‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 1 Episode 29 Recap: Al-Anon, A Trauma Trailer & A Rejected Apology

Me, every time I see that there’s a new episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ on…

It’s another day in TeenMomVille, and basically nothing has changed since the last time we checked in with our favorite not-so-underage MTV breeders. Someone is feuding, someone is crying and someone is in rehab: business as usual!

We kick things off at Cheyenne’s MTV Mansion where she and her dad, Kyle, are chatting about the “Ashley and Bar stuff” and asks Cheyenne for an update on the storyline feud. 

You call it “messy stuff,” but MTV calls it a storyline, Kyle! 

Cheyenne tells her dad that things have simmered down, yet she and Ashley have still not spoken to each other. Kyle suggests that Cheyenne reach out and at least say hello, but Cheyenne insists she is way too busy doing….whatever the hell it is she does all day…. to fit that into her schedule.  

“I have parties to plan and a child influencer/CEO to raise.”

Cheyenne goes on to remind viewers that two years ago, she and Zach and their kids were the victims of a shooting. Cheyenne informs her dad that after the shooting, Ashley accused her on social media of using the accident as an excuse to get “a new body”– aka some non-Dr. Miami plastic surgery– and Cheyenne isn’t ready to let it go. 

“Here’s the deal though, Chey,” Kyle says. “Hurt people do hurt people.”   

You were THIS close, Kyle. One more glance at that bumper sticker in traffic the other day and you would’ve nailed this line. 

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Ashley is taking care of her daughter Holly and her little sister Rosie. Holly calls up Bar, who is being beamed in via Facetime because he’s currently legally challenged and can’t leave California. Holly shows Bar how she can move her eyebrows up and down, and instructs Bar to move his eyebrow tattoos up and down.

As you do! 

This week on ‘Teen Mom’: Fun with Facial Tattoos!

Ashley is trying to make Rosie’s stay a happy one, so she takes the girls to get their nails done and thanks her little sister for helping her with Holly. It’s actually a really nice gesture and it’s obvious Rosie appreciates it. (Although she may not appreciate having an MTV camera jammed in her face all the time now…)

Next we head over to Michigan where we find Cate and Tyler filling up their new home with furniture funded by MTV. Tyler says it’s time for them to hop on a Zoom call for a follow-up with his therapist, Dr. Mike. 

During the call, both Cate and Tyler sing the praises of Ty’s sweet, sweet, Special K therapy. Dr. Mike tells Tyler the next step for him is to write a letter to his younger self and proceed to read said letter aloud in the very trauma-rific trailer he grew up in. 

Seriously, why does this sound like the plotline of an Eminem song? 

If Tyler doesn’t end his letter with “*$Baltierra$*,” this entire exercise will have been a waste.

As Cate wrangles the Not Carlys the next day, Tyler has his very own Dear Slim “Dear Ty” moment, which he later shares with his mom, Kim. He leads her to a random patch of grass so they can sit down and he can ambush her with the letter and let her know what a crappy mom she was.

Much like us when we read Tyler’s poetry– though for entirely different reasons– Kim is brought to tears by her own actions.

Sadly, Kim also admits that she didn’t believe Tyler when he claimed to have been sexually assaulted as a child. Kim goes on to apologize to Tyler and the two of them hug it out. 

“I would also like to make that whole ‘I Was In Love With Butch’ era go away, if possible.” 

Next, we check in with Jade who is in Arizona to visit her dad in his rehab facility. She’s just returned from Texas, where she was visiting her mom Christy in rehab. Jade is disturbed by some of the things Christy said to her while she was there.

Um…was Christy talking about having someone shave her cootie again? Because, honestly, I’m still disturbed about that conversation, even a year later.

Jade’s aunt (who legit sounds and looks just like Christy, only with crunchier hair) is joining Jade on this Tour ‘o’ Southwest Rehab Facilities. Jade’s grandma Lori calls them up and Jade reports that she feels Christy should stay in rehab longer, because she’s already telling people she has a hankering to go play some Bingo once she’s released. Jade says there will be no Bingo playing on her watch, given that Christy has a gambling addiction. 

“If Christy thinks we’re gonna go gather up our lucky Troll dolls and go play some Bingo, she’s got another thing coming!”

Jade and Crunchy Christy get out of the car and head into Jade’s dad’s rehab facility. 

Finally, we check in with Maci. She’s heading to Al-Anon to help her deal with all of the trauma that Ryan and his affection for The Big H has caused her. With Ryan currently in the slammer, there just aren’t many ways to make a storyline about him, so Maci is resorting to desperate measures. Maci is going to a virtual meeting (so she won’t have to hide her brewsky in a water bottle, I’d imagine?) 

“I guess I could always put the beer in a Tupperware and tell ’em it’s pee?”

Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry, are also heading to Al-Anon, but they’re going to an in-person meeting. Maci says that Dr. Drew has been telling them all to do Al-Anon for years and now she’s finally doing it.

Taylor wants to know what Maci is hoping to get out of this Al-Anon thing— other than at least one to two more episodes of content, of course. 

Over at Ma and Pa Edwards’ house, Larry talks about how he’s not into doin’ no appointments on The Zoom. They head to the Al-Anon meeting and are back home two hours later to discuss how helpful the meeting was.

Later, Maci tells Taylor how much the Al-Anon meeting helped her, calling it a “game changer.”

“I hate to say I told ya so but…”

Back in Michigan, Cate and Ty head out to Tyler’s childhood trailer-– file that one under “Sentences You Only Write When Watching Teen Mom”– -armed with Tyler’s letter.

“Or should I go stand on the porch and hope these people don’t have a guard dog or a Ring cam?”

Once they arrive, Tyler begins reading the sad letter to his childhood self, in which he apologizes for the pain he’s experiencing but promises a lifetime a good things to come– not least of which, a cakewalk of a career on reality TV. Oh…and some Not-Carlys and stuff..

Back in California, Cheyenne sits down with her mom and stepdad for a contractually-obligated, on-camera conversation where Cheyenne throws her dad under the bus for giving her a “whole speech” about making up with Ashley. Cheyenne’s sister, R. You Gonna Stick With This Storyline All Season, encourages her to clear the air, while their mom, Margaret, says Cheyenne needs to first address with Ashley the hurtful things that were said.

“You could always throw a Making Amends Masquerade Ball…just throwing the idea out there.”

Cheyenne agrees that it would be nice to finally move forward, and on behalf of the viewers–– all 36 of us–– we couldn’t agree more. 

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, Ashley’s mom Tea has arrived at Ashley’s to visit with her and Rosie. Rosie is excited to see Tea, but Ashley can’t even be bothered to glance up from her phone to welcome her mom. 

“I’m just tryin’ to do something!” Ashley says when her mom calls her out for not even saying hello.

“UMM, this video of me twerking isn’t gonna post itself, Ma!”

Once Ashley finally puts her phone down, Tea lets her know that it’s time to “turn up” now that she’s in town! 

The next day we know that Tea is ready to get down with her bad self because she’s wearing this: 

It’s the rhinestone visor for me…

Tea asks Ashley how she’s handling all of the stuff with Bar. Ashley says she’s doing well…at least, as well as you can when your husband can’t leave the state or be with you for more than two days… and has four eyebrows.

Ashley and Tea are catching up (and throwing back tequila shots, as you do) when Ashley’s phone rings. 

IT’S CHEYENNE! Dun dun dunnnnn!

Cheyenne asks Ashley if they can “have a conversation” about the body surgery accusations, online squabbles and whatnot. Chey starts rambling about how it was best that they didn’t talk for awhile so they could let the “temperature die down.” Or something. I don’t know. When Cheyenne says more than few sentences in a row I start dozing off. Her monotone voice is seriously like vocal Ambien.

Cheyenne says that she and Ashley should be able to work out their differences— on-camera, naturally.

Ashley— who by now is a few tequila shots in— obviously has no interest in Cheyenne or being part of her on-camera olive-branch session.

Is anyone else kind of loving how she’s looking at the camera while saying this?

Ashley tells Cheyenne she’s still not happy that she was disinvited to the Wedding Of The Century, and that she is fine with her and Cheyenne not having a relationship. 

Ashley then tells Cheyenne she’d like the door on their friendship to remain closed and wishes her an “awesome day” before quickly ending the call. 

When Ashley just basically told you “InTheFace” and you’re trying to look like you don’t care you just got burned…

After hanging up on Cheyenne, Ashley tells her mom that Cheyenne’s call should have come a long time ago, before Cheyenne talked about Ashley on her podcast and before she snatched back Ashley’s invite to the wedding. 

Cheyenne later tells her dad that the conversation with Ashley was a disaster. Despite being the one who encouraged Cheyenne to extend the olive branch in the first place, Kyle seems to find this update rather funny and for that, we appreciate him. 

Someone needs to add Kyle to “The Gals” group message, STAT.

Back in Arizona, Jade goes to see her dad Corey in rehab. Corey comes wandering out of the center, looking like he’s been on the road with Nickelback for like 10 years.

Dude looks rough. (I can only imagine what he looked like before rehab.) 

“Look at this photograph…”

Corey tells Jade he has GAINED AT LEAST 30 POUNDS since being in rehab.

Wait…what?!?! JESUS GOD LEAH.

Corey tells Jade and Crunchy Christy that this is the first time he’s been clean in 30 years. 

Jade tells her dad that, when he’s done with rehab, he can stay at her house or in a trailer on her property. Corey’s fine with the plan.

(Considering this dude’s probably been living under a bridge, sleeping on that blow-up mattress they brought Jade home from the butt doctor on, a room in Jade’s house sounds like a damn dream!)

One thing Corey doesn’t want is to be with Christy (original, not crunchy) if she continues to use drugs. Jade tells her dad how proud of him she is that he’s clean and getting help. 

Later, Jade calls Christy’s drug counselor and lets her know that she thinks Christy isn’t taking rehab seriously, and that she should stay longer. On the way home, Jade breaks down, realizing she can’t save her parents from themselves. 

Back in California, Cheyenne gets the news that the person who shot at her and her family two years ago has decided not to take a plea deal, so the case will be moving to trial. Cheyenne is very upset. 

Ironically, this is probably also what Cheyenne wanted to tell Ashley after she got hung up on…

Cheyenne then snaps at her sister, R You Kidding Me Right Now, for daring to mention Cheyenne’s therapist. The sister gets up and leaves as Cheyenne cries about how everything that’s happening is not fair. 

That’s all for this episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter!’ To read The Ashley’s recap of  previous episodes, click here!

(Photos: MTV) 





  1. Roxanne is an anchor on her daughter’s ankle she is holding her down. Roxanne was the aggressor and the situation with her bumping or brushing up against tea. Simple excuse me I apologize would have soothe that situation, but apparently respect or just being a bigger person is not part of her caliber And I can see if she attaches herself continuously with Bree. Breeze is going to be an emotional wreck. As far as Ashley is concerned, spitting was not the answer and I could see why she did spit on Bree because she couldn’t put her hands on Bree the way she wanted to however, when it comes to war, nothing is off-limits and that is where Ashley was coming from, however it should not have escalated to that point but once again, Roxanne doesn’t take accountability and she was the root of that whole situation

  2. I always thought that Jade’s dad was her step dad! I bet he stays clean longer than Christy though. Cheyenne is lucky because she has one of the most stable families on this franchise.

    1. He is not her bio dad. Her bio dad committed suicide when Jade was a baby. I’m not even sure if Jade’s mom and this guy are married, so I guess technically if they’re not, he’s not even really her step dad, but he’s been around since she was little so she refers to him as her dad.

  3. LMAO “looking like he’s been on the road with Nickelback for like 10 years”, I’m dead hahaha. I love you, Ashley!

  4. I just want the money that Jade’s family spends on Marlboros. Those are some harsh looking people and to listen to them makes my ears bleed.

  5. I appreciate Jade trying to help out her parents but they are both addicts. I wouldn’t bring them to my house with my daughter.

  6. 🥱 Thanks The Ashley, per usual, for taking one for the team and watching this boring crap fest, so we don’t have to! A recap is all I need to remember why I quit watching any of these dumb shows years ago!

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