‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Ryan Edwards Reportedly Sentenced For Latest Arrest

“So I ain’t gotta go to jail? I’m happier than Maci at a Bud Light convention, y’all!”

The law once again went easy on Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards.

The reality TV dad was reportedly sentenced on Tuesday in relation to his March arrest for breaking his probation. According to Radar Online, Ryan will do no jail time for his crime.

“Ryan got six months [of] probation and five public work days,” Radar‘s source stated. “He has [to take] random drug tests in between.”

The site also posted photos of Ryan arriving at the Red Bank City Court in Tennessee. His pregnant wife, Mackenzie, was nowhere in sight.

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan was arrested on March 28 after breaking probation. The probation stems from a March 2017 run-in with police, when Ryan was cited after cops found a backpack full of drug paraphernalia and a heroin-loaded needle in his car. (As The Ashley told you, no mugshot exists from that incident because Ryan was only cited and not hauled into jail. Click here for more info on that arrest.)

For the 2017 incident, Ryan was cited for “simple possession of heroin and paraphernalia” and for having an expired registration on his car. He pleaded guilty to the possession of heroin charge and received an 11 month, 29 day jail sentence. (The court suspended it after Ryan paid a $750 fine and agreed to take drug tests for six months.) The possession of paraphernalia and expired registration charges were dropped, according to Radar Online.

Ryan and his wife Mackenzie have been absent on social media for the last few months. They did recently resurface on Facebook, though, after they purchased a brand-new pricey truck at a Tennessee car dealership.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. He was found with heroin in a needle, ready to shoot, expired tags, drug paraphernalia and isn’t even booked. Most charges dropped. Parents bought him house, now new truck. Just exactly how is Ryan to learn independence at age 30 with parents who do nothing but enable him?

  2. Snark and salty comments aside: this is a man that needs help – REAL HELP – not bullshit.

    He’s surrounded by weak chuckleheads that won’t hold him accountable. It’s no wonder he can’t even stand to talk to Maci..she’s the only one that makes him account for his actions. I don’t see this ending well, and this is a man who will soon be a father of 2. It’s really sad for them. I hope he finds the strength to seek real treatment and get his life together.

  3. It’s been around 10 years and the mess is only worse. I include all of them. Druggies, alcoholics, vivcodene suckies, sex all over the states, suicide attempts, rehabs, and general chaos and mayhem.

    So who learned anything?

  4. I would place bets on when he dies, but that would be rude.

    Good going Larry, Jen and that conniving kunt Mac..you have just signed Ryan’s death certificate with your endless enabling..

    1. Enabling the addict is very common. His parents really need to toughen up. They are doing him no favors by treating him like the little bitch that he is. As for Big Mac,the manipulater, she doesn’t really care. Just sayin.

  5. Amazing….I feel like I’ve been punished more for speeding tickets then Jenelle and Ryan combined! I need their lawyers or just MTV money.

    1. Seriously! I miss getting a new inspection sticker by a day or two and I’m a nervous wreck…….these two….heroin, DUI, guns, yelling at cops, assault……..no big deal, nothing ever happens to them! Where did I go wrong in life?!!

    2. Barely red traffic light: paid 140 (ten years ago).
      Hard drugs and 12 more syringes plus license plate issue 750.

      1. I forgot to remove my tint after a ticket (it wasn’t even dark but cop was a jerk) and my ticket was $1050

  6. Ofc Ryan and Msck won’t comment on anything. The only news they gave was “We are having a baby!” and expected people to be happy for them. LOL. Btw, is it true they are expecting a boy?! I hope he won’t be just like his dad.

    1. I believe someone said he thought his drug tests were over so he didn’t go to one…but I read on radar that he failed a test in January and that’s what got it revoked.

  7. Ryan needs help in rehab not probation. It’s obvious Ryan’s family will Baby him to his grave.

    1. He’ll never stay in rehab though. He has never had to do anything responsible in his life and he won’t grow up and accept the help. He’ll be out the second it gets hard. He couldn’t even make it the full 30 days last time. Pathetic.

  8. Ridiculous. Gee I wonder why no one ever stops breaking the law? Because all they ever get is a slap on the wrist. Actually, not even that.

  9. This is BS. It’s nothing for an addict to pick up trash for 5 days and stay “sober” for 6 months. For the sake of his children and his parents I hope that he can get his shit together, because this is turning into a tragic story. The amount of enabling is obscene.

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much…he can’t keep up this charade forever. Six months of random drug tests is a long time, plus don’t forget that Maci is insisting on drug tests before he sees Bentley. Eventually, Ryan is going to have to own up to his addiction and get serious about getting help. It’s sad because that won’t happen until he hits rock bottom, and something tells me Ryan’s rock bottom is a scary place to be. With the family enabling, the MTV money and the fame surrounding him I suspect it’s going to take something big.

      1. I’m a little confused on the timeline here. All season, Maci kept saying she wouldn’t let Ryan see Bentley unless he took a drug test, but then we we see him with Jen, Larry, and bentley. All he had to do was waltz on over to jen and larrys house, and still do drugs at home.

        Now that Maci took out the protective order, Ryan can’t see bentley. Does that include when he goes to jen and larrys?

        1. I believe that the condition in place was that Ryan could not see Bentley ALONE unless he took a drug test. Maci has allowed him to spend time with Bentley conditional upon that time being supervised and Ryan not being allowed to drive him anywhere. Bentley was going to Mimi Jen’s house all this time, up until I’m assuming when the restraining order was placed. With the protective order, Ryan won’t be allowed to see Bentley AT ALL- meaning Bentley doesn’t go to Mimi Jen’s unless she abides by that order. We will most likely find out more after the final hearing on the protective order is held sometime this month.

      2. But he can easily cheat that kind of drug test. It’s not going to do a damn thing. All he has to do is google it, which I’m sure is the way he’s been passing them so far.

      3. Actually, I was on probation for a year when I was 15 and told I would have random drugs tests throughout which when done, I had to pay 30 dollars for it each time. I only got drug tested once….ONE TIME for the entire year by my probation officer. Twice, if you count the out patient rehab facility drug testing me too. The one time my probation officer did it, I felt it was because he had to at least do one cause it was the last month I was on probation. Same thing with my outpatient rehab facility. My last week there before “graduating” was when I got tested. So either they really trusted me that I was on a straight, better path (which I was) or they really didn’t give a crap. My drug problem was self admitted in court when I went down the road for truancy. Maybe that is why they went lighter because I wanted the help. I don’t know, but if they do Ryan the same way, then we can bet this won’t be that big of a deal to him and in my opinion his type of drug addiction don’t just need a slap on the wrist. I dabbled with snorting meth, but it was never an every day or every week habit even. Not saying that makes it any better, but just saying he had gotten himself addicted way past the point than I ever was to meth. He needs serious help, not just a slap on the wrist and let go in another few months to more than likely go back to what he was doing. 6 months of random tests isn’t as long as it seems unless they plan on testing him every single month. Otherwise, I agree with everything else you said.

  10. It pays to be friends with the judge’s son. I just hope nothing bad happens to anyone because everyone around Ryan helps him not take responsibility. He needs help these people aren’t giving him before he or someone else dies.

  11. Does anyone on teen mom or teen mom 2 have consequences? I’m getting so tired of seeing behavior anyone else would be arrested for simply being shrugged off their records because MTV. Have heroin? oh no biggie keep driving it’s whatever. Pull a gun on someone? oh that’s ok. Abuse your kids? keep the cameras rolling!
    But whatever you do don’t do legal porn with a bad attitude Because that’ll get you canned!
    It’s disgusting how much money these people are making!

    1. Seriously..I mean farrah treated people like shit but she’s not nearly as bad as some of these disasters and I don’t think she’d ever put Sophia in a dangerous situation

  12. The longer this Rhine on drugs situation goes on for, the more I’m convinced there’s going to be terrible outcome for him.

    It seems that as well as his parents and Mack making excuses for him the law does as well.
    Why wasn’t he hauled to jail when he failed the probation?
    It’s like “ok this is your final chance…. oh you messed up again? Oh well try again.”

    Is this idiot still driving round while high? Lets hope he doesn’t kill anyone.

    At this point I feel he’s going to have to be dragged to rehab as he doesn’t seem to do any aftercare or be bothered to find a therapist.

    I feel it’s just a matter of time before he overdoses.

    1. “Why wasn’t he hauled to jail when he failed the probation?”

      Ryan’s best friend from childhood is the son of a big wig judge that presides over the courthouse/county they live in. He has gotten off on SO many things throughout the years. When you combine the ‘celebrity’ they have (he’s no A-List movie star, but everyone in the area knows him & Maci, and the police have been dealing with him on a personal/friendly level for many years since they often do detail/security work when they are filming, I really wonder if those aspects are what has kept Ryan from getting in the type of trouble any normal person would for his crimes.

          1. If they were truly Ryan’s friend and if they really cared about Ryan, they would not be doing this. This is NOT helping Ryan! Ryan needs tough love and an even tougher treatment program (not just 21, 28, or 30 days) that can deal with ALL of Ryan’s issues…not just the drug problem. I hope that all involved will see this and learn how to help Ryan instead of enabling him before it is too late and Ryan overdoses or spends time in jail for killing others due to his drug habits.

  13. Exactly why he’s not sober… he has no consequences! I had a habit just like him and it took a lot of work but it’s definitely possible! It really makes me mad that he has so many resources to get the help he needs and most addicts don’t have that luxury (I know I didn’t) He is so spoiled and enabled it’s disgusting. I feel so bad for his poor kid and about to be kids.

  14. This is why addicts never have to answer to the law. Ryan gets an 11 month, 29 day jail sentence that is stayed unless he messes up. He then messes up and fails a drug test, and only gets probation and 5 community service days. Give him his orginal jail sentence instead of letting him off once again. This asshole had 14 needles with him and heroin, and he gets a slap on the hand. It’s ridiculous

    1. It’s ridiculous and unfair! I know a guy that ended up serving 18 months over much less. He originally got arrested for 4 marijuana seeds and a straw with Percocet residue (honestly wasn’t even his jacket…it was his sister’s lol.) He ended up missing his last scheduled drug test because his job took him out of state. They raided his house at 4 a.m and threw the book at him apparently.

      Ryan walks off with a ticket, carrying a bag of heroin and supplies. The scale alone should’ve gotten him intent to distribute.

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