Sandra Diaz-Twine Calls Out Fellow ‘Traitors’ Castmates For Having A Secret Smoker’s Alliance; Warns Season 3 Players To Watch Out For It

“Where there’s smoke…”

It seems Sandra Diaz-Twine is still salty after getting booted from The Traitors Season 2. 

In a video shared by the @BravoandBlaze Instagram account, the former Survivor star accused a handful of her castmates of forming an alliance amid smoke breaks. She went on to warn future ‘Traitors’ players to keep an eye out for shady (and smoky!) alliances being set up in plain sight.

“Here’s the thing that we didn’t … that no one ever put their finger on until the end,” Sandra said. “There were smokers in the house— the four smokers the entire season were CT [Tamburello], Trishelle [Cannatella], MJ [Javid], and then Kate [Chastain] showed up.

“That was a smoker’s alliance, come to find out, and I say this for anybody going to play on Season 3– if there’s a smoker’s clique, take the motherf**ker out,” she advised future contestants. “I didn’t know they were sharing information.”

Sandra went on to rant that the smokers were sharing information with the Faithfuls and Peter Weber’s “Peter Pals.”

“You know, there’s so much s**t going on in the castle, there’s so many rooms in the castle, [producers] divide us up, they never want too many people in one room…so sometimes you don’t have a big crew talking,” she said, noting that because of this, the cast was never all together, making it easier to overlook the smokers.

“We ignored that smoker’s clique,” she said. 

It dawned on her later that when Phaedra Parks got banished from the castle, Sheree Whitfield got murdered, with Sandra getting banished next. 

“Phaedra, I swear to God, was protecting me, and Kate was protecting her smokers— CT, MJ, and Trishelle,” she concluded. “Get me a Bible I will put my hand on it.”

“I’ll get you that Bible…right after my smoke break.”

In response to the video, Trishelle commented, “@sassysdt why you outing me like that.”

It’s not clear if Sandra knew Phaedra was a Traitor, but getting close to one was part of her strategy going in and she had done her homework by watching the previous international seasons.

“[As] I’m watching, I’m realizing that the people that are close to the Traitors don’t get murdered or banished,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “So I’m like, ‘Okay, now I know how I’m going to get to the end.’

“So I was like: That’s what I’m going to do,” she continued. “I know my social game is good. I’m going to get along with the Faithfuls and the Traitors. Everyone’s going to be my friend.”

Ultimately, CT had his suspicions and voted Sandra out as a Traitor. Kate got voted out next and CT, MJ, and Trishelle were the last ones standing. 

Sandra opened up about being blindsided by the banishment during an episode of Rob Has a Podcast.

“It was crazy because on our way to and from the mission, I was in the car with MJ and Trishelle and all I knew was that we were gonna vote out Kate first at the round table, and then, Trishelle had kept saying, ‘CT’s a Traitor, I know he’s a Traitor,’ … so CT was going to be next,” she said.

“Not quite, Sandy.”

She revealed that after banishing CT, she had plans to split the prize with Trishelle and MJ. However, after talking to Kate before the banishment, Sandra was told that CT was going to say her name. She then planned to help Kate take out CT in order to save herself. 

Sandra shared on the podcast that Kate immediately spoke to CT afterward and seemingly revealed the plan. She tried to talk to CT, but producers blocked her and told her that the banishment was about to start.

As viewers know, CT was successful in banishing Sandra and he won ‘The Traitors’ Season 2 with Trishelle. 

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(Photos: Peacock; Instagram) 



  1. She wasn’t even above average, she got lucky going to the end. There was nothing impressive. If she figured out all these things, how come she was wrong so often? I disliked her very much.

  2. Sandra, you’re triggered by people making an alliance, when you should be upset with your lack of sleuthing ability. Your biggest mistake this season was falling in love with how amazing your game was. It was NOT that good. Above average but you whiffed on all the biggest things at the end.

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