MTV Execs “Furious” After ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Pulls A Gun During Road Rage Incident (Exclusive Details!)

“Tori? Get over here…and bring your drumsticks!”

Yesterday, Radar Online broke the news that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was involved in a car accident on April 26 that led to Jenelle pulling a gun on the other driver while one of her sons sat in the passenger seat of her car.

The Ashley has some new information to add about this terrifying incident.

As Radar reported, a driver claimed Jenelle “hit his truck, ran over his mailbox and pulled a gun on him.” He also stated that Jenelle followed him onto his property after he tried to pass her car on the road. (Jenelle claimed in a 911 call made after the incident that the other driver “purposely slammed on the brakes” to hit her.) A deputy confirmed in the police report that “Suspect [Jenelle] hit two vehicles in the yard and then she pulled a 10-84/G [suspect has a gun].”

A behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley that Jenelle did pull out a gun from her car… and MTV was there to capture the moment!

“The whole thing was definitely filmed,” the source tells The Ashley. “It was all filmed on GoPro cameras. There was a full crew was there.”

Jenelle told a 911 operator that, “[The other driver] is trying his hardest for me not to behind him anymore. He is literally going crazy, swerving in and out of lanes.” (She failed to mention that she pulled a gun out while discussing the incident with the 911 operator.)

The source also gave The Ashley more info on what happened.

“It was Jace in the car with Jenelle,” the source said. “They were going to get ice cream after Jace’s therapy session and this happened. She flew into a rage.”

The source told The Ashley that the MTV execs are “furious” over what happened.

“The higher-ups–and not the show higher-ups but the network execs– have the footage and are figuring out what to do with it,” the source said. “They’re extremely upset by what they’re seeing.”

This incident comes just a few months after Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, was fired from the show after going on a homophobic Twitter rant, and about six months after David pulled a knife out at the last ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping. As The Ashley previously told you, the show’s producers made the decision to show viewers the knife-pulling incident, and it will be featured in the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“This latest gun-pulling incident has a lot of people– cast and crew– freaked out since the reunion is coming up in a few weeks,” the source tells The Ashley. “Because of David pulling a knife, everyone now has to go through metal detectors before entering the soundstage, but there’s still a concern that Jenelle could bring a weapon to set.”

To top things off, Jenelle and David have been engaged in a social media fight with Jenelle’s co-stars Kail Lowry and Leah Messer for the last few weeks.

“A lot of the cast and crew are feeling angry at the show’s producers for allowing it to get to this point,” another source told The Ashley. “They wanted the drama, and now it’s too big for them to handle.”

Stay tuned! The Ashley will update this story when more info becomes available.

Click here to read the police report from the road rage incident, which revealed that yet another child was in the car with Jenelle and Jace during the incident.

UPDATE! The Ashley has learned that the film crew did not leave North Carolina after the incident, as The Ashley previously reported. The Ashley apologizes for the error!

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. How can that psycho skank legally have a gun when she has been arrested 20 or 30 times that we know about?? Criminals are not suppose to have the right to have a firearm..

  2. Im just waiting for news thats shes fired. So david said that she was being kidnapped. But it also states in the police report when cops asked jenelle why she followed the guy she said because her husband told her to. So which one is it. I honestly hate these 2. Fucking scum of the earth. I have a feeling this is it for them tho. Then will be the countdown to the inevitable murder suicide. Can someone please save these kids

  3. Iam waiting to hear about Jenelle being fired. I guess she’s gotten by again with no punishment. WTH? Farrah got fired for doing porn. David got fired for tweeting. Jenelle pulls a gun. I just don’t understand. In the end I guess they let the news out for ratings. AKA-MONEY!!!

  4. With an executive producer so focused on gun control and the direction of our nation, it seems conflicting to keep a mother who has on numerous camera documented occasions endangered her children and is now brandishing a gun at strangers in front of them. But hey, they never actually cared. These girls are just dollar signs to them. Poor Jace.

  5. This is the kind of shit why Barbara won’t give Jace back focus Juh-nelle yet swears her and David are the victims smh. MTV FIRE HER ALREADY

  6. Interesting…. half these comments have only 1 downvote. And they’re the comments that make the most sense… Jenelle? David? That you?

  7. What about Jace in the car with all this going down? Jesus god Jenelle is calming he tried to kidnap her. How do you kidnap when she chased him?

  8. Let Mtv and Viacom know we want her gone.

    Viacom, Inc.
    Mtv Networks
    Branch Office
    2600 Colorado Ave.
    Santa Monica, CA 90404

    212-285-6100 fax #
    212-258-6000 Landline #

    New York Address:

    Viacom, Inc.
    1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036

    Have my letter ready, going to mail it after work today.

    1. They better fire her! She threatened someone’s LIFE with an actual gun! That’s actually worse than her husband’s homophobic rant, if they don’t fire her, that will be so sick.

    2. Any truth in this the Ashley ???

      Viacom Accused of Covering Up Alleged Brad Grey Rape in $100M Lawsuit

  9. David is claiming the victim of Jenelle’s psychotic, drug-induced behavior was trying to kidnap her ?

    Weird she didn’t mention that in the 911 call…good thing it was caught on camera!

    1. This is why crazy shit still happens! Everyone ignores all the red flags up until people are killed & then all of a sudden everyone gets involved, when it’s all too late. Let me guess MTV is going to put a viewers disclaimer play an intense song & show Chenelle pull out a loaded gun with the kids scarred as hell in the car?

  10. I hope Barbara’s lawyer is filing a request to end Jenelle’s visitation with Jace. That poor child has witnessed FAR too much violence and threats of violence. He just came from THERAPY and had to see this?? Jenelle will scream and rant if Jace is taken away, but if she really loved him she would realize it is best for him to stay in a loving, quiet home with Barbara who has always cared for him and loves him dearly.

  11. Mtv it is time to fire that dummy. And, Jennell & meathead y’all need to go to the vet & get spayed & neutered

  12. Jesus Christ on a Cracker!!!

    I hope she uses that gun to become a statistic…and you all know which one I’m talking about

  13. She was overdue for another encounter with law enforcement- too much time had elapsed. Hopefully they throw the book at her, but as usually she’ll probably get away with it thanks to super lawyer Dustin. I hope the homeowner at least successfully sues the pants off her and Lurch.

  14. Felons aren’t allowed to have guns. That alone is enough to arrest her, let alone everything else.

    1. She’s been arrested for felonies – but never charged for them… and here we are!

  15. I didn’t read through all these comments, but I remember in an older article, unsure if it was here or another site, someone said something like “oh god jenelle has guns now? First road rage incident she gets into she will pull it out.” Boy that commenter is probably tripping right now!

  16. Are things really so different in North Carolina that this behaviour gets a police report and a “have a nice day”? Is shit like that normal there? Because where I live, A road rage incident that leads to property damage and a weapon being waved around would have gotten her arrested immediately, with a long list of charges against her.

    NC is clearly a place for my “never, ever visit” list.

    1. Actually, that is not the way things are in NC for us common folk. For those of us without the protection of MTV and their money and lawyers, we’d face at least 3 felony charges for that god-awful behavior and we would deserve it too. Not all of us here are of the same cloth as those two goons.

    2. Please don’t base your opinion of NC on Janelle! We actually live in a great state…it’s a shame that she happens to be here also

      1. Consider writing your Governor then, letting him know that Law Enforcement’s lax treatment toward armed crazies with wide media reach is detrimental to the state’s image. It runs counter to the goals of making Charlotte a desirable hub for major technology firms.

        Maybe if he steps in, her local LEO will actually hold Jenelle accountable for her shit.

  17. Oh wow they are SO furious, why?
    They wont do anything, she will continue to spiral & they will continue to do NOTHING.
    I would have more respect if they said they didn’t care what she did, instead of I’m so mad & doing nothing

    1. Evidently, they were supposed to film on Sunday, but she brought David with her so they told her no, and she threw a big b**** fit and took off. MTV, please fire Jenelle, and keep Barbara.

  18. Well Jenelle..
    When the courts revoke any of your visitation time with Jace or only allow supporvised visits after this stint, make sure you place the blame on Barb because everyone knows that you and your dumb oaf of a husband will!
    You can hear it now “if Barbara gave Jenelle Jace back, he wouldn’t have to go to therapy and then Jenelle wouldn’t have to pick him up and get road rage, so it’s Barbara’s fault!”.

    And let’s all remember Jenelle’s wise advice to Barbara.. act SANE, don’t act INSANE.

  19. Jenelle was always crazy but being married to Mr. Dickhead made her even crazier. He prob thinks this behavior is normal and even supports it.

    Poor Jace. Hope Babs doesn’t let him visit…… ever again.

  20. I find it so unbelievable that someone could be so ignorant to sabotage themselves so severely. Yet here we are. The only consequences Duhnelle has ever faced is not getting Jade back. She really doesn’t think at all about what she’s going to do when, not if, but when this is all over. She’s actually hastening her exit. Dummy

  21. I hope her children get taken some place safe so they can have a small chance of living a decent life.

  22. I bet the other girls will have a lot to say about this and Papa Randy will too maybe this will finally be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  23. can we also talk about cait and tyler? did no one else notice last night something was up with them. she looked pissed he woudn’t look at her and he sounded like he was high as a kite

  24. HOW was she not arrested and taken to jail? She chased a guy, hit 2 cars on his property and threatened him with a gun and nothing happens to her?? All while her 9 year old child was sitting in the front seat watching the whole thing? And I’m sure that gun was within his reach. I hope Barbara goes back to court to ask for any visitation to be taken away until Jenelle gets a job and completes anger management classes, and then she should only get supervised visitation.

    1. Contrast that to what happened to Desmond Morrow in Georgia when he threatened somebody with a gun. And when I say “threatened somebody with a gun”, I mean “didn’t threaten anybody, just had a gun on him”. Also, when I say “just had a gun on him”, I mean “Some rando thought he had a gun on him, even though he actually didn’t.”

  25. This has probably already been mentioned (don’t feel like scrolling through comments) but today Jenelle posted a photo to her IG story wearing a Don’t Tread On Me hat. How fitting -eye roll-

  26. So if Jase was in the front seat, I imagine that gun wouldn’t have been too far from his reach.. she is vile and MTV need to get rid of her ass. Husband pulling knives, wifey pulling out a gun.. What a lovely couple

  27. It’s good to see that she’s still trying her hardest to stay out of trouble and get Jace back.

  28. She does this all on the way home from jaces THERAPY appointment. Therapy he has to go to because she is such a disaster! She gets into an accident that is her fault because she’s the one who hit the other car, with Jace in the passenger seat—the front seat? My child is eleven, and he’s not allowed to sit in the front seat yet due to height/weight/age as per his pediatrician and the guidelines where I live. You know her car has a thousand airbags and could injure a child sitting in the front seat. Also, why is Barbara letting Jace go to her house anymore now that she and David have all these guns!? Does she have a permit to carry it around in her car? Felons and people with domestic violence charges arent supposed to have guns in the home anyways (David)! And David and Jenelle are exactly the wrong type of people to be carrying guns around bc they fly into a rage so quickly, have histories of violence, are vindictive, evil, and trigger happy. There is SO MUCH WRONG going on here.

  29. Let’s be Real. Jenelle is an entitled little brat, emotionally stunted at a (immature) 15 yr old level. MTV, The Authorities, the system have given her a pass for far too long and her behavior is a result. No different then not teaching a child boundaries and word no, and consequences.
    Seriously, this is pretty scary. To think she thought it was perfectly fine to chase someone down and pull a gun.(cameras Rolling) Not thinking of her child or her well being. She has some serious issues. She Needs to be Fired and FORCED into therapy.

  30. MTV needs to go ahead and get rid of her….there are plenty of hot messes from her era of 16 & pregnant that they can use as her replacement. I hear Nikkole’s situation is pretty dramatic.

    1. At least if they used one of the original 16 & pregnant girls from the 1st n 2nd seasons, that had to make it on their own without MTV money, we would have a real picture of how being a teenage parent can effect your life.

  31. So I have always been hoping that Jenelle would clean up her act. I now see that it will never happen. I think deep deep down that she is a good person. She needs a lot of help and so does David. I really hope that someone intervenes and takes those kids away from Jenelle and David (preferably family members but then again people outside of the family may be better for the kids). To pull a gun out on someone while your son is the car, that is a new low Jenelle. I believe this really proves that Jenelle is back on some hardcore drugs or is having some sort of break down. Like who in the world gets that mad?

    Jenelle actually needs to be disciplined for her actions for once. She always gets away with whatever she does, and that needs to stop. She needs to sit in jail, she needs therapy, she needs to get away from David, and she needs all of her children taken away until she can care for them better. I am a person that hates to see children be taken away from their family. But in some cases that is the best decision for the child. I

  32. I was driving through NC on I-95 back in March, when a huge truck flew up behind me out of nowhere. It whipped around us and the license plate was JEVANS1. I tried to see who was driving, but they were going about 100mph and aggressively weaving through the traffic, so there was no safe way to catch up with them. This was about 9am on a Saturday morning and one of these crazies was out raging and jeopardizing the safety of the general public. What is wrong with these people??

  33. Jenelle is such an asshole, and IMO has TOTALLY crossed the line. The fact this dummy has the audacity to pull a gun on a stranger in front of her child, there is no doubt in my mind that she would use the gun on anyone or anything. It’s like anytime one cast member is in the news for bad stuff and is taking attention away from Jenelle and David (right now it’s Rhine n Snakekenzie), they always have to one up them and do something deplorable. Some SERIOUS action from MTV needs to be taken. This is unacceptable. Babs needs to take her back to court and strip away any unsupervised visitation Jenelle has with Jace, because she CLEARLY does not care about Jace’s well being!

  34. I was shocked CPS didn’t take their daughter when the poor baby tested positive for marijuana at birth. Then she tells on herself when she states to the 911 operator, her son almost hit his head on the dash. There’s no reason Jace should’ve been in the front seat! Those airbags could seriously hurt him. She also said her phone went flying due to the incident, yet her gun was readily available? That means if she could access it quickly, so could Jace or the other child in the car! SMH, I don’t understand what it’s going to take before there are consequences to her actions.

    1. All 3 kids tested positive at birth apparently!!!
      Jace, kaiser and ensley!!!

  35. WTF do you need to bring a gun to a therapy appointment and an ice cream shop, you psychopath.
    Those poor kids.
    CPS where she lives is worthless!

  36. You got to hit MTV where it hurts — the advertisers have pull their ads/$$$.
    Everyone needs to send their concern to the advertisers imploring them to pull their ads from this train wreck.

    1. time to stop watching its the only way they will remove people like her. seriously they fired farrah for working in the adult field and keeps this? I’d take Farrah over Janelle and Cracked up Tyler and Caot

      1. She was also fired for the way she behaved towards the crew filming her as well.

  37. I keep thinking of that poor kid in the car with her. Jesus H. Not only does he have to live with all this crazy behavior, it’s taped and uploaded to internet to live and follow him around forever.

  38. Im scared this will get as far as to wait for a kid to die (from a violent rage or negligence) to actually stop this show. This show must stop now. All the show, i just cant think of the kids being older and watch all the footage, and how will that impact in their lives

  39. How did Amber get in so much trouble just for slapping Gary around a little bit yet Jenelle has done abusive, violent, illegal things on camera multiple times and gets in zero trouble? CPS needs to take those damn kids. Jenelle and Lurch are not fit to be parents.

  40. Who cares if the network or whom ever is furiou! What about Jace! Is he ok! Shouldn’t that be everyone’s concern?! This woman should not be allowed to be around thesee children!

    1. If janelle weren’t on TV, she would have been in jail multiple times. Its MTV that’s given her the slide, not her whiteness. White people don’t even like people like Janelle, we don’t want to claim her kind as one of ours. Good thing she’s 1\100000000 part every race, nobody’s ancestors have to take full responsibility for her breed.


  42. So MTV was there & they filmed it
    I wonder if it will make it on the show or will she cry victim & force MTV to leave it out. Like MTV was forced to change the Kaiser “Feed Me” (because of his speech problem he didnt mean feed me…really? Maybe she is right maybe he said Weed Me because he wanted more of Jenelles stash)

  43. Wtf?! This isn’t funny anymore. Someone needs to get the kids away from Jenelle and her psycho soulmate.

  44. I find it funny that Amber gets legal action thrown at her for things filmed on MTV but Jenelle doing similar things with added drug and child abuse, and now an actual weapon pulled in somebody and nothing has been done yet. I feel like she’s one of those moms who has kids to get props for being a mom even though they are terrible at it. It’s the title not the job. They need to end this crap now!

  45. What will it take for MTV to say “enough is enough” with Jenelle??? Does she have to kill someone? MTV is beyond irresponsible for keeping this train wreck on television. And they’re enabling her horrific behavior by paying her so much. This is allll wrong. Jenelle was never meant to have this much money…trash with cash is a very dangerous combo.

    1. At the very least I doubt she has a carry permit, if you dont the hand should be out of reach, not loaded, ammo has to be stored in a separate area and should only be in the car to transport (going to the range, hunting) not driving around running errands

    2. Jenelle isn’t a felon. Remember she was freaking out after she threw that glass at Nathan’s girlfriend because it would be a felony. She’s been allowed to scrape by without one . If I am babs I’d be taking her back to court. Pulling a gun on someone you hit with your vehicle and then chasing them down while jase is in the car ?

  46. Sorry if I’m missing something here, but was she not arrested???
    Is it legal to drive recklessly, trespass, and PULL A GUN on someone?!
    Take those sweet babies out of this mess immediately! Poor Jace needed to turn right around and head back to therapy.

    1. Of course it is illegal.
      Even if she has a carry permit it is illegal to pull your gun out on people unless your life is in danger. One can argue that if she was in danger why would she follow him to his house with 2 kids in the car.

    2. There is currently a black woman about to give birth in jail right now bc she pulled a legal, unloaded gun on a woman who was using her car to hit things in the black woman’s driveway. The woman with the gun had a young child in her car in the driveway and was standing in the driveway with her elderly mother. The other woman was ramming her car on purpose out of anger into the car with the young child in it and acting like she was going to drive into the woman and her mother. So the woman pulled her gun and pointed it at the car, all the while telling the lady in the car to get off her property, she feared for her life. She was arrested and in jail right now about to give birth.

      Jenelle who caused this accident, then got raged and trespassed onto the guy’s property to follow him and point her (probably loaded) gun that she doesn’t have a permit to carry outside of the home at him, and scream at him and threaten him, all while endangering her child by letting him ride in the front seat, and scarring him for life even more so than he already is, is of course not arrested and totally fine. I hate this country’s legal system sometimes.

  47. After all the people getting shot and killed in the states and Janelle still doesn’t get the point. Good thing I live in Canada where gun control IS controlled!!

  48. She will be fired and doing porn before next Christmas. I’ll start taking bets on it.

  49. My thoughts…

    A: she’s on drugs (was she ever off?)

    B: glad it was filmed, it’s time for MTV to cut the ties

    C: hope this helps Barb get more custody

    D: PLEASE let Doris save poor bun-bun

    1. Now that I’m thinking about it, what hope does Ensleg have? I can’t see Barb taking another kid, and it doesn’t sound like David’s parents are winners either.

      1. Yep – Ensley and Maryssa are the losers here since there likely isn’t a stable relative available to take in either one of them.

    2. Have you checked out her instagram? Her lastest picture is David and three boys (Jace, Kaiser and I am guessing David’s son) posed on the bank of a bayou/river under an overpass.

      It’s such staged crap. All of then are barefoot, which something you definitely don’t want to be at a public fishing spot under an overpass.

      None of them have hats or sunglasses on, EXCEPT DAVID. Like seriously?!?

      Sorry I had to rant about that photo. I hope she put sunscreen on them. Though I doubt it otherwise she would have plugged it on an instagram post.

      It reminds me that Save The Date shoot that seems so “perfect” on Instagram but in reality Kaiser was screaming he was hungry and David was being rough with him.

      1. And why is Kaden even in those pictures?! I’m surprised his mother hasn’t taken a stand on that, although it might be because she doesn’t have the $$ to fight Lurch who does have the money thanks to MTV.

        Maybe this incident will overturn David’s weekend custody of Kaden. Seriously, is there a GoFundMe for Kaden’s mom and Doris’s legal expenses to fight these trashy dangerous losers with money. Nathan was only half right – not only is Jenelle trash who hit the lottery, so is David.

  50. Not just have but all of her children need to be removed. Especially Kaiser. Yes poor jace but she has 2 more children that everyone forgets

  51. Another mentally ill person allowed t have a gun. smdh. And in the car where either one of the kids could have gotten it.

  52. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people skate so close to a federal firearms prohibition without going over the line: felony charges, illegal drug use, domestic violence, a stint or two at mental health facilities… about the only boxes they don’t check off are being illegal immigrants or being dishonorably discharged from the army.

  53. This is insanity! I lived in Charlotte NC and I applied for a gun license and was denied because I had shop lifted 3 years prior in another state. Someone please tell me how and why these idiots can own guns? As far as I know the law is if you have any type of domestic violence incidents at all you can NEVER own a gun! Child services in that county clearly aren’t doing their job! There’s no reason these 2 should ever own a gun or have one. I think we all need to call and email CS in Brunswick North Carolina before something worse happens.

  54. This is an unpopular opinion, but I think her still being on MTV holds her to some sort of accountability. We can all see the crazy, the abuse the children go through and she can’t hide from it. At some point someone will see it and step up for those kids and they will have footage for proof. MTV should cut her pay significantly and continue to film. MTV is her only job so she’ll have no choice but to continue. I agree that she shouldn’t get a platform or money, or rewarded for her behavior.. but I worry about the kids; when the camera’s are turned off what’s going to happen to them?!

  55. If I were Barb, I would have visitation of Jace revoked and get a PFA for both her and Jace on Jenelle and David so that they would not be allowed near her, her home, or Jace. They’ve straight up ambushed Barb in public, harassing her and filming her. If I were Barb, I would be taking whatever legal means necessary to prevent them from getting anywhere near her or Jace. Jenelle is completely unhinged and dangerous.

    1. I can so see Jenelle pulling a gun on Barb in one of their fights and not hesitate for a second to pull the trigger, even if it is in front of Jace. I still wonder she was on the phone fighting with David or Barb & took her anger out on the victim. I really want to see a pic of her vehicle to see how much damage was done.

  56. At this point mtv is approving of and promoting child abuse. I hope this is the nail in the dumpster that is jenelles life. The only reason they are furious is not because of the danger she put her child in but that there biggest money maker is about to be no more because of this incident. Greedy people with no morals.

  57. So does this mean they are filming for yet another season? They’ve already wrapped up filming for the current season if its airing this month… when will it end, these girls are not role models for teen girls!

  58. Okay…I am always one to give the benefit of the doubt, but this is just getting ridiculous. It’s past the point where you can even play devil’s advocate, REGARDLESS of who instigated the initial event. At some point Jenelle CLEARLY decided to follow this man onto his property and point a GUN at him, with her two small children in the vehicle. I don’t care who tailgated who, or who was to blame for the event leading up to Jenelle’s “road rage”. The fact is that she made a choice to escalate the issue by following this man in his property. Pulled a gun with her kids in the vehicle and ran over his mailbox. I’m sure she will try to tell some sob story about how it was all his fault, but sorry, it stopped mattering the moment you drive your small children onto his property and pulled a gun on him.

    1. He would have been legally allowed to pull a gun on her in this situation. She rammed TWO of his cars, so that’s more than just the initial accident, she followed him to his property, she ran over his mailbox, using her car as a weapon, and she pulled a gun on him on his property. That’s certainly enough evidence for him to claim he feared for his life. He could’ve shot at her and hit her or the kids on accident. She is an idiot putting them in so much danger!

  59. I would love to see her take on what happened because looking at the police report it appears that she committed about 4 felonies in a matter of 10 minutes. I am very surprised that with the amount of officers that responded to the scene and the fact that a SGT was called in also that she was not arrested right then and there. I think they are going to hand the case to the DA office and I would bet my life that she is charged with at least a couple of misdemeanors for the property damage. They should be able to charge her with endangering the welfare of a child if MTV hands over the footage. She could also be charged with trespassing on private property, harassment, and depending what she said when she pulled a gun a terroistic threat. Her lawyers must love her. I hate to say it, but she is such a train wreck I really hope they continue to film her. I would also guess Bab’s is going back to court for a reduction in janelles visitation time with Jace and she might even be able to get supervised visitation depending on the outcome of this incident. Once white trash always white trash

    1. well at this point she has to safe face and her job so she will do as she always does. Cue the divorce in 3 2 1 to be followed up with he controlled her, he beat her, he made her do everything and mtv cannot fire her as she needs to support herself and the kids. then she will be laughing all the way to bank as she cashes mtvs checks. Hope she was smart and got a pre nup

  60. At what point does mtv say to her get help or we are washing our hands of you my heart breaks for jace who has seen so much drama in his lifetime he doesn’t need this on top of everything l where is CPS all of those kids deserve so much better

    1. Jenelle always slips by. She did assault Jessica and got away with it too. I’m no fan of Jessica, but it was clearly a crime. She better get in trouble for this incident!! I hope Nathan finally gets it together to save kaiser and babs takes jace away for good.

  61. Jenelle, may God have mercy on your soul for putting your children in mortal danger about 15 different ways on this day alone! They could have been killed in a car crash. They could have been shot to death in a fire fight that you instigated. Someone take these poor kids away from you. They deserve to live. They deserve parents who love them and care for them.

  62. That’s some blatant white privilege showing. Had this been a black man, he would have been shot before the gun was even fully unholstered. Gross.

  63. Dang Jenelle I thought you were doing so good on the land. It’s a shame you didn’t shoot David.

  64. Now if I were Kail, Chelsea and Leah I would refuse to make an appearance at the reunion due to safety concerns, and would rather be fined by the network than risk something. Those other 3 need to take a stand. They cant film a reunion when 3 of the 4 are missing.

    1. No way would I go if I were any of the other girls, especially with such a high chance that there will be violence. Jenelle and her husband have made threats and aggressive comments about the girls and their children. He’s freaking pulled out a knife at the last reunion. And now this?

      I would even be afraid if they fired Jenelle or banned her/her husband from going. It hasn’t stopped crazy shooters in the past. MTV should be ashamed for enabling this crazy hot mess and endangering innocent children. God forbid if one of the kids or a crew member hurt/caught in an “accidental” misfire.

      And of course, the first thing I would be concerned with if my children were in the car after a crash is chancing the guy with a gun instead of calling an ambulance/comforting my babies. What a wonderful mother she is. Barb and Jace’s grandmother need copies of that footage ASAP to keep those kids away from her and her psycho husband.

  65. “THIS” as his mother.

    It’s why poor Jace needs therapy TO BEGIN WITH.

    No doubt, firing Jenelle from MTV is one thing. But for me, keeping her and her husband’s methed up, gun and knife toting, crazy asses AWAY from Jace, Kaiser, and all the other poor kids involved in this mess through NO fault of their own is quite another.

    And it should be looked into immediately — if not sooner.

    Barbara. Doris. Please take note of this.


  66. You know how your partner is suppose to bring the best out of you and vise versa… David and Jenelle bring out the worst in each other. So full of hatred.

  67. Why is it Janelle morphs into every boyfriend/fiance/husband/soulmate she is with. I understand picking up same hobbies but she has absolutely no identity of her own. This is why she can’t be without a man, she has no idea who she is. To think she is raising so many children who don’t have a chance. How ironic is it this happened after Jace’s THERAPY! My heart hurts for her and UBT children.

  68. WOWWWW!!!
    Jenelle is a lunatic!!!!
    How fucking dumb can she possibly get??
    Fire her, she in no way sets a fine example for ANYONE, not even her own kids.

  69. An ice cream trip after Jace’s therapy turns into road rage hit and run with a gun pulled out.

    Jenelle belongs in Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

  70. Can Barb request supervised visits? Kaiser’s grandma needs to file for Kaiser too. This is insane. Love all her mommy and me photos on instagram…such a doting mom. LOL!she better be pu dished for this. I’m seeing her as the story used for criminal minds or law and order.

  71. How far does she have to go til she faces real consequences? We’ve been watching her spiral for 10+ years now. She pulled a gun!!!! She followed someone into their property hit their vehicles and then pulled a gun!! With her child in the car. Her story makes no sense she says the guy was in front of her driving erratically but she followed him instead of pulling over and putting distance between them or just turning off to find a different route?! I just can’t even imagine how Jace felt at that point. I hope she gets her visitation taken away permanentally. How going for ice cream turns into a gun fight I don’t know!

    I wonder how many guns they have and how they are stored obviously not in a safe or lock box.

    MTV is sick throwing more and more money at jenelle for over a decade. It’s over. Let the show and her paychecks cease and desist.

  72. Wow she is out of control, was she arrested at some point? if not, WHY? they ahould have done a drug test in jail right? who was the other kid does anyone know? well she just handed custody of kaiser over to Doris and i imagine if she wants to see Jace it will have to be supervised visits at Babs house from now on. Jenelle you are your own worse enemy. i am surprised Ensley is still in the home, CPS needs to continue monotoring these bozo’s.

  73. Any and ALL advertisers for the MTV franchise need to inundated from all the fans stating how inappropriate this behavior is and a full on boycott.

  74. The dude was trying to get away from her – that’s why he’s driving erratically, how does she not connect those dots? Not to mention you don’t put your 8-9 year old in the front damn seat! Driving around with a gun in the car… probably in the glove box right in front of him… She is soooo far gone under Lurch’s spell combined with a meth-induced delusional haze – for the love of god fire this train wreck!!

  75. I can kinda see Jenelle’s logic. She got away with literally everything so far. Drug possession, 3 kids born with drug in their system, a felony charge, CPS, etc. She now obviously thinks she’s above the law and can do whatever she wants. Sadly… I hope, for both her and the kids’ sake, she lands in jail very soon.

    1. Jenelle has the midas touch. How the hell has she gotten away with EVERYTHING???

    2. This is going to sound funny but hopefully you guys will get it how I meant it lol.

      I’m actually a little worried about what would happen if she went to jail for a bit. She’s definitely not a prize but with her gone all the kids are alone with David. I doubt she could/would prevent much of his craziness but you know hes still faking in front of her…with her gone Lord knows how much crazy would leak out.

      Maybe she could shoot David and then go to jail….everyone wins!

      (Honestly David gives off the creeper vibes…the kind where I won’t be shocked if he murders her and everyone in the house one day. Her shooting him might end up being the happy ending :/ )

  76. For fucks sake MTV,enough is enough !!!! Do you need the ratings that bad? Get rid of this lunatic. You’re starting to look as bad as she is.

  77. Meh, typical Jenelle.
    Stable, considerate, mature, not impulsive, ideal mother, role model, deserving of all her opportunities.

    1. She can’t regain custody. The courts ruled this year that Barb gets PERMANENT custody of Jace.

        1. Love your name
          I have a theory
          That Kaiser has been digging a tunnel to get off “The Land” (shawshank redemption style)
          I hope he doesn’t leave his sister behind

  78. I won’t be holding my breath, but hopefully the execs FINALLY decide to do something about this dumpster fire of a person. Jace was in the front seat of the car, which is totally unsafe. He looks small for his age and is definitely too smal to be out of a booster seat, let alone in the front seat. This poor little boy is already in therapy and his “mom” drives like a lunatic AND pulls out a gun? And of course she spends the rest of the weekend posting “happy family” pics and making Jace pose for pictures after nearly getting him killed. God, she is the worst.

  79. I know none of Jenelle’s true loves have been great, but this one seems to be a particularly bad influence – just in a less obvious (and perhaps more damaging) way.

  80. Cut your losses mtv and fire her. Yes drama makes great tv. But this is just heartbreaking and its been very hard to watch and i find myself skipping her segments. I have a kid and it really hurts my heart to see what these kids have to live through on a daily basis. Im sure its much worse in real life. Its time for her to go after this season. Or i wont be watching at all

    1. And fuck you mtv for rewarding this pos and watching those kids suffer and do nothing about it. All mtv sees is $$$$$$$$$ disgusting

  81. This bit#h has completely lost her mind… All her children need to be taken away. Babs should take her visitation away with Jace immediately.

  82. God I hope they fire her for this. There’s NO excuse for this, let alone anything she’s ever done. She’s a complete and total piece of shit and she needs to go.

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