TLC Announces New Series ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Starring YouTubers Amy & Tammy Slaton

Nothing beats good old-fashioned peer pressure…

YouTuber Amy Slaton is taking her act from the video-sharing website to TLC as she teams up with her sister Tammy Slaton for a new series titled 1000-Lb Sisters. 

Starcasm reports that in the six-episode season, the Kentucky-born Slaton sisters will work together in the hope of losing enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. At 406 and 605 lbs., respectively, Amy and Tammy tip the scales at more than 1,000 lbs. together (hence the show’s title). 

Throughout the series, viewers will also see each sister work towards their individual goals — 31-year-old Amy wants to start a family with her husband but cannot get pregnant due to her weight and health issues, according to the Discovery press release. Meanwhile, 32-year-old Tammy currently lives with her sister and brother-in-law and needs help with everyday tasks, but she dreams of living independently and finding a love interest of her own. 

“Either you need to get knocked up or I need to find a husband because I’m trying to keep these TLC checks rolling in.”

“The docuseries will follow them every step of the way, from appointments with their doctor and navigating the challenges of eating healthier and moving more, to finding out if they qualify for surgery and having the procedure if they do,” the press release reads.

“Whether it’s sampling exercise equipment like thigh masters and shake weights or cutting back on unusual culinary treats they enjoy creating like ‘dressed bananas’ (bananas dipped in Miracle Whip dressing and rolled in chopped peanuts), the sisters learn and laugh as they try to embrace a healthy lifestyle.” 

Our reaction to that “dressed banana” recipe.

In the trailer released by TLC, we learn that the sisters will face another obstacle during their weight loss journey: not losing it on each other. 

The series premiere of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ airs Wednesday, January 1 on TLC. Check out the trailer below!  

(Photos: TLC, Twitter) 

13 Responses

  1. Just reading the comments others have posted, I see why these sisters have let their weight get SO incredibly out of control. How about leave a supporting comment instead of beating them down even more? Be the positive comment they NEED to read that day so they keep pushing towards a goal instead of saying something nasty and causing them to want to eat something outrageous to comfort themselves from a judgmental stranger.
    No matter what their motivation is, ratings, money, popularity… Whatever caused them to START the road to recovery is a positive for them health wise.
    So my comment to you Sisters is, Do it girls!!! You both have wonderful personalities (which obviously isn’t everyone’s cup of tea) and I pray that you both are able to reach every single goal set for you. Big or small. One day at a time until you are both where you want to be and need to be!!!! Yes, it’s going to EXTREMELY hard, PAINFUL and challenging. But just like anything else in life, if you TRULY want this, you will push through everything you hate about this journey to cross that finish line!!! Prayers and positive thoughts for you both!!!

  2. These sisters are big time scammers. One of them was arrested a few years ago for shop lifting and they have set up fake “Go Fund Me” scams. It’s really sad that TLC continues to find sick and twisted stories to profile on “The Learning Channel”. It should be called “The Lame Channel”. They act disgusting and I guess that’s what sells because TLC is paying them to act this way.

  3. When TLC still gives a paycheck to foaming at the mouth homophobes (the Duggar’s) who coverup child molestation and deny the victims the help they need…I guess giving a paycheck to animal abusing, welfare and GoFundMe campaign frauds is a step up?

  4. Why are they not eligible for surgery now? Unless the 6 episodes follow their journey to lose tirdy pound over next munt …?

    1. You have to be under a certain weight, be willing to follow doctor’s orders, already be following a healthy regimen and lifestyle, and willing to keep up with EVERYTHING afterward. It’s actually a really lengthy, involved, and difficult process. They don’t qualify because neither one of them actually has a real desire to quit their current lifestyle, and that’s after having been evaluated, on repeat, for YEARS from lots of different doctors. They have literally not qualified in well over a decade’s worth of evaluations.

      These two are nutjobs that just want to use their weight to get a paycheck(that’s what youtube does for them too). Living together, the way they do, is going to make this an impossible task for these two. You do need a support system, but they are toxic for each other and already don’t support one another. There is no way in hell they are going to pull this off. the meantime, it’s a paycheck.

  5. Just…no. I hope they’re able to get the help they desperately need; I will not be watching—that’s not fodder for entertainment.

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