‘Winter House’ Not “Cancelled” Despite Paige DeSorbo’s Claims; Bravo Show Is Reportedly “On Pause”

“We could use a Scandoval-sized scandal right about now!”

Winter House is officially “on pause.”

A source told People that Bravo has decided to set the reality show on the back burner for now. The news comes Paige DeSorbo claimed in a recent Instagram Story that ‘Winter House’ had been cancelled. 

In an Instagram Story shared during a New York Fashion Week show, she wrote, “Me at Winter House even though it’s cancelled.”


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Paige— who appeared on the first two seasons of ‘Winter House’ but was absent for Season 3—-wrote in a comment on the @BravoandCocktails‘ Instagram, “Sorry I thought we all read it on @bravoandcocktails.”

However, a source refuted Paige’s claims and told People, “[The show is] definitely not cancelled.” The source stated that ‘Winter House’ is simply “on pause.” 

(“On pause” is a term often used in the television industry to describe shows that have not officially been given the ax but are not currently in production. Another Bravo reality show—Family Karma— has also had its production paused for the time being, but the show has not been officially cancelled. ‘Winter House,’ ‘Family Karma’ and ‘Summer House’ are all produced by Truly Original.)

‘Winter House’ Season 1 aired in 2021 as a spin-off to ‘Summer House’ with friends added into the mix. Season 2 added in Austen Kroll from Southern Charm, while Season 3 had a hodgepodge of various Bravo stars including Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz; several Below Deck cast members and Brian Benni of ‘Family Karma.’

Among them were ‘Winter House’ and ‘Summer House’ regulars Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Jason Cameron, Craig Conover, Korey Keefer, and Danielle Olivera.

Although some fans liked the new dynamic, others thought Season 3 was a dud.

Also a dud? This fashion choice

“This season was Bravo just pulling some randos from across their platform and manufacturing a scenario in which these people would be going on a vacation together. It’s ridiculous bc it makes the whole thing way more fake,” a viewer wrote on Reddit.

‘Winter House’ always struggled somewhat in the ratings, with Season 2’s numbers falling between 340,000 and the season premiere’s high of 507,000. In contrast, Season 3’s ratings only hit above the 400,000 mark twice, according to numbers obtained by TV Deets.


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‘Winter House’ may be put on pause but ‘Summer House’ is in full effect and set to air on February 22. Click here to watch the upcoming season’s trailer! 

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  1. Was not a fan of this last winter house filled with people that irritate me to no end like Malia. Schwartz was just as boring on winter house as he is on VPR. None of the new cast members were memorable to me. How many times can we watch Kyle pee in the bushes and get stupidly drunk like he is a collage kid in a sorority?

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