Farrah Abraham’s Response to Amber Portwood’s Wedding Invite Offer Was Incredibly Downright Cruel

“Why are you so obsessed with me?!”

Just when we thought a peace had fallen over Teen Mom Land, Farrah Abraham brought her cat claws back out.

Farrah has responded to a recent interview given by her Teen Mom OG costar, Amber Portwood, in which Amber stated that she planned to invite all her cast mates to her October wedding, even her arch enemy, Farrah.

While some of the show’s fans assumed that Amber’s gesture meant that the feud between her and Farrah was finally settling down… they were wrong.

Farrah responded to Amber’s wedding invite offer in a particularly hateful way (even by Farrah standards!)

“They lie and they need to stop using me to get attention for their wedding and [Matt Baier]’s book,” Farrah told Radar Online. “I want nothing to do with their criminal behavior or lying evil groups of people they associate with.”

Farrah also threw shade at Amber’s criminal record and Matt’s checkered past.

“I’m happy both the scam artists can be a happily married criminal couple,” she said.


Farrah’s sometimes-boyfriend Simon Saran also got catty when he was asked if he will attend Amber and Matt’s wedding.

“I haven’t been to a circus in a while, it could be fun,” he said.

“Well I certainly hope this doesn’t ruin my chances of getting an invite! I’ve already prepared a special ‘Here Comes the Bride’ rap for the occasion!”

In yet another interview with Radar, Farrah stated that she thinks Amber should lose custody of Leah, the daughter Amber shares with Gary Shirley.

“Gary should have full custody of Leah,” Farrah said. “Both [her and Matt] are not to be trusted with children, evidently so.”

As The Ashley previously reported, major drama went down between Farrah and Amber at the most-recent ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunion taping. During the special Farrah said Matt looked like a pedophile and Amber was not having it. She stormed the stage and cussed Farrah out before attempting to slap Farrah in the face. Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham stepped in, and Matt shoved Michael down. As Matt and Amber were being escorted off the stage, Farrah screamed that they need to “visit jail.”

Simon has also taken to social media on numerous occasions to blast the other ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars. This past season Simon threw shade at Matt and Amber for buying a house while not having jobs outside of MTV.

“All of a sudden everyone is buying a house,” Simon said. “Everyone got their MTV bonuses and got no jobs! You actually need to have a job and do something with your life to have an office Matt.”

The new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ premieres April 17, so we’ll surely be seeing this wedding invite drama play out on our TV screens!

(Photos: MTV)

40 Responses

  1. Farrah was going to be mad at Amber regardless. If she didn’t get invited she would make negative comments and if she is invited she’ll be negative. Of courses Farrah is right that Matt is bad news but she shouldn’t say he looks like a pedophile. That’s a very loaded statement. Both of these girls need to just ignore each other but both need the other to stay relevant when they aren’t on TV.

  2. I mean Farrah is qualified to criticise other people’s parenting, she is mother of the year after a… Oh wait sorry, my bad. When your daughter isn’t getting paid ridiculous amounts of tooth fairy money off the back of mtv (and some from Farrah laying on her back, lets face it) and being an all round narcissistic little mini me, you can talk. They’re all as bad as one another imo but Farrah is deluded enough to think she matters outside of an ageing reality show.

  3. Does anyone else think Simon is sort of like Kim Kardashian’s paid best friend Jonathan Cheben?

  4. I foresee Farrah and Amber will be well into their 30’s and still slinging mud at each other in-between #adposts on social media.

  5. The one and only time I agree with Farrah. Amber needs to get out of bed and really examine her life. Matt is no good for anyone. Matt is using Amber. If Amber marries him that will be the worst mistake of her life. Amber has no self esteem.

    1. Who n their right mind would let their daughter be alone with someone they met on the internet? I mean he’ll even Gary found someone local. WTF???

  6. Interesting… So what is it that Simon does all day? He claims he is loaded.

    There is this rumor that he is Farrah’s pimp but maybe they are the ones keeping that rumor going to get people to talk about them and wonder.
    Every headline, good or bad, is free PR for all the cast members.They have all become a brand. Farrah has made being a total biotch her trademark, Simon is her obnoxious sidekick. People love to hate!
    Although I don’t believe they are good actors or intelligent enough to make this stuff up. They must love to act the way they do.

      1. Didn’t Farrah’s mom ask at one point if she was doing this for publicity? Farrah may have a lot of side jobs but none of them are really successful and without this show, no one would even know Farrah!

    1. Oops, my comment was a response to the comment about Simon’s non existing businesses (non of them can be found or do not exist anymore, see first comment). Wrong place, my bad.

  7. Yeah Farrah is psychotic and a massive bitch that’s nothing new, but she’s not exactly wrong here either ??‍♀️ She’s definitely not the one to talk about bad parenting though!

    1. She’s right but she’s also def not in the place to speak about it all xd especially not about parenting

  8. They’re all ridiculous and attention whores. It’s silly for Amber to invite Farrah when they are on bad terms. And it’s even sillier for Farrah to open her mouth about it. And Simon? I just can’t with him. No one cares about him.

    But Farrah and Amber are both bad moms, so pot meet kettle.

  9. I don’t see how what she said was cruel, just the usual Farrah crap she always says. Farrah is a terrible human but Amber fell right into it by trying to slap her. (Not that she didn’t deserve it.)

  10. I myself would not want Farrah (who reminds me of a giraffe) or her free loading little man at my wedding. I use to enjoy watching teen mom and showing my girls how hard it is to raise children but refuse to allow them to watch Farrah,such a low life tramp. Her mother is the same,both wicked witches.Wish someone would take her daughter away before she ruins her anymore

  11. Simon is the pettiest bitch out of the entire franchise (excuse my language), and Farrah continues to be a whack job. I’m terrified of what Sophia is going to be like when she is 16 since she has all these nut jobs as her role models

      1. ME TOO!!! Even as my brain interprets it correctly, I shake that loose and re-read it as, “prettiest bitch,” using my “fancy” inner voice.

        Simon’s petty AF though. He’s obviously attached himself to Farrah the way nasty Matt did to Amber. I don’t know, I guess fame is what he’s looking for? Really, the only people that have a clue who he is are us. If being known as that dumb dumb who hangs around the butt plug teen mom is what he wants… then…success? I mean, the dude is just some rando that probably answered an ad to “date” Farrah. Nobody was buying it, but she needed more than that one friend she sometimes has with her so he sticks around and tries suuuuuuuuper hard to sound so smart. He has all this mysterious beef with every other cast member and attempts to rattle their cages using “intelligent” insults. It’s all so out of left field. This dude is only slightly more capable of stringing together a sentence (written or verbal) than Farrah.

        WOW. I did NOT realize I had so much to say about that dude. I feel weird now.

  12. Farrah is a nasty, hateful person. She has no reason to be so bitchy. And it’s funny that Simon takes digs at them when he’s the biggest scammer on the show. We all know his ass doesn’t love Farrah. He’s in it for the money and the 15 secs of fame. Farrah and him criticize the other moms like they don’t make their money from being on the show.

    Oh I’m sorry Farrah makes it from overly sexualizing herself and her daughter.

  13. I mean it’s true what they said. Matt you need an actual job aside from using a young woman and her child for “fame”. What does he even do in the office play video games and go on “twitta” looking up another potential meal ticket. He’s going to marry Ambers guilible a s s and divorce her faster than Kailyn did Javi went he went to basic.

  14. The funny thing is as much as they hate each other, they need each other in order to stay “in the news” to promote themselves.

  15. I mean usually I can’t with Farrah. But she actually said something most of us thinking!? Matt is gross!! Sorry but not really. ??‍♀️??

  16. Farrah is literally sick in the head.

    I think she needs more than just the therapy she raves about. Maybe she should consider a full frontal lobotomy.

    1. So true. She is a self absorbed little psycho. her comment about being international star cracks me up. Who would want to work with someone like her. Sadly, she is corrupting her daughter along with her. Sofia is the one who needs immediate protection. She needs a normal childhood. Of course, Farrah may not be capable of providing that. Who calls their Dad by their name?

      1. It’s like she’s trying to prove she’s a better parent than Amber just because she has custody. Newsflash: Sophia’s dad is dead and that is the only reason she has her. Not because she’s an exquisite parent!

  17. Scam artists? That’s rich for someone who’s boyfriend claims to own three businesses:

    -Global Wealth Enterprises, a California corporation listed as suspended by the Franchise Tax Board by the Secretary of State.

    -Empire West Realty, a registered DBA for that same suspended corporation.

    -GPS Motors, which does not seem to show up as an LLC or corporation in California, nor is it a registered DBA in San Diego County.

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