UPDATE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Has House Searched by Police After Bragging About Killing Cats

"They can't arrest me! I'm famous, y'all!"
“They can’t arrest me! I’m famous, y’all!”

Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards may now be facing a felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty after (allegedly) going on a cat-killing spree at his home– and then bragging about it on social media!

Ryan, who lives at his parents’ Red Bank, Tennessee, home, is being investigated by police and the Humane Educational Society in nearby Chattanooga, Tennessee, for animal cruelty. According to a statement released by the Humane Educational Society on Friday, there has been a “full scale investigation” launched against Ryan, who got into this mess by posting disturbing photos of dead cats on his Instagram and bragging that he shot them.

Police and Animal Protection Officers executed a search warrant on Ryan’s home and property on Thursday, and “gathered enough evidence to continue their investigation,” according to the statement.

Bob Citrullo, the director of the Humane Educational Society, told news channel WDEF that evidence photos were taken of things on the Edwards’ property.

“Other things that we have found on the property definitely lead me to believe that this was done with intent…at this point it’s safe to say that he was luring the animals onto his property to kill them,” he said of Ryan.

According to the news station, the Human Educational Society is “now working with the District Attorney’s office to gain a broader search warrant.”

The Humane Educational Society is not playing around.

“The organization does not take Edwards’ claims lightly and has every intention of seeing the former reality star prosecuted to the full extent of the law if his horrific statements are found to be true,” it stated on its Facebook page.

Officers told WDEF that if Ryan is arrested, he will be charged with aggravated animal cruelty, which is a felony in Tennessee, the state in which Ryan lives. If convicted of the charge, Ryan will be placed on Tennessee’s animal abuse registry.

Ryan, who appears to currently be in Florida, has deleted all the incriminating photos and text from his social media accounts.

(Photo: Instagram)


  1. Ryan has absolutely fried his brain with drugs. His behavior has nothing to do with Jen and Larry. They are supporting hime because he has obvious mental deficiencies. More concerning was Larry telling Ryan that he and Jen want more grandbabies…holy hell, this kid can barely wipe his own butt…more kids, with the women he is dating now…there won’t be any more Bentleys on the horizon where that’s concerned.

  2. I would’ve never guessed he was a crazy. Well bright side if he gets jail time jen will have an extra bedroom for more of maci’s miracle babies to use when their mother just can’t bare to take them with her hahaha

  3. To brag about killing cats definitely has some psychopathic tendencies. That’s what serial killers are made of, I hope not only do the authorities fine his ass off but throw that good for nothing loser in jail. Shame on him. With that being said what were mom and pop doing while their 27 year old disgusting son was killing cats in their backyard. It’s no his back yard, it’s their backyard. Ryan needs a good ass beating…I for one would like to slap him upside the head!! MTV should take him off the payroll after this one….then hmmm what will he do then? How will he support his habit? Just sayin…

  4. Don’t blame Jen and Larry necessarily because some people are born sociopaths and no amount of good parenting can fix that

  5. Wow the people in these comments seem to believe everything they read lol you guys want him to be hanged for allegedly killing cats but allow people who’ve murdered others to walk away free? Hmm OK sounds about white

  6. I’ve said this before, but I think he has mental health issues or a mental handicap. He can’t seem to function on his own. He has no job and lives with his parents. He literally has nothing better to do than lure animals onto his “parents’ property and shoot them. WTF? No healthy adult does this kind of stuff. Sorry.

  7. This makes me sick. I would have never guessed he was the type to do something like that. There are so many other humane solutions, and he was trying to act like he did absolutely nothing wrong. He completely tarnished his reputation, and I hope he gets punished to the fullest extent of the law. It makes me wonder if he’s hurt other animals for fun and just hasn’t been caught until now.

  8. I got my black shirt on
    I got my black gloves on
    I got my ski mask on
    This shit’s been too long
    I got my twelve gauge sawed off
    I got my headlights turned off
    I’m ’bout to bust some shots off
    I’m ’bout to dust some Cats

    1. Looks like David Eason came on here to spew his nastiness too. Disgusting. Don’t you have better things to do David? Like I dont know – avoid your 20,765 domestic violence charge & get your own kids back? You’re trash.

  9. He’s a dumbass. I used to roll my eyes and give him a pass, but killing cats before going through the proper channels to rid his property of them is the line. He is a disgusting human being to me now. Hotness level also dropped considerably.

  10. Sounds like mister ryan got his ass in some trouble. Dont you know that you never bite the hand that feeds ya??

  11. Never watched the original teen mom but what I’ve read about this idiot is enough.

    Prosecute his ass to the fullest extent. Is he legitimately on vacation or something legitimate or is he in hiding?

  12. My thought process while reading this was: “wow that’s such a random thing to do”, “what a shithead”, “I’m disappointed in Jen and Larry”, “this is so random”

    1. So weird because his parents seem like such, nice, decent, normal people! Obvious enablers, but most parents are to their children, but still – it’s a head scratcher for me.

  13. Comitting and then bragging about animal cruelty indicates future cruelty towards humans. This man is a parent and a member of my community. Is he still proud of his actions now that he has caused his family embarrassment and legal issues. I think not as he ran like a coward and left them to deal with it

  14. Mama Edwards will be so happy with and proud of her son, again.
    Maybe they finally tell him it’s time to move out.

  15. Yes ! Serves him right. The little a hole. Especially if the luring them in bit is true. He claims he’s victimized by the cats coming on to his property and destroying it. Then get humane traps!! Have them taken in by animal groups. But it seems you were luring them for fun. Hope someone uses you for torture and target practice.

    1. I am in no way defending him as what he’s done is clearly disgusting but anyone suggesting he should be killed for this needs to seriously look at themselves. It makes you no better than him.

      What good would it do? It won’t mean it never happened, it won’t bring anything he has shot back. It will only cause serious problems for his family including his young son.

      Sort your heads out!

  16. His poor parents. I feel so bad for Jen and Larry, they seem like such great people, but then again they raised Ryan. Where did they go wrong?

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