David Eason Claims He’s “Healthier” Now That Jenelle Evans Has Filed For Separation; Says the Stress of Being With Fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Made Him “Physically Sick”

“As you can see, I am now the picture of health since de-Jenelleing my life!”

David Eason may have been kicked to the curb by wife Jenelle Evans, but the fired Teen Mom 2 dad is reportedly staying afloat-– which is (almost) more than we can say about the broken down boat on which he’s currently living. 

David recently told Celebuzz that he’s doing just fine without his lip sync-challenged Lady ‘o’ Land and is “so much happier and healthier” now that the two are separated. 

“The stress I was under was making me physically sick,” he said. “I’m so glad I don’t have to wake up to extreme anxiety every morning now.” 

“Must be nice to not hafta deal with eggxiety, dude.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle recently filed to legally separate from David after seven years of marriage, countless 911 calls and enough online bickering to fill the tumultuous couple’s swampy swimming pool at least twice. 

In her filing, Jenelle provided a laundry list of reasons she wants out of her marriage to David, including what she claims is “concerning and disturbing behavior” spurred by David’s “excessive alcohol use”; his habit of excessively spending her money; and regularly drinking and driving– just to name a few.  

“…he does EVERYTHING wrong…as a HUMAN.”

While North Carolina requires married couples to be legally separated (and living separately) for a year before they are granted a divorce, David–-who has been living on the couple’s broken boat, which is docked at a nearby marina–- insists he’s ready to sign divorce papers ASAP. 

In response to Jenelle accusing him of “constantly” talking about her on social media recently, David argues that he and his talkin’ words have done nothing wrong.

“I’ve only said things that are completely facts and haven’t exposed any of my evidence other than things she was already aware of,” he said. “I’ve been very strategic with my words.” 


Some of David’s “strategic words” regarding Jenelle have included allegations that the mom of three has been cheating on him for years, she’s controlling and has isolated him from friends and family. Jenelle recently accused him online of cheating with his ex-wife (and first baby mama) Whitney Rich, but David told Celebuzz that his past texts with Whitney were innocent—unlike what Jenelle’s been allegedly doing behind his back.

“That’s not cheating but I have mountains of evidence about her cheating,” he said. 

“She cheated on me with dozens of guys and I have all the evidence,” David added, although Celebuzz cleverly pointed out that David “did not provide any of said evidence at this time” to the site.

“I see what ya did there, Celebuzz…and I like it!”

David stated that it pains him to think of Jenelle wanting to have another man use her debit card.

“It’s been the hardest thing in the world to look her in the face after years knowing she was telling other men that she wanted them to come to my house to be with her,” David said, adding, “She’s been ready for a new man to move in for a long time. Telling them how I’m such a piece of s**t in so many ways.”

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, despite being separated, Jenelle and David have been keeping their local sheriff’s office busy lately by making multiple calls, several of which resulted in trips to Jenelle’s home on The Land last week to deal with “family issues” between the former swampmates. 

“What else are we supposed to do in our free time, dude…get jobs?!”

In another incident report from over the weekend, Jenelle stated that David has been harassing her since she filed for separation in late February and mentioned that he had also been taking her things. 

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(Photos: TikTok; Instagram; MTV) 


  1. anything to stay in the limelight 😂 people only take notice because of her, not that it’s a good thing

  2. How would she be able to cheat with him glued to her side?
    She can’t even use the bathroom without him standing watch

  3. David looks like the epitome of health, wisdom, patience, kindness, intellect, and fitness now 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. if jenelle made you physically stressed, why do you gwt back with her and stay with her for so many years then david?

    1. Because then he would have to get a job. This is a man who told a judge he couldn’t work to pay child support because he had vitiligo.

      The judge said that’s not a disability, and that if he doesn’t get a job that they will factor in Jenelle’s income to his CS for his other kids. So Jenelle’s income has been used for years to determine his other kids CS.

  5. First off, as much as I enjoy reading the drama, they need to realize they ARE PARENTS! They share a child together, as well as having other children. You are in the public eye and this needs to stop. Also, I almost believe swamp a$$, I doubt Chinelle would leave unless she had another guy. She needs that companionship. She can’t/wont be single. Again, this is sad for the kids

      1. I guess that contradicts her “I’m gonna be single for awhile” statement which we all new was a lie.

      2. I saw that post about pillow talk. She posted a pic of her with a guy claiming he was her “best friend” earlier that day. I was wondering if her BFF guy was who she was pillow talking too. I just hope she picks someone with a job and who isn’t addicted to drugs and alcohol.

  6. Don’t feel bad for Jenelle. There are plenty of other child stranglers on Tinder eager to freeload off her vast wealth.

  7. There’s reason to suspect he took her fake teeth 😂

    She posted a picture with her own tiny/ damaged teeth and seems to have teeth that don’t fit well now.

      1. She has an invisalign on the top, which she only uses sporadically and it’s been ill-fitting for a long time She’s also missing some of her top molars, so her teeth have shifted, which contributes to the ill-fit. I would be surprised if she wasn’t told she needs a partial, if not full plate, on top too.

        Her lower is a full bottom plate-she has none of her own teeth on bottom. She got the starter some years back, I don’t know if she ever went back for the proper final denture, it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t though.

        She posted a video a long time ago of her taking it out, and pretending it was some kind of retainer. I happen to know it’s a full plate, and a starter one, because of how it looks. The starters aren’t designed to be as fully functional (or aesthetically appealing for that matter, they’re made of cheaper materials), they’re just used to help your gums heal and keep shape properly for the final plate.

        I’m not judging her or knocking her for having a denture-there are plenty of other things she can be judged on, lol. There are all sorts of reasons one might need dentures-even if hers is more related to drug use (and it most likely is), I still wouldn’t judge her for needing them. I’ll judge her for lying about them though, because that’s just stupid, lol. Better to take care of your issues than let them fester for years on end until they kill you (bad oral care can eventually lead to numerous health issues, including death).

  8. Yeah, its great for him, he’s not taking care of the kids and is still living off of Jenelle’s earnings.

    I’m all for SAHPs but there is literally no reason for that in this case, Jenelle income is social media and she’s home all the time, and plus those kids were in daycare most of the day, even when UBT should and could have been watching them.

    What will happen, when the judge says that he’s physically able to work. If he get an alimony it will only be for a year maybe two. And homeboy needs to get a job.

    Plus all these cases against him being unsafe around children, he’s not getting those kids for overnight, so no CS.

    Look Jenelle is awful and a terrible person, but David is worse. And if I had to choose between the literally worse options out of there for those kids, Jenelle is probably the better option.

    1. David and Janelle put Ensley in daycare a week after she was born Janelle and Nathan put Kaiser in daycare a week after he was born while they sat at home all day long

      1. Not daycare, but they did drop her off with his family so they could go on a trip for a bit, at 6 days old.

        1. I think Ensley spent a lot of time with David’s mom before she was old enough to be put in daycare, and they used to have Marissa watch her too. That’s why she was “homeschooled”.

          David’s mom was watching Ensley.
          Nathan’s mom was watching Kaiser.
          Jenelle’s mom was watching Jace.

          And there are overwhelmed from “parenting” their kids.

      2. Whether you can be around your kids or not you still have to pay child support. You don’t pay so you can see them. You pay to help contribute financially for them. But if he’s not working he wont pay child support but if he goes on welfare he will pay the bare minimum

  9. I️ do believe she made him physically sick because of stress and anxiety. Imagine living with Jenelle every day and dealing with her multiple personalities and anger issues. However I️’m absolutely sure he did the same to her, he’s certainly no better than her in any of those aspects. Notice the decline of their physical appearances since getting together. Probably a direct reflection of how they’re feeling on the inside. Not trying to body shame anyone but you can just see how unhealthy both of them got over the years together.

  10. These two won’t shut up about each other, right?! And good luck whoever is stupid enough to date him after this, she must be REALLY stupid to date someone with such a record!

    1. A lid for every pot I suppose – someone is stupid, desperate and trashy enough to date Rhine Edwards. Although I wouldn’t doubt that the big bottomed woman David is bragging about spends time with him for an hourly rate plus extra whatever “favors” he requests. Yuck!!!!!

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