HGTV Stars Tarek El Moussa & Christina Anstead Will Each Get New Shows on Discovery+ That Delve Into Their Personal Lives

“Us again. We’re coming to your TVs. Again.”

Christina Anstead and her ex Tarek El Moussa,already appear together on Flip or Flop, and on their own spinoff shows– Christina On The Coast and Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa, respectively— but apparently Discovery Channel feels that’s just not enough.

Discovery+— the recently announced streaming service for Discovery Channel shows— announced on Friday that Christina and Tarek will be getting an additional new show each. The new programs “will show more of their personal lives as they continue with their home renovation businesses in individual spinoffs,” the network said in a press release.

Tarek will star in Tarek’s Flip Side, a show that will cover Tarek’s engagement to Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young, as well as his life with the kids he shares with Christina. ‘Tarek’s Flip Side’ will give viewers a glimpse into Tarek and Heather’s wedding plans, and show Tarek trying to get his 10-year-old daughter Taylor interested in the flipping and home renovation business. 

“Heather, you may need to wear a nametag so viewers know you aren’t Christina.”

“Tarek takes Taylor on a tour of his latest house flip,” the show’s description reads. “He wants to know what she thinks of the project and hopes he can inspire her to get an early start in the family business.”

Christina’s new show, Christina: Stronger by Design, will show her starting a “fresh chapter” in her life. (As The Ashley previously reported, Christina announced her separation from husband Ant Anstead in September.)

The show will cover such riveting topics such as Christina’s backyard renovation, her “personal wellness journey” and her self-care routine and beauty regimens.

“Then you can watch me choose vitamins and load my dishwasher. Ooooh, aaaah!”

According to the press release, Christina and her friends “get real as they open up about ‘life, motherhood, friendships and new beginnings.'”

The new shows will premiere when Discovery+ launches on January 4, 2021. 

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(Photos: Instagram, HGTV) 

12 Responses

  1. Tarek is such a Goon. And clearly he is trying to replace Christina with… Christina AKA Heather LOL. Christina seems like she’s got a lot of issues. She seems like she has Narcissistic Personality disorder too. Also, not too sure why anyone thinks that them having their own show about their lives is interesting in the least.

    1. I agree with Whatever! Who cares? All of California’s overpriced real estate and over hyped “golden” people are meaningless to most of us real people.

  2. Haven’t we had enough of these two? And I really don’t care what a ten year old thinks of flipping houses.

  3. Well I hope the best for all of them. Christina my heart goes out for you. Heather Rae I hope you have a very good life with Tarek. I know it seems very strange that Christina broke up with her husband just before you guy’s get married. I personally fell Christina was use to the way Tarek was more catering to her wants and needs. I wanted Christina to research Antsead culture. British culture handles life differently.
    My daughter met a man from a different culture. She like him a lot. She got pregnant by him and he told her that he was going to take the baby and raise it in his country. He said she would need to go also. She didn’t want that so she left him.
    I know there voice sounds sweet know all the right things to say and were not going to mention the sex.
    Good luck on your journey Christina to a new and improved, stable life.

  4. I think 3 shows is Overkill. Yeah, they’re nice people but their not Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. 3 shows each is just Ridiculous!!!

  5. really?!? More of these two?!

    Confession—I haven’t watched any of their shows but I did see Christina on an episode of Hollywood Medium. That 10 minute segment verified to me that I wasn’t missing much. Maybe she was having a bad day or wasn’t feeling well or was nervous about communing with deceased loved ones but she came across very vain and self-aggrandizing without a lot of personality.

    Hollywood—just because you CAN create more content doesn’t always mean you should. I think we all would probably do just fine without even more of these two.

    1. Love both of them. Tarek is a real good man and father. Love watching 101 and Flip or Flop. Christina love watching her on F O F, cant get into on the Coast. Looking forward to Tarek’s upcoming show. I think Christina should take a break from her upcoming show. She needs to get her personal life going on the right direction. She should not be giving any advice to anyone right now. Christina please stay home and work on yourself.

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