Rachel Leviss Shades Scheana Shay For Recent Comments About Her Podcast; Slams Tom Sandoval For Discussing Her Mental Health On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ & More

“At this point, I deserve an invite to the reunion.”

Trigger Warning: The story contains mentions of suicide and suicidal thoughts.

The new season of Vanderpump Rules has just begun, but the off-camera drama is already rivaling the storylines of Season 11. 

As fans (and the rest of the world) know, Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval carried on a months-long affair behind the back of Sandoval’s longterm-girlfriend Ariana Madix, which was uncovered during Season 10 of ‘Vanderpump Rules.’

Despite Rachel not appearing on the current season of the Bravo series, viewers continue to hear her name as they watch the fallout of Scandoval unfold on-screen. Rachel has chosen to speak out about some of those comments on her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, and her most recent episode was no exception. 

Prior to Episode 10 of Rachel Goes Rogue being released this week, the former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star was called out by cast member Scheana Shay on the Vanderpump Rules Aftershow for allegedly making Sandoval the main subject of her podcast. 

“Umm, I also talk about James Kennedy from time to time, thank you very much.”

“I’m curious what Episode 10 of her podcast is going to be because everyone’s gonna get real tired of hearing her just talk about Tom Sandoval,” Scheana said, to which Lala Kent sarcastically added, “Sounds like such an interesting podcast.” 

In response, Rachel compiled multiple clips of Scheana discussing Sandoval on her own podcast, Scheananigans.

“Chapter 10 of Rachel Goes Rogue is out now,” Rachel captioned the shady video. 

Neither Scheana nor Lala have responded to Rachel’s clapback; however, for the record, Rachel DID ultimately talk about Sandoval on Episode 10 of Rachel Goes Rogue. 

Joined by her publicist for the latest episode, Rachel spoke about last week’s episode (Episode 3) of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ telling listeners that despite not being a part of Season 11, she’s still “in the mix” because cast members–- including Sandoval–- “keep talking” about her. 

As viewers saw on last week’s episode, Sandoval claimed he was hurt when Rachel didn’t reach out to him on his birthday. (For those wondering, Sandoval’s birthday is July 7, so that’s when this scene was filmed.)  

“I didn’t reach out to him and he was not too thrilled about that,” Rachel said. 

Rachel also revealed that she was bothered by the fact that Sandoval revealed to Scheana in Episode 3 that a particular episode of Scheananigans that had been released months earlier had affected Rachel’s mental health. 

“ … When I saw the clip, I immediately was like, why did he need to bring this up? If he knew how much that affected my mental well being, why would he bring it up on national television for everybody to know about?” Rachel said, calling Sandoval’s comments “very unnecessary.” 

Rachel, who spent months in a mental health facility following the Scandoval affair going public, said she didn’t know what the “thought process was” behind Sandoval discussing that information with Scheana on camera

Rachel also seemed to take issue with the fact that Lisa Vanderpump–- who lost her brother to suicide–- has showed so much concern for Sandoval’s mental health in the wake of Scandoval, despite allegedly never reaching out to Rachel.  

“I feel like Lisa has extended her resources to Tom more than I’ve ever seen extended to me and that concern for me,” she said. “And so I’m not surprised by it because I feel like it’s pretty typical for Lisa to really like take the men under her wing and make sure that the men are OK, but she doesn’t really care about the women on the show as much.

“Like to me, my perception of it, it seems like the women are more disposable to her … ,” she added.

New episodes of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ air Tuesdays on Bravo. 

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(Photos: Bravo; Instagram) 

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