Jenelle Evans Gives Update on Her Relationship with Her Stepdaughter Maryssa; Says Maryssa & Her Family Didn’t Appreciate Everything Jenelle Did For Her: “So Ungrateful”

“You ungrateful Easons!”

Jenelle Evans’ stepdaughter Maryssa won’t talk to her— and the fired Teen Mom 2 star is not happy about it!

On Sunday, Jenelle opened up about her relationship (or lack thereof) with her teenage stepdaughter Maryssa, who is the daughter of Jenelle’s estranged husband David Eason. As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle booted Maryssa from The Land after David left to go live on the couple’s broken-down boat. Jenelle informed the 16-year-old that she could no longer live on The Land, because she needed Maryssa’s room to accommodate Jace, the son Jenelle had recently regained custody of.

Maryssa was sent to live with her mother and stepfather, something that angered David and contributed to the couple finally splitting up.

In a new Instagram Q&A session on Sunday, Jenelle revealed that she and Maryssa no longer speak. 

“She refuses to talk to any of us,” Jenelle wrote. “She’s always been distant and I just don’t think I was ever looked at as her ‘stepmom.’ By the way I was disrespected so much by my ex [David], I feel like she wanted to feel the same way her dad did towards me. Very prideful!” 

“Stepmommy Dearest, I’ll need a therapist for life just to recover from the trauma I have from watching you film yourself dancing on TikTok. And don’t get me started on your OnlyFans!” 

Jenelle also stated that Maryssa does not have a relationship currently with her half-sister Ensley (the daughter Jenelle and David share), or Jace, whom she was close to when they were kids.

“Have no idea,” Jenelle wrote when asked if she thinks Maryssa and Jace will be friends. “She’s distant and does what her parent tells her to do. [Jace and Maryssa] were close but, again she was a little distant towards Jace.”

(Just FYI, Jace and Maryssa do not attend the same high school, so they don’t see each other regularly.) 


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Later, Jenelle ranted on Instagram about how “ungrateful” Maryssa, David and Maryssa’s maternal family are for not appreciating Jenelle’s efforts and help in raising Maryssa.

“You know what irritates me tho…the fact that I have taken care of a child that’s not mine since she was 8-16 years old,” Jenelle wrote. “Mother nowhere to be found, father couldn’t take care of her and [was] aggressive, yet they are all mad at me right now and I didn’t ever receive any thanks from them.

“That family is extremely ungrateful for everything I have done, and weirdly uneasy I’m now on my full attention is only on my BIOLOGICAL son.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle filed for legal separation in February. In the court paperwork— which was obtained by The Ashley— Jenelle called out David for being a poor parent to Ensley and Maryssa.

“And I mean ‘poor,’ both literally and figuratively.”

She noted that David has a “history of erratic behavior” and “substance abuse,” which she believes may make him an unfit parent. She added that David also has an anger problem, which has made their home on The Land an uncomfortable place to raise children. 

“[David’s] excessive alcohol use and his short temper create a negative environment for [the kids], and as a family, [Jenelle] feels as though they have to walk on eggshells around [David], as his mood swings are unpredictable and vary in their intensity,” Jenelle wrote in the court documents.

Jenelle also slammed David for not coming up with a plan for Maryssa’s care following his departure from the home. (As The Ashley told you, Jenelle was the one who contacted Maryssa’s mom and stepdad to ask that Maryssa move in with them, and that act angered David.) 

That face you make when you find out your wife said talking words about your kid behind your back…

As previously reported, Jenelle asked David initially to leave The Land so that Jace could come back to live there. David and Jace can’t have any contact, due to the fact that David currently has pending child abuse and “assault by strangulation” charges for his alleged physical attack on her son Jace in September. Initially, David believed that he would be returning to The Land after his court case, but Jenelle filed for legal separation once David was out of the house.

“[David] developed no plan for ensuring both of his biological minor children were cared for and offered [Jenelle] zero support and assistance with any of the minor children during this time,” the court docs state.

In her Instagram Q&A session on Sunday, Jenelle also noted that David has not seen Ensley.

“[He] doesn’t ask to, doesn’t contact her,” Jenelle wrote. 

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  2. He was. So frickin awful and abusive that she stayed with him and defended him all these years, while allowing her children to be abused mentally and physically. The bitch is just as much an abuser as he is. May they both rot in hell.

  3. It’s the selfish irony for me….like her mom didn’t take care of her kid for over a decade. Jenelle is a horrible person who wants accolades for doing the right thing.

  4. “You know what irritates me tho…the fact that I have taken care of a child that’s not mine since she was 8-16 years old,” Jenelle wrote. “Mother nowhere to be found, father couldn’t take care of her and [was] aggressive, yet they are all mad at me right now and I didn’t ever receive any thanks from them.”

    How ironic. If I didn’t know better I’d think she was talking about herself.

  5. She shouldn’t be talking about this minor child like that! She’s a child, she doesn’t need to be grateful for a roof over her head, it’s not her fault Janelle married her father.

  6. Jenelle says, She noted that David has a “history of erratic behavior” and “substance abuse,” which she believes may make him an unfit parent.!!!

    “You too are erratic, with substance abuse,” JENNELLE!!!!

    Ffs shes such a twohat.

  7. What a piece of shit. You want to really prove you have taken care of Marissa? Then pay for her years of therapy we all think she’ll probably need after being subjected to you and your swampy soul mate.

  8. Maryssa is the innocent child TRAPPED in horrible circumstances beyond her control! I can’t even imagine what she’s seen and endured, along with her equally trapped step- and half-siblings. Jenelle enabled a lot of it, too! I’m thankful Maryssa is almost an adult and able to escape to a good life that she is fully in control of! Praying for ALL of those poor kids.

  9. People being angry…. Jace should take priority. Not Jenelles fault David ditched his own kid with Jenelle.

  10. David ditched his own kid leaving her at Jenelles who is not biologically related to her. He should have made arrangements or taken her with him when he left. As much as they were married and she’s the step-daughter, the responsibility still lies with the biological parents.

    Also don’t force kids to have relationships whether blood related or not. It’ll suck but Maryssa never seemed interested with anyone and is better off out of the picture.

  11. I have never heard a step parent ever speak about their step kids in that way. They always treat them like they are their own and never go on about biological children. The fact she kicked her out as soon as David left- just shows how much she didn’t care about the girl. And I don’t blame Maryssa for not having any contact with Jenelle! She was tossed aside like she meant nothing despite the fact she had lived with Jenelle way longer than Jace has been in her custody.
    Shows they didn’t really have a relationship. And what should Maryssa be greatful for? You dumped her at her Mums house the second you could, you didn’t look at her like she was one of your own. She has nothing to be greatful for.

    1. Maybe you need to have a chat with Cole (Chelsea’s husband) on how to treat “step” kids. He has done it right and adores Aubree the same way he adores his “biological” kids. Maybe you need to take some notes.

  12. Typical narcissist. Will conveniently forget about everything she’s done wrong but if there’s anything that might paint herself as a perfect human, she won’t stop bringing it up.

    “My husband assaulted my son, but let’s not talk about me doing nothing about it”.

    “Wahhhh, my stepdaughter’s so ungrateful. After everything I’ve done for her”!

    1. I wonder also why it was no big deal to Jenelle or anyone else back when David was beating and abusing little Kaiser. He started abusing that child as soon as he started walking. Yet Jenelle didn’t seem compelled to stop it or do anything to protect him. I wonder if today, Kaiser sees what’s being done to protect Jace from that psycho step father and how the courts are protecting Jace from him, yet nothing was ever done to protect Kaiser when he was being abused and forced to live with that violent nut-job. So awful that no-one ever seems to care about Kaiser.

  13. I do not feel any of us can grasp the level of horror and abuse these kids have witnessed to this point.

  14. Why put biological in caps? I’ve seen dogs adopt puppies and be a better mother than Jenelle could ever hope to be

  15. does this b*tch have an off button? 📴
    for real ~ STFU, swamp queen 🧟‍♀️!! 🖕🏻🖕🏻

  16. If I remember correctly wasn’t there an incident during one of Jenelle and David’s previous splits where she took Marissa’s tooth brush and used it to scrub the toilet because she was mad at David. I think the ogre is a horrible person but I have never really felt Jenelle was this great stepmother to Marissa who treated her like one of her own. This chick needs to stop voicing her delusions for the world to hear.

    1. I think Jenelle likes to pretend that nothing ever happened to Kaiser. She never did a thing to protect him from all of Davids beatings and abuse. I’m glad the courts are protecting Jace from David-dickhead, but why couldn’t someone have done the same to protect poor little Kaiser?

  17. Only Jenelle Evans Rogers Evans Eason Evans (JEREEE) would constantly bitch about taking care of a child who isn’t “hers,” then wonder why that poor kid seemed “distant” and “ungrateful”. You know damn well that Maryssa heard about what a burden she was to Jenelle on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

    Here’s to hoping that Maryssa is finally able to live her best life. 🎉Swamp-free is the way to be!

  18. She never liked that poor sweet child in the first place.

    Good for Maryssa for getting away and staying away. There’s no future with Jenelle.

  19. More twisted comments from the delusional Jenelle.
    All the mud she’s slinging around and accusing UBT of, she’s done the same.
    She ain’t a victim and definitely isn’t Mother Theresa, spending all her time getting high in her she shed and her ‘hands off’ parenting style.

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