Andrew Glennon Says He Reached Out to Jenelle Evans After She Announced She Was Leaving David Eason: “[I] Told Her I Was Proud of Her & I Am”

“Dude, you better hope David doesn’t catch wind of this.”

After having ended his tumultuous relationship with Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood, Andrew Glennon is now imparting his wisdom on another individual from the franchise who’s been dealing with some relationship drama of her own — former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans.

Andrew revealed recently on Instagram that he took an opportunity to reach out to Jenelle shortly after the news broke that she was leaving her husband David Eason. While The Ashley realizes Andrew’s wise words were written two weeks ago, far be it from us to deny anyone of a solid crossover interaction among ‘Teen Mom’ stars.

After being asked his opinion of Jenelle’s current situation by one of his Instagram followers, Andrew revealed that he told the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star he was proud of her leaving, calling it “a huge victory.” 

” … Every small step towards saving yourself and your children from someone who refuses to save themselves is a huge victory,” Andrew wrote on Instagram. 

“Them are talkin’ words, and I’m about to fill the streets of Indianapolis with uppercuts!”

Andrew went on to criticize those on social media who “pass judgement so easily” despite not knowing about the situation they are commenting on. 

“To minimize what someone is experiencing while in a domestic violence/abusive relationship is a huge disservice,” he continued. “Every time I was attacked it would be minimized and then somehow made to be my fault… and I believed it sometimes!” 

“What are you TALKING about!?”

Andrew said the situation only becomes tougher when “love is involved and when true fear is added.”

“[That can] cloud judgment and make the simplest solutions feel absolutely impossible.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle announced on October 31 that she was leaving David. She has since taken her kids and left the state of North Carolina. A restraining order she obtained earlier this month prevents David from contacting her or the kids for the time being.

In his Instagram message, Andrew commended Jenelle for taking “the right steps towards her new and better life.” 

“Existence is too brief and we cannot spend it with people who rip us apart and refuse to help themselves, there is too much beauty to be happy for and celebrate and our children MUST be protected from that type of behavior,” he continued. “Innocence must be preserved. They are not ‘just babies,’ they are human beings of light and love and they imprint early. Some of the earliest experiences we have echo a lifetime, ensure that happy foundation for your child, it will help them many years down the road.” 

You can read Andrew’s full comment below. 

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73 Responses

  1. I think that’s nice of him really nice people on the outside wonder why people on the inside don’t leave their abuser and it’s not that cut and dry it’s embarrassing to reach out for help when you’re inside the person hurting you is telling you it’s your fault and I’m my case and I’m sure in there’s they believed it as well as also caring about the person and hoping they can change and then realizing that the other person isn’t going to change especially if they can’t own up to what they did wrong . Both David and amber need help and for the record I like amber as a person she just made bad desicions . David was always bad news to me It was a vibe I got from him even before all the media stuff . Anyways more ppl should encourage like andrew did Jenelle . Way to go Jenelle the shit storm is only starting though stay strong when men or anyone kn a abusive position loses control they go nuts

    1. Tell this to Maryssa. U know- the kid Jenelle threw under a bus when SHE was too “embarrassed” to admit to the abuse but left behind with the abuser. #nicetry #pr person

      1. That’s the thing that makes it hard to sympathize with Jenelle. She lied and lied and LIED to authorities about David, and helped him get custody of Maryssa TWICE…only to leave that girl on the land by herself, to fend for herself against her abuser, while Jenelle went into “hiding”. Jenelle is NOT innocent in this AT ALL. She did what’s best for HER, not what’s best for the kids involved who never signed up for this shit.

    2. “Amber made some bad decisions: she made a child together with her brandnew boyfriend while she did not want to have another child and she beat her boyfriend and tried to hit both of them with a machete but I like her as a person.”


  2. “I love attention!” Andrew, Amber, Jenelle, Farrah, and Deb…..(I’m missing several others)

  3. Ugh. Andrew. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the tide slowly turning against you. Please, I believe you went through hell with that beast amber. But please, stop doing whatever this is that you’re doing

  4. What does it take for a victim to finally leave…
    Watch your child become a victim?
    Have him kill an innocent pet?
    Lose your job?
    Have your children removed?
    Realize you may have to actually get a JOB

    1. That is the problem i have with Jenelle.
      If her make up line would have actually made money, she won a.million dollars or she still had money, she would still be with David

      She is leaving only to get her job back

  5. The issue i had/have with Jenelle is the kids that she constantly put in danger.
    I have been in Verbally abusive relationships & seen friends in physically abusive relationships, we have lied to people & to ourselves that is the sad side effect.
    But NEVER put a child in danger.
    Lie to the court about the violence just so you & your kid can continue to be abused

  6. Wow he is really making it hard to be on his Team

    His struggle is real
    He is trying to stay relevant so hard.
    He couldnt DM her? He had to make it public?

  7. Oh for Gods sake, will he just stop talking already?? Why did we need to know that he reached out to Jenelle? SO WHAT. If you didn’t believe this guy was a fame whore before, you should believe it now. You didn’t see you don’t see ANYONE ELSE talking about what they do in their spare time except this dude. Apparently Jeremy was hanging out with Jenelle in NYC, and you didn’t hear him say anything about it. Every week it seems like Andrew is looking for sympathy and attention…last week he was saying he needed to be a woman to be taken seriously, this week he’s saying Jenelle is some sacrificial lamb making the best decision for her kids, meanwhile she’s never made the best decisions for the sake of her kids, she’s always made her decisions based on her selfish needs…He needs to seriously just SHUT UP already.

    1. He lame he doesn’t care about his son’s well-being if he’s just trying to bash the mother publicly it’s only going to hurt his son in the long run if he’s such a great parent then raise your son in silence and not in the public eye. Move on

  8. I agree Janelle isn’t a good mother but neither is Amber. But maybe Janelle is trying to change for once let’s give her the opportunity too.

  9. Yes, we are passing judgement on Jenelle, Andrew. And you know why? We are passing judgement because she failed to protect the multiple children living in her home from repeated abuse. She could have told the truth during the CPS investigation, but she chose to protect David. She could have told the truth during the trial that followed, but again she chose to defend David. She could have left him in jail when he didn’t have the money to pay the back child support he owed his son, but instead chose to pay it so that he could come home. She put herself first time and time again, all at the expense of the safety and psychological well-being of the children. The only reason that she finally left wasn’t because of the children, but because she could no longer afford her drug fueled, selfish lifestyle. Her children are nothing but pawns to her, and she will likely lever change.

  10. Never thought I would but I agree with most comments… and that makes me sad.
    Andrew, Andrew, what are you doing? I feel like his post is, for a part, adressed to Amber:
    they’re not “just babies” (that’s what Amber said about James).
    But I’m happy to say it doesn’t change my mind about Amber.

    1. Although I agree that children, no matter how small (even in the whomb) feel bad vibes
      and that that will have an impact on them – I don’t like the fact that he’s posting all this.
      Proud of Jenelle? No, there’s nothing to be proud of.

  11. There he goes again trying to stay “relevant”, he’s thirsty. If he truly wanted to move on with his life in a positive way he’d be looking for a job outside of MTV and working towards his own place.

  12. I’m still shocked at Jenelle’s social media silence. I can only assume that she’s had her technology removed from her. There is NO WAY she has enough self control to stay off for as long as she has.

    1. I’m not. Jenelle is scared of him and is afraid he will do something to her or her children if she speaks out. Trust me, she wants this guy out of her way for a lifetime.

      But…I bet she will celebrate Christmas and New Years’ with a new “soulmate”. Sigh. She will never learn.

      1. I have to disagree with your thoughts on her motives for her silence…I think that she is using her silence as a tactic, she’s staying silent in hopes that MTV will want to film what’s going on. She’s wants to give MTV the option of having the “exclusive” to the “divorce” drama for TM2…it would help their ratings next season.

  13. So he’s saying the kids are better off with a mom that follows people home and pulls out a gun after a road rage incident?

    He is obsessed with getting people on his side. Keep some things private, like when he gave interviews saying Amber said she didn’t want the baby. My mom is messed up and I wouldn’t want all the awful things she said and did to me on the internet, I would want it private. He needs to stop seeking approval, fame, and love from the public. Talk to your real life friends and family and focus on your baby.

  14. Uhm!?
    I’ve been team Andrew this entire time until this moment.
    He needs to step back and sit the fuck down.
    Jenelle is not a mother. She is not an innocent victim. Getting her children away from UBT is NOT saving them (I mean it partially is, so that’s good since he’s a fucking psycho) because JENELLE is a shitty human being and has inflicted her own special damage and abuse upon each and every one of her children (& pets).
    Andrew. Oof. You need to stop. This SHOW needs to stop. Guhhhhh.

    1. Ditto!
      He could have done this in private but was obviously fishing for an article of this type.
      JE is NOT a victim! She is a PARTICIPANT!
      Sure, without question she was treated like trash, she also without question treated/treats EVERYONE else like trash! She is without question a solid part of the problem!

      He should be contacting the children & animals!

      Why was this not private? It would have been so much more meaningful and genuine.
      He’s fishing… and should be careful because he’s ahead at this point, he has a lot to lose.

    1. lol the ultimate TM and TM2 crossover. Can you imagine J having ANOTHER baby daddy, and being somewhat connected to Amber…? so much yelling and cursing in such tiny packages.

  15. As others have already said, Jenelle left David because the money ran out. And when the money ran out, I’m pretty sure the drugs did too. Either way, her kids were probably WAY down on the list of reasons why she left him.

    So Andrew, please just stop, okay? STOP. Yes, we all know that you’ve been wronged. But by now you’ve also just about “milked” it for all it’s worth.


    You’re welcome.

  16. Listen, everyone knows Amber is a Succubus, but every time this guy opens his mouth I dislike him a little more each time.

    stay lit, except Andrew, Andrew is a d bag

  17. Of course he did he knows how much she dogged Amber lmaooo hes proud of a Woman who UNDER oath lied and said he never abused her nor her kids also fought for him to gain custody of his Son lmao now hollers ABUSE all for a check just like him ?????

  18. Andrew get off social media. Jenelle doesn’t give a rats about her kids….don’t get it twisted.
    We know she only ‘left’ UBT to get in with MTV, that’s all.

  19. Alright now whatever little sympathy I had left for him is gone. Really Andrew? The words proud and Jenelle should never be used in the same sentence.

    1. Actually, the sentence should say, “Andrew is proud of Juhnelle for figuring out how to get back on MTV full-time and has contacted her to have a little strategy session to get his large bearded mug his own show.”

  20. Bottom line is Jenelle is a trashbox that had no interest in “saving her children and herself” she only “left” that swamp-smelling, hairy, sack of secrete because she ran out of money!!!!! And everyone knows it! Andrew gets more and more disingenuous to me with every statement. The only reason he released this statement is to get at Amber because he knows how much she hates Jenelle. If I were to reach out to someone I knew was in danger and was offering genuine help, I would feel absolutely no need to advertise it. This dude is too much, he did not deserve the abuse, no one does, but he is just too extra for me to get on his team.

    1. Amen. He may have fooled the masses, but he hasn’t fooled me. Is he a victim of DV? Yes, Did he deserve to be beaten? No…but there isn’t a single doubt in my mind that he never loved Amber, and he always had ulterior motives. He loved the idea of using her for fame, security and money. That’s why he knocked her up so fast…to remain relevant after they (inevitably) broke up (however, I do think he underestimated Amber’s crazy when he decided to date her…I don’t know how because she was constantly RAGING on MBC, but I guess people see what they want to see when there’s an chance to make beau-coup bucks)…The circumstances surrounding why he pursued Amber are sketchy, he has a sketchy past, he’s reaching out to one of Amber’s arch enemies to antagonize her, he won’t shut up, and he’s constantly trying to keep his name on the blogs. Just because he’s a victim of DV doesn’t mean he’s not a scam artist…just like Jenelle being a victim of DV doesn’t not make her a crappy mom.

    2. Yep. He knows exactly what buttons to push and I personally feel like he is bordering on gaslighting her. Not saying Amber is in the right here, but Andrew is not doing himself any favors going after more teen moms, just like Matt did.

  21. Andrew we are all mad because Jenelle allowed her kids to be abused. Everybody knows DAVID did way worse than locking Kaiser in a car. That’s why I still think that she’s just playing all of us. We all know that DAVID did way WORSE than what she admitted. Jenelle called the cops often but only about her. It was never about the abuse her children were suffering.

    1. That’s so true, even when she called and hid in the attic the 911 operator had more thought about Ensley than Janelle

    2. Valid point!

      Locking him in a “running vehicle” presumably meaning AC was running… how terrifying ??. She added “running vehicle” for a reason-cause it means he was no suffering! We saw worse things on MTV!
      Want to tell us about the ‘waterslide’ switch-marks?

      For someone who seems genuinely concerned about his son he sure actively looks the other way in regards to other children. JEs children will suffer their entire lives BECAUSE OF HER ACTIVE CHOICES! She fought with all she had to keep them in an abusive environment when it would have taken zero effort to keep them safe when living with family.

      JE is NOT even close to a hero regardless of which angle it’s viewed from! She finally did leave… for money… which she again proved holds more value to her than her children’s safety and well-being.

      This is so transparent.
      Why not send this privately? Right… cause privately would not result in media coverage.

      Why can’t any of them be genuine?!? (Except Chelsea of course!)

    3. And never about the abuse her animals were suffering.
      I imagine Jenelle laughing when David locked him in a car and when he (Kaiser) was scared…

    4. Not a single 911 call she made was made on behalf of Jace, Kaiser, Maryssa, Ensly, Nugget, or any other animal that has mysteriously gone missing from the land…only 911 calls she ever made were for her sake. She had ample opportunity to save those kids, and she never did. Jenelle’s lies about the one child that spoke up and tried to ask for help to escape David, have trapped that child on the land, with her abuser indefinitely…and this Andrew guy is trying to make her seem like a good person. PFFT!

  22. Can this bloke please step away from the limelight. Go and fight your bloody battle in private. No one cares that you reached out to Janelle. She is an abuser herself. She isn’t brave, she isn’t a superhero… if she was a decent human being and a good mum, she would have never hooked up with David in the first place, or left the moment that beautiful boy was subject to David’s rage. Same with you Andrew, you should have left the moment she hurt James.

  23. She called a child she knew to be truthful a liar in court. Maryssa summoned all the courage she could to save herself and her step siblings and faced off against those monsters. And because of Jenelle, and her lies, that child is now trapped alone with the father she didn’t even want to visit. While Jenelle is off in another state, filing protective orders,trying to wheel and deal with MTV and getting kudos from people like Andrew that preteen girl is STILL on The Land with a well armed hot tempered dog murdering child abusing psychopath.

    Screw Jenelle. Screw Jenelle from here to eternity and back again.

    1. Exactly this! Everyone seems to forget that Jenelle was a neglectful mother and animal abuser before David ever came into the picture. She has never had pure intentions, anything she does is for her and her alone.

    2. Gimbler: Maryssa’s situation seems to be overlooked a lot because she is not Jenelle’s child, but I absolutely fear for her and what she is enduring on The Land right now. Yours was one of the most succinct, spot-on comments I’ve ever seen on this page. Preach. Jenelle is garbage and deserves credit for nothing, she only left because she’s broke.

    3. This is the saddest part of the story. Yes Jenelle did good on herself and her kids by leaving. But she painted her fake ass picture of “happy family “ with maryssa that she wanted everyone to believe and sadly the courts did believe it, which is why maryssa is stuck with David now. Jenelle, you failed maryssa numerous times when you could have helped her, you could have NOT called her a liar. You could have let her words explain themselves and let the situation play out and allow maryssa to help herself. But unfortunately Jenelle KNOWINGLY and wrongly discredited maryssa in court. Jenelle could have used her resources to help maryssa and her mom to gain custody, but she literally ditched the poor girl on an isolated farm with a man she is terrified of. Honesty I can’t even imagine what David is saying in front of maryssa right now. I pray for her. But mostly, Jenelle is a selfish selfish disgusting excuse of a mother for failing maryssa. What kind of mother just lets a child she could have helped, just rot at the swamp with this abuser?

      1. You do know the only reason David has Marissa is because the mother is even more and fifth and David to take care of her. Imagine that now. But she has nowhere else to go with the foster system it looks like. There are no family members of David stepping up, and are they even family members who are saying enough and capable and responsible enough to take her in and give her a stable happy life?

    4. EXACTLY!
      J should be thrown in jail for lying in court and poor Maryssa needs to be freed! Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this and for her? Where are the petitions? #JusticeforMaryssa!

      1. There are no responsible and capable or study adults on either side of her family you are either willing or wanting to take her. It’s David or foster home, neither of which are ideal for the best of options. But they’re all she has left choose from, are those two situations

    5. Imagine having three children and two of them, who are old enough to express their feelings, DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU! David, how does that feel??

  24. Oh that big ‘ol wussie is just trying to get a little something something from that hoe Janelle in my opinion.

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