Another ‘Sister Wives’ Wedding! Exclusive Details of Mykelti Brown’s Upcoming Nuptials

"The wedding day is a'coming, folks!"
“The wedding day is a’coming, folks!”

A few months ago, Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown announced that she was engaged to her boyfriend, Tony Padron, but since that announcement, we haven’t heard much in terms of the upcoming ‘Sister Wives’ wedding. Luckily, The Ashley was able to uncover a few details of the impending nuptials.

Mykelti, who is the second-oldest daughter of Brown family patriarch Kody and his third wife, Christine, is still getting hitched, and according to The Ashley’s sources, is just months away from saying “I do!”

From what The Ashley hears, Mykelti and Tony will be getting married in St. George, Utah, which is where they have been living. (That means the Brown family will have to load up into the RVs of Doom again and high-tail it up there for the festivities!)

Mykelti will be married by the end of the year, as she and Tony are scheduled to get hitched on December 17.

Although Mykelti and Tony are getting hitched just days before Christmas, they will not be doing a holiday-themed wedding.

“The theme is going to incorporate who each of us is and our family traditions,” they told Us Weekly in June. “We are thinking something Mexican vintage because it represents both of us.”

Although she hasn’t confirmed it yet, it can be assumed that Mykelti’s sisters will be part of her wedding. (Mykelti served as a bridesmaid when her sister Maddie got married earlier this year.) It’s also rumored that Maddie’s father, Kody, will be the officiant for Mykelti and Tony’s wedding, just as he was at Maddie’s.

The Ashley will update this when she has more details!

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  1. I hope and pray that Meri can convince Mariah to walk down the isle in the very near future, not to be outdone by the other girls. Mariah will make a beautiful bride for some lucky young person. There is a danger of not being married if she waits too long. As a reality TV star, Meri’s stunningly beautiful daughter is highly regarded by everyone wishing for the perfect daughter-in-law. Meri needs grandchildren to take her mind off the anxiety filled existence she is struggling through daily. Hopefully twins!

  2. He looks like a lost Lawrence brother…and Mykelti is the spitting image of her Mom. Good luck to them, it would be interesting marrying into the Brown family.

  3. They are a beautiful couple. Hope Mariah will be the maid of honor. This is all just too exciting!!! I love, love, love the Browns, especially Kody and Robyn. Can’t wait for the wedding.

    1. There is a male actor Mykelti Williamson. He was on ER which was a popular show around the time Mykelti was born. I am almost sure that is where Christine must have gotten it from.

    1. Right? I just did whatever I wanted. People kept asking me what my theme was….uhhhh I don’t have one, I just put all the stuff I like together…

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