TLC Announces New Season of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way”; Check Out the Cast of New & Returning Couples & Watch the Season 6 Trailer

Me, anytime I’m questioned about my addiction to this hot mess franchise…

Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returns this summer with six geographically-challenged couples ready to go the distance– literally– in the name of love. 

TLC announced the Season 6 cast this week, which includes some familiar faces from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. The network also released the first trailer, showing some of the drama viewers can look forward to this season.

Check out the full cast below! 

Shekinah & Sarper

Returning for another season of ’The Other Way’ are Shekinah (California) and Sarper (Turkey). After being back home in the U.S. for three months, Shekinah is packing her bags and moving to Turkey with the hope that she and Sarper can work to resolve issues in their relationship.

According to the Season 6 trailer, Sarper will also be doing some ‘work’ on Shekinah’s nose.

However, when women from Sarper’s past begin to reach out to Shekinah, she’s left questioning just how well she really knows the “reformed bad boy” she’s dating.

Statler & Dempsey 

Also returning to the franchise are Statler (Texas) and Dempsey (England). While the pair are set to kick off their “great European van life,” Statler second-guesses the drastic lifestyle change that comes with living in a van, despite Dempsey being all in on their wonderful life on wheels.   

“What the shell hell was I thinking…”

This season, viewers will watch as the couple figure out if their love is strong enough to withstand life on the road.

James & Meitalia

James (Maine) and Meitalia (Indonesia) wed two-and-a-half years after meeting online and have been living together in Maine ever since. However, due to Meitalia being “desperately homesick” and dealing with health issues, the couple makes the decision to relocate to Indonesia in order for Meitalia to be closer to her family.

Don’t worry, James and Meitalia brought plenty of luggage AND baggage to Indonesia.

Unfortunately, James’s family doesn’t take the news very well, and things only get worse once he and Meitalia arrive in Indonesia, where he finds himself tested by his wife’s relatives, facing a language barrier and unsure of how he and Meitalia are going to survive financially.  

Corona & Ingi

After meeting in Iceland after a night of partying, Corona (Pennsylvania)–- a midwife in training–- decides to uproot her life to be with her “Viking” Ingi (Iceland). After her arrival, Corona learns that her career plans may be derailed and that her relationship with Ingi may not be as hot as she thought it was. 

Corona, trying to explain to her friends why she risked it all for an Icelandic Viking…

Corona also faces criticism from friends and family over her decision to relocate to Iceland.

Josh & Lily

Also joining ‘The Other Way’ this season are Josh (South Carolina) and Lily (China), who met on a dating app, fell in love and ultimately tied the knot. Now that Josh has quit his job in America, he’s planning to move to China to be with his successful #BossLady wife; however, Josh’s inability to find work soon becomes a major source of contention between he and Lily. 

“…unless you ‘go on’ and get yourself a job.”

Josh and Lily will also deal with backlash from Lily’s family over their union. 

Joanne & Sean

Rounding out the cast are Joanne (New York) and Sean (Ireland) who are already married, albeit secretly. After deciding she and Sean need to be in the same country– and deciding that country will be Ireland– Joanne sets out to get the approval of her two sons, who join her on a trip to Ireland where they meet Sean for the first time.

Let’s hope Sean didn’t welcome his stepsons to Ireland by immediately disclosing what he was looking for in a partner.

Shortly after their arrival, things begin to unravel as Joanne and Sean “deal with the strains that have been caused by carrying their secret.”  

The new season of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” premieres July 1 on TLC. Watch the Season 6 trailer below! 

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(Photos: Warner Bros./Discovery; TLC; Instagram) 


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  1. Meh- Sean may look like a douche but he’s CUTE and has an accent so… I’ll watch!

    And I’m sorry but Sarper is not BAD looking but he’s definitely not incredibly good looking. NOT enough to rule Shekinah’s like the way he does (eyeroll). I don’t get it.


  2. UGH, Sharper and Shekinah I could do without. Lord help me for watching this franchise 🤣🤣. Thank you The Ashley for helping me through it.

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