Rachel Reilly & Janelle Pierzina Respond After Dr. Will Kirby Slams Their Game Play on ‘The Traitors’

Will Kirby taking time off from his busy medical practice to hang out with two wolves at a creepy cabin the woods.

Will “Dr. Will” Kirby didn’t make any friends following his guest appearance on the latest episode of The Traitors, and not just because he was pouring bugs on people.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the winner of the second season of Big Brother shared what he really thinks of the former houseguests who’ve competed on ‘The Traitors.’

“Well, I don’t think it’s any secret that the four ‘Big Brother contestants [Cody Calafiore, Rachel Reilly, Janelle Pierzina and Dan Gheesling] on the first two seasons of ‘The Traitors’ have done poorly, and I hope the fans don’t chastise me making that factual statement,” Will said. “See, I think some ‘Big Brother players went on ‘The Traitors to show that they ‘still got it’ — only to realize that they actually ‘never had it.’

“It takes an extremely unique skill set to do well on these types of shows, and anyone can get lucky once, but it’s really hard to repeat that success, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t openly wonder if the Big Brother contestants who appeared have really hurt their reality television legacies because of their poor gameplay in this series,” he continued. “Kind of strange to consider, but it is possible that we never see any of them on our televisions ever again. The reunion show might end up serving as their wakes.”

Rachel and Janelle plot their next move.

It didn’t take long for the pushback to come. Both Rachel, who was on season one of ‘The Traitors,’ and Janelle, who competed in season two, took to X to let Will know what they thought now just of his comments but of his reality TV legacy.  

“No I’ll call it like it is – will doesn’t have the _ to go on this or any show and throws shade at us who do – he knows he’s 1st out – tell me you don’t have time off, your the owner of your practice – overrated – The Traitors guest star Will Kirby,” Rachel posted Friday. “Congratulations will you won 1 show 20years ago –”

“I spy an overrated reality star.”

In her comments, Janelle alluded to an infamous Will moment from ‘Big Brother’ season 22 when he moved next door the house.

“Says someone who is terrified of participating in another show because they know they’ll be the first out.,” she wrote. “At least me, Cody, Dan and Rachel put ourselves out there for the fans. All you’ve done is showed up on set in a bathrobe and acted like a creep.”

Will also told Entertainment Weekly that he’s too busy running a successful medical practice to compete in another reality show, an assertion that rubbed Janelle the wrong way.

“I’m not a businesswoman, I’m a business, woman.”

“I am also worth millions and have a very successful business,” the realtor posted to X. “Reality TV is my hobby. It’s too bad he is so worried about how he will appear to fans if he doesn’t do well. Like who cares?!? Just have fun with it like you used to.”

Will has yet to respond to Rachel and Janelle. Dan hasn’t weighed in on the comments from any of the parties yet.

Cody had other things on his mind this weekend. The winner of ‘Big Brother 22’ married his longtime girlfriend Cristie Laratta in New Jersey on Friday. The guestlist included several reality TV competitors — Cody’s brother Paulie, Derrick Levasseur, Tiffany Mitchell and Enzo Palumbo from ‘Big Brother’ and Cara Maria Sorbello from The Challenge.

“What was most important to us was celebrating with all our friends and family,” Cody told People. “We wanted a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony that captures the story of how we fell in love, and then high vibes all night and dancing the night away with everyone we love.”

New episodes of ‘The Traitors’ air Thursdays on Peacock.

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  1. “i hAvE a SucCesFuL pRaCtiCe”..

    Bc I’d EVER go to a doctor who did reality TV. Smh. Or one of those TikTok surgeons. No thanks.

    1. Every publication and media still says that.

      In fact, it’s probably a legal tag for now.

      Has nothing to do with anyone’s intelligence.

  2. I agree with Janelle and Rachel. I’ve watched all seasons of the US version of “Traitors” so far (not UK or Australian yet), and I thought Will was super weird. He didn’t add anything to the show nor did he try to compete. Traitors is a combination of luck and strategy.

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