Colombia, Counseling & Cringy Moments: Get Your First Look at ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 3

“Cheers to us figuring out a way to prolong getting real jobs for another six months or so!”

The first trailer for Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 3 has dropped…and it’s just as cringy as you’d expect.

MTV gave viewers their first look at the upcoming season, which— as The Ashley told you back in September— will feature various couples (and random singles) from the franchise coming together in Colombia for a “couples therapy”-type retreat. On Monday, The Ashley told you that the season will premiere mid-March, and the trailer has confirmed that to be true, as the show is set to premiere on Wednesday, March 13.

The ‘Teen Mom’ cast members who are participating in this dumpster fire include Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinneyCatelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler BaltierraCheyenne Floyd and her husband Zach DavisJade Cline and her husband Sean AustinCory Wharton and his girlfriend Taylor SelfridgeKayla Sessler and her boyfriend Ryan Leigh; and Mackenzie McKee (‘member her?) and her boyfriend Khesanio Hall.

Also joining the group—despite having no significant other with them— are Briana DeJesus, Kiaya Elliott and Leah Messer.

Not gonna lie, I am sad that we won’t get to see Jaylan’s stylin’ beach wear this season…

(As The Ashley told you earlier, Ashley Jones and Bar Smith were also supposed to be part of the cast, but the couple got into a nasty fight in front of producers at the holding hotel in Colombia and were sent home before ever making it into the cast villa. Click here to read more about that!) 

Anyway, in the trailer, it appears that the moms and dads will be letting the good times roll (and the body parts flop!)

Hold on to your dingles, it’s about to get lukewarm in South America…

“You get parents away from their kids, it’s bound to turn up the heat!” Catelynn says. 

As Zach flops his naked self into the pool, we hear Cory yell, “I’ve always wanted a ‘Teen Mom’ orgy!”

(The Ashley thinks she speaks for the entire viewing audience when she says we do not want that, or anything even close to that.)

Cory looking like he comes to your door with a boombox and a coat of Axe Body Spray…

“It’s all about love, marriage and a little bit of drama,” Cheyenne tells us as we see someone (whom The Ashley can confirm is Kiaya) be carried off the beach after getting hurt. (The Ashley is told Kiaya was injured while on a jet ski, but was not seriously hurt. However, one source tells The Ashley that “Kiaya did have to wear a neck brace for a day or so.”) 

Next, we are taken to the retch-inducing scene of the couples taking some sort of sex lesson. We see Catelynn sitting on Tyler’s lap, and Jade sitting on Sean’s lap, as they are told they’re going to learn “how to moan.”

Jesus God Leah. What a terrible day to have eyes and ears. 

MTV, I am holding you personally accountable for this horrorfest. It should come with a trigger warning.

We then get to sit in on some of the therapy sessions with the couples, including one where Maci reveals that someone (assumingly Taylor, who’s sitting next to her) told her that he “would not want his daughter to become the mother that I am.” 

All of our faces after hearing that comment…

“We’re either going to make or break everyone’s relationship,” Jade tells the camera, as we see Cory’s girlfriend Taylor slam the door during a fight with Cory. 

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 3 premieres Wednesday, March 13 on MTV.

You can watch the first trailer for the season below! 

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. we know they already do it they’re “teen moms” why not make a retreat that actually benefits and supports their growth hopefully towards independence away from teen mom money. This is just sad. Besides how many teen parents or parents for that matter get away from their families to go wild let alone in front of the world. I’m sure the kids are eager to hear the nagging at school.

  2. PS it’s pretty pathetic they’re all in their thirties and are still identified as “Teen Mom…(insert name)”. You all need to act your age, not your shoe size.

  3. All these “teen mom” “reality stars” are all in their 30’s and embarrassing themselves on national television. How on earth will their participation on this POC ongoing and hanging for dear life show get a respectable job in the real world? Worst off, in a few of years when most of their kids are in their mid teens / tweens how are they going to explain why they’re being taunted by their peers?? “Dude, I saw your dad jump into a pool naked trying to hide his junk / I saw your mom crawl shiny your dad’s knees while she sat on him trying to learn to moan.” GROW THE HELL UP!!! This cast is just sad and over used.

  4. I would rather watch an actual sex tape of Jenelle and Swamp Thing than to even watch Cate and Ty simulate sex. So gross.

  5. Dear MTV:

    NOBODY WANTS THIS! If y’all INSIST on keeping the Teen Mom thing going, there’s so many other ideas that would work better. Do new 16 and Pregnant girls. Do catch up specials or a season with girls that DIDN’T become spoiled millionaires (or maybe even with their family members for the ones that don’t have their kids with them anymore). Do specials with notable Teen Mom “background characters” like old friends, family, exes, etc. Y’all remember the special about Jenelle’s exes? Gold. Do it from the kids’ point of view (in a few years when they’re old enough) and see what they think of growing up like this. Literally ANYTHING would be better than watching lazy, spoiled women go on vacations. 🙄

    There’s a reason people prefer Unexpected: it’s more “real” and the girls aren’t being paid/treated like celebrities.

  6. Damn, that comment from Taylor is harsh though…and we thought he is one of the good ones. (I mean, he still knows Bentley shouldn’t be around Ryan which I respect) but still ouch…

    Oh look, Cate and Ty pretending they are in a happy marriage. I think those “lessons” will just give her an excuse to show more of his dong on OF…perhaps they will also film a video for that channel! (Ew…)

    Why would you bring a whole bunch of lunatics who all got famous for making stupid choices in a room together?! At least Leah is single there, perhaps she will be one of the smarter ones? I think she has been single for a while now too, she finally realized you don’t need a man in order to be happy.

  7. It’s crazy mtv is still dragging this franchise out. At this point I think the only logical explanation is that they are holding out for the first grandchild so they can do a “Teen Mom Grandma: The Cycle Continues” edition.

  8. I really really don’t think these people need any sex lessons.
    This would have actually been a great opportunity to maybe teach them how to get a job, or how to stop embarrassing their children…

  9. I could have went an entire lifetime without seeing Jade and Catelynn straddling their gross men and moaning.🤢Every time I think it can’t get worse…it does.

  10. These people are in their mid-late twenties and early thirties. Hanging on to that teen mom title longer than they held on to their virginity . It’s their whole personality . Bring on the ole trash bash !

  11. Zach is Cheyenne’s husband?

    And he’s nude around all those women? Wow. Unless he’s doing that for the guys there..

    A woman with self esteem wouldn’t have wasted one solitary minute on that man.

  12. MTV really can’t come up with anything better than this warmed over crap with characters nobody has cared about in over 10 years? And that goes for the Jersey Shore schlock too. I’m just here for the entertaining blog and comments.

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