Car Crashes Through Front of Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer’s South Dakota Store (Exclusive Details)

“Kindly remove your car from our store, thanks!”

It was a crazy Saturday for Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer.

The Down Home Fab stars had to unexpectedly close their South Dakota store, Down Home DeBoer, on June 15 after a person drove their car through the front of the shop. (The @TeenMomFanz Instagram page was the first to report the news.)

The home decor store, which was open and filled with people at the time of the crash, sustained significant damage but The Ashley is told no one– not even the car’s driver– was hurt.


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A local source tells The Ashley that the driver of the car that hit the front of the store had some sort of “medical emergency” but was not injured in the crash. Her car hit the front of the building first, which luckily stopped the car’s momentum. The car did end up crashing the store’s front glass windows, but it was not going full speed and did not enter further into the store where customers and employees were. 

On Saturday, the shop’s Instagram page notified customers that Down Home DeBoer would be closed at least until Sunday. 

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, our store will be closed for the remainder of today (6/15) and all day tomorrow (6/16),” a message on Instagram Stories read. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. We will resume normal business hours as soon as possible.”

@TeenMomFanz reports that Cole rushed to the scene to meet with police and firefighters. Chelsea, however, did not go to the store, although an employee who resembles her did go to the scene of the accident.

Chelsea did, however, hop on Instagram Stories on Saturday night to address the crash.

“Just wanted to hop on Stories just to talk a little bit about what happened today,” she said. “So, there was an accident at the store today where someone crashed into our store. It was an accident, and everyone is fine, thank God, because obviously this could have been a lot worse. So, we’re going to be closed for a couple of days, for sure, while we figure everything out, and get everything fixed. But most important is that everyone is fine. The driver is OK, and the people who were in the store at the time are OK.”

Cole also chimed in.

“It’s extremely unfortunate but I’m so glad nobody was injured,” he said. “Pulling up to the scene, it was scary. Things like that happen and we’re just glad we’re all OK.”


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Down Home DeBoer just opened for business in March. The store sells home decor items, as well as products from Chelsea’s Aubree Says line and other things featured on Chelsea and Cole’s HGTV show, ‘Down Home Fab.’ It was recently announced on the store’s social media pages that Chelsea and Cole would be hosting a “Grand Opening” event on July 13; it is unknown if that event will still take place, given the damage the shop sustained in the accident. 

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23 Responses

  1. Chelsea’s face is so bad.
    She used to be so pretty back then when she first met Cole.

  2. Good for them for being so nice about it even though it must be frustrating to have to deal with all the repairs, insurance, closed business, etc.
    Shocked it wasn’t Adam or Jenelle in a jealous rage.

  3. Thought the top photo was Nick Lackey and Alara.

    Thought the car photo was Farrah.

    I suppose when the Botox is completely free..

  4. I know everyone loves Chelsea but I don’t like her. I think it’s dumb she has a store and a show about design ect. Her house was always a total mess

    1. Right.
      Didn’t Farrah have a furnishing store, also with no actual home interior design education?

      Yeah. And in this economy.. I don’t get it. Are folks really clamoring for the crap they displayed on that show?

    2. You don’t have to like her but she’s not dumb. She got herself a loving husband, beautiful family and a life beyond Teen Mom. She’s the only mom that got herself a show, especially one completely unrelated to Teen Mom. The shop was filled with people at the time of the crash so people are liking what she’s selling. Kail and Chelsea are the smartest of them all and you don’t have to like her to admit that.

        1. Didn’t you even read the article? It opened in March and was filled with people at the time of the crash. If you want to be a hater, fine, but at least don’t be a stupid one

    3. You have to give her a little compassion at least. She was probably depressed for a long time after her whole ordeal with Adam. She was young and naive. Sometimes depression looks like laziness. I however give no sympathy to amber “couch” portwood.

    4. Her house was messy when she was a teenager and taking care of a child 24/7. I think that’s pretty common. Not to mention that a shit ton of people have messy houses – any age, single or married, homemakers or career people. What does that have to do with how successful they will be on tv or owning a store. Her store and her clothing line are big successes. Idk much about her tv show, but good for her for getting out of depression and building a great life for herself. With the money she had from Teen Mom, she didn’t have to ever work again, but she’s doing all this. More than any of the rest of them. She and Kail are the only ones not banking on the show to continue, so good for them.

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