‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Says She “Hates Jo [Rivera’s] Guts” & Reveals Surprising State of Her Relationship with His Wife, Vee Torres

“Stop putting me in the middle, guys!”

Kail Lowry recently opened up on her Coffee Convos podcast about how bad her relationship with her first baby daddy Jo Rivera has gotten, and discussed how her feud with Jo has affected her friendship with Jo’s wife, Vee Torres.

As The Ashley told you last month, the happy co-parenting relationship the Teen Mom 2 stars used to have is long gone, and the two are now at each other’s throats.

“Kail and Jo do not get along at all. Jo has refused to film [for the upcoming season],” one of The Ashley’s sources told her last month. “There is no footage of Jo in the next season. He does not want to deal with Kail or the show anymore.”

Fans speculated that Kail and Vee were also feuding, after Vee’s name was taken off the guest list for an episode of Coffee Convos that was recently taped in Atlanta. However, on this week’s episode, Kail revealed that is not the case at all.

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“I hate Jo’s guts right now but I’m not here to put Vee in the middle,” Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley. “But while Jo and I are having issues, she’s not going to come out on the podcast. I run off at the mouth all the time. While I am taking full accountability for this, I do feel like I understand where she was coming from and not wanting to be a part of it because of [the issues with Jo].”

“This” was Kail’s decision to take Isaac– the son she shares with Jo– to Hawaii over the Fourth of July, despite the fact that Jo was supposed to have Isaac for eight hours on the holiday. As The Ashley previously reported, Jo threatened to file contempt on Kail for going against their custody agreement, and Kail stated on her podcast she was worried that she would go to jail for her actions.

“While we were in Hawaii, it was one of the last days,  Vee texted me and was like, ‘Can we talk for a second?’ Because she was supposed to be on this trip to Atlanta now,” Kail said on the podcast. “I don’t know how much she knows of the Hawaii thing, but at the end of the day, Jo is her husband and she’s going to respect her husband and his wishes.

“She said that once Jo and I resolve it, she would love to come on the podcast but she just wanted to talk it out, because MTV was going to film it. She doesn’t know what I’ve said, she said she doesn’t really know the situation at all. Like, Jo didn’t really talk to her about it, so she just didn’t want to be in the middle and I understand that.”

“If you go to jail, I’ll come visit you, Kail!”

Although Kail and Vee did not get along when Jo first started dating Vee, they have since become good friends, with Kail even praising Vee during the most-recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion for being such a great stepmom to Isaac. 

Listen to the full Coffee Convos episode below!

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  1. Last season Jo could lawfully ask Kail for more support ( by Delaware law) due to her making a significantly higher income, Jo dropped this and settled for just his back support that she owed.
    My point, if Jo and Javi both leave the show for acceptable reasons and they both have 50/50, Kail may be looking to pay out A LOT of money to her baby daddies.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I seriously think that Kail has Bipolar and she needs to seek treatment. Shes like a mf rollercoaster and she is the issue majority of the time with the issues in her life. At least Amber and Jannel know they have a mental disorder and own it. So step up and own your shit girl since you’re educated!

    1. And a pig. That’s all she’ll ever be. I’ve felt sorry for poor little Isaac (who is sweet as can be) since the day he was born.

  3. For fucks sake. You “hate his guts”?? seriously, Isaac can articulate his feelings more maturely than that. Grow up. I’m every sense of the word.

  4. Always so much drama between those two. Who cares about 8 freaking hours. I love teen mom but these girls are so immature and even as a long time fan, I’m over it. It’s starting to get boring

    1. I don’t think it was actually about 8 hours. I think it was Kail’s approach to the whole thing. She didn’t even wait for a response or follow up before she booked the ticket. Basically, she didn’t care about Jo’s plans or schedule because she already decided that her time was more important. And this is after she was wrongfully collecting child suppprt for a year. He had to force her hand to get his money back. I don’t blame Jo for being mad at her, but I have no clue why she’s mad at him.

  5. Like always Said this show is so petty she is making money off the show,she thinks she is all that but in the end she will be a broke reality TV person,in 10 years with no investments,just look at the crissleys they are are heading that way.

  6. Vee is such a saint! I don’t know how she can constantly be so sweet when dealing with Kail-Monster. Ugh!

  7. Kail is always like that: When she gets along with other baby daddy (I think she and Chris have finally buried the hatchet), she goes on to hate one of the other two. I mean, there will never be a time when she will get along with all three of them, I just don’t see it. Stop being petty and do what’s best for your kid (which is seeing his dad on a regular basis).

    At least she doesn’t hate his wife which is surprising though.

  8. So sick of Kailyn’s massive smirking face. She’s such a massive bitch & I have no idea how anyone can stand her.

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Only kail would go against court orders and deny jo holiday time with her son and be mad at jo

  10. I think that Joe is pretty worthless. He has been an asshole since the beginning of the show. He was totally and completely jealous of how much money Kail has and thought for some rediculous reason that just because he is the father to one her son’s that he deserved some of that money. He comes off as very spiteful and vindictive. Im not even that big of a fan of Kails but I seriously cannot stand Joe!

    1. They get paid per episode, if he really was so jealous of her money wouldn’t he stay on the show and make easy money?

      It seems like he wants a normal life for his family and Kail can’t handle someone telling her no.

    2. Jo is not jealous or worthless. Kail is trash (has been ever since her 16 and Pregnant episode). I don’t know how she has made it this far. Jo and his family have been NOTHING BUT understanding and supportive (as have all her baby daddies). Yes, that’s right baby DADDIES…PLURAL (THAT BITCH NEEDS TO KEEP HER LEGS CLOSED)!!!! When Jo took her to court for child support reimbursement she needed to realize that IT WAS FOR ISAAC and NOT HIM!!! When Javi and Briana broke up she said AND I QUOTE “repeat after, Kail is always right”. I’m sure that in her own mind, she was. The girl is delusional (I think maybe some of her Pothead hair products have seeped into her brain)!!!

  11. If any of her baby daddies attempted to do what she did she would’ve fucking lost her head She is unbelievably selfish

  12. I have always hated Kailyn from the beginning of the show. She disrespected jo and his family. They put her up when her own momma didn’t want nothing to do with her. Kailyn couldn’t live with her mom because Kailyn was a slob, according to her mother! Kailyn always cooked up tons of food and ate it in her bedroom, she got food all over her sheets and carpet and she wouldn’t take her dishes out to the kitchen. Kailyn moms boyfriend got mad because they were getting flys and roaches in the house they told her she had to move out!!

  13. I stopped watching after she made big deal Father’s Day. Jo refused to give it up and Issac couldn’t go on her vacation with her, Javi and Lincoln. She made it into a big drama.

    Why not just paln the trip around that day. She had to knwon for year it was his fourth this year.

  14. Kail can be so petty. Jo seems to be a great dad. She stole a holiday from him, so if he’s upset about that, then he has every right to be. I don’t hate her as much as everyone else here does, I guess because she’s a good mother to her kids, and it shows in how great Issac and Lincoln are turning out (I’m sure Lux will be just as great), but she needs to stop being a bitch towards her kids dads. She could be stuck with a Rhine, Adumb, or David, but she’s not and she needs to give Jo the respect he deserves.

    1. Isn’t it crazy that everyone in the comments seems to agree that Kail is a shitty person, yet there are so many down votes on these comments? Kail get out and take your trashy possy with you!

  15. OMG grow up stop the crap omly hurting the kid’s it not right fair for you to take him on his time expect to prove a point that you can do what you want. I think the next time you have him for a holiday Jo should get him that would be fair sit down listen talk it out stop the crap because of the kid’s you are acting like a teenager.

  16. The Bitch(Kail) strikes again. Kail can’t get along with no one. The only way you can get along with her is to kiss her azz. Chris is getting along with her because she pays the bills. She can’t even get along with her parents. I guess Bone is back because she needs a baby sitter for the golden child. Kails mom and dad didn’t pay her any attention growing up so it made her narcissistic. MTV made her even more narcissistic. Iam happy Jo and Javi aren’t azz kissers.

  17. So, Jo is sick of your bullshit and is standing up for himself and now you hate his guts.

    OK Kail.

    You know damn well if it was Jo that took Isaac on vacation for even a minute of Kail’s time, her ass would be at the courthouse quicker than you can say violation of a custody agreement.

    Sit your hulkass down, Kail and stop acting like a victim.

  18. Can you blame Jo for not wanting to have anything to do with Kail or the show anymore? I certainly can’t!!! But unfortunately Jo will have to have SOMETHING to do with Kail until Isaac is 18. That poor kid, having to sit there and listen to that bs!!! He is such a sensitive person, this has to be breaking his heart!!!!

    1. “I’m always right, and I don’t have to follow the rules like everyone else.” Sums up Kail’s attitude perfectly, don’t you think?

  19. How awesome for Issac to hear his mother hates his fathers guts? I’m so tired of Kail having no respect for the father of her children.

  20. I’ve heard Kail say several times that she could go to jail over this so she knows she’s in the wrong—why doesn’t she try a big public APOLOGY?!!

    1. She keeps repeating over and over she could go tp jail for taking Isaac on Jo’s day…but guess what Kail? Jo didn’t have you arrested for what you did. Just goes to show HE COULD HAVE REACTED MUCH DIFFERENTLY and didn’t and has actually kept this private matter off of social media entirely. You’re the one who keeps bringing it up girl. Sit down, shut up and just be glad you’re not in jail.

  21. I hope she goes to jail for that! You KNOW if the roles were reversed she would have blown up and thrown the guy in jail.

  22. Kail’s the one who does something shitty but she manages to always turn it around on the other parent. She has issues with Jo, Javi and Chris all at some point. The common denominator with all her baby daddies is HER and they say “if everyone around you is the asshole, maybe YOU’RE the asshole”. Seems to fit Kail perfectly.

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