Christy McGinity Says She’s Quitting ‘Little Women: LA’ in the Wake of Feud with Co-Star Terra Jole

“You’re gonna wish you kept your mouth shut, Terra!”

Christy McGinity is leaving behind her gig on Little Women: LA just months after announcing she was also leaving her husband. 

According to Radar Online, Christy is saying goodbye to the Lifetime series in the wake of her ongoing feud with co-star Terra Jole. As fans saw on a recent episode, Terra brought up Christie’s alcoholism (after having previously accused her of relapsing on pills in 2016). Christie maintains that she has been been sober for nine consecutive years.

According to Christy, Terra was not allowed to talk about her battle with substance abuse on camera, and Christy is not happy that her former friend didn’t comply. 

“Terra broke my contract! I have it in my contract that she is not allowed to talk about my alcoholism,” Christy wrote on social media. “I’m done with ‘Little Women LA.’ I’m announcing it right now I’m moving. Goodbye forever! I’m following my heart.” 

“Sorry not sorry!”

After addressing Terra allegedly breaking contract, she went on to slam her for bringing up her daughter Autumn’s battle with Hashimoto’s disease on the show. Christy called Terra out on Twitter for her alleged dig at her daughter’s disease, along with a link to an Instagram post featuring information about Hashimoto’s. 

After the episode aired, Terra took quite a lashing from her Instagram followers for her comments. At press time, she had changed the settings of the comment section so that only certain people could leave comments.

Christy went on to tell Radar that she is “done being a punching bag.” 

Christy and Terra have been at each others’ throats for years. The pair infamously got into a glass-throwing, table-flipping bar brawl back in 2016 that ended with Christy going to the hospital, complaining of brain contusions, and Terra having assault charges filed against her. (The charges were later dropped.) Since then, the ‘Little Women’ stars have continued to feud.

In her interview with Radar Online, Christy said that she wants Autumn to see her stand up for herself.

“My daughter is my world,” she told the site. “I need to show her once again no man or woman should ever treat another this way. I’m all about women’s empowerment and Autumn and I are going to be public speaking and starting a women’s empowerment campaign that will travel and speak at various corporate events.” 

At these events, Christy said she will discuss topics such as dwarfism, human rights, abuse, alcoholism and addiction.

Lifetime has yet to issue any type of statement confirming that Christy has officially left the show.

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(Photos: Lifetime; Twitter, Instagram) 


  1. I hope she leaves the show. I am tired of her and her daughter Autumn who are always complaining about their suppose illnesses. They appear to be two spoiled brats. Christy was so in a hurry to marry Todd. Now, she lost weight and thinks she is a beauty with a new boyfriend. Please leave and take her pity me daughter with her.

    1. Ok , …. Credit where credit is due ! Christy has lost a lot of weight and YES she does look good ! UNFORTUNATELY that DOESN’T change her shitty personality, the constant whining and attention seeking!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO OVER HER AND HER DAUGHTER !

  2. So…I guess these 2 will never kiss and make up???🤷 Drama Queen -vs- Bossy Queen, take 9,703!🤦

    Someone slide me over that margarita, please!? Thank ya bunches! Here’s $20 – get yourself one, too!

    …think I want a burrito…🤔

  3. Christy has always been a drama Queen glad she’s leaving she’s always causing drama and spreading rumors …the real reason she’s leaving us to be with her new beau Gonzo but as usually being the habitual liar she is she’s going to blame it o. TARA…..she has talked about her alcoholism on the show numerous times it was no secret and she us a hypochondriac and turning Autumn into one two I say good riddance

  4. Tara is such an ugly mean person. She absolutely loves finding fault with everyone else. She needs to look in the mirror and see herself. She must be really unhappy. She certainly can’t stand to see anyone else happy or even trying to be happy. She’s always the first one to say something ugly and negative.
    Be careful girls. Don’t smile around her. She’ll do everything in her power to wipe that smile off your face.
    Tara needs to be the one who leaves the show.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Congratulations Chrisky McGinty on standing up for yourself. Terra has bullied you long enough. I loved watching you and Autumn on the show. You are my favorite person on the show. You will be greatly missed, but you have to do what is best for you! Good luck in your future endeavors. I hope that someday you will come to Rome, Georgia.

  6. Okay. But. They made up in the following episode. 😂 I get it’s probably painful being brought up again. But if you accept someone’s apology you can’t go out playing victim again!

  7. Terra is a horrid person. Not wishing her ill, but she has Queen bee syndrome. I liked this show a lot at first, I felt better educated on the struggles of little people. Then Terror saw $$$ and became a monster. Anybody recall her pot-stirring turn on Little Women NYC?

    I think Christy is conflicted, I think she is a bit of a drama queen…but I think she is genuine. She and Autumn do have a unique bond, but it is time to let the girl spread her wings. And, time for Christy not to try to hang out with the kids! I am sad to see her marriage fall apart, but it did seem like poor Todd just gave up and couldn’t gt himself in a good headspace.

    Mika, thanks for showing the world Placerville…it’s a nice town…but you are a 13 year old boy. Grow up. Cole, too strong brah…dial it back.

    Elena-yikes! She needs some therapy to deal with how her dwarfism was handled in Russia #traumatized. Maybe she will be nicer.

    Jasmine, stop being the fixer girl. Breather and enjoy life.

    1. Terra has to be in everybody’s buisness ALL the time! Evento the extent of attending gynecologist appointments with them !!!! FFS , I love my friends too ; but i dont feel the need to have my head right up in their Vag’s!!!!!

  8. I think Terra looks like Jenny McCarthy. She’s her mini me. And if Terra broke the contract, Christy doesn’t need to quit. Breaking the contract should be on Terra. Fine her or something. Christy will miss the money. I like them all except for that Mika, Meka, whatever her name is. She acts like a 10 year old. And that guy, Cole, came on way to strong. The girl that was in Christy’s fashion show, she wore the robe, was so pretty. Also, when Tanya did her play Roxy, all I could think of was she is copying Kandi Burris from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Tanya told Christy to leave Autumn at home, but her own daughter was init?

  9. Every time I see Terra I think about when she was on that True Life episode dressed up like a demon for that Ozzy Osbourne tour trying to scare people.

  10. Terra used to be my favorite at the beginning loved watching her on DWTS. I thought she was hialorus, not so much now. The more I watch her the less I like her.


  12. I won’t be sad to see either of them go. On what is supposed to be a reality show, Christy was a horrible actor!! I hope she doesn’t try to pursue this full time. She was always so dramatic, and if she wasn’t lying, she was exaggerating the truth ten fold!! As for Autumn, she was like a 19 year old whiny baby who couldn’t do anything for herself. Christy treated her more like a girlfriend at times than a daughter, especially when she would talk about Todd. That dynamic was just weird.

    1. I think they both need help with their anger issues!! However, Terra had tried to make amends with Christy. There’s a lot more than what we can see on TV to there relationship. Still, it doesn’t give anyone the right to fight. However, I don’t understand why Tonya can push Christy into the pool and no law suit against her?! That’s just 1 of the recent fights I can recall that Christy just let it go and acts like nothing happened. Just don’t get it with these 2 women!!!

      1. I have a feeling that whole pool scene was staged. It was just all too convenient that their argument was taking place next to the pool, and as I said earlier, Christy is a terrible actor. Her “fight” was hardly believable. Just like the one at Jasmine’s renewal ceremony when she couldn’t talk to Tonya because she was coming down with a cold from being pushed in the pool. Lol!

        1. Is Christy suing Tonya for throwing her in the pool????? Or is she keeping that one up her sleeve for when she runs out of money or attention…. OR whichever comes first !

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