Dolls, Dancing & Decking the Halls: A Recap of ‘Teen Mom’ Grandma Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen’s Latest Music Video

It’s Deb’s world and we’re all just living in/trying to make sense of it.

Happy holidays to us all– Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen has dropped a new song! 

The wrapping rapping grandma and mom of former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently released a new song titled “When I Grow Up,” in which she encourages listeners to “dream their dreams and make them true.”

“Magical things do happen in life,” Deb tells her fans. 

And as an even bigger holiday gift to fans (and anyone who doesn’t value their eardrums and/or eyeballs), Deb has also released a music video to accompany her new song.

Debz OG kicks off her “When I Grow Up” music video by posing herself and a Barbie doll in front of a retro background as the lyrics from her latest bop begin to play. 

How nice of Farrah and her boyfriend to make an appearance in Deb’s new video…

“Life shouldn’t be blue/I wanted to be true/Don’t want to be trapped/On doing what I should/Don’t want to work all day/Always dressed in grey”

As the tune continues, Debz OG gets her twirl on, disappears in a flash of amateur-CGI glitter and reappears in front of what appears to be the gate of someone’s private residence, now sporting a semi-sheer floor-length dress, straight out of Fashion Nova’s Ho-Ho-Holiday collection. 

“I hope whoever owns this house doesn’t come home while we’re filming this!” 

After a few more twirls, Deb takes viewers on a brief tour of the town’s Christmas decorations and even allows an unnamed pal to have a 10-second cameo, like the true giver she is. Merry Christmas, random man…good luck trying to get this not-quite-starring-role added to your IMDb page.  

Raise your hand if your career just hit jingle bell rock bottom.

Just like magic (or bad editing) it’s daytime again, and Debz OG is hanging out next to someone’s Bentley convertible in the middle of what appears to be a pride parade. Deb, oblivious to the meaning of the parade, as well as the phallic blowups in the background, continues singing about how she is both “fearless” and “timeless.”

Kudos to Deb for scooting over a bit so the giant inflatable penis is visible in the background…

“I am anything I want to be/It will never be too late for me to say/When I grow up, when I get older/I wanna be rich, I wanna be bolder

After some awkward posing with a captain-hatted man, we then see Debz OG run her hit-making backside down the street, while appearing to full-frontal flash any and all innocent bystanders along the way. 

“Consider this a early Christmas gift, residents of house number 879!”

“Stay true, stay fresh/Don’t settle for less/Don’t give in, no stress/Dream it, wish it, have it”

Deb wraps up her holly jolly jam by busting through the double doors of the home of someone who seemingly left for the holidays without remembering to turn on their alarm system.

Let’s just hope the homeowners also forgot to turn on their Ring camera.

Debz OG proceeds to give fans a slow-motion turn before ending her MTV VMA-worthy video with her mouth wide open and jaw dropped to the floor, just as mine has been since the moment I hit play on this gem.  

Debz OG: the gift that keeps on giving entirely too much.

Check out Debz OG’s latest musical masterpiece below! 

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(Photos: YouTube) 


  1. She’s an oddball for sure but she has the guts to do what she wants and the majority of the people don’t so I give her kudos to that. We may want her to stop but hey it’s her life and choice. She should team up with Britney 😂

  2. I read the article first and thought, wow, the Ashley really does manage to get THE BEST screen shots, her timing is spot on….then i saw Debs slow mo of her gaping pie hole at the end there and was woah! She really handed that one out on a silver platter!!

  3. She is getting better. I think this could be a banger with a little work. She finally wrote a decent hook. Keep going Debz! It is never too late!

  4. She is a complete nut bag. She is certifiable. She is nuttier than a porta potty at a peanut festival. Whoever encourages this shit needs to be in a puzzle factory and deeply studied.

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