Former ‘Challenge’ Star Stephen Bear to Be Released Early From Prison After Being Sentenced to 21 Months Behind Bars

Nearly everyone upon hearing this news…

Stephen Bear of The Challenge and Ex on the Beach is reportedly leaving prison 10 months ahead of his scheduled time, according The Sun. 

As The Ashley previously reported, the disgraced reality star received a 21-month sentence in March 2023 after being found guilty of voyeurism and posting a private sex tape of his ex, Georgia Harrison, on OnlyFans.

Georgia and Bear on ‘The Challenge’…

“Stephen has served his time– and he’s due out of prison in the next few weeks,” a source shared, adding that Bear has plans to leave prison a changed person. “There will be no hopping back on to social media or rolling straight back into the nearest nightclub when he gets out, he says he just wants to get back to east London and his family.”

Stephen will be starting from scratch once he’s released. After his sentencing, he sold his house for more than $635,000 to help pay for his legal fees. He was also ordered to pay Georgia $267,000 in damages and she has plans to sue her former ‘Challenge’ co-star, claiming he had sullied her career prospects.

A source revealed that Stephen also plans to become a music star post-prison. According to The Sun, he is part of a “blood gang” in prison and the group spend their time writing music while behind bars.

“…or sings.”

“He’s been writing some music and has told people he wants to release some tracks with his new friends when he gets out. He wants to release an album and also write a book about his life behind bars,” the unnamed person said.

Following news of Stephen’s release, Georgia shared an optimistic post with fans on Instagram.

“Dear universe … thank you for everything. Thank you for the blessings, thank you for the lessons, thank you for the mistakes that weren’t really mistakes,” she wrote. “Thank you for the friends that became angels, thank you for the tears watering the seeds of new beginnings and thank you for the law of attraction…,” she continued.

On January 4, Stephen tweeted from prison that he would soon be released. 

“I will be leaving Brixton prison on the 17th January. Can’t wait to get my life back on track. Who’s excited to see me?” He then made a poll asking fans to choose between “I can’t wait to see you” and “I’d rather watch paint dry.”

As of Monday, a little more than 18 percent were happy to see Bear back, while a whopping 81.6 percent would rather watch paint dry. 

“For what you did they should’ve thrown away the key,” an X user responded. “Let’s hope you’ve learnt your lesson, but I doubt it! You need to get serious help and learn how to become a decent person,” another replied.

It seems Bear’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Smith won’t be one of the “excited” ones. According to The Sun, she broke up with Stephen in September after promising to stick by him during his time locked up.

“He said he was beside him and cried for days when Jessica ended things and has been sending letters asking for a second chance,” a source stated. “And in the next breath asking about his clothes and shoes. 

“That just sums him up– me, me, me,” the insider added.

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube; Instagram; Twitter) 


  1. Well, I guess there’s atypical honesty to roll out of the joint, saying you’re a changed man, and attributing it not to suddenly finding Jesus in prison, but rather to your gang buds.

  2. Please. He will roll out of prison on a long white mink coat, purple silk shirt and a bejeweled cane trying to act like the pimp he thinks he is. He has learned nothing.

  3. Ugh. Ew. Why can’t jerks like him and Ryan Edwards just stay behind bars…forever?!

    He’s also a major creep. He will do this again to his next girlfriend. (If anyone is stupid enough to date him) Mark my words. I don’t believe this changed crap.

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