Shawn Portwood Defends Sister ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Following Andrew Glennon’s Latest Comments About Domestic Battery Case

“This is the face of an innocent woman, I tell ya!”

Shawn “Bubby” Portwood is once against jumping to the defense of his Teen Mom OG sister Amber Portwood regarding the incident that went down between Amber and her ex/baby-daddy Andrew Glennon on July 15

Shawn’s latest attempt to restore Amber’s pristine reputation comes after Andrew shared on Instagram that he had been discouraged from taking his domestic battery case against Amber to trial after a “public servant of justice” warned him it would be a “slippery slope,” given the fact that he’s “a man… and a large man.”

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, this, according to Andrew, is why Amber was ultimately given the opportunity to sign a plea deal.

After getting wind of Andrew’s comments, Shawn disputed the claims, insisting that Andrew had no say on whether or not the case against Amber went to trial and denying that there was any evidence to do so. 

“Well that doesn’t make any sense,” Shawn said to The Ashley on Twitter. “He has no say as to whether or not the case goes to trial. Trust me he pushed and pushed but the prosecutor did not bring it to trial because there was no evidence.” 

In response to a comment from someone arguing that victims do have a say in whether a case goes to trial or if they will agree to a plea deal, Shawn agreed with the individual but insisted that Andrew couldn’t force the case to go to trial without sufficient evidence. 

“Right but at the end of the day he cannot force the prosecution to go to trial if the prosecution does not feel they have enough evidence to do anything,” he stated. “So although he does have a say in The Plea he cannot force them to go to trial.” 

After another person commented on Twitter that they “saw and heard plenty enough evidence” to convince them otherwise, Shawn again insisted that the prosecutor had “no real evidence” for the case against Amber to be tried. 

“Maybe you should have been the prosecutor then,” Shawn continued. “Because there was no real evidence other than what you heard or what she already admitted to. If the prosecutor believed they had an actual case they would have took it to trial. Instead they offered a plea deal for nothing.” 

Shawn went on to accuse his sister’s ex of lying about what really happened the night of Amber’s arrest after an apparent supporter of Andrew asked Shawn on Twitter if he had any plans to apologize to Andrew.

“Nope, #ApologyToAndrew still isn’t trending on Twitter.”

“Well @ShawnPortwood, you said the truth will come out and it did. Are you gonna apologize to Andrew and on social media? Cause we never believed you or Amber anyway,” the tweet read. 

“The truth is that she [pleaded] guilty to intimidation,” Shawn replied. “Everyone said that she chased him with a machete but she was never charged with that because there was no evidence. No I will not apologize because all the stories that [Andrew] gave me were way different than what he gave others.” 

Shawn concluded his Amber Defense Tour by stating yet again that the evidence against his sister just wasn’t strong enough for things to go in Andrew’s favor. 

“Just because it’s submitted as evidence doesn’t mean it’s worth crap,” he said. “If it was worth a crap she wouldn’t have gotten off with just intimidation.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter) 

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  1. Just wish Amber some happiness. She’s smart and beautiful and just when she gets her life together, something always happens. If she really does have anger issues and a tendency towards violent behavior she should get some help otherwise she’s going to be one lonely individual and never have a substantial relationship, long term with anyone

    1. Amber has a smart and beautiful daughter, and a beautiful son too. Why can’t she find some happiness there? “Something happens”. Like getting pregnant when you don’t want another child? That doesn’t ‘happen’, that is something two persons DID.
      Why didn’t she stop filming when she told us she would? (“I stand where I stand!”).
      Amber needs to be protected, against people like Matt, but also against herself. MTV sure
      isn’t doing that. Ratings, dollars.

  2. Bubby just proves that he and Amber are dumb as dirt. Keep talking “Bubby” and prove to everybody that you and Amber are most likely the result of inbreeding. I have no other explanation for their stupidity!

  3. Apparently there was enough evidence for her to lose custody of James and only get visitation. Your sister has lost custody of both her kids at the very least. She is a garbage person and mother.

  4. Reading or seeing anything in regards to the Portwoods is exhausting. Everyone needs to calm down Amber will violate her probation one way or another and get her ass locked up. Don’t worry! She is her own worse enemy.

  5. How can they possibly testify FOR Amber? They weren’t there when the incident happened.
    All they could do is tell about their experiences with Andrew in the past, but that doesn’t make them witnesses in favour of Amber. In that case one could also ask Gary (and Matt) to testify AGAINST her.

  6. It is an unfortunate reality that sometimes prosecutors don’t have evidence they need. That doesn’t mean that the accused isn’t GUILTY AS HELL! If the state felt they had “nothing worth a crap” they wouldn’t have even bothered with a plea. Even a murderer gets offered a plea deal. It’s mostly how this whole thing works. If she refused a plea, guess what Shawn, IT WOULD GO TO A TRIAL!

  7. Does Shawn get any money from filming too? Because that would explain his enabling the best. Gosh and I thought he was the smart one. Nope, whole family’s f*cked! (And unfortunately she screwed her children over too, at least Leah has Kristina as a mother figure now and I hope when Andrew recovers, he will find an amazing step mom for his son.)

    I’m pretty sure it has all to do with the fact he is a man and “this kind of stuff doesn’t happen to men except if they are pussies” (Is probably what most people think anyway)

    I work in social services now and I try to not be affected by all the sh*t I hear on the daily…but some people really don’t deserve to be on this planet anymore, why are you like this to someone you are supposed to love?!

  8. All of these Amber ass licker comments are so obviously either Cousin Krystal, Blubby or Amber herself. You ain’t fooling anyone here!

    Amber continues to behave, act and treat people this way because people like her idiot brother have enabled her from day dot. Amber needs to grow the hell up and take some responsibility for her actions!! Thank God Leah has a stable and supportive mother in Kristina.

  9. You’re wrong, Blubby. She also plead guilty to domestic battery. And it seems to me that chasing someone with a machete while they are holding a baby, would account for domestic battery. The evidence is in the audio and pics. And what do you have to say for your sister when it comes to threatening Katie Joy, and using intimidation tactics, merely weeks after pleading GUILTY TO INTIMIDATION?!?!? Your sister is making it very difficult for you to defend there, Blubs, because she is and always has been guilty of these atrocities.

  10. OMG, all the haters of these shows should not watch them & the show started following these girls as teen mom’s and yes their lives have changed because they have MTV money but the show just shows their live by what’s happening now these girls are not pretending to be teen mom’s with money problems anymore because they don’t got money problems. Why should Amber be fired if someone done what she did they probably be still working their job and going to probation. OMG if you people can’t see that Andrew was not screaming, there was no fear in his voice as he ran his mouth calling Amber a bad mother, etc Amber asked him to leave several times and reminded him that he didn’t have custody of James and wouldn’t be taking him that’s why Andrew texted the cops. Andrew has released audio, etc trying to get her fired because he didn’t want her to live lavishly without him why would a man see a woman on a TV show fighting with her boyfriend Matt, going on like she did on marriage boot camp then say oh, hey I like you Amber it was fishy from the start Andrew for the last two years said Amber had been hitting him, abusing the baby but yet he stayed because he liked sitting around doing nothing, getting to go on vacation, play the stock market with easy money and order from grub hub 4 or 5 times a day what? You think big boy Andrew wasn’t eating! Just get over it people do bad things some worse than others but you have to move on if you don’t like Amber turn the TV off, stop getting on gossip sites & stay off her Instagram/Twitter you will soon forget about Amber Portwood. PS Andrew is taping for MTV again I call that a hipocrite!

    1. More like Amber needs to stay the hell off my tv and learn some self control or she will always have “haters” whom are really just law abiding citizens sick and tired of her BS. And newsflash: majority of us no longer watch Teen Mom we just roast the shit out of their pathetic drama they shove down OUR throats.

      If you put youself out there, “haters” will hate and regular people will tell you how it is. Go away and we gladly will forget you, Amber.

    2. I hope you’re happy Diana, I hope you’re real happy.

      I read your whole post, as written, and now I’m dead, because no one ever taught you proper sentence structure.

  11. Isn’t Shawn a police officer? He’s so immature and childish.
    Look, I would be there for any of my siblings if they were in a bad situation, but ffs stay off of social media making statements that make you sound like a damn fool. He’s so quick to get angry too, seems like he has a temper similar to Amber’s. Scary that he’s in law enforcement.
    I shudder to think of what went on in their childhood home for them to grow up like this.

    1. As a former Probation Officer in Marion County I would say it came down to evidence…and admissibility of said evidence. I have been out of the field a long time but I don’t think all the video and audio he has on her is inadmissible because she was not aware he was taping/filming. To be admissible both parties have to be aware of what is going on. Also, there is some way that her past behavior is not allowed to be brought up…since she served her time a defense attorney would say she is being punished twice for it.
      So, take out her past behavior and his recordings you have a he said/she said case and their size differential would definitely come into play. And, for cost sake, it is a whole lot cheaper to have a defendant plead out rather than going to trial. Basically, Andrew got screwed. And, MTV probably told her as long as she didn’t go to trial and get convicted she could keep her “job”. She can now claim she felt pressured to take the plea but wanted to spare Leah and her family from any more stress. It is all BS.

      1. Thanks for your input @Lisa Jones, pretty much what I thought. Although I was under the impression that Indiana was a one party state but I could be mistaken.

      2. Amber not only lives in a one party state, but also admitted she knew she was being recorded. She actually talked to the equipment while it was recording, and bitched at Andrew on the recordings for recording her, lol. She can’t actually claim she didn’t know, the world already knows she knew.

        Sometimes taking the plea deal is the better option for any number of reasons, most of which have nothing at all to do with whatever evidence is present. These kinds of cases have a tendency to be drawn out for a very long time, and sometimes that alone makes it not worth pursuing any further.

  12. Also END THIS F’ing SHOW! We don’t want to see 30 year olds complain and text while driving anymore. This show has NOTHING to do with teen pregnancy anymore. It is all about the drama that is in the lives of the mothers. The only hardship these people face that is a result of their teen pregnancies is…. wait there isn’t any, because each one of these ladies has hit the lottery in life. They do not have the resulting problems that most teen moms do, like the delay in education, work, poverty, using government assistance, struggling to afford diapers or a quality daycare or a safe place to live, etc. TLCs Unexpected is so much more realistic and I can attest to the fact that those ladies hardships are authentic and exactly what a young unprepared mother experiences.

  13. Is anyone surprised this is how it worked out for him? This is almost always what happens when victims of DV pursue charges against their abusive partners. Being a woman has doesn’t have much to do with it.

    My sister got her face bashed in and raped by her ex partner when she was 5m pregnant. She delivered a stillborn 3 days later. The dude got off. NOTHING happened. After that attack she was able to obtain a restraining order against him, but the damage was done.

    I don’t think Andrew identifying as a woman would have helped him much,

    1. OMG, that is terrifying! I hope karma gets your sister’s ex good! How can this kind of people even live on this planet, who put them here?!

      I hope she will be able to recover from all of this.

    2. That part of his statement was so tone deaf, I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to say something so impudent. Majority of people who report DV are women, so of course the statistics would show that they’re “believed” more, because more women report it than men…but you’re right, at the end of the day, him “identifying as a woman” wouldn’t have mattered. The courts get it wrong more often than not, no matter the gender…I’m also sorry that happened to your sister, that’s so devastating.

  14. Reports today that due to ratings “crash” since Janelle left, MTV in talks to bring her back! They don’t realize most people left due to the disgust of watching these entitled brats, with Jenelle and Amber being the worst of the bunch. I really hope that bringing her back will not bring the viewers back!!! We all called that when the money ran out, Janelle would come crawling back. RIP Nugget

  15. MTV will keep all the trash. Who will film with Kailyn? Stay tune for the next season of her talking on the phone. It all comes down to $$$$. Shut the sh:t show down. No way can any of them make as much as they do on MTV.

  16. I think that Amber is a terrible person absolutely, but there is something wrong with this Andrew guy. I’ve said from the beginning that he is a first-class creeper. The prosecutor was also right to advise him not to take the case to trial, because if he really was in fear for his life and she was coming at him like that, there’s no way that he couldn’t have defended himself, or even restrained her until the police came. He says that he didn’t because he was holding his son to protect him, but I think that’s bull because it wasn’t safe to be holding the baby when she was coming at him like that, he should have put his son down, he was hiding behind that baby. Also you don’t talk back to your abuser like that when you’re in that scenario like he did in the audio and the video and in my opinion at one point he was even baiting her, because it was all part of his plan. He knew she was being recorded and he wanted all of this to happen the way it did so he could get away from Amber and also get some of her money through child support. I have been in an abusive relationship and I’m telling you that when that kind of thing is happening, you don’t talk back, you don’t argue back, you just shut up and hope that it stops if you are truly in fear for your life and afraid of them. I have to wonder about a man that won’t defend himself when he thinks that his life is being threatened. Also, he knew that Amber was like this, because he was part of the camera crew on marriage Boot camp and he inserted his way into her life anyway. Yes, Amber is terrible, she is a big bully and I can’t stand her, but Andrew is not nearly as innocent as he would like everyone to think in my opinion.

  17. In a way I feel sorry for dude, he seems like an otherwise reasonable person who moved from Indiana to Florida to get away from his trashbox family after serving in the military. I’m sure he has known Amber is a mentally unstable crackpot since she was young and has been dealing with the fallout from her nonsense. I wondered what I would do in his situation and the answer is STAY QUIET. Every time he defends Amber he is enabling and justifying her behavior and invalidating his own credibility. Let’s see, her relationship with Gary went up in flames and she was a proven abuser in that case, that whole situation with Matt went up in flames and was disgusting and shady and shower-inducing (for the viewer), and now this situation with Andrew has gone over like an atomic bomb and there is evidence. Who’s the common denominator Bubby? He needs to privately support her, but stay off social media about it because he is a grown man with a family and should try to keep her stink off his life as much as he can.

    1. Dude, Bubby, you’re embarrassing yourself man, better to leave this one alone and let Amber take responsibility for her own shit for once.

  18. More like MTV persuaded Amber to take the deal so they wouldn’t have to delay filming or cancel altogether if a jury convicted her. Anyone with a brain knows if there was a lack of evidence all charges would be dropped. Bubby should have just kept quiet. Diarrhea of the mouth must run in the family ?

  19. Can we get a statement from someone in law or prosecution in the state of Indiana to set the record straight regarding how much say a victim of DV has regarding the case and whether or not it goes to trial.

    1. I think it is much more likely that the prosecuters would much rather come up with a deal with any and all defendants to avoid the high cost and amount of time spent on trials. She is really lucky there wasn’t major bodily harm because this would have gone much differently. Unfortunately, courts can’t do much until tragedy happens. I think they were ok with the plea because there weren’t any major physical injuries

  20. Shawn, stay in your lane and stop defending a violent person. Stick to the story of “I don’t control her.” You’ll get less BS… Js

  21. Shawn is a loser just like his sister, she put her hands on someone again, if she didn’t there wouldn’t be a discussion. She has enablers all around that are looking for checks from MTV, that’s why they support her. If she was not a lucky MTV lottery ticket winner, and just a high school drop out felon, no one would have time for her. Shawn STFU and go wipe your behind with your scam online ‘Phoenix University’ degree. Shawn is a 9 dollar an hour security guard, with a bunch of illegitimate kids. LOSER!

  22. The bottom line is if the prosecution doesn’t think they couldn’t win then they go for a plea deal. They most likely did not go for a trial because a lot of Andrews background which is long and loaded and he even has 2 PO’S against him and they knew the defense attorneys would be able to show all his Shady convictions. Including his alcoholism his use of heroin so on and so forth. That’s why he accepted a deal. And that fake victim statement he read but says he didn’t record in court is another b******* story. Every damn day Andrew is whining about something. Now finding out he is filming with MTV for next season. This is what he wanted all along. He don’t want to get off his fat lazy ass and get a real job. He wanted Amber fired and so he could be the one and only being filmed. Well he can continue to sit on Amber’s couch and drive her cars and now he will get them paycheck from MTV. He should just shut his lazy ass mouth up

    1. “Valerie”, Amber’s background isn’t too good either. And well-known.
      Why are you leaving that part out? Why do you only mention Andrew’s past and not Amber’s??

      1. Well said. There are comments on here that seem to want to influence opinions
        in Ambers favour, by pointing out Andrew’s past. It looks like manipulating!

  23. Excellent point. If there was “no evidence”, the case would’ve been dropped. There is clear evidence, which we ALL heard. Delusional
    “Bubby” indeed…

  24. I used to love Amber. I felt she was down-to-earth and genuine. Now I think shes a piece of shit.! She doesnt deserve a good man like Andrew.

  25. If Giagantors exes are still mad at him for abusing them and stalking them – ambers laywer could bring them to testify for her.

    giagantor didn’t want that smoke. Duh.

      1. Andrew Glennon abused and stalked two exes that amber’s lawyer would likely use to testify for her in court. He didn’t want that to happen to his goody goody new daddy image that all of ambers haters have created for him. ??‍♀️ He would’ve lost the case.

        1. Yeah Shawn, I mean “Marie” your completely right! Master mind Andrew must’ve transformed Ambers voice on all those threatening, belittling voice recordings to. Let’s not forget about her previous domestic violence conviction either! I’m yelling you it’s a conspiracy theory! Amber has Never done anything ??

          1. Amber Poppins is innocent I tell you, she was set up…. 😀

  26. It seems like a lot of peoooe don’t have family members that deal with issue with the court. It’s true. The ONLY time the prosecutors go with a plea deal is when they know pretty much they can’t win. The victim has a say though but the prosecutors will tell them chances are slim. Looking at Andrews history and knowing darn well Ambers lawyer would bring it up in court. What are the chances that a fair jury would say guilty?

    Basically Andrew glennon is an abuser/ stalker and that would be brought up in court making it tougher for him to prove his case of being the abused. He took the easy way out because he didn’t want his dirt to be brought up.


    2. Uh, I DO know lawyers and am even related to a few. A vast majority of the time plea deals are offered to save TAX PAYERS from eating the cost of a trial. Most of the time, it’s because they have SO MUCH evidence the suspect is backed into a corner and has to accept or risk worse consequences at trial. Judges throw the book at idiots who reject plea deals for the wasted time and money. It’s what’s gonna happen to Aunt Becky when they nail her ass. Oh, didn’t need to know a lawyer to know any of this. Just needed to Google plea deals. Fun fact: Ted Bundy would be alive if he had accepted the plea deal originally offered him. You were saying All Mighty Know It All Amber/Bubby?

    3. WRONG!!!! Stop making up “facts” or getting them from fictionalized legal dramas on TV. Do yourself a favor and pick up any book or law review on the process of plea bargaining and the reasons prosecutors offer them. Spoiler, it’s not because prosecutors know they can’t win. Sorry, but that is just so ignorant. Google it if you have to. Just educate yourself before you start spewing non-truths.

      1. I think some people (Amber’s family?) are posting these comments on purpose,
        spewing non-truths on purpose, lying, to manipulate other commenters.
        But they under-estimate other posters.

    4. How can you say that ‘Marie’? Amber’s past is also known, one could ask Gary (and Matt?) to testify against HER. Why are you only talking about Andrew and not Amber?

  27. If there was a lack of evidence (as “Bubby” suggests) wouldn’t the case have been completely thrown out? Sounds like Bubby has been taking lessons on lying from Jenelle. We’ve all witnessed Amber completely lose her sh!t on camera multiple times. I have no doubt that she both verbally and physically assaulted Andrew, and it will only be a matter of time before she commits another act of violence.

  28. Shawn should spend his time and effort trying to actually help his sister with her obvious anger and other mental health issues instead of defending her online.

  29. delusional
    A delusional person believes things that couldn’t possibly be true. If you’re convinced that the microwave is attempting to control your thoughts, or that you didn’t attack your boyfriend and child with a machete, you are, sadly, delusional.

    stay lit you crazy B

  30. Like it or not the case is finished. Same goes for the punishment. It’s done. Time for healing.

    That crazy ball woman needs to step away from the light.

  31. This poor guy is trying to be a good brother BUT is not seeing the whole picture clearly. My heart gores out to this family and all its members. The cycle of poor life choices and mental health struggles is so apparent. I wish them all health in the coming years and some clarity.

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