Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jenelle Evans & David Eason Ask Fans for Donations to Help David Fight for Custody of Son Kaden

David and Jenelle, patiently waiting for the donations to start rolling in…

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are reaching out to fans for some financial support in an alleged attempt to fight for full custody of David’s son Kaden, less than a day after Kaden’s mom Olivia Leedham made her own plea to friends and family. 

As The Ashley told you on Wednesday, Olivia shared a GoFundMe fundraiser to her private Facebook, asking friends and family to donate money to help her cover the legal costs needed to continue her fight against David in court. In the fundraiser’s description, Olivia expressed concern for five-year-old Kaden to be around David, citing David allegedly killing Jenelle’s dog earlier this year, as well as the numerous 911 calls that have been made from The Land. 

As of Thursday, Olivia’s fundraiser had surpassed its $5,000 goal through the help of nearly 400 donors—- some of whom seemed to have a lot of fun coming up with creative Jenelle-and-David-shaming names. Some of the standouts include: Dramastical Changes, Jenelle’s Drug Dealer, Kieffa’s Change Jar, I love you Nathan…please call me. J.E., Jenelle’s Last MTV Paycheck and Dr. Drew MTV. (However, our personal favorite is “Donating! Donating! You’re both donating!”)

“Come on Jenelle, ya gotta admit that was a good one.”

Now, David and Jenelle have jump aboard the fundraising train as well in an effort to scrounge up enough cash to fight for custody of Kaden themselves with a GoFundMe fundraiser entitled, “#JusticeForKaden – Father Torn Away From Son.” 

In the fundraiser’s description, David argues that Olivia is holding him back from seeing Kaden “under every and any circumstance for no legit reason.” 

“I pay my child support which is an insane amount and very unfair,” David— who almost went to jail in May for not paying his child support Olivia–  claims.

He also blamed Olivia and her actions for him not having a job.

“I recently started my local business and my ex has made up so many rumors that now it’s hard for myself to make any money or even have a job.” 

David goes on to tell his fans that he has done “nothing wrong” and then segues into why he needs them to fork over their hard-earned money. 

“Hand it over, you know you want to!”

“I need this opportunity and help to go back to pay my lawyer for all the wrong-doings and share to the judge the truly horrible situation my son is in,” he explains.

After the GoFundMe fundraiser went live, fans were quick to point out on social media that Jenelle made big bucks from her gig on ‘Teen Mom 2’ for nearly 10 years. In May, Jenelle and David were forced to reveal their salaries (and spending habits!) during a custody court hearing. Jenelle testified during that hearing that she made $400,000 just in 2018 from her gig on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (Jenelle’s income has steadily increased since she began doing the show in 2010, meaning she has made millions and millions of dollars from appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

David claimed he made about $60,000 from 2017-2018 from his TV appearances. (He was fired in February 2018.)  During that same hearing, he blamed his skin condition– vitiligo– for preventing him from working outdoors in the sun and getting a job.  (Click here to read the full story.)

“Ya can always work at Wahhhlmart, David! Ya don’t have to be out in the sun if ya work in the deli!”

Five hours into Jenelle and David’s GoFundMe fundraiser, the couple had only raised $70 of their $3,500 goal. Comparably, Olivia’s fundraiser brought in almost $600 within the first five hours. 

“Oh, they’ll donate, dude. Just watch!”

Prior to Jenelle and David’s GoFundMe plea going live, Jenelle took it upon herself to warn people via Facebook not to go to Olivia’s place of employment and specifically, not to let Olivia– who works as a hairdresser– anywhere near them with a pair of shears. In her review, Jenelle accused Olivia of cutting hair without having the proper license, of “making up false accusations” about Jenelle and her family and of spreading those accusations to her clients. Jenelle claimed she was only leaving the review because her “friend” had a bad experience and didn’t know how to post a review herself. 

The review Jenelle posted on her “friend’s” behalf…

The review has since been taken down.

As for David, he also took to Facebook to slam his ex with some accusations, stating that Olivia is on drugs, “trying to hide her bad habits” and of having a history of being abusive.  

“This woman has kept Kaden from me since before he was born when she asked me to sign a paper saying I didn’t have to be the dad,” David’s post read in part. “Olivia was always very abusive towards me and even put my son’s life in danger several times while she was pregnant.”

David went on to criticize Olivia for being “with 7 different men in the past 3 years” and for telling Kaden to call two of the men “daddy” against David’s wishes—both of which he also mentions in his GoFundMe description 

Jenelle shared a similar really longwinded story to her own Facebook page, however, the post has since been deleted, along with her Instagram post sharing David’s request for a handout GoFundMe page. A screenshot of the post remains on Jenelle’s Instagram Story, along with a second post linking followers directly to the GoFundMe page.

At press time, both GoFundMe fundraisers were still up and collecting donations.

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV, Facebook, Instagram)

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  1. David actually complained about the child support “he” has to pay? Excuse me while I die from laughter. No, Mr Jenelle, your wife pays your child support, as you haven’t had an actual job in years. I hope that Kayden is never returned to the land. Mr and Mrs Greason have already caused far too much psychological damage to those poor children who are currently stuck on The Land.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    I can’t believe you’ve set up a fund raiser! You shouldn’t have any of your kids. Here’s an idea, both of you get jobs! You got fired from the show, nobody wants to launch your products. Karma has come back ten fold! Get off social media and stay out of other people’s business and get jobs!

  3. I hope they now start to “get” how despised they are, and you know they won’t take any responsibility for that. Cue the blaming, on MTV, on Olivia, anyone but where it belongs.

    Don’t forget Jenelle was bitter, a couple of years ago, because she couldn’t get any government assistance. So unfair, just because she got paid 400k to be a trainwreck, she can’t get any help! Here she is working hard on tv and gets punished by being ineligible for welfare!
    These two are crashing and burning;I truly shudder to think about the kids, forced to be there. Anyone can see that this won’t end well.

    1. Well this post is worthy of Miss Cleo!!
      Ha ha

      “Blaming MTV” was precisely the topic of JEs latest HOOKTUBE rant (?) of more lies and attempted manipulation.

      She is so predictable that we are able to predict her actions literally years in advance! [August 2019 to September 2020]
      Well done!!

  4. You know what else works? having a job!! so your going to beg money for custody but not have a job to support the kid? and he can’t work because of his skin??, what a load of bull. Typical deadbeat, both of them

  5. Unfortunately, Olivia’s hasn’t raised as much as it says. If you use a fake name, it won’t work. I tried to use the name Jenelle’s Beef Curtains and it sent me an email later saying it was declined because the name I used and the name on my card don’t match. I went back and donated with my real name, bud I honestly don’t know if a lot will.

    1. I was wondering why it kept going up and down. I thought I saw it over 6000 this morning then a few hours later it dropped to 5700. ??‍♀️??‍♀️

      The fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad’s baby mama has been granted sole custody of Kaden, 5.
      AUGUST 30, 2019 @ 13:30PM / RadarOnLine

      1. No, not true. Olivia DOES need the money. Look at that Radar article — it’s from June. Olivia was granted full custody of Kaden when all the shit was going down with CPS and the court hearings. Yesterday David was spotted at the Family Court filing papers, it’s assumed he filed for custody of Kaden. Someone posted his picture on Twitter at the intake window.

        There is an entirely new custody battle coming and Olivia needs help. I have no problem with her setting up a GFM for legal fees. No one wants another child to be in danger on The Land.

        1. I thought it was recent. Radar On Line dated it August 30. I want her to get all the help she can. I hate those two monsters more than I ever knew I could.

          1. The Ashley won’t let me post the Twitter user name or the link to the picture! Look for TequilaMocki but that’s not her picture. She retweeted.

          2. I saw it. Thank you! I also commented about the dog murderer and how much I hate these monsters!!!

      2. I could be wrong, but wasn’t it posted somewhere that it was granted for her to have sole custody and in 8 months it will be evaluated again to see if David can have visitations back? I think that is why she started the GoFundMe. To fight it in a few months again. And, I read that supposedly, David was seeking to get full custody at the 8 month mark. You can never believe every article or tweet tho. Someone probably has more info into this and will post here!

          1. Your right, had Olivia not changed things, lurch wouldn’t have had any visitation at all.
            Fucking morons down voting this correct and truthful comment.

            Olivia had the no contact lifted, she should have left things as they were, then lurch wouldn’t have seen the kid period

        1. I googled it and the latest post is August 30, 2019 @ 17:31PM which is 5:31pm EST? As Radar readers know, Olivia created a GoFundMe page to help raise money for her legal bills. The court filing stated the case is to be reviewed in 8 months to determine if expanded visitation would be safe and in Kaden’s best interests, which could explain why Olivia is asking for financial help.

    3. I was wondering about that since i made a few small donations under my real name (Kieffer Delp) although that’s not the name on my card and two pseudonyms (Terry Hill’s Truck and Molecular Spidey Sense). However, the donations have hit my credit card statement.

      But makes sense if that’s why her dollar amount has gone down a bit. Still, great showing by a crowd of warm and caring haters (oxymoron?).

  6. They have no money left and now he’s trying to sell knives-made out of train tracks. Jenelllllle pretending to have a eyebrow whatever makeup line. I just can’t understand why those children are allowed on the land. This will not end well

  7. The dumbass’s campaign raised a whopping $135 and thank goodness is over! I reported him because he’s a douche bag and he was slandering his ex which is against the rules of gofundme. I hope junelle and douche bag can pay the $135.

    The fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad’s baby mama has been granted sole custody of Kaden, 5.
    AUGUST 30, 2019 @ 13:30PM / RADAR On Line!

      1. You have to read the article. Yes, Olivia was granted custody back in June when David & Jenelle were going through the court hearings with CPS. BUT, the original court order issued back in November ruled that the matter would be open for refiling in 8 months — the 8 month mark is now here. David is trying to file for full custody again & Olivia needs the money to fight David’s custody petition. By now everyone should know that David Eason is like a bad rash that just won’t go away. He’s going to do whatever he can to make Olivia’s life miserable because she won’t give him what he wants. She refuses to give him her kid just to shut him up like Whitney did with Maryssa.

  9. How delusional do you have to be to believe you have public support? Apparently enough to set up a GoFundMe account (to try to be spiteful towards poor Olivia and Kaden)after Jenelle has made millions of dollars doing nothing productive for society.

  10. I’d rather bet my hard earned money on the fact that the $70 came from Juh-Nelle in a feeble attempt to make it appear that someone else on the planet gives a ? about either of them. The last thing these two inept and useless people need is to add more children or animals to the circus that is the Land.

  11. My hubby has the big V. He was a Marine who had boots on the ground in Iraq, works six days a week, and LOVES the outdoors. Shockingly…no problems, no pain, just discolored skin on his hands and feet…and we are FROM NORTH CAROLINA! Oh, he’s also never laid a hand on a child or woman. I’d end up divorced if I tried to keep him indoors and out of work because of his ‘condition’. Oh, he also has met Nathan(Paris Island)…whom he calls a ‘Hollywood Marine’, which means he’s more concerned with looking like a Marine than actually being one. He’s no prize either. Other Marines call him a ‘needle d##k’ because he needs help with those muscles. Neither one is parent material. God protect those kids.

    1. My brother in law also has it. He has zero issues being outside. In fact, his job requires him to be outside pretty much 8-10 hours a day. He’s had it since he was a kid and you couldn’t keep him inside during summer if you tried. UBT is a lying, useless douche. He just doesn’t want to work, plain and simple. His home schooling excuse is BS too, he’s barely literate himself so how is he teaching a child anything?

      They are both scum.

      1. I recall reading that Maryssa’s mom said one of the main reasons they broke up was because UBT barely worked back then. Not sure if he had vitiligo then, but he otherwise seems to be a physically (certainly not mentally) fit man. Zero excuse – there are plenty of pig farms in NC where he can shovel shit with thick gloves on so his hooves don’t get a boo-boo.

        So sounds like he’s always been allergic to work and financially supporting his kids. Loser.

      2. Yeah, the only thing my hubby does for it is put extra sunscreen on the discolored skin because it will burn quicker than the rest of him. That’s literally the only kind of treatment he uses. I’ll admit he works indoors as a chef but when he’s home, he’s almost always outside in the yard or on the lake. When he was in the Marines he was always out in the sun. Lurch is just a lazy layabout. Do they not have Google? They should have at least looked up the disorder before claiming it as the reason he can’t work. Dumb, evil, lazy white trash.

    2. David is outside alot
      Fishing, boating, Raking…i assume he has a different strain then your husband. Davids only flares up if he is “works” (is told/expected to do something a certain way)

  12. There are no words left to describe these two. They’ve exceeded every criticism, harsh word, and insult that could possibly be hurled at them.

  13. You are accusing your ex of jumping from man to man when that’s exactly what your wife did before you decided to put her on a leash….I mean before she found her true love, DUDE!

    That’s rich!

  14. Is Janelle seriously saying that this woman is a bad person, who doesn’t deserve her child because she gossips at a hair salon (you don’t say???) and have a kid an improper fade style haircut BEFORE A WEDDING???? Heavens to Betsy! I can’t stand you Janelle. You are grosser than gross

    David, you seem to spend a lot of time trying to convince STRANGERS that your ex does drugs. That can be proven easily by a judge in court (the proper place for ALL OF THIS!). How dare you ask us for money. You have no shame, no pride, no discernible intelligence…..but you DO have money. Go scratch your ass.

    1. Very convenient that out of all the barbers in town, Jenelle’s “friend” would take her son to Olivia. Also funny how it wasn’t worth a negative review until Olivia posted her GoFundMe. But, sure, Jenelle, we totally believe you.

  15. If you know anything about the narcissistic personality disorder, you know what’s going on here. Poor kids ?

  16. At this time David’s GoFundMe is closed after having raised a whopping $135. Olivia’s has raised over $6k and is going strong. Good times!

    1. Who in their right mind donated even $5 to those 2 lying idiots?!?! So glad their campaign was a total failure and the comments really were hilarious!!!

    1. There is no tow truck case (i know what you are referring to but it is obvious that these 2 will not get in trouble or be held accountable for anything. They get away with EVERYTHING & that is why they think they are perfect, they do no wrong because they are NEVER held accountable. He obviously has the best lawyers in the country, i guess that is why they need a GoFundMe, pay for their expensive lawyers

  17. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I like how he’s complaining that Olivia is spreading rumors and lies about him when that’s ALL they do towards her, she doesn’t need to say anything about them I’m sure their whole town knows all they need to know about the shitty people they are, but for them to leave bad reviews and make stuff up about her …. ?

  18. Hi Jenelle

    Unless Olivia was responsible for those criminal feathers in your hair, I suggest you shut it. Is that really the worst you can come up with?

  19. How the Ashely links to Olivia’s page/story/GFM twice before linking to David’s ?
    On a serious note though….
    The more i sit here reading through alllll this (aka willingly killing my own brain cells), I am genuinely kind of worried. I cant help but feel that this, the blatant in your face lack of support and genuine disgust people have for them, might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. What finally pushes him over the edge. Tensions have got to high in that household right now, as I’m sure they’re reading all this too. Watching Olivia’s money go up almost by the minute and his basically doing nothing.
    I pray we dont all wake up to worst possible outcome for those kids in the headlines.
    Pray for those kids. I hope they’re all with their other parents this weekend!!

    1. I think the same since the “drunk accident”and the 911 call.
      I’m afraid that UBT could kill a child or Jenelle. Even if she’s an horrible person, she doesn’t deserve it.
      If so terrible things happen, some judges will have blood on their hands.

  20. Someone tell that girl “Sissy” who commented that it’s not right to post Jenelle’s naked pictures on there….that her husband David is the one who put them on the internet in the first place!!!

  21. LOL! Someone keeps posting a pic of Chinelle showing off her beef curtains on the Easons GoFundMe page. Tee hee hee!!! ???

  22. David – You are trying to destroy the income of the only person who willingly provides support for your biological child. This wasted time would be better spent applying for jobs, or cleaning your house, especially since the CPS report made it clear it is one of the many things that have been neglected on the land. While I understand you are the first person whose Vitiligo only reacts to an honest days work, I’m happy to inform you that indoor employment exists. Given your track record, an employee discount at Home Depot would be better than a paycheck, and between the domestic violence misunderstandings, and having a wife with munchausen, health benefits would be invaluable.

    Unfortunately, the erratic and highly disturbing behavior that got you and wifey fired is frowned upon everywhere – indoor, outdoor, imaginary (shoutout JE Cosmetics). Based on footage from the courthouse parking lot, it’s safe to say you couldn’t even hide your crazy long enough to get through an interview.

    Given that Jenelle told the 911 operator you fly into a fit of rage every time you read something bad about yourself, step away from the computer, spoiler alert: the only person who seems to see any good in you is out in her SheShed on social media telling a contradicting version of events. For two unemployed people who live on the same swamp, you seem incapable of telling the same lie. Its your own contradicting stories that serve as the best evidence of complete bullshit.

    Speaking of bullshit, I found Olivia’s cosmetology license. Jenelle never lets silly little things like facts get in the way of her claims. Oddly enough, I couldn’t find Jenelles license to “save lives”

    PS – you seem to have mixed up baby mamas when discussing harmful behavior while pregnant. Ensley was the child that tested positive for drugs at birth.

    1. I find it funny that his “V” skin condition never seems to harm him when they both are posting all these video’s of him outside for chicken coop building or boating or fishing or around the pool or beating, murdering and then burning poor innocent dogs or abusing Kaiser or anything else! BUT IT PREVENTS HIM FROM A PAYING JOB, INDOORS OR OUT!!!!!! ???????

    1. And I have hard time believing the MTV money is gone. I think they’re just assholes and pissed because people are supporting Olivia.

      1. I think its gone. Babs already said Jenelle lives from check to check and if ahe loses her MTV check she’s screwed. Between child support payments, lawyers fees, probation, paying bills,supporting 5 kids and David, buying weapons, buying drugs, ER visits buying $70,000 SUV and vacations she can burn thru the money fast. Remeber about 35%-40% goes to taxes.

        1. Then they should sell the expensive SUV and several of their ATVs and guns. Money problem solved for a year or two…

        2. Yeah and if I remember correctly, they are all employed as contractors, so they will pay another 15% in taxes as self-employed individuals

  23. I find it entertaining how she posts Harry Potter length novels on SM to turn around and delete it when the negative comments come pouring in. Once she sees that it’s not going her way, it’s gone. This is the internet Mo-Ron, ppl have screenshots to prove you wrote and posted it. She thinks it’s written in pencil on paper, and if she erases it, it’s gone for good without a trace.

    Monday JEcosmetic launches, onTuesday it will all be deleted! ? Me thinks she will buy all her products up herself when they see that no one is buying them, so she can put “sold out” on the items; to try in make it look like they were bought and in high demand. That’s why they need the $3,500 on GoFundMe for. “Gettin perpared y’all.”

  24. Oh my god Are they serious?? Sad thing is their idiot teenybopper fans who have $70 in the bank will be sending them $10 or $20 because they don’t know any better, meanwhile Jenelle has made hundreds of thousands of dollars – more than most 2-income households of 2 college-educated adults! Oh she blew it all on drugs and guns? Sorry not sorry. GET A JOB DAVID!!

    You know these 2 have never given a penny to a charity and are probaby 100% anyone being on any sort of government assistance……yet they’re begging for money on the internet? Grow up. Once again Jenelle is talking about how she’s a good mom and would do anything for her kids – but yet you chose to blow all your money on selfish junk instead of putting it in the bank for your kids’ future? What an embarrassment these 2 are.

    1. Let’s hope he gets behind on his child support and can’t pay it. That’s the only reason they want this child, so dog murderer doesn’t have to pay any child support. The last time he was $5000.00 behind. The judge told him he had until the afternoon to pay it or go to jail. I’m sure that ex-teen monster mom paid it. I believe this was right after he murdered #justicefornugget.

  25. Pictures are back up and all the comments are giving them hell! Comments are turned back on the dog murderers GoFundMe Page. Make a statement so they can that he needs to removed!!! Also tell ETSY!

    1. I know how they can earn some fast money.
      $50 a slap.
      We pay $50 which entitles us to one big ole slap across J or D ugly face.

  26. The picture is now gone on Dog Murderers GoFundMe Page? Maybe they are removing it? File complaints people! File complaints with ETSY! The only way they can be stopped is to boycott businesses and web sites.

  27. Vitiligo doesn’t do SHIT to affect you getting a damn job you giant ape. Everything he described about his ex, Jenelle has done ten times over. And posting a bullshit review of her place of employment? Lowdown dirty shit. Not surprised. Hoping all this is used as evidence in court. Bunch of backwoods uneducated morons.

  28. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    David, go sell all those guns you invested in to invest into your kid. Wtf. Not once in his GoFundMe description did he take fault for any if his actions. Then just said falsely accused when he laughed in everyone’s face about what he did. He acknowledged it, admitted to it, post about it and laughed about it but now wants to say he didnt want to do anything and needs everyone’s help for the shitty things hes done. I feel like he made this GoFundMe just because she did it. They clearly dont need the money but if he sees her doing it and getting quick money, I can see him doing it for the sake of “I have more followers and can get more than you” kinda deal.

  29. You have got to be crazy Id give gor a fund to keep all the kids away from you two before Id give any money to help you ruin any more of those kids lives!! I’m sure you wouldn’t use all the money for the intended purpose anyway since you weree kicked off of teen mom now you don’t have much of an income.and God forbid David would provide for the kids.?

  30. Not a chance in hell that I would give a penny to these lunatics. Hope Nugget haunts both of you for the rest of your days. #JusticeForNugget#FreeKaiser

  31. In a big way, Olivia is lucky. A lot of women have to deal with ignorant, controlling, abusive men but when they try to seek help they’re met with opposition because Baby Daddy can put on the All-American routine for the court. In Olivia’s case, David has shown the entire world what an unhinged, abusive, vindictive drunk/drug abuser he is. Olivia’s case should be easy to prove. I wish her luck and I did donate to her GFM as “Jenelle’s Cracked Collarbone”.

  32. If you can’t find David’s go fund me you could always donate to a kill shelter. Funding the same thing

  33. Lololol anyone who donates to this mine as well consider themselves contributing to the abuse of these children. I can’t believe they think anyone with half a brain cell would help them.

  34. Whining about paying child support and blaming Olivia for the failure of his barnacle scraping business… Sure, Jan. How about his reputation throughout his community that his an abusive animal killer that randomly tows the cars of legally parked citizens. Maybe THAT’s why people don’t want to do business with him. Not because Olivia maybe told a small group of people that own boats not to hire him to scrape barnacles.

    Olivia may or may not be a saint, but she’s gotta be way better than Lurch and Janelle… And unlike Janelle she has a JOB!! Something Janelle has never had.

  35. David’s lack of success with his GoFundMe is likely the canary in a coal mine for the failure of JECosmetics.

    Olivia’s campaign was a success because intelligent people despise abusive ignorant fools, have jobs and can afford to give a few dollars to help Olivia fight Lurch and keep Kaden safe.

    The only people dumb enough to still be Janelle and David fans are in the lowest IQ percentiles, likely don’t work and therefore cannot afford to support their fundraisers, caveman metal thingies or dollar store makeup line.

    For all the crap Janelle gave her mom for working at Walmart, I see that Babs and her stolen credit card were able to make several donations to Olivia.

  36. One way to combat this is to report the Go Fund Me for David Eason. I read the rules and he makes several misleading statements and libelous attacks on Olivia. Making misleading statements is a valid reason, according to GFM to, to remove the campaign. If enough people report him, it will, ideally, be removed and he will once again have to reach into Jenelles dwin gling dollar reserve. I hope Olivia makes enough to sue him for libel and slander with her campaign.

    1. This is the letter they sent me back / On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 1:24 PM Support (GoFundMe)
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our Trust & Safety team will be investigating the page and taking appropriate action.
      Please note that:

      1. We will be unable to disclose any details about our investigation.
      2. Personal disputes will be ignored and should be settled outside of GoFundMe.
      3. Your personal information will be kept confidential from the campaign organizer.

      Our team will reach out to you if we have any further questions.

      1. In your complaint make sure to note how he was 5k behind in child support and was almost thrown in jail for it just a few months ago. That is solid evidence that he is lying since he said he pays his child support and there are court documents proving otherwise.

  37. I really hope that no one spends their hard earned money on these 2 idiots.

    It’s their fault they are flat broke- despite the literal thousands of dollars they’ve been paid this year that could easily fund their lives had the saved the money instead of buying a dozen animals they don’t know how to care for and spending their money like it’ll never run out. That’s their fault. Technically as fans, we’ve already funded enough of their nonsense over the years by watching mtv.

    It’s their fault they got fired. Both of them. Suck it up buttercups, it’s time to join the real world, get real jobs, stop trying to profit off your “fame” and start focusing on your family. Although, it seems that may never happen.

    It’s David’s fault he lost custody and has no relationship with his son. I’m so over these 2 playing the victim and attacking everyone else for things they have complete and total control over.

    They are no longer famous, it’s time to crawl out of the limelight and get big kid jobs that require responsibility, time management, and actual hard work.

  38. If I thought he was capable of it, I could almost read Eason’s post as a full-on parody of himself. Alas, I’m afraid he has no inkling how moronic this all sounds, especially in light of the various despicable things he has publicly admitted to doing. Add in the factual background of 911 calls and police reports and you have someone who is so delusional he could only be a danger to children.
    To post this as though it somehow vindicates or supports his cause is truly unbelievable. I hope these tidbits are saved for the next court case.

  39. Why is he suddenly concerned about the safety of his son? These two are too stupid to see how transparent they are.

  40. ?????? that is rich!!!! He beat ladens mother into early labor. Also left her on the side of the road at 7months pregnant in the middle of the night. You dont think that’s why you cant see your kid and she scared of you having custody. Maybe killing family pets in fits of rage has something to do with it. They are crashing and burning and I love every secound of it. I cannot think of 2 pieces of shit that deserve 2 more. They will never find work. Get on the pole jenelle. ???✌✌✌????? I hate them.

  41. David Eason, this is a total lie. Your wife made under $600,000.00 last year and makes at least $9,000.00 a month currently from her click bait gossip sites. You’re doing this to for revenge and to be spiteful. Get in your brand new $50,000.00 Toyota sequoia you just bought and get a job.

    1. He can’t he has vitiligo. It is a debilitating condition. ????????. Its also hard to find work when the whole world knows what a total psychopath and abusive maniac he is.

  42. Wow. Just wow. These two have NO shame. They’re totally doing this to “get back” at Olivia. (We can start a go fund me too! Take that Olivia!) But they arent smart enough to realize they’re just making themselves look even more pathetic, low, delusional, and utterly ridiculous than they already do. I absolutely cannot STAND these two? I try to avoid wishing direct harm on people. But damn, these two make me a hateful person???

  43. Ouff, guess that teen mom dough ran out pretty quickly already, lol. Sucks to be you two idiots! She may not be perfect, but sure as hell any place out there is better than yours for that little boy. Get real.

    1. Money runs out quick when your supporting a loser husband and like 4 kids and your loser husbands child support because hes a lazy bitch and wont get a job. It also doesnt help that they like to do meth and buy animals that keep getting murdered. But what do I know. Lol hope they both rot out there and sink into the ground like the lowlife scum they are

    1. Want to do your part? Report delusionelle and uncle bad touch’s GoFundMe for fraud. The sooner this gets shut down, the better! If they hadn’t spent all of their MTV money on The Land and being high!high! maybe they could figure out paying for a lawyer and court fees like the rest of society.

        1. I reported them. I also went to the dog murderers page and asked why does he get to turn off comments? Then a pop up on the lower right side of the page said they were on line and I could chat…so I did! I sent them the change petition about #justicefornugget. I also filed a complaint at ETSY. I told them that they had so many wonderful talented people selling their crafts, so why was a dog murderer on their selling shanks that he would most likely murder his family with. Everyone complain!!!

  44. I was laughing so hard reading her post. Pot kalling the kettle black. So Olivia is a bad person cause she has men in and out of her life, has a substance abuse problem, gets into heated arguments & fights, etc. Jenelle has done literally ALL OF THEM!
    It’s so ironic that they don’t even have enough money for lawyers after all that MTV money. And Jenelle was bragging about her “numerous” of businesses, and how she didn’t even need that MTV paycheck lol! Remember Jenelle, Karma is only a bitch if you are.

    1. It’s like, none of the whole, kids-taken-away even happened. They seem to believe that because they did get them back, none of it actually meant anything, it didn’t count.
      I just hope karma comes fast and hard, it’s never been more richly deserved.

  45. Jenelle and David you are 2 very hateful people. That describes everything about you. Plain and simple. HATEFUL.

  46. That disabling vitiligo must be eating at the fucking scrambled mess of shit that passes as his brain.

    Fucking child abusing, pet killing, wife beating piece of shit.

  47. The fuck??? Have these 2 idiots been lying for so long that they believe their own bullshit? The claims they make about needing money and this bitch making millions for being a drugged up whore. I don’t know which she has spread more-her legs or her lies!

    1. You’re absolutely right my dear Nibs. Except David is not a man or a father. He’s a POS with Tiny Dick Syndrome. Wouldn’t touch him with a vaccinated crowbar.

      A boy doesnt need a father.
      A boy needs a MAN
      A GOOD MAN
      To teach him right from wrong, to be a good person, a provider. Show him even though he is a strong man you need to love & have compassion. How to deal with problems & not fight or argue.

      All thing David is NOT.

      He would just continue the cycle of anger, violence & ignorance

      1. Unfortunately, Olivia’s hasn’t raised as much as it says. If you use a fake name, it won’t work. I tried to use the name Jenelle’s Beef Curtains and it sent me an email later saying it was declined because the name I used and the name on my card don’t match.

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