with that loser.

    1. I’m sure there will be stipulations in the contract that filming will end if she reconciles with David. Probably also hefty fines. MTV lawyers will dot every I in this case. It will be a very tight contract with consequences if she tries to bamboozle them.

      1. I agree but fear that she would use the law on that one as it’s highly illegal to fire, or even not hire, someone for their personal life choices.

        I have to assume MTV Legal would cover that, but REALLY hope they are smart enough just to avoid it (her) all together

        She’s not going to bring in viewers! If anything they will LOSE viewers AND SPONSORS / ADVERTISERS!! (Let’s remember, they put big $ into other shows as well)
        She’s not worth losing all those over!

        1. That doesn’t really apply here where it’s not a direct employer/employee relationship but a contractor. All of the TM castmembers are independent contractors and can have the contracts cancelled at the end of their term without recourse, for any reason. Since they are filming her personal life and are in her home, it’s reasonable to have some stipulations for personal choices and behavior.

          And we also know that the moms are paid per appearance on the show. MTV could simply stop filming her at any time without “firing her” or cancelling the contract, exactly what they’ve done.

  26. ‘More fit parent’…..a cat would be a better parent than either of these two.
    I still don’t buy this split…..she might go as far as divorce but his hand is firmly up her ass pulling the strings.

    They’re both scared of working and have no marketable skills, both are incredibly unlikeable and PR poison for any business that touches them so….desperate times, desperate measures – anything to get a fat MTV paycheck.

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