EXCLUSIVE! Domestic Battery Case Against Nathan Griffith’s Wife Dismissed; Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Moves Into House for Homeless Veterans

“His & Hers court cases aren’t what they’re cracked up to be!”

Nathan Griffith— and his estranged wife May Oyola— are attempting to get their lives back on track.

The chaotic couple— who married in 2022 but were on-and-off for years until January 2024– each made headway in their respective court cases in Nevada. Nathan had been living in Las Vegas with May but the couple split in early January after May was arrested for domestic battery, allegedly against Nathan. 

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that May’s criminal case was heard in court on Monday in Clark County, Nevada. Negotiations in the case began earlier this month, with May being required to be on the court’s “Level III” monitoring system. On Monday, negotiations continued, and May–through her lawyer– waived her right to a trial. She also pleaded down from “Domestic Battery” to “Unlawful Touching.”

Because May has stayed out of trouble and complied with the rules of her diversion, the case was dismissed. (As part of her diversion requirements, May had to take an eight-hour “Impulse Control” class.) 

The no-contact order between May and Nathan was also cancelled. However, it does not appear that May and Nathan are back together, as Nathan recently referred to May as his “ex” in several social media posts.) 

“That’s gonna be a no from me, Dog.”

It is unknown if May will continue to live in Nevada (now that she’s no longer legally required to), or if she will move back to Florida, where she was living when she met Nathan.

As for the former Teen Mom 2 dad, he is also attempting to get himself square with the law. As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan was arrested for attempting to strangle his sister last year. He pleaded guilty to the crime in September and had his criminal case moved into Clark County, Nevada’s Veteran’s Treatment Court. (The Veteran’s Treatment Court provides treatment to veteran defendants, and helps them gain life skills and education to ease them back into society.) 

Nathan— who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) while serving in the United States Marine Corps.—  continues to make progress in Veteran’s Court. 

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that, earlier this month, Nathan was accepted into a group home in Las Vegas for homeless veterans (or vets who are at-risk of becoming homeless.) 

Nathan–who is the father of Jenelle Evans‘ son Kaiser– went to rehab last month, but it’s unknown where he’s been living since his release.

Nathan informed those present at his most-recent Veteran’s Court status check hearing that he had been given the OK to move into the group home. At this particular group home, Nathan will live with other veterans, some of whom are in recovery. Nathan will get access to a shared bedroom, as well as the house’s other amenities, which include a large backyard.

What I really hope the beds at the group home look like…

In order for Nathan to be allowed to live in the group home, he must agree not to use drugs or alcohol, and consent to random urine analysis.

He is also required to be undergoing some type of recovery program (such as Alcoholics Anonymous) or counseling. He is not permitted to have guests, or sleep away from the house without permission from his parole officer. He is also required, within two weeks of moving in, to either get a job or start attending school/training classes. 

Nathan, upon hearing that giving gym tips on Instagram doesn’t count as a “job.”

On March 5, the court instructed Nathan to get a consult with the Addictive Disorders Treatment Program (ADTP). (The ADTP is a “comprehensive, multidisciplinary program of recovery for veterans with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders, according to the Veterans Affairs website.) 

Nathan has his next status check scheduled for this week. 

While Nathan is attempting to get his legal affairs in order, he is not currently an active dad to Kaiser.

Nathan has admitted that it’s been more than a year since he’s even seen Kaiser. (During a TikTok Live in July 2023, Nathan called himself a bad father and admitted it’s been even longer since he’s seen his daughter, Emery, whom he shares with his ex.) He also confirmed that he had no desire to try to get more custody or visitation with Kaiser.

“I’m not in a position to go to court,” Nathan said. “I just want what’s best for my son. That’s all I want.”

UPDATE! After The Ashley published her story, May spoke out on Instagram Stories about her court case.

“My case was dismissed and of course I feel relieved BUT I’m a person who takes responsibility for MY actions,” she wrote. “Self criticism and loyalty are my main virtues…”

May went on to state that the “traumatic situation” that went down before and after  her arrest has made her stronger.

“That night in custody, with a scar on my wrist, crying non-stop and extremely scared, totally ignorant about legal ‘criminal matters’ because I have never experienced something like that (even in my own country),” May, who is originally from Argentina, wrote. “NO ONE was there for me, I had no one to call for help…except God.”

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  1. TBIs are such a bitch. Add in substance abuse and likely PTSD and he really needs to put in a lot of work to get to the point where he’s stable enough to be a good father. Crossing my fingers for him and his kids.

  2. My ex husband had TBI from years of combat along with PTSD. I’ve helped him get a room a few times to keep him from being homeless

  3. I really hope Nathan has accepted that he is an addict & takes his treatment seriously. His kids do need him & hopefully he can be there for them in some capacity once he gets his life together. This seems like a positive step int hat direction.

    1. It’s nice to hear a step in the right direction for him instead of hearing his constant downward spiral.

    2. I would imagine the fact he’s with other Veterans in similar situations can help support him to make better decisions.

      I feel the more you are supported, especially by people who have/are going through similar things, will give you a better chance to work through it successfully.

  4. I’m glad there’s some positive things happening. Nathan needs help, and it seems it is there for him. He has to want to get better, as well.

    Since May doesn’t appear to have prior convictions, her sentence seems fair.

    1. Vegas has very solid veterans services – better than most cities its size. Perhaps it’s a good place for him to be right now so he can work on his problems.

  5. I really wish Nathan could get it together so that he could be a father to Kaiser! That poor little boy needs SOMEONE on his side!! He does NOT deserve the parents he has been stuck with!! Praying for Kaiser. ❤️🙏

  6. I have always had such hope for Nathan. I have taken a lot of flack for it too! Ha ha.
    The guy has gone way off the deep end but he also doesn’t have MTV/OF $ / lawyers to hide everything and get the legal stuff “dismissed on technicalities”. Imagine what Janelle would have on her record if she didn’t have MTV… would be a heck of a lot more extensive than this!

    Poor Kaiser. He seemed to have such a sweet soul but the swamp and his absent father (pushed away by the swamp when he was in a good place let’s remember – way better place at the time than J has ever been anyway) seem to have taken a toll.
    I just hope all those kids can come out of their childhood with some kind of sense of life awareness because they have never been taught accountability or even a mild work ethic from the adults in their lives. That is the sad part of this story.

    1. Yeah, Kaiser used to be so compassionate, now he’s been wore down by the adults in his life. It’s really sad he went from hugging his mom when she was crying, to telling a sad little girl to get rid of her mom’s picture which brought her comfort. The swamp monsters are rubbing off on him.
      I always had hope for Nathan as well, if only he could get on top of the demons that seem to tear him apart. The only time I ever see Kaiser with a genuine smile, and looking like a happy child, is when with Nathan. I hope he can get it together for his sake and his children’s sake.

    2. I was also rooting for him until he got that DUI a few years back now, that’s a bullet for a custody case. Sad he’s gone so far off the path.

  7. I hope this is helpful for him. I agree with Nathan he is not a safe person to be around his son or daughter.

    I just wish he realized that also extends to adults since he can’t keep his hands off of people.

    Just feel sad for Kaiser his dad has a lot of issues and so does his mom (& stepfather). He really got the short end of the stick.

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