Jenelle Evans Gives Update on Her Feud with Her Mom Barbara; Claims Estranged Husband David Eason Stole Money & More

“Not to be dramastic, but I’m tired of both of ’em!”

Jenelle Evans went Live on TikTok on Wednesday, giving her followers updates on everything from her strained relationship with her mom, Barbara Evans, to the latest schemes and hijinks her estranged husband David Eason has allegedly pulled to keep living on Jenelle’s dime, despite their split last month.

Jenelle chatted on TikTok with her longtime friend Ryan Dolph about her feuds with her mom and husband, while also bragging about the trip she took to Las Vegas last week (sans kiddies), and her desire to write a cookbook.

No, seriously…

Here, The Ashley breaks down some of the most-interesting parts of Jenelle and Ryan’s Live chat.

On whether or not she’s spoken to her mom Barbara: 

“We don’t talk at all,” Jenelle said, before admitting that Barb recently dropped off some stuff for Jace.

“But she hasn’t came back since, or texted or tried to reach out or anything,” Jenelle said.

“Gee I wonda why, Juh-nelle! Ya haven’t exactly been real nice ta me recently! Ya called me Gypsy Rose’s motha!”

Jenelle went on to discuss how she feels about not having her husband or her mother in her life currently.

“With her and David not here, not in my life, not texting me, not blowing me up, it’s been really refreshing,” she said. “I can focus on what I need to get done, without my mind being clouded from other negative thoughts.”

Ryan encouraged Jenelle to make amends with her mother, but Jenelle was not into the idea, mentioning “there’s a lot more stuff” that Barbara supposedly did during the CPS case for Jenelle’s son Jace that she can’t get over.

“She’s on a thin line with me, let’s put it that way,” Jenelle said.

“Do I look like I even care, Juh-nelle? Ya been outta line for years!”

On dealing with David post-split:

Jenelle said things in her life are “such a mess” right now, due to David’s antics following their split last month. Jenelle claimed that David has stolen money from her multiple times, and in multiple ways, since their breakup.

“But it’s alright, I’ll get through it,” she said. “I’ve been through worse s**t than this, so it’s alright.”

Jenelle and Ryan discussed how David allegedly went to a four-wheeler store (presumably the Wilmington, North Carolina, powersports shop that Jenelle called out on social media earlier this month for “putting money in her ex’s hand”). It appears that David picked up a check the powersports store owed to Jenelle, and the manager gave the check to David, seemingly unaware that he and Jenelle had split and the money was Jenelle’s.

“Him coming and getting the check from the four-wheeler place,” Ryan said. “He got all that money, blew all that money, now in the past two days he’s took like $1600 from you.”

Jenelle confirmed this, stating, “It’s insane. It’s like, it never stops. And I got new [credit] cards. That’s what’s crazy about it!” 

“Ya mean he stole ya credit cahhhrds!? Gee I wonda how that feels? Oh….wait.”

Jenelle stated that David’s alleged thievery happened via PayPal, and that she’s disputing the transactions.  

“I called [PayPal] today and let them know the circumstances,” she said. “Hopefully they reimburse me. Like, that’s a lot of money.”

“Do you know how many weird naked-in-the-weeds photos I’m gonna have to take for OnlyFans to make that money back!? A LOT!”

On wanting to leave The Land:

Jenelle mentioned that she plans to sell her property on The Land; however, the house and land have many issues. (Even back during her ‘Teen Mom 2’ days, Jenelle and David admitted on-air that their house was sinking into the ground.) 

“Ooh! Do you think potential buyers would believe that the part of the house that’s sinking is actually a new kind of swamp elevator?”

Ryan asked Jenelle how the remodeling of the upstairs portion of her home on The Land is going. (When Jenelle moved into the house in early 2017, she stated that she was in the process of fixing up the upstairs, which would have a room for Jace.) 

Seven years later, Jenelle confirmed that the upstairs portion of her home is “still not done.” 

“That hasn’t been done. It’s been halfway done forever,” Jenelle stated. “That’s a whole ‘nother project.” 

Ryan encouraged her to fix the place up, but Jenelle stated that she plans to sell the house.

“It’s like, do I fix it, then sell? Or do I sell with it un-fixed?” she said. “I don’t know. But I can’t think about that for another year, until court comes. And that’s not going to be for another year, probably.)

(As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle filed for legal separation from David in February. In the state of North Carolina, couples must live apart for one full year before they can file for divorce.) 

However, Jenelle stated that David still hasn’t been served with the legal separation papers because “no one can find him.” (David has been living that barnacle life on the couple’s broken down boat, which is currently parked in a boat dock in Wilmington, North Carolina; however, it appears that he has dodged the service of the papers.) 

On her recent trip to Las Vegas:

Last week, Jenelle HIGH! HIGH!-tailed it to Las Vegas, but she was confused by how slot machines worked, so she did not gamble.

“I don’t understand those ding-damned numbers machines! Besides, if I wanted to lose all my money, I’d get back with David!”

(For those wondering where Jenelle’s kids were while she was off having a laa-dee-dah time in Vegas, her son Kaiser was with his grandma Doris Davidson for spring break. It’s unknown where Jace and Ensley were, though.) 

“In Vegas we were just kind of hopping from place to place, got invited some place there,” Jenelle said, not indicating who “we” is.

“Then we went to LA for the day and came back. We went to the mountains and saw the snow, and then we saw the Hoover Dam in the same day. And then we went to this lake, so yeah, we did a lot of stuff, other than just stay in Vegas.” 

On her future plan to write a cookbook:

“My world-famous ice water recipe is right here, waiting to be the star creation of my cookbook!”

Jenelle told Ryan that “everyone wants to see me cook on TikTok a lot.

“They’re like, ‘You should make a cookbook!’ and I’m like, ‘I should!'” 

No, seriously…Jenelle–“I Was Making Some Ice Water” Evans actually said that.

It seems that those pining for Jenelle’s straight-from-the-swamp culinary delights will have to wait a bit longer, though.

“I just have to sit down and actually do it,” Jenelle said. “I want it to be authentic recipes, and what I come up with is just stuff I see on Pinterest or TikTok. None of my stuff is original either.

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  1. She’s not on the show anymore so what? She’s addicted to telling her toxic story for free now? I call BS she just acting out a part of fiction to get attention. I do t think anyone gives a crap anymore

  2. I’m sorry she’s just as responsible for David’s toxic disgusting behavior as he is she enabled it and frankly promoted it for years. She doesn’t deserve to have those children they should be unsafe space far away from her and her psychotic need for attention

  3. God I hope this separation/divorce lasts for the sake of those kids. She’s so disliked everywhere that I could see her running back to David again like an “us against the world.”

    Can we agree that as awful as she has been, she’s still above the dog killer? Janelle, you can do better. I really think with a couple of years of therapy and maybe the right medication, she could live a normal life.

    David is truly a psycho. Dumb as he is impulsive and violent.

    1. She would need to go to some remote island and never return to society, but yeah, she’s a little better than him. Slightly. Like by a hair, and only on a good day.

      I also hope the divorce sticks. Ppl get divorced every day. She’s been divorced once, she can do it again.

    2. She is absolutely NOT “above the dog killer”. She condoned and encouraged that behavior, and worse. People like her cannot “live a normal life”, because they don’t want to. All the therapy and medication in the world cannot undo what she has done to those children. She is absolutely just as psychotic as he is, I don’t know why people refuse to see it. Hell she even kicked a puppy on her own damn video and still posted it. She is most definitely, no better than him.

      Ensley is developmentally and educationally stunted partly due to her lackluster idea of parenting, and largely due to the heavy abuse of drugs and alcohol while she was pregnant with her. Which, by the way is something she did for all three pregnancies, I might add. Ensley just happens to be the one who manifests most of the side effects of that. She’s only recently been forced to admit this for the court, in her filing for separation (because her lawyer told her she’d have to admit it, or David can’t be forced to pay for Ensley’s care regarding these matters).

      She is only just now starting, and I say starting because she hasn’t followed through on most of it, getting SOME of the children’s health concerns looked at (note I didn’t say remedied or treated…).

      Screw her and the yeti she rode in on. Those children deserve the world and the best she can give them is a mud pit and a “do it yourself” attitude. It isn’t that she can’t do better, it’s that she doesn’t want to. Ignorance can be solved with a bit of education, it’s not inherently bad. Willful ignorance is choosing to be that way-she’s been willfully ignorant most of her life. That’s not changing anytime soon, just look at the arrogance and willful ignorance she spews.

  4. Lol yes Jenelle is so sad for Ensley that David stopped contacting her. So sad in fact that instead of being a stable parent that IS there for her kid, she takes off to Las Vegas and LA with who I️ can only assume is a new man. We all know Jenelle would never be able to leave David if she didn’t already have a new man in the picture to put first above all of her children, naturally.

  5. Good lord no matter how chaotic this woman and her life is, I would still love to bang her silly. She gets me goooooiiin’

  6. What kind of mother just up and flies off to Vegas and treats herself and whoever she took with her, to a nice little vacation while her kids are left behind and probably half traumatized after all of the shit they’ve been through? Unbelievable!!! And she has the nerve to complain about money??? Ok Jenelle, whatever. I can’t wait to see how fucked up her kids are going to turn out after all she has put them through. I sure hope she didn’t leave Einsley and Jace home alone while she went on this trip. I mean, after that “traumatizing brake-in” that she made up, oops, I mean, that she “claimed” happened, you’d think she would never leave them alone at the swamp. But then again, whatever Jenelle wants, Jenelle gets. Even if it comes at the cost of her children’s lives.

    1. You really think the kids miss Jenelle when she’s gone??

      They probably packed her bags for her.

      The best thing she could do is leave them with someone who actually cares for them.

  7. Bless her heart, she never disappoints. I would love to be a fly on the wall when a prospective realtor does a walk thru of the house and property to see their reactions to the half finished, sinking prefab house, she shed and barely manicured lawn. Unless of course she’s going to go to Home Depot and spring for a Home for Sale by Owner signs.

    By the way, the same principles apply to gum ball and slot machines, you put in coin and pull the lever.

    1. She better be prepared for rock bottom prices.
      Sure she has acres.. of swamp.

      I suppose the main idea is to cut the ties with him. However that looks. Selling the house, whatever.

  8. Also, from what I can gather, after ALL of Jenelle’s crazy hinting, teasing, warning, and accusations about Barb’s wrongdoing and evil ways during the CPS case that she couldn’t wait to be able to share and would blow our MINDS!, it seems to all boil down to Barb being *checks notes* rude to people involved and also being too involved, (if there’s even such a thing) in the case.

    Jenelle really went all out to paint Barb to be an awful, dishonest, abusive, vindictive, sneaky, media-whoring, tabloid-reporting individual who refused to put Jace’s mental health first.

    That sounds a LOT someone else to me

  9. “longtime friend Ryan Dolph”

    Are we to believe that Jenelle suddenly turned over a new leaf and started loving Jace and hating David enough to put him out?… and even more.. is unbothered about the whole thing?
    She is looking better and sounding happier and even appears to be losing weight and exercising.
    Just around the holidays she said we all owed David an apology. I can’t possibly imagine
    She went from miserable to carefree and unbothered in a matter of weeks.
    Sadly, knowing her patterns, I can’t believe that she’s getting this backbone and empowerment on her own. This is how we act there’s a NEW man in our life, not when we’re in the middle of an ugly public breakup. No matter how shitty the ex is, this is not how already miserable and vindictive people mourn. I’m convinced that she’s serious with someone else already. I would say it was Ryan Dolph, but I thought he was already involved with someone and didn’t he and Jenelle already have a beef in the past?
    ..His name keeps popping back up though. If it pops up one more time, I’ll really start thinking he’s her new love interest. She’s clearly getting some!!
    I hope she’s not neglecting the kids or turning Jace into a live-in nanny. I’m not even convinced she knows how to be a mom IRL offline without a husband.

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