Tom Sandoval Claims Ex Ariana Madix Allegedly Split His Lip During Fight After Ariana Found Out About His Affair with Rachel Leviss

Sandoval, low-key wondering if he should suggest a ‘Vanderpump’ Fight Club series to Lisa…

Tom Sandoval is opening up for the first time about a physical fight he says allegedly went down on the night his now-ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix found out about his affair with their Vanderpump Rules co-star Rachel Leviss.

In his new profile in The New York Times Magazine, Sandoval told the article’s author, Irina Aleksander, that Ariana got physical with him in a back alley outside the Tom Tom  restaurant on March 1, 2023— the night Ariana discovered the affair after finding incriminating videos of Rachel on Sandoval’s phone. 

“She beat my a**,” Sandoval said of Ariana.

According to Sandoval, Ariana— who was Sandoval’s girlfriend for nine years before the affair was discovered— split his lip open during the alleged altercation. In addition, she allegedly ripped his chain necklace off.

“She could have come for my mustache!”

Ariana has yet to respond to Sandoval’s claims; however, The New York Times Magazine noted that Ariana has denied in the past ripping at Sandoval’s necklace.

While the exes have not got into any more alleged physical fights, they are currently battling in court. As The Ashley previously reported, Ariana recently filed a lawsuit against Sandoval asking a judge to order a “partition by sale” for their shared house, which would mean the couple’s Valley Village, California, home would be sold, and the proceeds from that sale would be divided equally between Ariana and Sandoval. This type of sale requires both parties to exit the home, even if they are doing so against their will.

Sandoval– who has made it very clear that he wants to stay in the home– recent told Nick Viall on his The Viall Files podcast that he offered Ariana $3.1 million to buy her out and she turned it down.

“Yes, she’s being petty,” Sandoval said. “And she doesn’t want me to have the house. That’s it. I’ve offered her a million dollars over what we bought [it for] three years prior. If she doesn’t want to accept the offer, then she should take the house [and live in it herself]. 

“…it’s [her] flipping over the Monopoly board, that’s it,” Sandoval said. “It’s like, ‘I’m losing in Monopoly so I’m going to flip the board over.’ That’s what it is.”

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  1. What he did was wrong, but enough is enough with all the drama. Ariana is taking it too far playing the victim in this ordeal. Yes she was cheated on, but she isn’t the only person on this earth that has went through a cheating significant other. They both need to stop with this craziness. She is being spiteful for not wanting him to stay in that house. Take the money and run, already. She is turning down an extra million dollars all because she is doesn’t want to move on. Enough is enough….

  2. Oh bs! He’s so desperate for attention and so desperate to be a victim if this happened he would’ve told everyone right away. Give it a rest sandy, no one feels bad for you.

  3. I’m glad he got smacked. Also he’s claiming that she’s being petty, when he is running to anyone that will listen to try to keep this stupid story alive. Move on, PLEASE! No one cares anymore.

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