‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Magro-Ortiz Gets Into Physical Fight With His Baby Mama Jen Harley While On Instagram Live

Ronnie and Jen in happier times…

Things just went from bad to worse between Ronnie Magro-Ortiz and the mother of his newborn daughter, Jen Harley.

As The Ashley reported yesterday, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star and Jen got into a brutal spat on Instagram on Sunday, but on Monday, they upped the ante and got into a physical fight that was streamed live on Instagram.

The first Live session, which was thankfully captured by Twitter user @thegoodteatime, shows Jen and Ronnie fighting as another woman appears to be moving boxes and items out of the house. Jen declares Ronnie to be a “disaster” as Ronnie appears to get agitated when he sees Jen recording via Instagram Live. He then whips out his phone and repeatedly demands Jen “zoom in” on the video playing on his phone, which apparently shows Jen performing some sort of sex act.

(The couple’s fight on Sunday was, in part, due to Ronnie finding various sexual videos showing Jen with her ex.)

Ronnie keeps telling Jen to “zoom in” and Jen tells him to get out of her face. (She even told Rahhhn to Stooop— a la Sammi Sweetheart— at one point.) After telling Ronnie to back away from her, Jen appears to push him away, and things go bad quickly.

“Put your f**king hands on me again,” Ronnie barks at Jen in the video. “I dare you!”

(Be aware that both of the videos below contain plenty of naughty language.)

The fight picks up in a second Live video, and things get kind of blurry, and it appears that Jen and Ronnie are rolling around on the ground, physically fighting as their friend begs them to stop. Ronnie can then be heard yelling “You want that f**king Live s**t?!” before the camera goes dark.

Those watching on Instagram Live begged Ronnie to “get help” and “get clean.” (Jen accused Ronnie of being a cocaine user during the fight on Sunday.)

Jen and Ronnie welcomed their daughter, Ariana Sky, on April 3. Their relationship has continued to go south since then. According to E! News, the couple broke up after their fight on Sunday, and Jen had plans to move out of the Las Vegas home they currently share.

On Monday night, Ronnie apologized via social media for what happened.

Jen also posted a post-fight response on a new Instagram account. (She later deleted that account.)

“I am done with all this drama and media,” Jen wrote in the caption of a selfie she posted. “I’m a grown woman with a beautiful little girl & a little boy. I don’t need a cheating abusive man in my life who’s only tearing me apart and not building me up. From now on it’s just me & my kids.”

(Photos: Instagram, Twitter)

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  1. Scheana from Vanderpump was hanging out with Rahhhnnnn on Sunday or Monday night…….. it was on her IG Live.. put the pieces together and you know what kind of stuff Scheana is into …

  2. Rahn needs some serious rehab. In the words of Babs….”Ya HIGH, HIGH”…you can tell Ronnie is coked out of his mind…and this girl decided to make a baby with him. For the sake of that baby, I hope that she gets out of that toxic situationship, because he is violent and dangerous. If he’ll behave that way on IG live, you know hes 10xs worse behind closed doors.

  3. Isn’t he just a little too old for this nonsense? Very low class. I don’t care how much money he has made time to grow up. Set an example for his daughter no wonder sammi didn’t want any part of the Jersey shore reunion vacation. His behavior is despicable. Get off your ass Ron and walk away like a man ,dude.

  4. Book them both with assault charges and put the kid with someone’s parents. Both of em are muff cabbage.

  5. I think he’s doing both coke and roids! He’s outta control but everyone knew he was doing blow in the second season of jersey Shore…. I don’t think she’s completely innocent either but she’s a women and the mother of his baby I don’t care what you don’t ever put your hands on a female! Everything he’s done on TV- the relationship is over! How embarrassed would you be – just having a baby then you see your man hooking up with some dumb blonde and then admitting he’s still in love Sammy. I hope she leaves Ronnie and never looks back she’s a beautiful girl and can do better!

  6. Broken heart + steroids + alcohol and drugs + unplanned pregnancy with a random = disaster of epic proportions.

    Ron dug himself into a hole due to being broken-hearted over Sam dumping him and is digging himself deeper as he continues to downward spiral. I predict news of a rehab stint any day now. Unfortunately, he’ll never be able to undo the problems he created for himself by getting the rebound girl pregnant.

    1. Agree 100%

      Pauly got a random pregnant also, and he has been able to keep a pretty tight lid on it, and is involved with his daughter. He might be able to help Ron put this situation (no pun intended), in proper order. The kid is here to stay, that happened, but Ron does NOT have to try to make it work with some random chick he knocked up within a couple months of knowing her. They aren’t going to get along, this isn’t a real relationship, its a she got pregnant-we are forcing it relationship and those never work out. Clearly these two staying together because s.e.x made an unplanned pregnancy is a BAD idea.

  7. Oh for fuck’s sale Ron! The problem isn’t that this was streamed. The problem isn’t that a private matter went public.THE PROBLEM IS THAT IT HAPPENED AT ALL!

    You should not act like that towards anyone, ever. And you sure as fuck should not treat the mother of your newborn that way. I hope you lose your jobs, face criminal charges, and are fully held accountable for this. Further, I hope “your boys” call you out for this behavior and hold you accountable. You are scum, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

    1. Totally agree! Ronnie is the worst kind of asshole. The kind that things all of his shittiness is someone else’s fault. I get so angry just watching him. Idk how this girl hung around long enough to get knocked up.

  8. I feel zero sympathy for this girl. The world has known what a scumbag Ronnie is since 2009 (or the….smart half of the people who watched Jersey Shore, I guess). She knowingly got involved and brought an innocent child into this mess.

    1. I absolutely agree. She got with him for a come up and in search of fame and possible other reality shows. No rational person in their right mind would date Ron after seeing the way he would verbally abuse and attack Sam. This girl was an opportunist, and picked the wrong opportunity because now she’s stuck with crazy for at least 18 years…I’m upset that she decided to make a kid with this guy.

  9. So will MTV fire him? Or will he continue to collect checks like the other abusers they employ?! What a sick network I can no longer support with views of any of their shows. All of them include drug use or some sort of abusive behavior for entertainment. Nothing is entertaining about it.

    This video is sad and hard to watch. Their baby isn’t even a month old. Thank goodness their innocent child wasn’t present. He looks to be under the influence of something and extremely angry and it’s sad to see. I was waiting for one of them to be pushed down those stairs.

    His apology stating it was a private act that shouldn’t have gone public makes this worse. Sounds like he thinks that’s acceptable behavior behind closed doors.

    Please If you are in a situation like this ask the cops to accompany you if you are moving out or trying to collect your things. This could’ve ended a lot worse.

  10. Those were scary to watch, he is so aggressive and combative. That poor woman…newborn babies feel the mothers stress…lets just hope that little angel wasn’t in the house during this altercation. Ron is CLEARLY on hard drugs. It won’t be long until more headlines appear.

  11. His apology obviously meant nothing because he’s been airing their ‘private matters’ on social media again since then. He posted phone messages from a guy who said she cheated whilst pregnant and then the fights started all over again. Why people air their dirty laundry online is beyond me. I can understand jen trying to capture the abuse last minute, but for them to continue doing it is just immature and unbecoming of adults/parents. Poor baby girl!

    1. Because they think that spring the dirt of the other person makes everyone understand why they are being such a piece of garbage. It’s like “looks, see, see what she did to me? That’s why I get so angry. That’s why I blew up, because this is what she does to me”.

      But what’s CLEAR is that Ronnie is toxic and attracts toxic people. And he needs HELP. Anger management and to GET CLEAN. The man may never be less of a nasty cheating dirtball, but he’s going to end up in prison for abusing women real quick if he doesn’t get his shit it order.

      If I had to guess I’d say steroids and or coke. It definitely causes the behavior he displays.

  12. Part of me can’t even fathom turning on Instrgram Live during a fight with an partner/ex partner but perhaps what happened is exactly why she knew to do it. Good god. Get therapy Ron. This is crazy. That poor kid has this following her around for life now.

    1. In my current relationship, I would absolutely never put an argument on IG/FB/SC ‘live’ or whatever, but I’ve dated abusive narcissists who would literally rewrite history to make an argument your fault, so you learn to video tape everything.. Well, record it at LEAST for yourself/cops/people who they involve in it, because a Narcissist will always try to make you believe that you’re crazy or that everything is always your fault. Y’all know the prayer (“That didn’t happen. And if it did, it wasn’t that bad. And if it was, that’s not a big deal. And if it is, that’s not my fault. And if it was, I didn’t mean it. And if I did… You deserved it.”)
      However, posting it online I just don’t understand.. Why would you want everyone to see that? Especially a “star” with an online following. I would be willing to bet that drugs are involved FOR SURE.

  13. I watched the last episode and he’s literally the only one who hasn’t matured a single bit. Mike has don’t the most and I’m so glad he’s clean because he seems like a nice guy now. But damn Ron. So she has a sex video. That’s HER past and HER business and you should be mature enough to leave it there. People who are jealous of ex’s have some growing up to do. It’s clear she’s no angel but his behaviour is ridiculous. Poor little baby girl.

  14. Didn’t he say he found the vids on her phone? What are they doing on his phone now? It’s disgusting that he sent them to himself.

  15. This is not ok ? I cannot begin to imagine dealing with this shit three weeks after giving birth. She needs to be watching netflix in her sweat pants while she snuggles her newborn baby and eats all the food.
    I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of Jersey Shore ever so I don’t know what is typical of this guy, but what a selfish dick.

    1. She should be, but she was out partying, drinking and doing whatever else which was clearly posted on her IG, even days before this…….Ron is disgusting but she also doesn’t seem like much of a class act herself.

  16. I can’t stand him anymore. Watching the reruns are bad enough. Now he’s obviously cheating on this new girl, then treating her like this over a video she made before they were together. He’s such an abusive asshole.

    Him screeching at Dina every time she’d say Sam doesn’t talk about him anymore made me want to punch him. Literally every time she would answer he’d talk over her and say she was deflecting. Idiot. Can’t handle hearing the truth so he just acted stupid.

    I wonder if the new girl has experienced his temper enough to think recording would keep her safe… She was wrong because he apparently didn’t care to wrestle his post partum girlfriend to the ground in front of the world. That’s scary.

    1. Same but not the rapist part. Reminds me of my roid rage ex, verbally abusive to women, treated women like crap, physical, intimidating, pushing me around. Was horrible.

      When he finally went to far, I had him arrested… Ron is looking at jail time for real if he doesn’t straighten up and he is NOT going to straiten up. My ex never did. He went on to have more altercations with 2 more women after me and was arrested over and over and over again. That’s a sociopath for ya, and that’s Ron.

  17. Aren’t there various “revenge porn” laws he can be convicted of if he insists on exposing her private vids with her ex. Between that and the physical violence, I hope he goes down and gets clean.

    1. Yep!!
      I couldn’t help but wonder how much physical pain she felt with this fight…. She literally just had a baby, she’s still healing. Probably still bleeding a bit after her delivery… So fucked up.

      1. So fucked up, she’s crazy and he’s crazy, but sheesh she JUST had a baby 3 1/2 weeks ago that is no joke..They need to end this, PRONTO.

  18. This is why you don’t have a baby with someone you’ve dated for four months. If these idiots want to fight and provoke each other fine. It now? With a baby in the mix? Come on. Do better.

    1. Honestly,,, I think Sammi is so far over him and his shit… I don’t think she finds it funny at all… If anything, she probably feels bad… I say so just because of personal experience. My baby’s dad was a real dick to me, like scary, verbally abusive and shoved me once scary (why I left)… Zero contact with him, 4.5 years later, but I hear he puts his girlfriend through shit (possibly worse) as well… Any grown woman who went through things like that, I doubt would find pleasure in that. Unless she’s evil and still harboring feelings…
      Just my thoughts and opinions from experience??

      1. Right there with you, Ugh! My ex did the exact same stuff to me and I’ve never delighted in anything he’s done to the women who came after. I know how it feels, how awful all of it is, and I never want anyone to feel like I did back then.

        Now, I will admit that I did chuckle a bit when his wife of 7 months left him and he came home from work to find his house empty except for the dog and a note on the floor, but that was only because he had felt the need to call me right after he had gotten married to gloat that he had “upgraded from me, like, big time”. But I have always wanted to reach out to her and let her know that it gets easier. Her, I felt bad for; him, I could not care less.

        1. Absolutely!!
          The funny thing is, the woman my ex is with is the same woman he cheated on me with…ofcourse I felt bitter and hurt in the beginning, but, after 6 months of living near his hometown, he moved with her to a city 6 hours away while I packed mine and my daughter’s things and moved a whole state away. Best thing I ever did for myself!! Met an amazing man that is raising my child as his own 2 years ago♥️
          But before all of that, I heard my ex was treating his gf like shit, cheating on her with multiple women, hurting her etc. Yea, basically what he put me through minus a kid togetherr… And me, I felt sorry for her. And not in a “haha” kind of way, but rather in a “you deserve better” type of way… smh.
          He’ll never be a good person, I think he’s stuck in his ways and that’s all he knows. Much like how I perceive this Pig… I could care less for the father of my child, but, I know that without him, I would have never been given such a beautiful daughter. Geez. Life can throw curveballs at you!! I really hope for her and her children’s safety and health, she stays far away. I hate when people say, “She’s messed up keeping the father away.” But you know what?? If there is violence, fuck yes keep your kids away!! Any good mother would keep her kid away from a potentially hazardous situation/people. Because whether people believe it or not, and trust me, I read NUMEROUS times people saying “I can’t believe the father (or mother) did that to the baby…” Parents (not all) do hurt their own kids, newborns included. And yes, some kids don’t make it out alive,,, I don’t know why people won’t think about that… This guy willingly admits he is irrational and flies off the handle. He’s a child, stuck in a man’s body. Normal people don’t act out that way. His apologies are pathetic and he stated it was supposed to be a private matter… So… Makes one wonder if he is apologizing that he physically assaulted her or,,, he is sorry we had to see that?? Those are separate things. Who knows how many times he put his hands on her. smh

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