Decision Reversed! Ashley Jones Will Appear on Upcoming Season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ After All; Info on Why Bar Smith Isn’t Filming (Exclusive Details!)

“…but I’ll take the paycheck, so I’m in!”

She’s baaack!

Just weeks after Ashley Jones and her baby daddy Bar Smith reacted to the news that they had been fired-by-ghosting from Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Ashley has confirmed that she will, indeed, be on the upcoming season after all. 

The @TeenMomFanz Instagram account was the first to report the news that, despite the show’s producers ghosting Ashley and Bar and not contacting them to film for the upcoming season, Ashley was recently contacted and will be appearing on the upcoming ‘Next Chapter’ season after all.

While Ashley will appear on the season, Bar will not…at least, as of press time.

Sadly, that means we won’t be privy to scenes like this anymore…

“Bar not being on [‘Next Chapter’] is the result of a few different things, but a big part of it stems from what went down at Teen Mom Family Reunion [Season 3],” one source tells The Ashley.

As The Ashley told you back in September, Ashley and Bar were both flown to Colombia to film for the “couples therapy” version of ‘TMFR’ but both were booted before they even made it to the villa the other cast members were staying at.

“Ashley and Bar were in Colombia but were put back on a plane to go home before they could even join the group in the house,” the source told The Ashley at the time time.

Now, The Ashley can reveal more of what went down in Colombia to get Ashley and Bar sent home. (The Ashley is unsure if the incident will be covered when the show airs but she hears it “almost definitely” will be.) 

“If you think we’re not going to exploit this to the fullest extent possible, you’re nuttier than Farrah at a peanut farm!”

“An altercation happened between Bar and Ashley while they were at the holding hotel,” a production source tells The Ashley. (The “holding hotel” is where cast members would stay until they were officially introduced into the cast villa, where the show was filming.)

The Ashley has heard varying accounts of what happened during the fight, with some sources saying things got physical, but The Ashley can’t 100 percent confirm that.

“The fight happened in front of some of the higher-up producers and that caused big problems [for Ashley and Bar],” the source said. “The producers didn’t want the violence that happened last season and, along with a few other things that went down, gave that as a reason to kick off Bar and Ashley.” 

In case you forgot what happened last season…

That being said, The Ashley’s sources say it’s likely that Bar will end up coming back, even if the producers are “opting not to use his story at the moment.”

“It’s not a permanent ban, at least not at this point,” another source tells The Ashley. “Things change from week to week with this show.”

“Y’all got my number.”

The Ashley can confirm that Ashley filming for the season will not affect Mackenzie McKee being added to the show.

“Mackenzie will still be featured on episodes this season,” the source said. “Nothing changes there.” 

Bar responded to a post on the @TeenMomFanz Instagram regarding him not being asked back.

“Thank y’all for holding me down,” he wrote in the post’s comment section. “Hopefully you’ll see me soon again. If not it was one hell of a run.”

Ashley also commented on the original post on Instagram announcing her return. She hinted that she was able to negotiate her pay with MTV.

“Ask for what you are worth,” she wrote. “Actually, demand it.”

The Ashley hears that the rest of the cast is basically finished filming for ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,’ so Ashley’s parts will be much more-recent than the others’ parts. 

The next season of ‘Next Chapter’ will not air until after ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 3 airs.

“Expect to see the trailer very soon because they have a tentative air date as mid-March for ‘Family Reunion’ to premiere,” The Ashley’s source tells her. 

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


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