‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Kail Lowry Reveals If Elijah Scott Gets Along With Her Other Baby Daddies; “16 & Pregnant” Twins Give Birth Days Apart & More

“…so there’s a good chance Elijah wouldn’t either!” 

From juggling baby daddies to birthing babies, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest 16 and PregnantTeen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…


Kail Lowry Says Her Boyfriend Elijah Scott Has “No Communication” With Her Three Other Baby Daddies 

“What would they even talk about? The only thing they all have in common is that they’ve probably all held my foot during labor!” 

File this one under: “Problems That Can Only Occur When You Have Multiple Baby Daddies/Mamas and/or Former Spouses.”

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star and mother of many children Kail Lowry revealed this week that her latest baby daddy/current live-in lover Elijah Scott has little to no relationship with the three other baby daddies in her life. 

Blink twice if you need help, buddy.

Kail shared this news during an Instagram Q&A when asked by a fan how Elijah gets along with her “exes/co-parents.” 

“There’s no beef and also no communication,” Kail replied. “Nobody really crosses paths.” 

Kail and Elijah are parents to one-year-old son Rio, and boy/girl twins Verse and Valley, who were born in November. Kail also shares 14-year-old Isaac with ex Jo Rivera, 10-year-old son Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin and six-year-old Lux and three-year-old Creed with Chris Lopez. 

“We created enough people for Elijah to talk to. There’s no need for him to converse with Javi, Chris and Jo!” 

Based on Kail’s response on Instagram this week, it seems rather unlikely that we will get to see Elijah, Jo, Javi and Chris don matching “Dads of Kail’s Kids” jackets any time soon, but that won’t keep us from crossing our fingers that it will happen in the future. 

Raise your hand if you’re down to at least spring for some matching T-shirts that say “I had at least one kid with Kail Lowry and all I got was this stupid shirt.’

Although Kail claims that Elijah is on non-existent (but decent) terms with her exes, it appears that the same can’t be said for Kail and Elijah’s ex-wife, Kayla Brooke

In a recent post on the TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit page, u/OtherwiseBox5397 shared a screenshot posted by Kayla on Facebook earlier this year in which the former Mrs. Elijah Scott appeared to be throwing shade at the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star, who, at the time of the post, had four baby daddies. 

Elijah ex wife throwing shade towards Kail?
byu/OtherwiseBox5397 inTeenMomOGandTeenMom2

“Walmart got Father’s Day cards in packs of 4 for those of you that need them,” the post read. 

Kail, low-key hoping that four-pack deal is legit.

Most of the comments on Reddit agreed that Kayla was, in fact, making a dig at Kail and her multiple baby daddy sitch. 

According to The Sun, Elijah and Kayla tied the knot March 9, 2018, and went on to separate on June 4, 2020. The couple finalized their divorce on June 3 of the following year and they did not share any children together.

“16 & Pregnant” Twins Jordan & Jessica Ward Give Birth Days Apart


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A post shared by Jess Turnquist (@jesstturnquist)

Jordan Ward Kellerman— who starred on the most-watched episode of “16 and Pregnant” ever— recently gave birth to her fourth child, a baby boy. Her twin sister, Jessica Ward Turnquistalso took a turn in the birthing stirrups, just days after Jordan welcomed her son.

The twins— who appeared during the show’s third season— announced in August that they were both pregnant and due within days of each other. (They even used the voiceover from Jordan’s “16 & Pregnant” episode as part of their announcement!) 


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“We’ve always dreamed of being pregnant together!” Jordan wrote in the caption of the reel announcing the pregnancies. “Lots of tears and prayers that brought us here. Never thought we would be days apart in pregnancy.” 

Jessica and Jordan later revealed that they were both expecting boys.

Jordan was the first to have her baby. She gave birth to son Ezekiel Christopher on March 8. Four days later, she was back in the delivery room to assist Jessica, who gave birth to her son Truett Scott on March 12.


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“I swear this experience has been every twin’s dream,” Jessica wrote. “Getting to be pregnant with your twin sister and then getting to deliver your babies only a couple days apart is such a blessing. Jordan and I have been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever. 

On Wednesday, Jordan posted a video of both newborns, captioning it “Besties for life.” 


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A post shared by Jordan Kellermann (@jordantward)

Shortly after her “16 and Pregnant” episode aired, Jordan married her baby daddy Brian Finder. She quickly became pregnant again and their daughter Arri was born in 2011. 

Jordan and Brian ended up divorcing and Jordan went on to have a third child in 2017–- a son named Leo— with another man. She married Chris Kellerman in April 2023. 


Briana DeJesus & Mackenzie McKee End Their Years-Long Feud During ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ 

This old ‘Teen Mom 3’ photo was taken years before the feud, back when neither had any more “oopsie” babies and Bri was still sporting her Kris Jenner hairdo…

Unlike the previous season of ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion,’ Season 3 won’t come with a side of furniture throwing and spitting– at least not from Briana DeJesus and Mackenzie McKee, that is. 

As you may recall, the former Teen Mom 3 stars hit a hiccup in their friendship back in 2017 after Briana was chosen over Mackenzie to join the cast of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ despite both girls being in the running for the spot. 

After Mackenzie learned through The Ashley’s story that Briana had been named the newest ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member, she threw shade at her former co-star, arguing that she was more deserving of the spot than Briana. 

“I have worked very hard for where I am,” she said at the time. “I’m working on all this stuff and what has she done? She’s not working on anything. It sucks the one who has been working harder didn’t get it.” 

The “something” Briana had been working on…

Mackenzie also speculated that MTV chose Briana because the latter had “different baby daddies,” while Mackenzie was married (at the time) and had “three kids with the same guy.” The two went on to feud again in 2018, resulting in the former co-stars blocking each other on social media. 

“But us are willing to make amends if us are getting paid.”

Despite her and Mackenzie’s rocky past, Briana told In Touch Weekly this week that things went smoothly when the two reunited for the new season of ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion.’ 

“It was surprisingly great,” Briana said. “I know there was a little bit of a hiccup back in the day, but we’re past that. We’re over that. I think she’s a great person. She brought so much energy to the house and it was a really good experience.” 

Season 3 of ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’ is now airing on MTV. (And, yes, The Ashley will be recapping that hot mess, so stay tuned!) 

David Eason Reveals He’s Releasing a New “Song”; Gets Absolutely Demolished in Online Comments

What David’s new “song” will sound like…probably.

“Cheee-yah, a bing bang boom boom and “ba-rat-a-tat-tat!” 

Hold on to your spring break braids and ex-wife’s debit card! It’s about to get…noisy in the swamps of North Carolina.

David Eason— the estranged husband of Jenelle Evans— recently threatened to release another musical masterpiece.

The soon-to-be-former Mr. Jenelle Evans took to social media this week to confirm he is working on new “music,” and that— this time around— he will be working with a “professional” studio and producer to create something better than his first rap song, which stunk worse than Kieffer‘s green hoodie after a hot box sesh in Jenelle’s old Dodge Charger.

“Good times man…good freakin’ times…”

That song— called “Please Don’t Make Me”— failed to live up to the hype that David and his then-ride-or-die wife Jenelle swore it would at the time. 

Anyway, in a new Instagram video, the walking jump-scare of a human that is David Eason was shown working in some sort of studio/garage/cave with a “producer.” He was also waving around stacks of cash that were later proven to be fake money. 

As you do…


“Y’all don’t even know,” David said in the video. “I had to mute it down because I don’t want y’all to hear it before it comes out and share it everywhere. But let me tell ya something, when you do hear it, ya gonna wanna share it with your grandma, your grand pappy, nieces and nephews, ya little baby that’s not even been born yet. Just go head and put the headphones on ya belly … .” 

David went on to proclaim that he wrote this “song” a few weeks ago (back when he was on good terms with Jenelle, presumably). However, he claims that the Lady ‘o’ the Land was not moved by his musical masterpiece.

“I shared it with a certain person in my life,” David said. “She didn’t have anything to say about it. She didn’t even really listen to me.”

“To be fair, if I wanted to hear the sound of dogs howling, I could just listen to all of the animals roaming around The Land.”

“It’s My Year y’all!” David wrote on Instagram this week. “We’re taking over the whole rap game this summer! New song release date coming soon!” 

“This song will be playing in all the dopest laundry mats around the Carolinas!” 


Naturally, social media had a lot of feedback for Swamp Master D in response to this announcement.

“No I insist, mute it,” one person advised, with another asking, “Are you ok??”


“These are the people running around loose in our society,” one comment read, with another showing their allegiance to another “rapper” from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen.

I’m ashamed to admit how much money I would personally pay this woman to drop a David Eason diss track.

“I would rather listen to Farrah [Abraham]’s mother,” they wrote. 

David’s cringe-inducing hype video also garnered many comments from people comparing his current look to various celebrities, fictional characters and at least one serial killer. 

“What in the Charles Manson looking world is he doing now,” someone asked. “Buckle up folks.” 

“He’s like Weird Al Yankovic mixed with Temu Post Malone,” another added. “You and Deb should def make a song.” 

To catch up on more ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Reddit) 


  1. No real reason for communication it’s between the kids, baby daddys and baby mama. Honestly though, he sure wasn’t thinking anything other than money when hooking up with her 😂 also… David. Gotta be high on himself

  2. Two thoughts no one asked for! 1. Can we all just remember the days when Keiffer was the worst thing to happen to Jenelle? ah, memories!
    2. I’ve heard Kail’s “hot neighbor” mumble a few sentences on the podcast. I’d be more worried that he communicate with anyone at this point, not necessarily her plethora of baby daddies!

    1. Who would have ever guessed back then that Keiffer, who she did heroin with and who has been known to cook meth every now and then, would be one of her better choices. 😬

  3. I completely forgot how fast Kail had her last 4 kids-Creed is 3, Rio is 1 while Verse and Valley are barely 4 months…just, wow. Let’s hope she means it by not having any more. Lol, what could Elijah talk to the other baby daddies about anyway? About how is it to impregnate Kail? (ew?)

    Briana and Mack are both desperate. The end.

    Don’t even want to listen to this guy’s “masterpiece”. He really thinks he will make it as a rapper now that his marriage is down the toilet. Lololol

  4. How does anyone find David even remotely attractive, I have to scroll through the pics at lightening speed because of the skin crawling side effect. He’s been openly racist and a bigot so why all the misappropriation. Boy you better cut those braids.

  5. We all know Rio is that other guys baby. If I were him I would demand a DNA test. They look like twins.

  6. As a POC male I’ve never got over Kailyn’s description of Issac getting the “hood haircut”. MTV loves to pretend that they are inclusive. They only exist for ratings. Imagine if Janelle or Chelsea (& Cole) did the same thing.

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