Mackenzie McKee Bitter After Losing ‘Teen Mom 2’ Gig to Former ‘Teen Mom 3’ Co-Star Briana DeJesus

“Oh no she did NOT!”

Last week, The Ashley exclusively broke the news that Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus would be joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 for the show’s next season. Fans of the show were shocked by the news, and, apparently, they weren’t the only ones! Briana’s former ‘Teen Mom 3’ co-star, Mackenzie McKee, was also surprised– and angry!– that MTV chose Briana for the gig instead of her!

Mackenzie stated that she was actually up for the gig at one point.

“They interviewed me and Bri two months ago, but chose her,” Mackenzie told Radar Online.

(The Ashley has confirmed that the other ‘Teen Mom 3’ cast members, Katie Yeager and Alex Sekella, were not contacted by the network.)

It appears that Mackenzie found out that she didn’t get the ‘Teen Mom 2’ job when she read The Ashley’s story about Briana being cast!

“I thought, ‘This can’t be true!’ I was confused,” Mackenzie stated.

Mackenzie hasn’t been on a TV show in several years, but she has kept the drama in her life at a high level since we last saw her. From having multiple high-risk pregnancies, to a sex tape scandal, to constantly fighting and breaking up with her husband Josh McKee, Mackenzie’s life would be a perfect fit for ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Mackenzie agrees that because of her drama, would be a better fit on ‘Teen Mom 2’ than Briana.

“I have worked very hard for where I am. I’m working on all this stuff and what has she done? She’s not working on anything,” Mackenzie said. “It sucks the one who has been working harder didn’t get it.”

Mackenzie feels that she has a much bigger fan base than Briana does, given that she has over 617,000 Instagram followers and Briana only has about 87,000 followers.

When you’re Queen of the Drama but no one cares…

“I think the amount of following difference is shocking,” she continued. “I’ve been consistent with followers…She deleted her social media once, and I helped her get her following back. And here she is on ‘Teen Mom!’”

As The Ashley originally reported, MTV has already been filming Briana for the new season, so Mackenzie’s pleas will fall on deaf ears. Still, she didn’t miss a chance to take a final jab at her (former?) friend Briana, who happens to currently be pregnant by a mystery man.

“I hope MTV didn’t chose her over me because I am married and have three kids with the same guy,” Mackenzie said. “The story on different baby daddies is what people are interested in.”


Briana has not commented since The Ashley broke the story that she was going to be on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ However, she did just post a tweet that seems to be aimed directly at Mackenzie.

“My one and only comment: I don’t really give a f**k what another person has to say!” Briana wrote. “Still doing me at the end of the day!”

(Photos: MTV, VH1)







  1. They obviously picked Brianna because the show was already “too white”. Nowadays we see this attack on everything white and it’s only getting worse. Putting another white girl on the show wouldn’t have worked in mtv’s eyes. Look at the new show mtv just came out with called young and pregnant or something, it’s basically a teen mom show and it’s clearly a desperate attempt to un”White” teen mom franchise – I hope it fails like TM3.

  2. MacKenzie would have been a WAY better choice.
    Why in the World did they pick boring gross Briana?
    YUCK! Poor Choice!
    Well, seeing All of the New reality stupid shows that MTV and VH1 are putting out there,. it makes sense!
    They are going the Ghetto route! Lmao! Boring! Cancel it! Boycott it!

  3. Of all the flavors in the world, Mackenzie chooses to be salty.

    I don’t understand the “but she’s not working on anything” whine – Mackenzie realizes that there are more things to work on in life beside reality TV, right? I mean – surely she watches TV and sees people doing things that aren’t shooting small humans out their hoohahs for MTV, right?

  4. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    Oh Briana, someone is always doing you..that us how your fymb ass is pregnant again!!

    I have zero desire to see this spoiled, stupid, lazy peice of shit on TV. her mom hates men, her sister hangs with Javi, no no no no. She is stupider than MAC which is saying alot.

  5. Well, I liked Mac, and I agree that she’s more watchable than Brianna (Didn’t she say she wished she had aborted her child? KNOWING the child was going to see the tape one day? Anyone that would do that, and feel no remorse, is a disgusting excuse for a human being.)

      1. Yes. She sure did. She looked straight into the camera and said she wished she would have had an abortion like her sister. After that, I never watched any shows with her in them.

  6. I feel like Mackenzie has been trying her hardest to create drama so she can be asked back to teen Mom. She is so impossible.

  7. Oh FFS grow up! ? These girls act like they are such celebrities and are entitled to what they want. You’re “famous” for getting knocked up at 16. Not knocking those who are teen moms but it seriously blows my mind how they act like they are famous celebrities for an actual skill or hobby.

    How desperate and pathetic Mac, seriously ?

  8. Get over it with your kids,clean your crib…NOBODY CARES!DO YOUR LIFE..DO IT WELL. QUIT WHINNING!

  9. I am so ticked about this. Brianna and Alex were the reason I didn’t watch teen mom 3. It seems like they are looking for a Jenelle like story line. She is knocked up again with a mystery baby daddy. She had videos released of her giving some guy head. I love how MTV is all “this is to prevent teen pregnancy” when in reality it is all about a soap opera. Oh BTW Ashley what happened to your teen mom recaps?! I haven’t seen any in weeks and I always looked forward to them PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!!

    1. LOL down to earth? Briana is on Jupiter. She’s more delusional than Leah on her “anxiety and depression” meds.

    2. She deserves Nothing! Omg! Are YOU serious?
      Briana is just another loser! And the weird0 is pregnant again!
      MacKenzie would have been a WAY better choice!

  10. I think it’s clear Chelsea wants out and Bri will replace her. Mac is boring as hell. She works out,doesn’t treat her diabetes, pawns her kids off on her parents and talks about her mute dumb husband. GO AWAY MAC.

  11. I could care less about either of these girls. If they, either of them, end up on my TM2 screen, I’m done (and not Maci’s version) with the show.


  12. Wow she sounds so desperate! I guess she figures MTV $$$ comes much easier than those pyramid schemes she does. She has yet to better herself and secure anything for her families long term future (20 plus yrs down the road. She’s still has the same teenage mentality she had 3, 4, 5(?) pregnancies ago. That’s not growth makenzie that’s called irresponsibility.

  13. If MTV really wants to get more bang for their buck, they’d cut Chelsea, Leah, Maci, and Catelynn from the series and create a spin off series that forces Farrah, Jenelle, Amber and Kail to live together for a summer or in a cabin in the woods for a month, leaving them to fend for themselves. That group of crazies under the same roof would definitely bring the kind of ratings MTV is chasing. As a bonus, the series would be narrated by Babs with occasional drunken guest appearances from that Lush Debz OG.

    1. That’s right put two whores, one lesbian and a bitch living together. Sounds good to me. Don’t forget to add Chelsea who’s hubby is gay in there too.

    2. They should do a something where the unemployed/ underemployed dads get paired with Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs or work as deckhands on Deadliest Catch.

    1. What’s up with YOUR disgusting Racist nasty name!? Pretty sick! BUT I bet you’re the first to freak out when it is Reverse!
      Figures! Typical!
      Grow up…YOU Big CryBaby Snowflake!! Hahahaha! Hahaha!

    2. What’s up with YOUR disgusting Racist nasty name!? Pretty sick! BUT I bet you’re the first to freak out when it is Reverse!
      Figures! Typical!
      Grow up…YOU Big CryBaby Snowflake!! Hahahaha! Hahaha!

  14. This is some Veruca Salt nonsense. “But I have more followers daddy! Put me on TV now!”

    How about being gracious?

  15. They’re getting more bang for their buck with Briana, not only is she a drama causing moron she has a clap back sister and a spicy mom, plus tons of potential rotating door baby daddies. All McKenzie has is diabetes and a silent half husband.

  16. It is literally painful to read anything this girl says. Does Miss High and Mighty Mackenzie know about the warrant out for her arrest? A simple Google search for the district court records in Oklahoma brings up the website and all you have to do is type in her name. Maybe her mugshot will be the next to grace the Teen Mom world!

    1. what is the warrant for? I tried searching but didn’t find it. I might not have searched hard enough.

  17. They are both train wrecks but at least Briana isn’t false about it. Mackenzie acts as if she is a good Christian girl while she is out trying to sell a sex tape and trying to get people to pay for her new boobs. She intentionally got pregnant again after being told that it would put her and her baby at risk, poor Broncs ended up born with health problems. Her and Briana are supposed to be friends and for her to say that about her after she was chosen instead of her shows how bitchy she is. I bet Katie and Alex didn’t get but hurt for not being picked to film again.

  18. So basically Mac is saying, “Ive been extending my 15 minutes of fame by making up fights with Josh and staging a sex tape scandal. So why wasn’t I picked?”

  19. I really think MTV is bringing on Briana as a signal to Jenelle that she’s replaceable because they’re absolutely sick and tired of her diva tantrums and UBT has come in acting like he gets to have control too. Maybe MTV should put Mac on Teen Mom OG to try and get Farrah to settle down and let her know she’s replaceable too!

    1. I must preface my reply by stating that I in no way condone Farrah’s behaviour or believe that any of these train wrecks should be paid ridiculous amounts of money to be on TV. That said, I agree with everything you said except that Farrah is replaceable. That chick is reality TV gold and her attitude and drama-filled life are the only reasons OG is even on the air. If the other girls could have carried the show on their own, the producers never would have begged Farrah to return.

      1. You have to be kidding me. Farrah causes me to have diarrhea.
        Still more fun than watching her, listening to her, or knowing she’s on (any) planet causing mayhem. I’d rather clip my toenails with my a** on fire.

    2. I think they’re replacing Chelsea. They don’t cAre how jenlle or Farrah bring the drama. They bring ratings. Otherwise they’d have been axed long ago.

  20. Take this as you will, but MTV needed a black woman on the franchise, so they picked Briana. They’ve been getting flake for years for the low number of minority teens featured on 16 & Preg. Then when they put Briana on TM3, they canceled it after one season.

    Farrah is the only POC on the show and she’s the most hated.

    1. Is farrah really a minority though? I thought her father was Labanese? I mean maybe, but I think it’s a stretch.

      Kail’s kids are part hispanic, right? So there’s some diversity for you. And who knows about baby #3…that one will be the wildcard!

    2. So black people have been petitioning to get a pregnant, unwed mom, on tv?? I don’t think so! lol As a black woman, I’ve never watched the show and have been offended that they didn’t portray my race negatively like the rest of them. Lol

      1. Well, YOU would be WRONG! Because Black.people Have been Begging to be on this Show! I guess YOU don’t know YOUR own people too well! Hahaha! Haha!

        1. Clearly you’re batish crazy. You’ve heard one black person say that?? Gtfoh with your ignorant assumptions. Trash bag.

          1. Gfy and Stfu!
            YES, I have heard Black people complain about it!

            The Only Trash-Bag here is YOU!! What’s wrong…YOU can’t stand the TRUTH!! YOU sure do get Triggered easily!
            Gfy-Hard! Now run along to YOUR “Safe-Space” , YOU CryBaby Snowflake Nutjob!!!
            Hahaahaahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahaha!

          2. Gfy and Stfu!
            YES, I have heard Black people complain about it!

            The Only Trash-Bag here is YOU!! What’s wrong…YOU can’t stand the TRUTH!! YOU sure do get Triggered easily!
            Gfy-Hard! Now run along to YOUR “Safe-Space” , YOU CryBaby Snowflake Nutjob!!!
            Hahaahaahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahaha!

    3. Omg!
      Briana is NOT Black!
      She is Latino…which is WHITE!!

      Farrah is NOT a Minority either….her mother is White! Her father has a mix of different White Nationalities….but it is ALL White DNA! Many people from the Middle East have White DNA!

      And NO, MTV did NOT NEED a Black woman….that’s ridiculous! MTV and VH1 already have TOO Many Ghetto reality shows that suck….they don’t Need anymore!

      I find people like you are hilarious….you must live in the middle nowhere and have that White Guilt BS….Hahahaha! Especially if YOU actually thought those 2 girls were people of colour! Hahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!

  21. Let’s be real. They are both train wrecks and good TV material. But it’s really funny how bitter Mackenzie actually is! So if you have a job, aren’t they paying you well or you just want more money?! You are a fame whore just like her, it’s just that they decided she would make Jenelle-esque kind of material more than you can. (Although didn’t she get in a car crash because she doesn’t take care of her diabetes properly?!) They both should get off tv and the media. Oh, and take Nikkole Paulun with you to the fame whore vile.

    1. Can’t stand Nikkole. Those stupid viral posts piss me off. All she wanted was praise and attention for doing what she should have been doing since she had Lyle.

  22. I’d take it as a compliment they no longer saw my life as a big enough train wreck to be on tv. Mack and her husband and gaggle of children have far less issues than Brianna her mother sister daughter and whatever guy is in the picture at the time. Get a real job and take care of yourself and your family it’s called growing up. Stop this TM mess already mtv please

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