Update on ‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie McKee’s Son Broncs: “He’s a Very Sick Baby”

Mackenzie and Josh with Broncs...
Mackenzie and Josh with Broncs…

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee welcomed her third child earlier this week and, even though Baby Broncs was born at a healthy weight– a whopping 10 pounds, 1 ounce, to be exact!–he is still in the NICU for a variety of problems including a hole in his heart, crowded lungs and a blood infection. Mackenzie’s mother, Angie Douthit, has been using Facebook to update fans on the baby boy’s condition.

Yesterday, she told fans that they have been told by doctors that Broncs is “a very sick baby.”

“The neonatal doctor came in this morning to explain Broncs’ condition with a nurse practitioner and a RN,” Angie wrote on Wednesday. “[Broncs] has a small hole in his heart, a large heart, and crowded lungs. Now he has a blood infection and they wanted to do a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. They started him on antibiotics for the blood infection and he will have to be on it for 7-10 days in the hospital. We should have the results in a few days.”

Angie posted several photos of her adorable new grandson...
Angie posted several photos of her adorable new grandson…

While the update is surely terrifying for Mackenzie and her husband, Josh McKee, Angie wrote that they did get a little good news, however slight.

“[Broncs] is not critical but they said he’s a very sick baby,” Angie told fans. “His blood sugars are stable. But he still can’t be held or fed.”

Mackenzie, who gave birth to Broncs via C-section, will be leaving the hospital soon. This is good news, as she has Type 1 diabetes and has struggled throughout all of her pregnancies. (She and Josh are also parents to daughter Jaxie and son Gannon.)

The ‘Teen Mom 3’ starlet has been understandably absent from her social media accounts in recent days, but she did use her Twitter account last night to update fans.

“Thank you all for you love and prayers,” Mackenzie tweeted. “God has control. I have been resting and pretty drugged so keeping everyone updated is a challenge.”

The Ashley will continue to provide updates on Baby Broncs as they come in.

(Photos: Facebook)

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  1. I hope all gets better for all of u it’s hard dealing with u being sick and the baby as well ill pray for u and ur family

  2. I don’t know why, but I’ve never liked Mackenzie. I think she seems a little “off” to me. Her husband doesn’t even seem to like her too much either. It seems like whenever I hear they are separated or having issues she is suddenly pregnant.This happened with Jaxie and Broncs.I hope she has no more children,if she does,it’s going to make life that much harder when her hubby leaves her and she is raising those kids by herself.

  3. I am not a fan of Mackenzie at all. She bothered me the way she begged josh and chased him. No self esteem or dignity whatsoever. I thought she was a terrible example to teens. And as for her repeated high risk pregnancies, what is she thinking?! It’s not just her life she’s risking. Her marriage is a joke and could never survive the loss of a child. It’s nearly ended over less. I love how she says god had control… like not taking birth control and getting pregnant. God does have control and sometimes he uses our choices to teach lessons. Like knowingly not taking care of your diabetes and continuously getting pregnant and having high risk pregnancies. I do hope it turns out well for them and the baby, but I don’t agree with her choices. That girl is so dumb.

  4. I had gestational diabetes three times. My oldest was large, but fine. (large babies run in my family, and diabetes increases the chance of a large baby. Double whammy). My blood sugar was very well controlled when I had him. (i was 23)

    My second child I had a very hard time controlling my blood sugar. I followed my diet exactly. I tested my blood sugars 5-7 times daily. I was on oral medication. Myvsugars were still high, but not obscenely so, just higher than they would have liked. My son was 10 pounds, 13 ounces at birth, and 10 days early. (thank goodness for c-sections) he ended up very sick from blood sugar issues. (his was 12. 50 was considered low, but in normal range. He could have died) he was in the nicu. It was terrifying and an eye opener. I had gone weekly to the nutritionist. I had diabetes specialists. I never fully grasped that it could be THAT dangerous. we knew his heart was good, I had special tests done while pregnant, but they did say it was a possibility. He is a healthy 2 year old now.

    My third son I went on insulin almost right away. I cried every time. I had to test my sugar 8 times or more a day. I had to inject myself with insulin, in the stomach, 4 times a day. I was obsessive about my sugar levels. He was born 2 weeks early, 9 pounds 4 ounces. Perfectly healthy. He has some allergies, but they aren’t connected to my diabetes.

    We want another child at some point. But we won’t if it is deemed dangerous. My existing kids need their mother. I am super cautious, even though my diabetes was gestational. I couldn’t imagine being so cavalier about a serious health issue. When you have kids, you do whatever it takes to not only keep them safe and healthy, but yourself as well.

  5. Oh 🙁 I’m not a fan of Mackenzie but I sure hope this baby gets better soon. “He still can’t be held or fed” – makes me so sad to think of a newborn being unable to be held. Poor little guy.

  6. Ugh 🙁 I know what it’s like to not be able to hold your newborn, and nicu life… Not fun, prayers and positive vibes for the McKees!!

  7. Steel Magnolias. Exactly. I can picture poor Jaxie and Gannon running around the house scared and hungry while she goes into a diabetic coma because “omg forget to eat”. At least she’ll make a skinny corpes.

  8. First of all and more importantly, I hope baby Broncs pulls through and does well. Secondly I certainly hope that Mackenzie had her tubes tied with this last c-section. Thirdly this chick is dumber than a box of rocks and I hope that her obgyn explained to her the reason why it’s important to no longer keep on procreating for her health and the health of another baby. She needs to get her head out of her butt and remember that children need a healthy mother. On the other side of the coin I hope mr cattle riding josh gets a vasectomy so when he’s ready to leave Mackenzie again he won’t be able to give his other three kids step brothers or sisters.

    1. Not “step” (that means no blood relation, HALF siblings, as in having same father or mother in common.

      Pet peeve I read, and hear in real life,
      all the time.

  9. I feel for her my child was born at 10lbs 7 ounces and that pregnancy nearly killed me.
    luckily my son was born perfectly healthy and is still healthy 4 years later.
    its hard on the body to have large children. i may not like this girl but I hope her son a smooth recovery. No mother deserves to see her baby hooked up to wires.

  10. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    Was it really all worth it for her to not keep her diabeties in check so she wouldn’t get fat? How selfish could she be. All of these issues were brought on by her diabeties casue she didn’t manage it properly. There are plenty of people out there who are diabetic and worst case scenario their baby has a high birth weight. I have said it before I gaurentee she skips her shots to loose weight. Get out of your delusional world!!!

  11. She’s stupid to keep having these high risk pregnancies. Selfish not thinking about herself or the baby. Anyway, hopefully the baby can come out of this healthy. Best of luck to the Broncs.

  12. Poor baby, I hope everything works out because he doesn’t deserve to suffer. I also hope McKenzie and other young girls learn from this. Sad situation all around.

  13. The surgeons nowadays are fabulous my granddaughter had open heart at 26hrs old and just had her 2nd open heart at 6weeks be strong and pray GOD is good I promise

    1. So should they throw him to wolves or should they ignore providing lifesaving healthcare to him so that he can be held?

    2. I’m not sure you understand how NICU works.
      Babies aren’t locked away in a back room without human interaction until they’re deemed sturdy enough for discharge.
      They have a typically 1:1 nurse ratio and as Broncs isn’t the tiny, fragile, preemie we usually think of in NICU I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to be held some provided all of his equipment stays attached.

      1. It was a “rule” in the nicu we were in – I couldn’t hold my son until his chest tubes and breathing tube were out… I think it’s a safety precaution.

    3. I’m not sure about lifelong at all, but it does impact them, not being able to be held. and it’s a heartbreaking thought. But if he doesn’t receive the treatment that he’s currently receiving, he might not be around to live the rest of his life. It’s crucial he gets this treatment. They are trying to save his life, not be cruel.

  14. He is (so unfortunately) a very sick baby all because of MacKenzie. She had never appeared to control her diabetes, and all of the poor baby’s issues are complications of his mother have high and out of control blood sugar levels while pregnant.

    It is definitely possible for type 1 diabetics to have healthy and safe pregnancies and babies. But it takes work and dedication, and of course caring about not only your body but that of your developing baby!

    It is downright shameful that MacKenzie caused her baby to have all of these serious issues. I sure hope she realizes what she’s done, and never gets pregnant again. And, for her own wellbeing and that of the children she is responsible for, takes better care of her diabetes!

  15. I know you can’t really write an article tearing this girl apart when her baby is sick, but this article was a little too sympathetic for me. In no world should this girl have any children, let alone three. Let’s count the reasons why:

    -Her relationship with Josh is one of the most unstable of all the 16 and pregnant girls, and that’s saying something.
    -She is hugely immature, even for a regular 20-something. There is no way she can handle parenting.
    -She’s a terrible parent. It’s like watching an 8 year old play with dolls, except these are real humans.
    -They have no money, no house of their own, no real jobs (I’m not even sure if they’re still doing their fake jobs (rodeo…))
    -And, most importantly: she takes terrible care of her health, like absolutely awful, and it has major impacts on her kids. I don’t know much about diabetes so I don’t know if that’s what caused Bronc’s health issues, but even if it didn’t this girl has bragged on social media about passing out (while pregnant with her daughter!!) because she “forgets” to eat. Her inability to manage her sugar levels are also legendary.

    The fact that she’s saying God has control explains her perfectly. Yep, God will take care of everything so she doesn’t have to do anything.

    1. I don’t disagree, but regardless I think the sympathy was geared toward the baby. He didn’t ask to be conceived or born, nor did he choose his parents. I’m not a fan of hers, but I hope it all works out just the same.

      1. I do feel bad for Broncs. He didn’t ask to be brought into this world by someone so immature and selfish. This poor child is facing a lifetime of health issues because of Mackenzie’s poor choices.

        Saying “God is in control” really makes me angry because it basically absolves Mackenzie of all her poor choices and enables her to keep being irresponsible.

    2. Yep, sadly all of the baby’s issues are complications of his mother having high and out of control blood sugar levels while pregnant 🙁

  16. I hope she got her tubes tied.
    I only say that because this girl does not take her diabetes seriously and now she’s causing health issues for her child. She needs to get it together and stop making “miracle babies”. She may not be so lucky with the next one.

    1. DO you know that these problems have something to do with her Diabetes? Are you a doctor? quite judgemental I think with no supporting information??

      1. Doctors have repeatedly told her not to continue to have children (on TV for a public audience at that) and it’s well documented that diabetes can often cause problems in pregnancy. Not everyone with diabetes will have the same struggles, but for reference the film Steel Magnolias is a great example of a worst case scenario.

        1. Diabetes will cause problems to a developing baby if the mother’s blood sugar levels are high and out of control. It is definitely possible to have diabetes and a healthy pregnancy and baby when you’re in good control – and you need to be in even better control for pregnancy than other times. It takes work and dedication, and the desire for you and your baby to be healthy, but it is totally doable. I am a 27-year diabetic and know several women who have had healthy pregnancies and babies.

      2. A simple Google search will show you that poorly managed diabetes leads to all the issues he’s having. It’s a direct cause. Poor kid.

        1. I’m beginning to think a “simple Google search” is too difficult for many posters. They either like, or want, to live in ignorance. It’s like they’d rather think THEY are right, than learn anything resembling reality.

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