Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Are Opening a Home Decor Store in South Dakota

“Come and get your cowhide rugs, everyone!”

Residents of South Dakota will soon have another place to purchase farmhouse decor and animal-print home accents in-person.  

Former Teen Mom 2 couple Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer announced on Tuesday that they are in the process of opening Down Home by DeBoers– a brick-and-mortar home decor and furniture store in Tea, South Dakota.

“WE ARE OPENING A STOREFRONT!” Chelsea revealed on Instagram. “We are SO excited to officially announce Down Home by DeBoers will be coming to Tea, SD in 2024! Down Home is a collection of Home Decor, Accents, and Future, as well as an exclusive section for Aubree Says!

“Read it and weep, MTV!”

“It’s ALWAYS been a dream of ours to have a place of our own, and we are so excited to bring this store to our community & beyond!” Chelsea added. “We cannot wait to meet everyone who walks through our doors.”

“Come one, come all!”

As you know, Chelsea and her family left ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2020 after 10 seasons, and she and Cole have since gone on to host their own home renovation show, Down Home Fab, on HGTV.   

Chelsea announced in June that she and Cole had begun filming Season 2 of the series, which was renewed by the network in February after earning the highest-ratings for a freshman series on HGTV in nearly a year. 

The mom of four is also the co-founder of Aubree Says, a line of home goods and decor named for her eldest daughter. As Chelsea indicated in her announcement Tuesday, Down Home by DeBoers will carry items from her Aubree Says line. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

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  1. I think it’s unfair to say Chelsea is successful only because she’s spoiled, entitled, privileged, etc. We all saw her suffer verbal and psychological abuse from her sperm donor (leading to her having depression and weight gain) which is definitely a struggle to bear. Chelsea was the only mom who had family that was not only 100% supportive of her, but financially stable enough to help her. The other moms had one or the other (aside from Kail who had neither) so it’s not surprising that she’s doing so well. Also, she chose a good, decent man and married him, which is huge. We cannot say the same for the other moms. I think if Chelsea had all of this support, yet took it for granted or made terrible choices that hurt her kids, then we could say she’s unworthy of it all. She waited what, almost 8 years to find someone? Trust, she is deserving of all that she has and I commend her for ALWAYS putting Aubrey first in her life. Congrats to Chelsea and Cole!

  2. I respect that Chelsea is one of the very few Teen Moms that genuinely has her s**t together, but please tell me that I’m not the only person on this planet that is super annoyed by her and Cole??? Like, I think it’s great that she’s doing well for herself and that she’s a good Mom, but between the fact that she never had to go through any of the struggles the other girls went through due to her family being well off and that in and of itself kinda goes against the premise of the show, and the whole baby talk/up Cole’s butt/gross displays of affection, Chelsea is just beyond super annoying to me. And let the down votes roll in!!!

    1. Sara, am I understanding that you are partially annoyed at Chelsea because she had a good and supportive family?? That seems weird. I’m glad for her for that and glad the show shows different aspects of family life of teen pregnancy. And let’s not forget she had a crappy baby daddy and that was a struggle.

      1. I’m not annoyed that she has a “good and supportive” family. I’m annoyed that outside of Adam, she didn’t have ANY of the struggles teen Mom’s have. There’s also a difference between “good and supportive” and “spoiled brat”, and myself and millions of others will agree that Chelsea teeters between the two. While the show does show, or used to show, girls from all walks of life, and that was great, if they wanted to really make it about the struggle of teen parenthood, they would have focused on more Kailyn’s and Amber’s and Leah’s instead of girls who’s families are financially stable and super supportive.

        1. MOST of the teen moms on the show barely struggled with anything other than them being completely immature and unable to emotionally or psychologically support themselves, much less a child. Few of the girls actually had a bad home life, they had issues, but not this horrible home life you think. Most had what many would see as a typical home life, with struggles that a lot of families have (some quite minimal in the grand scheme, but a struggle for them nonetheless). Add a new baby in the mix and it cranks the heat up, but still manageable for many and not realistic. Almost none of them struggled financially (almost none qualified for assistance, realistically speaking, they would’ve), which was pretty unreasonable from the start and should’ve been your first clue that this “reality” was far from it.

          If you’re going to be weirdly annoyed by it, you should be annoyed by nearly all of the girls and families on the show as not only did they make money (which would fix many of the average, actual struggles teen moms have), but they all had a village, so to speak. Some villages better than others, but they all had one, which also wasn’t as typical.

          I know teen moms, actual teen moms, with real struggles, no families, no MTV money to help them get through, dealing with navigating being a teen and being a mom. 99% of what we saw on the show, wasn’t that, or even close to it. A huge portion of the show was purely manufactured and pumped up to be more than it was. Nearly none of the families had actual financial struggles. I mean, come on, it’s MTV, how “real” do you think they get? lmao

          I think you just don’t like Chelsea so you’ll find issue with anything and everything,. It’s clear in your comments about her and Cole. She struggled with things teens struggle with, like relationships, friendships, finding herself (figuring out who she is), being a teen in general, coupled with now being a mom. Most of the teens struggled with the same issues she did, so why don’t you dislike them too for it?

        2. Just because she didn’t struggle as much doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve success on what she has achieved. Yes she had help, but she’s still the one that did these things. She could have just gone and pissed it all away but she stood up and did something.

    2. I mean, look at it like this. In the early days of Teen Mom 2, it didn’t seem like she would ever get her shit together. It felt like she would rely on her dad to support her and never gain independence. While her dad did support her, it was also bordered on enabling especially when it came to Adam. Chelsea wanted her independence, but it took her a while to get that motivation because she had her dad to fall back on. It showed another side of teen pregnancy that being too supportive can be just as toxic and crippling. Not everything has to be a financial struggle. Even Barb gave Jenelle too much lenience when it came to allowing her back in the house.

      While the other girls may have struggled financially in the beginning, they are still in a position that many other teen moms aren’t awarded. Their success is rooted in publicity and the money from appearing on the show. It’s no longer a show about true struggles. It’s not the Real Teen Moms of MTV. I can get why the baby talk and PDA can be annoying, but it doesn’t negate that Chelsea is doing something rather than relying on her family.

  3. I’m happy for their success, but I feel like I already know what this store is going to look like and sell. I’m sure they’re going to make tons of money, though, so good for them. Jenelle and Kail can cope harder ?

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