EXCLUSIVE! David Eason’s Ex Olivia Leedham Files Lawsuit Against Him & ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Over Sexually Explicit Photo

“Enjoy that legal bomb, guys!”Jenelle Evans and David Eason may have broken up, but the former Teen Mom 2 troublemakers are back in (legal) hot water together!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that David’s ex (and second baby mama) Olivia Leedham filed a lawsuit against Jenelle and David earlier this month. In paperwork filed in early November (and obtained by The Ashley), Olivia sued David and Jenelle in civil court.

Jenelle and David received a civil summons to alert them of the lawsuit filed against them, which was filed just days after Jenelle announced that she was leaving David (and The Land).

According to The Ashley’s sources, Olivia took legal action after she claimed Jenelle and David posted a nude photo of her online to embarrass her, shortly after she created a GoFundMe page to raise money to help her pay for a lawyer to fight David for custody of their shared son, Kaden, in court.

She is seeking “money and punitive damages,” according to a New Hanover County clerk record.

Jenelle and David must each respond to the lawsuit within 30 days of the day they were served. Since they are still within that 30-day period, no court date that has been scheduled…yet. 

A New Hanover County clerk tells The Ashley that no answer to the civil summons has been received by either David nor Jenelle.

“This is no fair, dude!”

Olivia may have been hinting that she planned to take action against Jenelle and David for what they (allegedly) did. In early September, she told her Facebook followers that she was handling it.

“Everyone, just wait and trust me. ?” she wrote. “Don’t worry about all the bashing. All it is, is a bunch of lies. Thank you all for your support and standing by me to get through this.”

If Olivia can prove that David and/or Jenelle did, indeed, post a nude photo of her online without her consent, the act would likely fall under “revenge p0rn,” which the state of North Carolina made illegal in 2015.

It is against the law for someone to post a nude photo of another person “with the intent to coerce, harass, intimidate, demean, humiliate, or cause financial loss to the depicted person.”

In 2017, the state revised the existing revenge p0rn law to make it even stricter. Now, it is not only illegal to post a naked photo of someone online without their consent, but it is also illegal to do so during live streams. The revised law also took away the stipulation that the photo had to have been connected to a long-term relationship. It is now illegal to post a photo of that nature of anyone without their consent, regardless if you were ever romantically involved.

In August, Olivia wrote in the fundraiser’s page that she has spent thousands of dollars trying to keep Kaden away from David.

“Kiss off, Easons!”

“So for the past 5 years I have been in a custody battle to protect my child from harms way,” she wrote. “We have come a long way and have spent nearly $50,000 on attorney fees to keep the case going. My family and I are struggling to pay anymore. I am a single mom of two. I do my best to work as much as I can. I don’t have the means to keep going alone financially within the court system. I am finally reaching out for help…. I am completely concerned for my son’s safety, physically and mentally. He is persistent on not going to his Dads and doesn’t even want to speak to him.”

(David has not been allowed to see Kaden for the majority of the boy’s life. If you need a refresher on why, click here and scroll toward the bottom of the post that’s linked.) 

Olivia raised over $6,000 with her fundraiser. She stated the money would be used to pay for an attorney. A day after Olivia posted her fundraising link, David and Jenelle created one of their own. Unfortunately for them, though, their fundraiser only raised a measly $70

Olivia currently has full custody of Kaden.

“David mad. David no like his baby mamas.”

This is, of course, not the only legal trouble brewing for David. Earlier this month, Jenelle filed for and received a temporary restraining order against David, barring him from going near her or her children (including their shared daughter Ensley.) He recently revealed online that he was never in love with Jenelle.

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(Photos: Facebook, MTV, Instagram)

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  1. Ah yes, the behaviour of a rational mature father looking to get access to his child: post naked picture of his mum online ???
    Grow up David, these actions prove how little you care about anyone, even your own son. Good luck Olivia, I realise the courts seem to give J&D everything they want, but you are doing an amazing job of keeping your son safe

  2. And I’m sure David made her do that video, and she was afraid of him/agreed with him. She was almost convincing. But, lying is her thing.
    It’s probably hard to admit your second marriage is a bad one too.

    1. That’s what I think too – she was desperate for her marriage to David to look ‘perfect’. I just think it’s weird that she then posted that video of him swearing at her and giving her the finger too – wouldn’t that anger him even more?

  3. I keep thinking about the ‘denial’ video Jenelle posted ages ago about how she wasn’t in an abusive relationship with UBT and ‘guys, I’ve been in them before, trust me I wouldn’t stay if this was one’ or something to that effect. I’m interested in other opinions – what was the motivation behind that? I’ve always thought it was because her #1 goal has always been for her to convince the world that she is happy and in a good relationship with a loving husband, but what do others think? Honestly I feel like if only Jenelle put as much effort into actually finding happiness rather than trying to portray what she thinks is the perfect image of it, she might actually get somewhere!

    1. I also remember that. I think it was damage-controle after the 911 call went public. She also lifted the garage-door and said somethink like: ‘what broken collarbone? My collarbone isn’t broken!’ As if OTHER people had claimed it, but she said it herself in her 911 call.

      1. And I’m sure David made her do that video, and she was afraid of him. She was almost convincing. But, lying is her thing.
        It’s probably hard to admit your second marriage is a bad one too.

      2. And I’m sure David made her do that video, and she was afraid of him/agreed with him. She was almost convincing. But, lying is her thing.
        It’s probably hard to admit your second marriage is a bad one too.

  4. See thats I don’t feel bad for Jenelle she knowingly admitted Davis was hitting her and MISTREATING Kieser yet demolished and belittled this girl begging for money for a go fund me so David could obtain custody of an innocwnt little boy HE DID NOT KNOW and degraded thia girl now admits since her money’s run dry how YES HE’S ABUSIVE retake this bitchs kid’s she WILLLING LIED AND REPLACED THEM BK WITH AN ABUSER TILL SHE REALIZED SHE NEEDED MONEY

  5. I sincerely hope Olivia comes out with the victory on this, but my hopes are diminished when I think about the NC “justice” system that let two sorry excuses for people off without so much a slap on the wrist when it was PROVEN that they abused their children, threatened multiple lives, rage killed animals, and repeatedly abused the 911 service. Olivia, like all of the others effected by these space wasters, deserves ACTUAL justice.

    1. Well she was always pretty succesful in keeping Kaden safe & away from the land. There was a no contact order for most of the boy’s life, then David got visitation for a while, but after the broken collarbone incident the visits were ended. I don’t see how Olivia has much to fear anymore when it comes to custody. What money is David going to fight her in court with? From the 5 ugly knives he sold?

  6. Jenelle’s nudes are all over the internet. I wouldn’t put anything past her and lurch, wonder how he felt about everyone seeing his wife in all her glory. Probably just ?

        1. What s that saying??? He who protests too much……..

          David may be hiding a little secret, displaying a photo of his naked wife and announcing how “lucky he is ” is probably just a throw off for his homosexual fantasies

  7. Kinda don’t know whether I believe that they posted a nude photo of her…

    I know that they’ve done some horrible stuff, but what would posting a nude photo of her do? Shame her into stopping her gofundme?

    1. They just wanted to embarrass her. I don’t think there was any deep meaning to it. I’m sure they sat back and laughed once they posted it.

  8. Just when you thought those 2 can’t get any more vile and disgusting, they prove you wrong. It’s like every other day they out-do themselves. I cannot stand people like those 2 a-holes. They’re truly sick. I hope she wins in court.

  9. I hope she gets some real justice for this but I noticed it’s a civil suit-why not criminal? Also she has full custody so I guess she s been trying to eliminate visitation thus the legal fees? Sorry but can’t fully trust anyone associated with this piece of garbage past or present.

    1. Probably because, as we all know, NC isn’t fond of following their own laws. Case in point:

      In North Carolina, EVERYONE IS A MANDATED REPORTER. All the deputies/LEOs that come to the house. All the CPS workers that come to the house. Anyone that dares set foot on The Land and sees how David treats everyone is a mandated reporter (North Carolina General Statute § 7B-301. Duty to report abuse, neglect, dependency, or death due to maltreatment).

      So, if people that work for the government (CPS, LEOs, etc.) can ignore the abuse that was happening, do you think any of them really give a hoot about revenge p0rn?

  10. I support Olivia a 100%. These people just think they are above the law! She better not get that MTV check! The protest will start!

  11. Sickos! Good for Olivia she should have no problem with this and hopefully it will result in David being hauled back off to gel and Maryssa will finally be set free from The Land. Without that MTV money or any income at all, he will be very limited on his defense. No more paying off anyone to get by like they did with the children.

    Jenelle better be paying attention because its only a matter of time before her nudes are plastered on the internet or sold, if they haven’t already. (Although I am not sure many want to see the Swamp Skank in all her glory.

    1. Jenelle and David are like the two high school mean girls who egg one another on into doing shitty things to other people. Jenelle talked David into posting crap about Nathan being a child molester, David talked Jenelle into posting the picture. Jenelle also talked David into posting online that Nathan was dishonorably discharged from the Marines. That comment was completely shot down when Nathan’s DD214 (discharge paper) was posted online by one of his friends. They’re both filthy creatures & I hope Olivia wins everything including a permanent ban of Douchie Dave from her son’s life.

    2. Good for Olivia, that’s a disgusting thing to do to someone. I’m glad she waited until both Jenelle and David were flat broke lol.

  12. To everyone who is cheering on Jenelle for leaving David and feeling sympathetic to her, I hope they remember how many times she defended him and engaged with him in every nasty action he did. Worst is in court she denied his wrong doings toward her children. She consistently failed as a mother to protect them. She only decided he is a bad person when the money ran out and she is trying to save face for MTV. She is as big as a POS as David. Maybe even bigger ??‍♀️

    1. Jenelle deserves every damn bit of what happens to her. They both abused each other and she could’ve at any time and point let Nathan have more custody but NO, she fought to keep these children in abuse. Rot away to both.

  13. Good for her. Many people were encouraging her to take action when this happened. I’m glad she’s going after them. They deserve every ounce of misery coming their way.

    1. Poor Olivia! I just hate the ex-teen monster mom and her dog murderer child abuser mate! At least she fights to keep her child away from them. Nathan just goes right back to her. He’s also a sorry POS!!! Did he dump that girlfriend for this disgusting ex-teen monster mom?

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