It’s a Boy! ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Kayla Sessler Announces Birth of Her Third Child

“We spawned!”

There’s a new addition to the Teen Mom family!

Kayla Sessler— who got her start on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and is appearing on the current season of Teen Mom Family Reunion— announced on Tuesday that she and her boyfriend Ryan Leigh welcomed a baby boy on March 13.

According to Kayla’s Instagram post, Baby Zyaire Jaxon Leigh weighed in at 6 lbs. 8 oz. and measured 19 inches at birth. (Kayla had originally stated on Instagram that she was due on March 22, so Zyaire apparently came a few weeks early.) 

Kayla is already the mother of son Izaiah (whose dad is Stephan Alexander) and daughter Ariah (whose father is Kayla’s former fiancé Luke Davis.)

Ryan– who will appear on ‘TMFR’ with Kayla this season— is the father of son Zander from a previous relationship.


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When Kayla announced her pregnancy last month, she received plenty of congratulatory messages but also some criticism for having three kids by three different men. At the time, Kayla’s mom Jamie Szot defended Kayla on social media against Internet bullies.


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“Such a shame that this is the type of role modeling you are teaching your daughters,” Jamie wrote. “Women should lift each other up, or keep their mouths shut. I was taught if you have nothing nice to say to say, don’t say anything. Too bad you weren’t taught manners, just how to be a bully behind a keyboard. You have a blessed day now.”

Kayla’s co-stars from ‘Young and Pregnant’ and ‘Family Reunion’ sent their well wishes to Kayla and Ryan in the comment section of Kayla’s birth announcement post.

“Awww he’s so adorable!” wrote ‘Young and Pregnant’ star Kayla Jones.

“Godmommy baby!” wrote Kiaya Elliott.

“Can’t wait to meet him” wrote Brianna Jaramillo.

Kayla was pregnant with Zyaire when she went to Colombia to film ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ last fall, and producers were aware, although the cast did not know initially.

According to a production source, Kayla’s birth was not filmed by MTV, so it’s unlikely she will appear on the upcoming season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

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  1. As someone who is a product of a woman who had 4 kids with 3 men, I think it’s the way they choose to parent. My dad was an active role model in my life. Still look up to him. My mom tried to destroy that relationship and successfully destroyed the relationship with my brothers and their fathers. If they can be a FAMILY regardless of blood, then be that. My half brothers were never considered half brothers. They were my brothers. It’s about how you raise them and being an active role model in their life.

  2. Nothing against Kayla in particular but I truly don’t understand people (men and women) that have kids with every person they are with. You can have a relationship without procreating, you know?

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