Nathan Griffith’s Wife May Oyola Arrested For Domestic Battery After Alleged Fight With the Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad: Details

“Stick with me and you’ll probably see the inside of plenty more jail cells!”

Nathan Griffith is dealing with legal issues again but— for once!— they’re not his own.

On Monday, The Sun broke the news (and The Ashley can confirm) that the Teen Mom 2 dad’s wife, May Oyola, was arrested on Saturday and charged with domestic battery, allegedly following a fight with Nathan. 

May— whom Nathan married in 2022 but has been in an on-and-off-again relationship with since– was arrested in Las Vegas. While court documents obtained by The Ashley do not mention who the alleged victim of May’s crime was, The Sun‘s sources confirmed it was Nathan.

Court docs obtained by The Ashley noted that this was May’s “first offense” and that she was being charged with a misdemeanor. On Saturday, a request for prosecution was sent to the District Attorney and the next day, May appeared in court. (A Spanish language interrupter was present to assist May, who hails from Argentina originally.)

Enough probable cause was found to continue with the case against May and she was assigned a preliminary attorney. 

Nathan and his wife, May on their wedding day…

May was able to bail out of jail on Monday, on the condition that she “stay out of trouble.” Like her hubby Nathan, she must follow terms of the county’s Pretrial Compliance Unit (PCU). She was determined to need “Level III” monitoring, which, in Clark County, Nevada, means she must report to the PCU after each court date to check in. She must also comply with two random and two scheduled check-ins each month. Finally, May must use the unit’s AIR check-in app or special mobile phone for monitoring.

(As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan is currently on the PCU’s Level IV monitoring, which is the highest level of monitoring an offender in Nevada can have. This stems from his charge of Strangulation from July when he allegedly assaulted his sisterHeather Griffith, by choking her and threatening to kill her.)

As for May, she will next need to appear in court on February 5, where she will find out if a criminal complaint against her has officially been filed. 

While things between May and Nathan have been on-and-off for years, the couple seemed to be trying to start fresh just days before May’s arrest. On January 1, May posted a photo of her and Nathan and Nate’s dog to Instagram, along with the caption, “Wishing you all 365 days full of joy, love [and] succeeded goals! Happy 2024!” 

“Is there some sort of Griffith Family bail bond special?”

Nathan has yet to comment publicly on his wife’s arrest.

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(Photos: Facebook; Instagram)


  1. I pray for Kaiser— that poor little boy! He’s got NO ONE who puts his needs and happiness FIRST! Neither of his parents care about him, and they both brought MORE dangerous unstable people into his life! What’s happened to Kaiser is so UNFAIR!!

  2. Nathan’s life is such a shit show. He’s going tit for tat with Jenelle at this point. Poor Kaiser.…kids got Nathan and Jenelle as his parents, sharing their genetics…and then has David Eason and this psycho woman as his step parents. Yikes man…yikes.

  3. She was given a court interrupter? I wonder if she’s like Amber’s ex-boyfriend who didn’t speak much English.

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