‘Summer House’ Star Lindsay Hubbard Is Expecting Her First Child with New Boyfriend; Pregnancy (and Dorinda Medley) Reportedly Got Her Cut From ‘The Traitors’ Season 3 Cast

From making sandwiches, to making a baby…

Summer should be fun full of surprises! 

Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard celebrated her Fourth of July holiday by announcing that she and her current boyfriend are expecting a child.  

“Trigger Warning: This post contains more fireworks than the 4th of July! WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!!” Lindsay announced on Thursday. “I truly believe the universe has a bigger plan and this is it! … My boyfriend and I are beyond excited to welcome our little #HubbCub this Holiday season 2024!!” 

Lindsay’s announcement came a huge surprise to fans of ‘Summer House,’ who, not long ago, were expecting to watch Lindsay marry her fiancé and co-star Carl Radke. As The Ashley previously told you, Carl ended up calling off the nuptials in August, just three months before he and Lindsay were set to walk down the aisle. 

Following the couple’s split, Lindsay went on to reconnect with a former flame– a doctor who reportedly works in biotech investing– with whom she is now expecting her first child. (Lindsay has kept her new boo’s identity private.)

“To think where I was this time last year is insane to me,” Lindsay told People. “Looking back on it, it’s just so clear to me that the universe had a plan. 

“The journey is really just crazy,” she added. “All of a sudden, for a girl who’s always wanted to be a mom, there I was at 37 years old, staring down the barrel of being single and questioning when my dreams of having a family would happen. And then this incredible man comes back into my life and next thing you know, I’m pregnant. It’s like the universe was saying, ‘See? This is the time. This is the guy. Now you’re ready.’ I feel like my prayers have been answered.” 

While Lindsay believes her pregnancy to be a sign from the universe, her ‘Summer House’ co-star Paige DeSorbo actually predicted it last season on the show. 

“Let him go … In a year, you could be married with a baby with the love of your life … ,” she told Lindsay, shortly after Carl called of their wedding. 

“I wonder if I could start a fortune telling biz from my bed…?”

Paige recalled her prediction when congratulating Lindsay on social media this week.  

“My manifestation even scared me….congratulations,” she wrote. 

Lindsay– who previously allowed Bravo cameras to document her egg freezing process– admitted that her pregnancy was a surprise, but something that “felt so right” for both her and her boyfriend. 

“We have a very loving, caring and healthy relationship,” she said. “I finally feel like I met my match with him.

“But here I am, catching strays in People magazine…”

“He’s just so excited to be a dad and proud to be having a child with me,” she continued. “It just means the world to have someone like him by my side. And yes, it is a lot of pressure on a new relationship, but I think because he’s the right man because we are so bonded and connected and communicate very effectively with each other that it hasn’t felt like work.” 

After receiving many messages congratulating her on Thursday, Lindsay told fans Friday that she’s relieved to finally be able to celebrate the exciting news openly. 

“I woke up this morning feeling so blessed and grateful for this journey. But most of all, I’m relieved and excited to finally be able to celebrate openly, and with the world,” Lindsay wrote Friday on Instagram. “It has been extremely difficult to hide my excitement in secrecy, and now that I’m able to share my happiness and joy, I feel like a weight has been lifted (even though I’m actually gaining weight by the day lol)! 

“Our little cub is already so so loved!” Lindsay continued. “Thank you for all of the sweet comments, love, and support! We are truly over the moon right now!”

Last month, Lindsay explained why she hasn’t revealed the identity of her boyfriend/future baby daddy yet.

“When we started dating, I really wanted to maintain our privacy for as long as possible,” Lindsay told E! News on June 21. “We needed to see how we felt about each other without the whole world chiming in with their opinions or [judgments]. The only thing that truly matters is how we feel about each other at the end of the day and I needed space and time to figure that out for myself.”

Carl has yet to comment on his former fianceé’s baby news. However, after Lindsay announced the pregnancy, she basically confirmed that Dorinda Medley actually leaked the pregnancy news to producers of The Traitors, allegedly costing Lindsay a spot on the show’s Season 3 cast. (Dorinda will appear on Season 3, as will Lindsay’s ‘Summer House’ co-star Ciara Miller.) 

The @Tasteof_Reality Instagram account posted the news about Dorinda telling ‘Traitors’ producers that Lindsay had a bun in the oven. Lindsay seemed to confirm the news by commenting in the post’s comment section.


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“This was awful! Super disappointing and sad,” Lindsay wrote. 

The situation was previously hinted about by gossip account Deux Moi, although it was not revealed to be Lindsay who was the one booted from the show.


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Dorinda has not commented publicly on the rumors.

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  1. Dorinda is the worst. She really is. Bitter, foul drunk. I would have thought by now seeing herself back in footage, she would have changed by now. But nope, she doubles down and is even worse.

  2. WTG Dorinda? Bitter and dried up. I’m not a huge Lindsay fan but congratulations!! What a sweet, sweet surprise.

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