Fights, Tears & Jax Taylor: Bravo Releases Mid-Season Trailer for “Vanderpump Rules” Season 11

“I’m back, biotches!”

It looks like the Vanderpump Rules crew is saving the best for last.

A mid-season trailer debuted following Tuesday night’s episode showing what’s in store for the rest of Season 11, which, so far, hasn’t been as drama-packed as fans hoped. And if you need an infusion of drama, who better to bring it than the “villainous” Jax Taylor?

The trailer opens with Tom Schwartz defending his BFF Tom Sandoval to a group that includes Ariana Madix and her new boyfriend, Daniel Wai.

“He’s not a trash person, he’s a good person who did a trash thing,” Schwartz says.

“A trash thing?” Ariana replies.

“A lot of things,” he answers.

“Me, my lady and my man-bun ain’t got time for this, Schwartz!” 

Schwartz and his former groomswoman Ariana definitely aren’t back on the same page, as evidenced by later in the trailer when he says, “We’re all friends again,” and Ariana replies, “Oh, are we?”

The relationship between Schwartz and his ex-wife Katie Maloney isn’t fairing any better. As hinted at in the original trailer for Season 11, the former spouses are dating the same woman (as you do). Schwartz also approaches Katie about having a one-night stand, despite the fact that they weren’t doing the horizontal mambo even when they were married. 

Katie isn’t into Schwartz’s, um, offer. She does, however, want her ex to realize what he’s lost.

“Tom’s going to wake up and realize that I was the one that got away,” she says in the trailer.

Or maybe he’ll wake and realize Jo Wenberg is?

Only slightly less awkward than his kiss last season with Rachel.

The trailer hints that trouble is brewing in the marriage of Scheana Shay and Brock Davies. In what could very easily be a misdirect, Scheana tells her husband, “I don’t think you and I are going to be together forever.”

Later, she admits to having doubts about her husband’s faithfulness, telling Sandoval, “I now have f**ked up thoughts about Brock and Lala, one of my best friends, because I’m like, ‘Oh my God, could someone do that to me?’ You did that.”

James Kennedy and Ally Lewber may also be facing relationship woes, as it’s revealed that the two have different visions for life together.

“I definitely see, like, babies in our future,” he tells his girlfriend, who responds, “I’ve never felt that.”

“I don’t see James Kennedy babies in my star chart.”

Like the first few episodes, the remainder of Season 11 will focus on Sandoval’s road to redemption post-“Scandoval.” Not everyone is ready to move on, though.

Katie— who, during this week’s episode, blamed Sandoval for helping break up her marriage– isn’t having it, telling her castmates, “How many times are we going to keep believing this man’s genuine tears?”

Though they’ve managed to keep their distance so far this season, Sandoval and his ex, Ariana, will be together a few times in the coming episodes, including at a beach party where she tells him not to speak to her, and at a formal event where Ariana seems to run to producers so that she doesn’t have to interact with Sandoval, telling them, “He f**king doesn’t give a f**k if I died in a ditch.”

In retaliation, Sandoval tells Lala, Scheana and Schwartz, “Ariana, she f**king talks s**t about all you f**kers.”

If they’ve watched any episodes of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ these three know this is true not only about Ariana but about everyone else who’s ever been on the show, including Sandoval.

“Oh…yeah, I forgot everything we do is recorded…and stuff.” 

Jax, who’s spinoff The Valley debuts next week after ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ drops by to get his digs in at his former pal, Sandoval.

“You’ve been relentlessly talking s**t about me,” to which Jax responds, “The whole world has talked s**t about you, the whole entire world!”

Continuing a major theme from this season, the trailer ends with Scheana once again questioning her relationship with Sandoval, asking, “So what do I mean to you?”

“You mean a lot,” he responds.

“Because we’re filming or because of life?” she asks.

Scheana questions if Sandoval’s friendship is good as gold as the sneak peak fades to black.

The answer to this and the rest of our burning questions will be revealed as Season 11 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ plays out on Bravo and Peacock over the next few weeks.

Check out the mid-season trailer below:

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(Photos: Bravo)


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  1. I hope this is the last season and everyone moves to the valley. No one works at SUR and except James at SUNT.

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