‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: ‘Family Reunion’ Ratings Plummet to New Lows with Episode 2; Kail Lowry Announces She’s Building ANOTHER New House & More

“If the ratings get too much lower, they’ll cancel this crap and we’ll all have to get REAL JOBS!” 

From opening a new poorly-rated season to opening a store, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom Family Reunion, Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 3 Ratings Are Shockingly Bad

The show’s ratings stink worse than the Teen Momers did after this sweaty Colombian dance party…

The Teen Mom numbers are in….and, much like “the school in West Virginia”…they are “not well.”

The second episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 3 aired on Wednesday and, despite the cast heavily promoting the show on social media, the ratings were abysmal. The Ashley can reveal that only 135,000 same-day viewers tuned in to see the ‘Teen Mom’ gals and guys drink and slaughter the Spanish language for Episode 2. The episodes’ rating for the coveted viewers ages 18-49 was a measly 0.05. 

(To give perspective on just how bad those numbers are: Married At First Sight— which ran in the same 8:00-9:00 p.m. timeslot that ‘TMFR’ did— garnered 520,000 same-day viewers and had a 0.08 rating for viewers ages 18-49. Even Guy’s Grocery Games beat ‘TMFR,’ bringing in 379,000 same-day viewers on Wednesday and getting a 0.07 rating for 18-49 aged viewers.) 

Last week, the show premiered to record-low ratings, coming in with only 170,000 same-day viewers, and a 0.07 rating for viewers ages 18-49.

“Do you need me to drink more and act even dumber? Because I WILL DO IT!”

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ has never really been a ratings magnet for MTV, but the show is now bringing in less than a third of what its ratings were for Season 1. (To compare, the second episode of Season 1 had 420,000 same-day viewers.) 

(You can catch up on what happened during Episode 1 by reading The Ashley’s recap here!) 

Kail Lowry Announces She’s Building Another New House, Two Years After Moving Into Her Current Custom-Built Home

“The only thing I do more often than build houses is pop out kids!”

Kail is building yet another new home for her and her ever-growing litter.

The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star revealed on TikTok on Thursday that, despite the fact that she has only lived in her current home for two years, she is planning on moving yet again, this time to a even bigger custom built house.

“I’m building a new house,” Kail said in the video. “I know that I’ve only been in this build for two years, but I had three more kids!”

(As The Ashley previously reported, Kail welcomed twins Verse and Valley in November with her current live-in boo, Elijah Scott. One year earlier, the couple had son Rio, bringing Kail’s total kid count to a whopping seven.) 

Kail has previously said that she was planning to add onto her current Delaware mansion; however, in the TikTok video, she talked about how that’s unlikely to work for her needs.

@kaillowry #newbuild #kaillowry #bloompartner @Bloom Nutrition #kailandthechaos ♬ original sound – Kailyn Lowry

“I met with an architect today and I basically said that, what we need needs to stay under this budget, and if we start to exceed that with exactly what I need, it’s just time to rebuild,” Kail said, while slugging down some sort of drink that looked like swamp water from The Land.

“With that being said, I think it’s just best that we move forward [with building],” she said. “We have a lot of different needs, we need more functionality, we need storage space, we need closet space. And I want everyone to continue to have their own rooms.

“I want my kids to have the best that they can because, part of the reason I’m here today is because of them,” Kail added.

“Kudos to ol’ ‘Hold My Foot Jo’ for knocking me up all those years ago and getting this TV fame ball rolling!”

“We’re gonna go on the hunt for land and hope for the best,” Kail said. 

Kail recently revealed that she had her tubes tied, and Elijah had a vasectomy, so they have no plans to add to the family again. Still, Kail will need an eight-bedroom home in order to give herself and all of her kids their own bedroom.

“Hey Kail, any chance ya want ta adopt me? I wanna live in ya mansion!”

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer’s Home Décor Store Is Officially Open for Business

“Cheers to continued success and never having to resort to making an appearance on any ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off!”

Get ready to stock up on cow-print rugs and all the neutral-hued home accessories your heart desires–- Down Home by DeBoers is officially open. 

The brick-and-mortar store– located in Tea, South Dakota, and founded by former ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars turned HGTV hosts Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer— opened its doors on Friday, with a grand opening event slated for later this summer. 

“Explore our carefully curated selection of rustic décor and charming furnishings, designed to bring comfort and style to every corner of your home,” the Down Home Fab duo shared with fans in their announcement. “To celebrate this special occasion, the first 50 customers to spend $50+ will receive a FREE GIFT as our way of saying thank you for being a part of our journey.”

“You get a disco ball! And YOU get a disco ball!” 

As The Ashley previously told you, Chelsea and Cole announced in October that they were opening a storefront in 2024, that would feature a “collection of home décor, accents and furniture, as well as an exclusive section for Aubree Says.”  

“It’s ALWAYS been a dream of ours to have a place of our own, and we are so excited to bring this store to our community & beyond!” Chelsea added. “We cannot wait to meet everyone who walks through our doors.” 

The couple plan to launch an online store soon, giving fans from all over the U.S. an opportunity to purchase Down Home by DeBoers décor from the comfort of their respective farmhouse-chic abodes.

In addition to the soft opening of Down Home by DeBoers, this week also marks the premiere of ‘Down Home Fab’ Season 2. The first of the eight hour-long episodes premiered Thursday on HGTV.

Mackenzie McKee Shades Baby Daddy Josh While Talking About Boyfriend Khessy Hall

Mackenzie, completely enamored of any man who opens his mouth to do something other than burp or makeout with rodeo groupies…

Mackenzie McKee took to social media Friday for an Instagram Q&A, during which she dished about her time on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ and her relationship with boyfriend Khessy Hall. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Mackenzie will be making her return to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise on Season 3 of the spin-off, with Khessy joining her for the MTV-funded vacay in Cartagena, Colombia. 

When asked by a fan how it was getting to film again, Mackenzie revealed that her recent on-camera experience went a lot smoother than those in the past, thanks in large part to who she was filming with. 

“A lot easier with a partner that talks,” she replied, presumably shading her ex-husband Josh McKee, who was a man of few words and many mumbles.

“I ain’t much on talkin’ and stuff.”

Mackenzie went on to tell fans that, despite Khessy never appearing on reality TV before, they entered ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’ with an agreement to remain authentic once the cameras began rolling, as well as when they stopped. 

“We were together almost a year before tv became apart of our lives,” she wrote. “We simply promised each other that it would not change anything and nothing will come in between us! 


“We just share our story authentically and when the cameras stop, we continue our day to day lives just how they were before,” she added. 

Mackenzie–- who has previously spoken about her ex-husband’s lack of involvement in their children’s lives following the couple’s split–- also shared with fans that although Khessy does not have any kids, he treats her two sons and daughter like his own. 

“He did not have kids until he met me,” she wrote. “Now he’s the best parent I’ve ever met.”


To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: Instagram; MTV; HGTV) 



  1. @theAshleyrealityroundup
    Any update on the lawsuit the Deboers were facing? Their former agents/managers were suing them for breach of contract

  2. Maxi looks so old. This is just embarrassing for everyone.

    I would 100% watch a show with a new batch of teen moms for just one season. After that, maybe “where are they now” “reunions”. I’ll never watch this cheeseball BS reunion “working on yourself” ish. Stfu you in Colombia getting paid. Poor you.

  3. So Sean went To rehab and has been sober for two years, props! However, Jade and the others are encouraging him and allowing him to drink. They said he didn’t have a drinking problem. Pretty naïve to think that he can get loaded with alcohol, and not possibly relapse to drugs. I’m happy that he got sober, and I’m sad that the other people around him or not supporting him in the way he needs. He cannot drink and remain sober . Jade needs to attend some Al-Anon classes. She is setting him up for failure if she thinks he can drink and get drunk and not relapse

  4. MTV must like paying these women for the hell of it. With these ratings the show can’t be generating enough revenue to pay their huge salaries.

  5. The issue with the “Teen Mom” show, and spinoffs, is the unrealistic lifestyles they lead. Homes, plastic surgery, expensive purchases…etc.

    The magic, and draw, of the show was the realistic struggles each girl faced. The show wasn’t intended to be spring break in Florida.

    The show should have been scrapped 6 or 7 years ago, and given everyone some privacy.

    They could have done maybe a “where are they now” type specials every few years.

    1. Right – like Kail going from a modest subsidized apartment and panicking when her little hand-me-down car was totaled to moving into yet another mansion. Went from relatable for someone in that position to totally unrelatable for even people that are financially comfortable.

    2. Agree.
      Much more relatable watching Jenelle sh*t her pants when talking to her mum’s credit card company to repay the $$$ she stole when her & Keiffa took off for a weekend.

      The TMs on telly now are faaaar removed from the genuine struggles teen mums’ experience nowadays.

  6. Say what you will about Kail but i actually think she was the one who was smart about the mtv money, Im sure she has invested and have a steady moneyflow – enough to not need mtv money anymore. I really dont like her, but good for her

  7. Kail wants her kids to have the best but sure has a poor way of showing it. Popping out more kids and thinking building houses every few years will make things better for the kids….. lol

  8. Couldn’t even read the part about Chelsea because it’s so boring. And that’s the way it SHOULD be for a 30-something mom of four. For as entertaining as it is to read snark about these women, it’s pretty sad that their lives are still so messy. Especially since they don’t have to worry about money if they didn’t blow it like complete idiots, which might be a tall order for this crowd of dingbats.

    ANOTHER mansion for Kail? Does she really think anyone will still care about her in 10 years? Where’s the money going to come from then?And damn she’s starting to morph into Farrah with all of those surgeries, which also aren’t cheap.

  9. Do people really still watch shows the day/night they premier? Shoot. I watch everything at least a week behind

  10. TAYLOR RUN, RUN, RUN Corey is throwing RED FLAGS at you. He is a violent alcoholic who will bring you and your girls so much hurt and sadness. Please get away from him before it’s too late. He needs rehab, AA and counseling badly!!!

  11. I don’t know anything about how tv ratings work but is mtv really making a profit of this still? Who actually watches the teen mom franchise anymore??

  12. Kail fills her life with excess bc she lacks inside herself.

    TM 3 was cancelled and they had over 1M viewers a week.

    This is one tenth the viewers and yet..

    1. Kail suffers fry gluttony.
      Excessive men, children , homes, surgeries. It’s never enough for her. She is never satisfied. She constantly is searching for something new to make her happy.

      1. “”Happy””.

        She is absolutely miserable. Such a miserable person. Serious intensive therapy and medication would have helped her immensely many many years ago. And not the “I’ll tell you what you want to hear” crap the TM’s all usually get.

        Can’t keep a friend, can’t keep a man. Money only intensified her misery.

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