Watch Lindsay Hubbard React to Carl Radke Calling Off Their Engagement in ‘Summer House’ Season 8 Trailer

Wait, really?!

Summer should be fun-– but maybe not for everyone. 

This week, Bravo released the first trailer for Season 8 of Summer House, giving fans of the show their first look at the dismantling of Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s engagement. 

As The Ashley previously told you, the ‘Summer House’ couple ended their engagement in September–- just months before they were set to walk down the aisle–- with Carl being the one who initiated the split. 

In the newly released trailer, viewers get to see a few clips of the couple, presumably just moments after calling things off. Before the couple appear on screen, we hear Lindsay tell Carl she wants him to be happy, only for Carl to confess to Lindsay that he is not happy, nor does he believe she is. 

“You need that in the relationship, you need to have the power over the other person,” Carl goes on to say, to which Lindsay says, “I don’t need the power.” 

“Yes you do,” Carl replies. 

We then see the couple having the discussion in their living room. 

“You’re really gifted at playing the victim,” Carl says, as the camera pans over Lindsay’s “Bride” swag and engagement ring.

“Well there’s no more point to this conversation, you’ve made the decision clear,” she responds. 

As fans of the show, we beg to differ.

Carl admits to the camera that he thought Lindsay would “react a little differently” to his decision. 

“She’s going to spin this and tell everybody she’s blindsided,” he adds, before Lindsay tells her dad over the phone that she does, in fact, “feel very blindsided.” 

“Of course I feel blindsided…I’ve been wearing nothing but white for an entire year.”

“I’ll be the bad guy, that’s fine,” Carl continues. “But she’s blind to the things that have gone on the last year.” 

The sneak peek then jumps back to the beginning of summer–- prior to Carl and Lindsay’s breakup–- as the group settles in to partake in some summer fun with a side of friendship/relationship ups and downs. Once Lindsay and Carl arrive to the house, Lindsay is clearly in full bridal mode and already looking ahead to what her and Carl’s future may hold. 

“Who knows what’s going to happen next summer, I might be pregnant,” Lindsay says to Carl. “So I feel like this is the perfect summer to just really, like, enjoy ourselves.” 

“Yeah, umm…who knows?”

As the clip continues, Carl confesses to some of the housemates that he and Lindsay have been fighting and during one particular argument, Lindsay accused him of doing drugs. (For those who don’t know, Carl has been sober for three years. He previously stated that the 2020 death of his brother, who struggled with addiction as well as mental health issues, inspired him to seek help for his own addiction.)  

Least-fun summer, ever.

“That’s the person I’m supposed to marry?” Carl says to the camera. 

We also see Lindsay call Carl a “terrorist” and watch as a minister tells Carl that while he’s married “tons of people,” he wouldn’t marry Carl and Lindsay. 

Following the release of the Season 8 trailer, Lindsay took to social media to let fans in on when exactly the Season 8 cast photos were taken. 

“For reference.. this photoshoot was 12 days before he called off the wedding and broke up…,” she wrote.  

Season 8 of ‘Summer House’ premieres February 22 on Bravo. Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming season below. 

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(Photos: Bravo; Instagram; YouTube) 

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  1. I’m actually looking forward to the drama. I don’t know what happened between Carl and Lindsey and I hope to learn more with the new season. There has got to be more to Summer House than getting wasted like a bunch of frat guys and peeing off the side of the porch.

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