‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood & Matt Baier Address Miscarriage, Drug Use Rumors

That face you make when your girlfriend takes you on a free trip to New York AND you get to be on TV!
That face you make when your girlfriend takes you on a free trip to New York AND you get to be on TV!

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood is sitting down with her old pal Dr. Drew Pinsky to address some of the nasty rumors circulating in the media about her. Amber will appear on Dr. Drew’s HLN Show on tonight and, of course, she brought along her fiancé, Matt Baier, to discuss the “online bullying” the couples says they’ve been subjected to by ‘Teen Mom’ fans.

In a preview of tonight’s episode, Amber and Matt say they felt compelled to come forward after certain Internet rumors “pushed them over the edge.”

The vilest rumor, Matt said, was one that stated that Amber suffered a miscarriage due to drug use. Amber flatly denied this story.

“That’s not true at all,” Amber said, adding that she couldn’t be popping the pills again because if she was good ol’ Dr. Drew would be calling her out.

Earlier this month, Amber told various media outlets that she has been sober for about three years now.

It was the rumor that Amber had miscarried, however, that made the couple the most upset, according to Matt.

The Ashley has traced that rumor back to click bait site TeenMomDaily, which claimed in its article that an anonymous “Teen Mom lawyer” (whatever that is?) revealed that “a prescription drug addiction is the cause of the miscarriage” and that “Matt has been treating Amber horribly ever since it happened although he is the one who enables her problems.” (Just for the record, The Ashley is not confirming any of this to be true.)

"So am I allowed to ask Matt about all of his kids or...?"
“So am I allowed to ask Matt about all of his kids or…?”

“Dr. Drew, that’s actually the reason we wanted to come on,” Matt said. “That was the article that kind of pushed us over the edge. Because when you start attacking the sobriety, and talk about the loss of a child, and say that a mystery ‘Teen Mom’ lawyer is the source, that’s when we really decided to speak up about this stuff. We’ve been quiet about this for about a year, and it kind of pushed us over the edge.”

(Apparently Matt forgot about all of the mean tweets he posted about Jenelle Evans’ child and miscarriage a few years back. Remember when he tweeted, “In all fairness if I was Jenelle’s fetus and had a choice between Jenelle or being aborted. Abort Me!” We do.)

Anyway, Dr. Drew’s full interview with Matt and Amber airs tonight on HLN!

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  1. I hate Matt because he makes me agree with Farrah.
    I also hate Matt because he hides behind supposedly being an addict once upon a time for why he continues to be a shitty dad and human being. He had lied about how many kids he has, what kind of job he has, his history of stalking teen mom cast members betrays his “I knew nothing about this show!” and most of all I hate that he’s gotta be at least 50 and still dressing like Bieber circa 2011.

  2. I wonder if they are referencing the blind items by enty lawyer? There was one a few months back I’m waiting on…it said a teen mom was beaten up and had a miscarriage. The reveal from that hasn’t happened yet that I know of…

  3. Oh Amber, you’ve changed not at all.

    I knew it the second you got out of jail, and did an interview with MTV, before seeing Leah.

    Matt’s making a mockery of you, and you look so desperate allowing him to. Last night proved everything you thought you knew about him was, and is, a LIE.

    Put your big girl panties on, and dump him. Seek professional help for your co-dependacy, and alcohol, issues before getting involved with the next loser.

  4. Matt will always be disgusting, and Amber will always be extra dumb. She’s only staying with him to prove everyone “wrong”, meanwhile she’s too stupid to see that she’s only hurting herself in the end.

  5. Wait, Matt is upset about him & Amber being bullied?
    Wasnt he the biggest Teen mom stalker who bullied every mom that didnt give him the time of day?

    Just realized….Amber made Farrah look sane
    (Farrah wouldnt give Matt the time of day & poor Amber fell for the old guy)

    1. The fact Amber was his what third choice after contacting Farrah and Jenelle, would make me reexamine my life choices, were I Amber. Reading the content of those tweets, he’d be out of my life, never to be acknowledged again.

  6. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    Statistics show the ones who brag day in and day out about being “sober” are the ones who are not. She is starting to sound like Janelle.

  7. I know Amber has had her fairshare of problems and battled a mean demon and that was drugs but I think you can clearly tell that shes healthy and sober now. People do not have anything better to do but judge people and try to knock them down and the people who do this are obviously the ones who are suffering. Dont gobaround spreading nasty rumors. Keep your mouth shut til you know the facts.

      1. That’s it exactly and stupid Dr. Drew saying it’s no one’s business, he is so stupid, I have zero respect for him. If she wants privacy she has to go get a job and get off a reality tv show. She is such a loser, she is a bigger loser than Matt, he was a zero a grifter that stalked her out she was such a loser she welcomed him with open arms, she will always be a loser nothing more, it’s very sad for Leah to have those two horrid parents, hopefully she can overcome her upbringing and the horrible choices her mother makes daily.

  8. Let’s face it, Amber, if Dr Douche couldn’t call out Leah, Farrah, or Jenelle on their very public stupidity there’s no way in hell he’d call you out based on a rumor. He’s a paid puppet, that’s it.

    And what is with Matt, Nathan, and Uncle Bad Touch? Do these women just not want to speak at all and let their mouth pieces just run? MTV made a huge mistake by allowing anyone other than the original parents (or original family members) to be filmed. All these men want is money and publicity. But MTV doesn’t care, it’s drama and brings in the ratings.

  9. Amber just makes me so sad… Everyone else can clearly see the writing on the wall with Matt. While I never underestimate the power of denial, I feel like at the very least Amber is drinking to dull her senses/”cope” with this *relationship*
    I sincerely hope she finds sobriety and peace. Your daughter still loves and needs you, godspeed Amber

    1. The best part is, anti-depressants (which she admitted to taking just this week)and alcohol do not mix. Might as well go get high with the effects those 2 things can induce when mixed together.

      Way to “stay sober”, Ambs! Not.

  10. Unrelated to this post but – I am like, GEEKED out excited for your recaps of these two ridiculous episodes of OG I just watched….!! I’ve missed them!!

    1. YASSS! Right before the show started I was telling my husband (no he didn’t watch lol) that I CANNOT wait for The Ashley’s recaps lol Excited to see what she says about Matt’s creep random “friend” and how Farrah actually seemed like the sane one when she was on the phone with Amber. Between “Oh I didn’t know I was pregnant” with that giant bump/ smirks on the face Maci, loser user drinker abuser matt and poor Catelynn with D.Bag Tyler, the season started off very cringe worthy.

      1. I was stunned when Farrah actually showed a degree of empathy toward Amber over this Matt situation & him hitting on other TMs on Twitter! It was actually refreshing to see her being kind toward Amber & having actual tact when speaking to her about a delicate subject.

        You could’ve knocked me over w/ a feather, esp after seeing her earlier w/ Simon & the self bought “engagement” ring talks. I wasn’t prepared for that, but it’s a baby step for Farrah in treating her cast mates w/ more kindness.

  11. he said he had five kids, he’s such a liar, he has way more than 5. They bought the son off to change his story, pathetic all the way around!

    1. What I want to know is who keeps calling him? He talks on the phone with people like he is Mr. Big Shot Hollywood star. Ugh just creeps me out.

      1. Me toooo!!! I wanted to know who was giving him scoops on the “tabloid rumors” coming out about him! It seemed every call was more news about the real Matt being at risk of being exposed for who he really is (even more than had already been put out by angry exes/mothers of his various children).

    2. Yeah, isn’t he actually an OctoDad?! Wait…I think 9 was the last count, but we all know there could be even more than are known about, since Matt seems to be out for Matt only! And, uses any (sketchy) means necessary to get what he wants.

  12. Ambie honey, you are not sober. You drink its a drug. You are addicted to losers, and matt is still there. You are not sober.

    And Dr Noballs would NEVER call you out on anything, ever.

  13. For the 1 millionth time- AMBER IS NOT SOBER. There is no sobriety to attack! She is drinking (at the very least)

  14. Why would he be so upset about a miscarriage anyway? One less child support case for Matt! Because we all know he doesn’t stick around once the fetus becomes a birthed baby…..

    1. I thought the same thing too. The only reason he would stick around with Amber if she was pregnant would be for the $$$$ and his 15 minutes of fame. I keep hoping that Ambers brother runs his sorry a×× out of her life

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