‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Chelsea Houska’s Lawyer Fights For Her MTV Money; Ashley Jones Talks About Hardships of Being First Black ‘Teen Mom’ Girl & More

Chelsea and Cole…watching their lawyer go to WORK for them in this lawsuit…

From fighting a lawsuit to fighting the urge to quit a show, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer’s Lawyer Fights For Their MTV Money At Court Hearing This Week; Declines Mediation  

Are you two down to get your mediation on?

The $4 million lawsuit involving former ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DoBoer and the couple’s former branding/consulting company “Envy” is moving forward, despite a hearing being held in New York City this week to try to work things out.

As The Ashley previously told you, Envy sued Chelsea and Cole in 2020 for allegedly withholding money made from social media promotions. The Down Home Fab stars went on to countersue Envy later that year, alleging that Envy actually withheld nearly $155,000 from them– a claim Envy has denied. 

“Do you guys have any idea how many pairs of distressed jeans I could’ve bought with that money?!”

During the pre-motion hearing held this week, Chelsea’s lawyer Peter T. Shapiro and Envy’s lawyer Matthew James McDonald were asked by Judge Jennifer L. Rochon if their clients were open to mediation in lieu of going to trial. According to The Sun– who sent a reporter to the hearing– Envy was in favor of mediation, while Chelsea and Cole shut down the option. 

“It didn’t work the last time,” Chelsea’s attorney stated, referring to the unsuccessful mediation the parties had in 2022. “I don’t think anything will happen to change that.” 

Here’s another example of things/people in Chelsea’s life that aren’t known to “work.”

Though the mediation option is still available if the parties change their minds, Judge Rochon set a May 11 deadline for cross-motions for summary judgement (where a ruling is made by the judge without a full trial). 

At the same hearing, The Sun reports that Envy’s lawyer stated it was “crystal clear” that Envy should get money made from the DeBoer’s Viacom deals.

“There is no justification to not pay Envy. [Chelsea and Cole] just didn’t want to pay because it is a lot of money,” the lawyer said.

Chelsea and Cole’s lawyer shot that claim down, stating that the DeBoers were not getting paid by Envy from the brand deals they did, which is why they stopped dealing with the company.

“This was not, ‘We’re tired of dealing with Envy.’ There was a long period of time that went by with Envy not paying Chelsea and Cole,” the DeBoers’ attorney stated at this week’s hearing. “[The DeBoers] said, ‘Please pay us.’ There was no response, there was deflection and there were fabrications. Envy breaking the contract caused the defendants to act how they did because of the breach in contract.”

“I don’t like this one gosh darn bit. Excuse my language.” 

The couple’s attorney told the judge this week that when Envy stopped paying Chelsea and Cole, they broke the contract with his clients and left Chelsea and Cole with no other option but to “act how they did.” 

“ … Telling the brands to stop paying Envy was the only way to ensure they would be paid,” the DeBoers’ attorney said. “[Chelsea and Cole] did a lot of work and should be paid.” 

The case is ongoing as of press time…

Ashley Jones Talks About Her Experience Being the First Black Girl on a ‘Teen Mom’ Show

“I just can’t quit you, ‘Teen Mom.'”

This week, Ashley opened up about the negative feedback she received when she started on ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ back in 2018. She also talked about how hard it was to be the first Black girl on the (very white) ‘Teen Mom’ franchise.

“To be real with y’all, this show is not my audience,” Ashley said on Instagram Stories this week. “It’s been tough. It was really tough being the first Black girl on a predominately white TV show. The audience was used to seeing different things, different lifestyles, and when I came there was no other Black girl.”

While many fans pointed out that Cheyenne is also Black, Ashley clarified that she was announced as part of the ‘Young & Pregnant’ cast before Cheyenne joined ‘Teen Mom OG.’ (This is true, by the way. Ashley made her debut on ‘YP’ in March 2018, while Cheyenne joined ‘Teen Mom OG’ for the 7B season in October 2018.)

“Cheyenne came a little bit after me, and even Cheyenne and me are two different types of Black girls,” Ashley said.

Ashley— who would eventually move to ‘Teen Mom 2’ and, eventually, ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’— said she enjoys it when girls tell her that they can relate to her story.

“That’s the only reason I do this show,” she said. “Well, that and my check.”

“It also allows me to spit on Briana, which I enjoy.”

“Over the years, I have seen [the show’s] audience change to people that look like me, and people that can relate to me,” Ashley continued. “I f**k with that so heavy because y’all don’t understand the obstacles I have faced being, in a predominately white field, the only Black girl with a baby daddy with tattoos on his face and all types of s**t.”

“…but you guys don’t understand all the obstacles I’ve faced being the first ‘Teen Mom’ baby daddy with four eyebrows.”

Ashley said that she won’t leave ‘Teen Mom’ because she doesn’t want to let her Black fans down.

“When I think about quitting this show, the only thing I think about is the other little Black girls who watch me, and the other Black women who watch me and can take something from my story.

“That’s the only deciding factor for me because…I won’t say too much but just know, that is the reason that keeps me on this show,” Ashley said. “That is the reason that keeps me, sharing my story as honest as I can, despite if people think it’s a plum-f**k rotisserie mess. 

“So thank you for supporting me,” Ashley added. “Y’all don’t know how much that really means. 

Ashley (and her plum-f**k rotisserie mess) will be back for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.’

Cheyenne Floyd Reveals How Cory Wharton Feels About Paying For Elaborate Parties for Their Daughter Ryder
Show me the (birthday party) money!

Cheyenne recently threw an over-the-top birthday party for her daughter Ryder– complete with extravagant food and decorations, a plethora of flown-in ‘Teen Mom’ stars in SHEIN “retro” jumpsuits, and MTV cameras (naturally). Of course, the party cost a pretty penny, but according to Chey’s recent Instagram Q&A, Ryder’s dad Cory had to foot half the bill, which he wasn’t thrilled about.

When Cheyenne was asked if Cory gets to have a say in what kind of birthday/special event parties they throw for Ryder, she explained that he doesn’t contribute much— except for money.

“I think he knows that the bday parties are ‘my thing’ so he lets me handle it…his concern is the cost lol,” Cheyenne responded. 

She went on to reveal that Cory isn’t exactly thrilled to have to foot the bill for all the extravagant ideas that Cheyenne comes up with.

“We split everything when it comes to Ryder…tuition, insurance, birthday parties and all her extra activities,” Cheyenne said. “He cries a little with the bday party expenses but he always writes that check!” 

“Also, I’m going to be competing on ‘The Challenge’ until I’m a senior citizen to pay for all these helicopters, light shows and whatnot.”

Unfortunately for Cory’s wallet, Cheyenne says she has no plans to stop throwing over-the-top parties for Ryder.

“I genuinely love planning parties and as long as my kids want one then I’ll continue to plan them,” Cheyenne said.

Cory, trying to convince Ryder how great it would be to just go to McDonald’s for her birthday next year…

Most-Popular “16 and Pregnant” Star Jordan Ward Gets Married…Again.

“Let’s try this again!”

Wedding bells are ringing once again for Jordan Ward— the girl featured on the most-viewed episode of “16 and Pregnant” of all time!

Jordan– who starred with her twin sister Jessica and baby daddy Brian Finder on the Season 3 episode in 2011, announced on Instagram that she got hitched on Wednesday. She posted a photo of her and her groom– Chris Kellerman— along with the caption, “Mr. and Mrs. Kellerman.” 

Jordan announced her engagement in December, with her twin sister Jessica giving the relationship her seal of approval.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jordan Ward (@jordantward)

“So excited for my sister!” Jessica wrote on Facebook at the time. “Y’all know how much I love my sister and how much she means to me! She deserves the world of happiness and Chris gives that to her. Her and Chris have been smitten about each other since they’ve met and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!” 

This is Jordan’s second marriage. Shortly after her “16 and Pregnant” episode aired, Jordan married her baby daddy Brian. She quickly became pregnant again and their daughter Arri was born in 2011.

(Jordan was the first girl from “16 and Pregnant” to get pregnant again after her episode aired. Although she was pregnant when she filmed the Reunion show for her season, Jordan was asked not to reveal the pregnancy.)

Jordan– front, far right, was secretly pregnant during this Reunion…

Jordan and Brian ended up divorcing and Jordan went on to have a third child– a son named Leo— in 2017 with another man.

Jordan and Chris got married in the mountains of Colorado. 

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Chelsea and Cole were one of the most boring all time couples on this franchise. I’m convinced that The MTV crew gave Chelsea the best edits. Chelsea’s father was an enabler just as much as poor Larry and Jen. It’s just luck that Chelsea managed to escape addiction.

    1. Chelsea’s dad was supportive. There’s a difference. She wouldn’t be where she is now had she not had his loving support. He’s a good dad. Of course, a good bit of luck factored in too, like when she crossed paths with Cole.

    2. I won’t deny that Chelsea got some good edits, but Randy was not an enabler like Larry and Jen. He called Chelsea out on things he didn’t agree with and tried to urge her to make better choices. He was supportive of Chelsea and definitely spoiled his daughter, but in the end, he let her know when he felt like she was going down a bad path. He didn’t just nod and go along with anything she wanted while making excuses for poor behavior like Jen and Larry did with Rhine.

  2. The way Cheyenne handles money is disgusting. I don’t care if it’s your money, throwing money away like that in lavish parties is an awful thing to teach your kids. And the same goes to every person who does that.

    1. Ashley… 🙄
      Ain’t but 17 people watching this crap anymore, so go ahead and quit if you want to!! 🤣

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