Thomas Ravenel Responds After His Past Hookup with Olivia Flowers Is Revealed on ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion; Claims Olivia “Used” Him to Get On the Show

“I was treated like a famous piece of meat, I tells ya! Olivia used me!” 

Thomas Ravenel became a surprise topic of discussion on the recent Southern Charm Reunion, and now the fired Bravo star is reacting to Taylor Ann Green exposing his secret past hookup with Olivia Flowers!

As viewers of the first part of the Southern Charm Season 9 Reunion saw, Olivia wasn’t ready to let go of the secret kiss that was revealed between Taylor and Austen Kroll during Season 9, and decided to out Olivia’s hookup with Thomas as a way of getting revenge.

“Go ahead and say it. I already see what you’re trying to do,” Olivia told her former BFF. “You’ve been hanging this over my head.”

Taylor then revealed a past one-night-stand between Olivia and Thomas. She also accused Olivia of never apologizing to her friend Kathryn Dennis, who is the mother of Thomas’ two kids.

“I was fresh out of college, 20 years old. Dumb, drunken night, one time had a hookup with T-Rav. And I wanted to take it to my grave — like, who wouldn’t?” Olivia explained, before telling the cast that Taylor was the only person she had told about the secret hookup, and claimed Taylor was now using the info against her. 

“That ‘to the grave’ comment was NOT nice!”

Olivia said she didn’t know Kathryn when she did the nasty with T-Rav, and that she didn’t believe Kat and Thomas were together when it happened.

Following the reunion, Thomas told his version of the events to All About The Tea.

“I was in Atlanta the weekend of January 14, 2017, for my nephew’s wedding,” he said. “Olivia was living in Atlanta at the time pursuing her acting career. She was 24 years old, not 20, like she claimed on the Reunion.”

The former politician added that he never planned to go public with their hookup.

“Um, yeah…that makes two of us.”

“I will say, she conducted herself as a classy lady that night,” T-Rav said. “I would have never acknowledged having sex with her until they brought me up at the Reunion.”

Thomas shared that, on the night the sexy time happened, he and Olivia had visited several bars together and she invited him to her place afterward.

“After that night, I never called her again. It was a one-time deal,” he said.

He then claimed that Olivia’s decision to hook up with him was a calculated move on her part.

“She used me!” Thomas said. “Olivia was in Atlanta pursuing an acting career and she wanted to get on that show [‘Southern Charm’], that’s why she befriended me.”

“I feel so cheap!”

(At the time of the 2017 hookup, Thomas was still on ‘Southern Charm.’ He didn’t exit the show until the summer of 2018.) 

Thomas was also not happy about Olivia saying she wanted to take their hookup “to her grave.” 

“That was a low blow and uncalled for,” he told the site.

Thomas’ baby mama, Kathryn, also reacted to ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion scene. After the episode aired, Kat posted several photos to Instagram of her and Olivia, along with the caption, “We have never been closer, you did nothing wrong and don’t need to worry about being judged by me.”

Olivia responded, “Love you my girl, thank you for always looking out.”

You can watch the Reunion scene play out in the video below!

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(Photos: Bravo; Instagram)


  1. Yikes…Never tell Taylor a secret…that girl can’t hold water. My God. She is not the girls girl I thought she was. To throw that in someone’s face on national TV out of spite….a friend like Taylor, who needs enemies??

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